Najib, UMNO Baru and 1MDB keep lying

June 30, 2015

Najib, UMNO Baru and 1MDB keep lying till the end of time

by Mariam

Ismail Sabri Yaakob warned that anyone who slanders Najib Abdul Razak and the government over 1MDB would be punished. This demonstrates two things: that Umno Baru promotes ministers to their level of incompetence, and that spending taxpayers’ money is easy, because it does not appear to belong to anyone in particular.

The irony is that it took former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, with his severely blemished past, to show that the only way UMNO Baru politicians assuage temptation (spending public funds) is by yielding.

Ismail, who is UMNO Baru supreme council member, reminded the rakyat to be wary of unsubstantiated sources such as Sarawak Report and The Edge, with their evil agendas. He said that those who discussed Najib’s involvement in the 1MDB scandal could be relying upon inaccurate information about the dealings between 1MDB and PetroSaudi.

Warning that stern action would be taken against Sarawak Report and The Edge for harming national interests, he said, “When the 1MDB issue erupted, many people believed in The Edge, which frequently reported biased news and was criticised for sabotaging the economy.”

Ismail, who is also the Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister, pleaded with Malaysians to have faith in the government, and said, “We should trust the government and the minister’s explanation…”. He urged the rakyat to ignore information garnered from social media or from bloggers and refer instead to the authorities for verification.

Asking the authorities to verify information is an impossibility and shows how naïve Ismail is to think he can fool the rakyat. Najib has dodged answering questions about 1MDB and helped extend the 1MDB scandal.

Integrity flies out the window, where party politics are concerned. Everyone has a price and Najib knows that UMNO Baru divisional heads are demanding, and expensive. Would Ismail like to verify the allegations about UMNO Baru heads receiving substantial contracts and fiscal rewards for showing their loyalty to Najib?

Veteran UMNO Baru politician Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said, “These days UMNO Baru divisional leaders as well as parliamentary members earn up to RM50,000 a month, some even earn hundreds of thousands”.

He said that on March 8, over 160 UMNO Baru divisional leaders, including those who support Mahathir, had attended a meeting with Najib to show their allegiance to him.

‘No lah. Everything is above board!’

The typical response from the authorities, on whether this meeting took place, or that loyalty is accompanied by a price tag is this; “No! UMNO Baru politicians are clean and law-abiding. No one is above the law. We love Najib.”

The opposition MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, Tony Pua, claimed that the purchase of property by Mara in Melbourne is a covert attempt to save 1MDB. Do similar property purchases, by government-linked companies (GLCs), both in Malaysia and abroad, constitute a form of illegal kickback for corrupt officials?

We can predict the response; “No lah. Everything is above board! Mara is not corrupt.” Ahmad Maslan, the UMNO Baru Information Chief, announced that his party’s elections would be postponed till after the 14th general election (GE14), to strengthen the party and focus on the needs of the people. UMNO Baru secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor admitted that the postponement was because of an internal political crisis.

Critics claim otherwise and say that the delay is due to Najib needing more time to resolve the 1MDB crisis. Additionally, UMNO Baru has to resolve its in-fighting, and more importantly, Dr Mahathir’s relentless attacks on Najib. The authorities’ verification? “No. The postponement has nothing to do with 1MDB or Mahathir’s criticisms.”

PAS’ Pokok Sena MP, Mahfuz Omar wants Muslims to reject Najib’s ploy, to use RM20 million from Yayasan 1MDB to pay for the redevelopment of a mosque in Kampung Baru and turn it into a “national landmark”. Mahfuz accused Najib of using Muslims to “forgive 1MDB”, and that Najib wanted to “sanitise” 1MDB’s controversies by giving money to build mosques and helping to fund the pilgrimages of religious scholars to Mecca.

We can predict the response of the authorities to Mahfuz’s assertions, “No. It is not true that 1MDB’s funding for mosques is used to appeal to the Muslims. UMNO Baru is merely helping to protect Islam and promote the Malays.”

Ismail knows, and his knowledge is confirmed by the preceding examples, that trying to verify any facts with the authorities is a pointless exercise.

He may be interested to know that the rakyat’s list of queries is much longer and includes questions on who killed Altantuya Shaariibuu, the purchase of the Scorpene submarines, the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), the cargo manifest of MH370, the RM24 million ring, the jailing of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on trumped-up charges, human trafficking, Taib Mahmud, Batang Kali, Memali, Kampung Medan, Mahathir and May 13.

UMNO Baru treats information, in one of the following ways – denial, pay-out, violence, threats of jail, lawsuits and silence. UMNO Baru politicians have spun so many webs of deceit, that they now believe their own lies. Naturally, they think that Najib and UMNO Baru can do no wrong.

Tun Hussein Onn: Where is the Original UMNO (1946)?

June 29, 2015

Tun Hussein Onn: Where is the Original UMNO (1946) ?

by Tajuddin

Tunku Razak and HusseinMy question is, where is this original UMNO now? The UMNO loved by all Malays, which had united the Malays with other races, which had brought prosperity and tranquility to this nation and its people and which had successfully fought for Independence — that UMNO is no more in existence. It was declared illegal and dissolved by Dr. Mahathir and his friends and replaced by another party named UMNO Baru. If we were to compare UMNO Baru’s form and structure to that of original UMNO, whether from the angle of its constitution or principles, where do we find any similarities between the two? The formation of UMNO Baru is an act of treachery and cannot be forgiven either by the members of the original UMNO or new UMNO. Despite the deterioration in my health including a heart attack, I responded by declaring that I would fight the traitors till the bitter end” — Tun Hussein Onn’s speech to voters in Parit Raja during a by-election in 1988.

Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia’s third Prime Minister led the country from 1976-1981. Hussein Onn shed tears both on resuming the premier’s office after the demise of Tun Abdul Razak and before leaving the helm for Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. While officially, Hussein left for Mahathir citing ill health as his reason, it was later alleged that Mahathir backstabbed Hussein Onn and used his jedi powers to force the latter out.

While we all know that UMNO was founded by Tun Hussein Onn’s father, Dato’  Onn Jaafar and how Onn Jaafar, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein collectively increased the strengths of UMNO, we forget than Hussein Onn himself opposed Mahathir’s UMNO Baru from the outside. When he was asked why isn’t he a member of UMNO Baru and continuously opposed Mahathir, Tun Hussein replied by saying, “Firstly we are denied membership in UMNO Baru. Secondly, even if we were to be accorded membership, we disagree with its constitution and style of leadership. Thus we have no choice but to stay out and oppose UMNO Baru.”

logo-umno-baru-lama1logo-umno baruUMNO Baru

The 3rd Prime Minister on numerous occasions also expressed despair and heartache at disunity that Mahathir brewed. He once said, “We all want unity. But what is happening now is the worsening of disunity. We want to compromise. We want to reconcile. We want to forget all the differences. We want to return to the right path. But as you all know, all efforts towards unity have failed. Those in power don’t pay much attention to our suggestions. They have turned a deaf ear to our advice. We can all see how anyone who advises or disagrees with those in power will be condemned, suspended or sacked from their position. All efforts from within have failed. That is why we now have to act from outside, as Independents.”

Malaysia’s most loved Prince, Tunku Abdul Rahman walked hand-in-hand with Hussein Onn to oppose Mahathir. While Mahathir only recognizes contributions from the Malays for independence, the man who actually brought independence to Malaya spoke differently. Tunku openly criticised Mahathir for being power crazy.

rMahathir Mohamad-2014The Greedy Man, said Tunku Abdul Rahman

We should be wary of the greedy man who wants to grab everything in this country to satisfy his lust for power. He says it is for the Malays, but in actual fact it is for himself. We must bear in mind that the Malays had never lived in affluence and never had a place in the administration of this country. When this country achieved Independence, we gained power with the cooperation of other communities. We were able to rule our own country. We should therefore, never be arrogant and break our promise to our friends in the other communities who had helped us to achieve independence,” uttered Tunku.

Back then, Tunku kept pleading with the people to reject Mahathir. He constantly reminded, “All power is in the hands of the people, provided the people use the power wisely. Solidarity can only be achieved through UMNO, the original UMNO, not UMNO Baru, which is Dr.  Mahathir’s UMNO.”

Portraying the image of a fragile old man, Mahathir today  quivers and says he is a nobody today and he can only voice his concern against Dato’ Seri Najib as a normal citizen of this country. If memory serves him right, he should be getting flashbacks of what he did to Tunku and Hussein Onn on every occasion Najib snubs him. Mahathir is certainly getting back what he gave others before him. As they say, the globe is round. You are treated the exact same way you treat others.

If you want love, give love; If you want honesty, give honesty; If you want respect, give respect. You get in return, what you give!

Chicken Najib postpones UMNO party election for 18 months

June 27, 2015

Chicken Najib: UMNO polls delayed 18 months

Chicken Najib 2He is afraid to face his Moment of Truth

Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once.
Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
It will come when it will come.”
–William Shakespeare

COMMENT: Naijb Razak cites the examples of his predecessors in announcing that party polls would not be held as scheduled in 2016. Will UMNO leaders and members take this lying down? What will the Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin be a coward too by being party to this decision? UMNO-BN deserves to be voted out in the next General Election (14th GE) because in 18 months under Najib the country  will be in an absolute mess.–Din Merican

UMNO President and Prime Minister Najib Razak announced on Friday that the Supreme Council has decided to postpone the party elections scheduled for 2016 to a date 18 months later from the scheduled date.

Speaking at a media briefing after concluding the bi-monthly UMNO Supreme Council Meeting at the Putra World Trade Centre, Najib said, “Based on Article 10.16 of the party’s constitution, it gives the supreme council the power to postpone the election, at the supreme council, division and branch level. The postponement cannot be more than 18 months from the originally planned date.”

“The Supreme Council feels that the public should be given the utmost priority, and thus, the focus should be on serving the public and their needs, on policy as well as the grassroots.”

Najib added that the move was not something out of the ordinary, as similar postponements had been made during the leadership of Mahathir Mohamad and his predecessor Abdullah Badawi, citing the same reasons. The decision also, does not make UMNO un-democratic, according to Najib, as the election will be done at the right time, when the new constitutional amendments were ready. “This will make the UMNO election more open with a better election mechanism.”

The UMNO Chief said the announcement on the postponement was being done well in advance so that persons involved would not plan for something that shifts their focus. “Any shift in focus may have adverse effects on their responsibilities to the party.”

“If it’s not announced now, a lot will be left to assumptions,” he added. Najib confirmed that the party was studying the weaknesses from previous party elections and looking at available proposed options, before deciding on the new election method.

Deputy UMNO President Muhyiddin Yassin had warned during the last UMNO General Assembly that the party elections should not be postponed no matter what and must be held as scheduled. “The members expect it.”

Lee Kuan Yew on Leadership

June 27, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew on Leadership

Lee Kuan Yew is great leader and a role model for leaders in Southeast Asia and China. There can be no doubt about the leadership qualities and brilliance of Mr. Lee as evidenced by the outpouring grief on his recent passing. I have posted a lot of articles and tributes and shared my views about the founder of modern Singapore. Now I will post the views of Mr. Lee himself on this important topic.–Din Merican

The PSI Whistleblower does not exonerate 1MDB and Prime Minister Najib Razak

June 25, 2015


The PSI Whistleblower does not exonerate 1MDB and Prime Minister Najib Razak

by Dato’Ariff Sabri aka Sakmongkol AK47

Mohd-Ariff-SabriThe 1MDB people and their mindless trolls and mental gnomes, who are perhaps on the payroll of Najib’s people are celebrating. The arrest of a Swiss citizen in Thailand, one Mr Justo is the source of the euphoric premature smirk and merrymaking.

They claim that Sarawak Report, The Edge and those public spirited individuals have been feasting on tampered documents after all. They have been spinning untruths. Dr Mahathir lied. They have removed his banner at Putra World Trade Center, the UMNO Headquarters, reflective of their desperation.

We must be careful here- what did Mr Justo blackmail Petro Saudi International (PSI) on?- one can only blackmail if the party affected has actually done something wrong. secondly, what is the nature of the temperance? did the temperance go to the root of the matter and therefore destroy the integrity of the information?; and did Sarawak report base its investigation on adulterated material?

The arrest of Mr Justo is irrelevant to the fact that 1MDB is a bloody financial scam to steal money from Malaysia. We must not be sidetracked by this episode which may be sponsored by PSI anyway. And Ahmad Maslan, Chief Propagandist of UMNO, is quick off the mark, exhorting UMNO members not to believe the social media now that it is a known fact, that the social media has been publishing from adulterated sources.  But UMNO members Herr Maslan, read only Utusan Malaysia where spinning stories and circulating fabricating news is their raison d’etre. As to his spirited suggestion  that the social media derives information from the now known fact we must say, not so Herr Maslan- that has not been established.

The social media didn’t know of the existence of this individual until PSI alerted the Thai Police to arrest him. For all you know, PSI did a rat on this poor fellow asking him to rest and recreate in Thailand and alerting the Police to arrest him. That single clutch of straw was enough to send the Najib fan club into a state of frenzy. Out  beloved Prime Minister  has been speaking the truth.

The problem is- the substance of the leaked documents were also accepted by and corroborated by the various accounting and auditing firms employed by 1MDB at one point or another. Many of them saw, got scared and left.The material from the audited reports gave life to the social media, not one Mr Justo.

So 1MDB and PSI can crow  what they want, the arrest of that individual, on whatever grounds yet to be established,does not destroy the heart of the matter which is, PSI defrauded Malaysians through 1MDB and plunged the nation into a debt of RM42 billion or more.

Najib and 1MDB

It is pathetic to see the 1MDB people rushing to use the arrest of an individual to clear itself from the 1MDB scandal. Nothing is cleared yet. Najib has still to give a full and honest account of 1MDB finance. The arrest of an individual who is of Swiss national has done nothing to exonerate anyone. The illegal things that this individual was alleged to have committed were reported by a private investigation team. This team will be questioned in court to explain how they arrived at the conclusion that this Swiss citizen had blackmailed PSI and was discovered to have passed on tampered information to others regarding 1MDB.

This whole incident looks like a contrived effort to dig up some dirt, any dirt, on anybody, maybe even from a ‘plant’ just to discredit the facts on 1MDB. The ‘plant’ then, when arrested will sing like a canary using scripted lines.

I hope we are not over excited about the arrest of an individual by the Thai authorities who is cited as the source who gave tampered but not incorrect information on 1MDB. The thieving Arabs were quick to welcome the arrest of Justo and that it would fully co-operate with Thai authorities. “We are considering further legal action in other jurisdictions.” Please don’t just consider, but do so through the courts so that much more will be revealed. Just don’t bring the legal action in Malaysian courts. The complexities of the fraud may be too overwhelming on our courts.

“We are relieved that Mr Justo will now face justice through the courts. To face justice for what? For blackmailing and tampering with documents? “We have been the victims of a regrettable crime that has unfortunately been politicised in Malaysia,” a PSI spokesperson said.

Wrong the victims are  Malaysians. PSI has cheated Malaysians into getting itself sucked into a debt whirlpool of RM42 billion. And it was all started by PSI when it conspired to channel more than USD1 billion into an account of one of its conspirators. Don’t try to act saintly and innocent.

The chap may have done some illegal things which may have nothing to do with the expose on what Petrosaudi  did to 1MDB.

The material reported by the accounting firms was also the same. Which part was tampered? This temperance is not yet verified and ascertained by an independent body. It’s just a suggestion given by a paid investigation team out to discredit the person but will not be able to disturb the substance of the scandal on 1MDB.

Loud Mouth Zahid HamidiThe Man from Pornorogo

So why is the Home Minister rushing ahead and warning the Edge against spinning tampered documents? How sure is he that the alleged temperance has destroyed the credibility of the vile things done by 1MDB? Or is his outburst just a reflection of his wishful thinking that this nightmare called 1MDB will just go away.

Does the Home Minister understand the complex issues of 1MDB or is he just flexing his home minister’s muscles?  Zahid may be the Home minister but all of us in parliament knows he has no substance and that deficiency is hidden by a show of bravado.

When he gets irritated and when he cannot answer, his body language is that of a delinquent asking you to fight. His eyes will be blinking uncontrollably when he is overcome by his emotions. He will shift from facing you frontally to position himself in a profile-like manner as though preparing to go airborne and do a Bruce Lee flying kick, but let’s not get over the top about Zahid Hamidi.

Please don’t intimidate The Edge or any public spirited individuals in Malaysia. The Edge and others have a duty to publish and make public whatever material they have and obtained in good faith and the matter regarding IMDB is of public interest.

The 1MDB people appear to have anticipated the arrest and gave out exuberant statements alluding that all this while, this chap gave doctored documents only to discredit our beloved pirate-DNAed Prime Minister.

On that point, I hope those politicians harbouring the fanciful idea that lets allow Najib to lead BN at the next elections because he is so weak that he can easily be defeated will get real.

Well, this is an example of what he can do. He has control over the media complex, has huge war chest, has resources and can easily come out with a creative solution to throw a spanner in the works. Just this arrest, has caused confusion and doubts and encouraged the village idiots to come out and clean up Najib’s tarnished image.

1MDB is still the agent that has caused us to incur a debt of RM42 billion or even more. We don’t know the integrity of this fellow arrested by the Thai authorities. The Thais have said nothing about 1MDB being asked to cooperate.

And I see the cyber trolls have congregated at some portals and gave mindless comments befitting the mental retards. Every one of them says now the people defending 1MDB were telling the truth.

The response by the critics of 1MDB. When you stop telling lies, we will have no reason to tell the truth.

Good Luck to Malaysia: UMNO’s Future Leaders

June  25, 2015

Good  Luck to Malaysia: UMNO’s Future Leaders

Muka Harapan UMNONo Meritocracy, Yes Kleptocracy

If this is not a rogues’ gallery, what else can it be. You need to be a loyal Najib supporter to make it in Malaysia; there is no hope for the rest of us.  These characters can clean up the coffers of their respective organisations in the name of “membela nasib orang Melayu”. So good luck my beautiful Malaysia. I cry for you, although Argentinians won’t cry for Evita Peron.–Din Merican