MACC is serious about combating Corruption in BolehLand?

May 9, 2017

COMMENT: I always enjoy reading TK Chua’s plain speaking articles and have often featured them on my globally read blog. I thank for hosting them and my friend Nelson Fernandez for allowing me to use them. Mr. Chua never fails to call a spade nothing but spade. But this is something else

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The last of the Anti-Corruption Mohicans was the late Justice Tan Sri Dato’ Harun Hashim. He was competent, fearless and very professional. He had no regard for politicians because he was a public servant par excellence and an outstanding member of our Judiciary who served King and country with dignity and distinction.

Today, most of our civil servants starting from the top are apple polishers who are out to suck up to politicians in power. The manner in which the 1MDB scandal was handled is my case in point.  The Auditor- General, the Attorney-General and others  let us down. They did not have the conviction and courage to do what is right.

Yes, Mr. Chua, I note you used the word “resolve” in quotes. The present MACC Chief Commissioner is the new broom. I am not optimistic about what the Chief Commissioner can do to refashion the organisation, even with the benefit of the advice and wisdom of  former  UN Kofi Annan’s ethics crusader Tunku Abdul Aziz.

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Remember his predecessor, Tan Sri Abu Kassim.  Abu Kassim promised a lot but failed to do his duty faithfully.  Why? Because  there is no political will to fight corruption. After all, our Prime Minister himself is corrupt and worse still, he is incompetent.–Din Merican

MACC is serious about combating Corruption in BolehLand?

by TK

I want to support the Chief of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in his “resolve” to make the anti-graft agency more respectable in combating corruption in the country.

However, I would like to comment on some of his statements. First, one swallow does not a summer make. The arrest of a Tan Sri here and a Datuk Seri there does not signify that the MACC has become bold to “venture” into the turf of the rich and powerful.

I have seen enough of many agencies having the tendency to indulge in the “flash in the pan” syndrome. They do things to impress, not with the enduring objective to solve a problem at hand.

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The New Broom at The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC)

Efforts against corruption must be relentless, imminent and without fear or favour. When too many perceive that the rich and powerful are being protected, usually it is because such a view has some semblance of truth to it.

To prove otherwise requires efforts more than arresting a Tan Sri or a Datuk Seri. A Tan Sri trying to broker a royal title is very different from other Tan Sris in charge of millions in government funds.

Persistence and being resolute are key to curbing corruption. The rich and the powerful have become bold and blatant in their deviant ways because they perceive the likelihood of being hauled up, too slim.

Most of us are creatures of greed. Given an opportunity, many would abuse the law and enrich themselves. But if the consequence of our corrupt practices is clear and imminent, I think many would think twice before committing it.

Another point the MACC chief mentioned was the lack of personnel and funding in combating corruption. According to him, the MACC has only 1,900 enforcement officers whereas there are 1.6 million civil servants to be monitored. Please forgive me for being harsh, I just find this excuse so typical of most government agencies.

No organisation, including the MACC, has unlimited resources to play with. Ultimately it is always the 80-20 rule and the need to prioritise.

Certainly not all the 1.6 million civil servants have the same opportunity to be involved in bribery. The MACC ought to know the departments and the agencies that are more prone to corruption.

This is where priority and concentration come in – MACC’s should focus on the 20% to give them the 80% result.

If the MACC chief knows that RM5 million is paid each month by syndicates to foil enforcement actions, it shows that corruption has become institutionalised and endemic. More than that, it shows that corruption is now a retainer.

If he knows the amount paid each month, he ought to know the personnel and the agencies involved.

By the way, it is quite illogical to assert that MACC’s action against corrupt politicians just prior to the next general election is considered as indulging in politicking. On the contrary, it is the lack of action that has given rise to the impression that the MACC is not above the politicians.

Action should be rightly based on offences committed and evidence adduced, nothing else matters.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

Gani, Zeti and Abu Kassim –Upright citizens?

August 26, 2016

Gani, Zeti and Abu Kassim–The Upright Malaysians?

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Gani, Zeti and Abu Kassim are upright citizens, says Mahathir. The old man certainly has  a very weird way of looking at things. Even Satan mengaku kalah when compared to these three people. The things these people have done and are continuing to do would curl your toes if you just knew the details.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

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(Free Malaysia Today, 18 December 2012) – Rosli also touched on Musa’s purported links with underworld figure Goh Cheng Poh, aka Tengku Goh, in a case known as the Copgate affair, of which Rosli has first-hand knowledge due to his role as Ramli’s lawyer.

“Musa’s links with the underworld is borne out in the affidavit of Tengku Goh who made specific mention of him when Goh sought habeas corpus.”

“Musa caused six rank and file officers to be charged so that the criminal Goh could be released.”

“I know all these because I was fixed by the AG (Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail) on a trumped up charge whereas all I did was to help the CCID (Ramli) when the AG abdicated his constitutional duty in refusing to prepare affidavits for the police,” revealed Rosli.


I remember back in 1998 when the Anwarinas alleged that Anwar Ibrahim had been fixed up on fabricated charges. Anwar’s lawyers also alleged that certain people were threatened (one was even threatened with a death sentence, said a prominent lawyer in his Affidavit) if they did not become a prosecution witness and testify against Anwar Ibrahim.

And the man who was using this method to gain a conviction against Anwar was no other than the then prosecutor, Abdul Gani Patail, who was later rewarded with the post of Attorney -General for serving Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s interest. And the Federal Court appears to have agreed with this allegation of trial-rigging when it acquitted Anwar on 2nd September 2004 on grounds that the prosecution (meaning Gani) had failed to prove Anwar’s guilt.

In short, Gani would assassinate anyone who Mahathir wants assassinated and he does not care what laws he needs to break and what crimes he needs to commit to achieve what Mahathir wants. And Gani served Mahathir all the way from September 1998 to July 2015. And after July 2015 when he was removed as the Attorney General he continued to serve Mahathir and is still serving Mahathir until today.

Basically, Gani is Mahathir’s attack dog who will be let loose on anyone Mahathir wants eliminated. And Gani’s fellow attack dog is Abu Kassim Mohamed, as it is natural for attack dogs to work in a pack. And lawyer Rosli Dahlan found out the hard way what happens when you cross Gani and Abu Kassim.

And these are the people who Mahathir said two days ago are ‘upright’ people. Mahathir has a very weird interpretation of ‘upright’. Gani and Abu Kassim are as upright as Bentong Kali and Botak Chin. In fact, I was told that Botak Chin at least had certain principles that many people admired and who was regarded as a sort of Robin Hood by many Chinese.

Can you imagine people considering Botak Chin a better person than Gani and Abu Kassim? But then that is the reality and how can people not think so when Gani and Abu Kassim put even Satan to shame?

Mahathir’s interpretation of upright is certainly vey strange. And let me assure you that the Rulers who Mahathir is depending on to sack Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak do not think much of the old man. To the Rulers, Mahathir is just like dirt at the bottom of their shoes.

Today, HRH the Sultan of Johor spoke his mind about Mahathir. Well, a number of Rulers also said some very nasty things about Mahathir, although not openly like the Johor Sultan. One Ruler even personally told me, “Save Malaysia from who? From Mahathir? Why don’t Najib just arrest Mahathir and send him to jail where he can rot and die?”

Yes, those are the Rulers whom Mahathir is so desperately trying to meet so that he can ask them to sack Najib. The Rulers have never forgotten what Mahathir did to them 25 years ago. And that was why today Mahathir posted that ‘apology’ in his blog. He is hoping that by saying he was wrong 25 years ago the Rulers might invite him to tea. The question is will the Rulers even bother to attend Mahathir’s funeral when he dies?


‘AG Gani Patail interfered in MACC work’

(Malaysiakini, 9 April 2015) – Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail barred the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) from stopping its prosecution against lawyer Rosli Dahlan in the ‘Copgate affair’.

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This was revealed in the High Court in Kuala Lumpur today by former MACC Corruption Prevention and Consultative panel member Robert Phang, who said this was related to him by MACC Chief Commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed (above).

Phang said Abu Kassim told him this during his tenure as a Corruption Prevention and Consultative panel member. He was on the panel from February 24, 2009, till January 27, 2011.

The witness was testifying in the RM50 million suit filed by Rosli against MACC for assault and wrongful detention.

Phang said Rosli had sent him a letter dated November 11, 2010, concerning a charge brought against him by the MACC in the sessions court in Kuala Lumpur in 2007.

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“I raised this with Abu Kassim, who informed me that the MACC had no case against Rosli (pic above) in the above prosecution, but he was prevented by the public prosecutor, who is Attorney-General Gani, from discontinuing with the prosecution.

“This is despite (MACC) being aware that the case would result in an acquittal.

“I believe there has been abuse of power, selective prosecution, abuse of prosecutorial discretion, malicious prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct by Gani in the handling of the case against Rosli,” Phang said in reply to questions by Rosli’s counsel Chethan Jethwani.

He also produced a statutory declaration dated August 16, 2012, describing the meeting to that effect.

No minutes from the MACC panel

MACC’s lawyer (Tan Sri) Cecil Abraham, formerly an Operations Review panel member of the MACC, asked Phang why there were no minutes from the panel to prove this. However, Phang maintained that the meeting with Abu Kassim really did take place and he reiterated what the MACC chief told him.

On Monday, Utusan Malaysia made an apology in open court to Rosli for its defamatory article, after the lawyer filed the RM50 million suit against the MACC and the Umno-owned daily.

Rosli was arrested at his office, two days before Hari Raya in 2007, for allegedly not abiding by the MACC’s notice to declare his assets, which he described as vague.

He was handcuffed tightly in front of his partners, and produced in court on the eve of Hari Raya, and a newspaper report said the charge against Rosli was related to an investigation into a RM27 million cop.

Rosli claimed that the action against him came after he helped draft the affidavits for former Home Minister Johari Baharom, former Commercial Crime Investigation Department director Ramli Yusuf and six of his men in the arrest of triad kingpin Goh Cheng Poh.

Goh or Tengku Goh, was caught by Ramli’s men in 2007, following a blitzkrieg by the government against the illegal money laundering syndicate and he was placed under restricted residence in Gua Musang, Kelantan.

Goh filed a habeas corpus application, which was backed by the then inspector-general of police Musa Hassan.

Following the filing of the habeas corpus application, the Attorney-General’s Chambers did not want to draft the affidavit in reply, as required and is normally done, resulting in Rosli to be roped in by Ramli to draft it.

Subsequently, Rosli was charged in the sessions court but was acquitted without his defence being called. Ramli, who the authorities claimed was the “RM27 million cop” was also charged in 2007 but was acquitted.

As a result of this, Rosli and Ramli filed separate suits against Gani for malicious prosecution. Gani tried to strike out the suits, in the High Court and then in the Court of Appeal, and failed both times .

Rosli’s suit against the MACC continues tomorrow before Justice Su Geok Yiam, with a former deputy public prosecutor expected to testify.


MACC Trounced :The Ultimate Victory for ROSLI DAHLAN

April 5, 2016

MACC Trounced :The Ultimate Victory for ROSLI DAHLAN

by Din Merican

Lawyer Rosli sought Justice and won

This afternoon was supposed to be the continuation of the trial of Rosli Dahlan vs MACC where more of the MACC witnesses were supposed to take the witness stand and be grilled in cross examination. But all that fizzled out when the MACC floundered and admitted defeat.

Sources close to the prosecution revealed that since last November the MACC and A-G Chambers have been wooing Rosli to seek a settlement. Then, the courting  became more intense with the MACC representatives even visiting Rosli. Then when it became inevitable that its witness MACC officer Mohan was going to be grilled and roasted, the MACC threw the towel.

This Mohan is a corrupted officer who handcuffed Rosli until he bled,  and this is what happened to him:

MACCs Abu Kassim eats the humble pie

To cut the story short all those who fixed Rosli 8 years ago have met their retribution, their divine karma. Kevin Morais was killed buried and cemented in a drum. Gani Patail sacked so unceremoniously from his once all powerful post of Attorney General. What goes around comes around. And today is the ultimate victory for Lawyer Rosli when the MACC and government apologise to him in open court to a packed court gallery.

Never before has a government enforcement agency bowed to a private individual who sued it. But, Rosli’s case is not the usual case. It is a case of intrigue, of one man’s long and grueling battle against the whole machinery of the government. Like the movie David v Goliath,  when God is on your side, you can’t lose. So I say to Rosli – you have been very steadfast in your fight for the truth and God has rewarded you with victory.I am proud of what you have  accomplished in the cause of justice and congratulate you on your victory.

See below the MACC’S apology to Rosli which was read in witness box  in open court by Senior Assistant Commissioner MACC Saiful Ezral.


Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia dengan ini menyatakan seperti berikut:

1. Pada 11 Oktober 2007, Badan Pencegah Rasuah yang kini dikenali sebagai Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (“SPRM”) telah menangkap dan menggari Peguam Rosli Dahlan di pejabatnya di firma guamannya Tetuan Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill sehari sebelum Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan dikenakan pendakwaan.

2. Peguam Rosli Dahlan telah dilepaskan dan dibebaskan oleh Mahkamah dari pertuduhan tanpa dipanggil pembelaannya.

3. Peguam Rosli Dahlan telah mengambil tindakan guaman terhadap akhbar arus perdana iaitu Utusan Malaysia, The Star dan News Straits Times dan SPRM kerana memfitnahnya dengan menerbitkan cerita palsu mengenai  penangkapannya dengan keputusan yang berikut:

a) Pada 14 Januari 2013, Star Publications (M) Sdn Bhd telah membayar sejumlah ganti rugi yang tidak didedahkan dan telah menerbitkan satu pernyataan permohonan maaf di dalam akhbar “The Star” dan “The Star Online” seperti yang berikut:


In October 2007 we had published 2 news articles about the arrest and prosecution of Lawyer Rosli Dahlan with the titles “ACA ARRESTS SINGAPORE LAWYER” and “LAWYER CHARGED WITH HIDING INFORMATION ON HIS ASSESTS” respectively.

We acknowledge that the words used in the articles refer to Lawyer Rosli Dahlan and they were untrue and should be clarified as follows:

1. That he is not a Singapore Lawyer and is in fact a Malaysian lawyer;

2. That he does not hold a PR Status  and in truth is a Malaysian citizen;

3. That he is not and has never been a nominee for the senior police officer under investigation nor for that matter any other police officer;

4. That he had not failed to file a declaration required by the Anti- Corruption Agency and in truth and in fact had filed a statutory declaration dated 20.09.2007 under section 32(1)(c) of the Anti Corruption Act 1997 declaring that he does not hold any assets for any police officer within the period stipulated by the notice served on him;

5. That he was never issued with any order to declare his spouse’s assets nor was his spouse asked to make any declaration of her assets; ,

6. That he is not connected to nor did he hide any assets of nor was charged for hiding any assets of the senior police officer who was then under investigation by the ACA.

Our said news articles have conveyed the meaning that Lawyer Rosli Dahlan was a foreign lawyer who had acted in manner contrary to the proper behavior and ethics of an advocate and solicitor

We wish to clarify that we did not intend to cast any such negative imputation against the character or reputation of Rosli Dahlan and any such imputation is greatly regretted. If such imputation was conveyed in the article, we hereby unreservedly and unconditionally apologise to Rosli Dahlan for any distress or embarrassment that he may have suffered as a result of the publication.”

b) Pada 26 Februari 2013, The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd dan SPRM telah didapati bersalah dan diperintahkan oleh Mahkamah Tinggi untuk membayar ganti rugi sebanyak RM 300,000 dan kos kepada Peguam Rosli Dahlan; dan

c) Pada 6 April 2015, Utusan Malaysia telah mencapai penyelesaian dengan Peguam Rosli Dahlan dengan membayar ganti rugi yang tidak didedahkan dan telah sekali lagi mengulangi permohonan maaf tidak berbelah bahagi dan tidak bersyarat kepada En Rosli Dahlan dengan membacakan permohonan maaf di dalam mahkamah terbuka dalam terma-terma yang berikut:


Dibacakan oleh Pengarah Undang-Undang Utusan Malaysia En Shirad  Anwar:

1. Pada 12 Oktober 2007 semasa umat Islam membuat persiapan menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri, kami telah menerbitkan sebuah rencana bertajuk “Peguam Polis Gagal Isytihar Harta Didakwa Hari Ini” berkenaan tangkapan dan dakwaan terhadap Peguam Rosli Dahlan (kemudian daripada ini dirujuk sebagai “Artikel tersebut”).

2. Sejurus selepas penerbitan Artikel tersebut, apabila dituntut oleh Peguam Rosli Dahlan, kami telah di antara lain, pada 15.4.2008, menerbitkan di muka surat 4 akhbar Utusan Malaysia, satu Permintaan Maaf tidak berbelahbagi dan tidak bersyarat kepada Peguam Rosli Dahlan (kemudian daripada ini dirujuk sebagai “Permintaan Maaf tersebut”) yang intipati Permintaan Maaf tersebut adalah seperti berikut:-

3. Bahawa kami telah membuat dakwaan yang tidak benar terhadap Peguam Rosli Dahlan seperti berikut :

3.1 Bahawa beliau adalah seorang rakyat Singapura yang menjalankan amalan guaman di Malaysia, sedangkan beliau sebenarnya dan sememangnya seorang rakyat Malaysia.

3.2 Bahawa beliau telah melanggar undang-undang negara dengan sebab enggan membuat perisytiharan harta, sedangkan beliau sebenarnya telah membuat perisytiharan yang berkenaan.

3.3 Bahawa beliau menyembunyikan harta-harta milik pegawai kanan Polis yang sedang di siasat pihak BPR, sedangkan beliau tidak ada berbuat sedemikian.

3.4 Bahawa beliau merupakan seorang yang bersifat jahat dan bertindak dengan curang dalam menggalangi siasatan BPR, sedangkan beliau senantiasa berkerjasama dengan BPR dan perlakuan dan tindakannya adalah dalam batasan undang undang.

3.5 Bahawa Artikel tersebut telah memberi gambaran yang salah, iaitu bahawa Peguam Rosli Dahlan merupakan seorang peguam rakyat asing yang bertindak dengan sebegitu rupa yang berlawanan dengan sifat seorang peguambela dan peguamcara yang penuh beretika.

3.6 Bahawa kami menyesal akan perbuatan kami itu dan menyedari akan kesan buruk yang telah berlaku kepada Peguam Rosli Dahlan dan bahawa Artikel tersebut yang dikarang dan disiarkan itu bersifat sensasi dan publisiti yang telah melampaui batasan etika kewartawanan di sekitar berita ketika itu mengenai siasatan terhadap YDH Dato’ Pahlawan Haji Ramli bin Haji Yusuff, yang pada masa itu memegang jawatan Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah, Polis DiRaja Malaysia.

4. Kami sekali lagi, atas permintaan dan dengan kebenaran dan persetujuan nyata daripada Peguam Rosli Dahlan, mengulangi intipati Permintaan Maaf tersebut seperti yang dinyatakan di atas dan sekali lagi memohon maaf yang tidak berbelah bahagi dan tidak bersyarat kepada Peguam Rosli Dahlan atas kandungan yang tidak benar dalam Artikel tersebut.

5. Kami juga kini sedia maklum bahawa Peguam Rosli Dahlan telah pun dilepaskan dan dibebaskan secara mutlak oleh Mahkamah dari kesemua pertuduhan yang dibuat terhadapnya sebelum ini oleh BPR yang kini dikenali sebagai Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (“SPRM”).”

6. Peguam Rosli Dahlan juga telah mengambil dua tindakan sivil seperti yang berikut:

a) Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur Guaman Sivil No. S 21-249-2009
Rosli bin Dahlan -lwn- Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed, Anthony Kevin Morais, Kerajaan Malaysia & 15 Lagi

b) Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur Guaman Sivil 21NCVC-84-11/2013
Rosli bin Dahlan -lwn- Tan Sri Abdul Gani bin Patail, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, Tan Sri Abu Kassim, SPRM, Kerajaan Malaysia & 8 Lagi

6. Pada 2015,Defendan Ke-6 Mendiang Kevin Anthony Morais telah mati dibunuh dan Peguam Negara Tan Sri Abdul Gani bin Patail ditamatkan perkhidmatannya.

7. Mengambil perhatian perkara-perkara tersebut di atas, SPRM memutuskan kes ini tidak perlu dipanjangkan dan tidak membawa manfaat kepada rakyat dan negara Malaysia untuk terus dipertahankan.

7. Maka, SPRM bagi pigak semua Defendan-Defendan dalam perkara ini telah mencapai penyelesaian dengan Peguam Rosli Dahlan di mana beliau menarik balik semua tuntutan dan kami menyatakan kekesalan di atas kejadian ini.

8. Maka SPRM dan kesemua Defendan-Defendan dengan ini menyatakan penyesalan kami diatas kejadian yang menimpa Peguam  Rosli Dahlan.

9. Kedua-dua pihak Plaintif dan Defendan-Defendan bersetuju bekerjasama menegakkan keluhuran undang-undang dan mempertahankan kedaulatan Perlembagaan Persekutuan Negara Malaysia.

Mahathir and Abu Kassim (MACC)–What’s the Game Plan?

January 19, 2016

Gani Patail, as the Public Prosecutor, then delayed Rosli’s criminal trial until 2010. When Rosli was acquitted, Gani kept up the false facade of an appeal until 2012 because Gani wanted to use it as a bargaining chip to force Rosli to withdraw his civil suits against Gani, the MACC Chief Commisioner Abu Kassim, Musa and a few other MACC officers including the lying faggot Kevin Morais.


Mahathir and Abu Kassim (MACC)–What’s the Game Plan?

Raja Petra Kamarudin


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is very concerned about the talk (or rumours) that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief, Abu Kassim Mohamed, may be retired off soon.

tun mahathir

Dr Mahathir said in his blog that if Abu (Ash) Kassim were to be removed then this would give an impression that there was something wrong and that the allegations against the government and and against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak are true.

This looks like a pre-emptive strike. Dr Mahathir may know something that the rest of us do not — meaning that Abu Kassim is on the way out — and he wants to discourage the government or the Prime Minister from acting. Or maybe this is just a precautionary strike — striking first in the event it is true but no harm done if it is not.

Then again the talk or rumours are probably not true and Dr Mahathir knows it is not going to happen — and then when it does not happen in the end he can always claim that it did not happen because he had pre-empted it. In other words, Dr Mahathir ‘saved’ Abu Kassim. Because of Dr Mahathir’s ‘intervention’ the government and Prime Minister got cold feet and abandoned the plan to remove Abu Kassim — meaning they are scared of the old man.

Either way Dr Mahathir would be seen as having won. If Abu Kassim is retired off he can say ‘I told you so’ and if he is not Dr Mahathir can say ‘there you are, they are scared of me’.

The question here is: did Dr Mahathir come out with this plan all on his own or did Abu Kassim go running to Dr Mahathir to ask for help? It could be that Abu Kassim told Dr Mahathir that he (Dr Mahathir) ‘owes’ him (Abu Kassim) because he had joined the ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign) and had helped them to discredit the Prime Minister. Hence they need to help save his back.

The AG and the rest

The Notorious Trio- Musa, Gani and Abu (Ash) Kassim

The impression being created is that Abu Kassim is a noble and honourable man and all he wants to do is the right thing. And that is why he joined the ANC in its bid to oust Najib. And Abu Kassim is merely an innocent victim who is being made to suffer because he tried to do the noble and honourable thing.

That is nothing but a load of hogwash. Now they even say that the ex-Attorney General, Gani Patail, is a noble and honourable person who was punished for tying to do the right thing — meaning arrest Najib and put him in jail — whereas 18 years ago he was cursed as the man who fixed up Anwar Ibrahim on fabricated charges of sodomy. And the late Kevin Morais is being hailed as a true son of Malaysia as well when not too long ago he was fingered as the person who tried to fix up Rosli Dahlan.

Whenever someone opposes the Prime Minister he or she is a noble and honourable person. But if they do not oppose the Prime Minister then they are slime-balls and scumbags. How simple the Malaysian minds works. If you support DAP you are a patriot but if you oppose DAP you are a traitor to the country — again the workings of a simple-minded Malaysian. So, can I say that if you support Hudud you are warak but if you oppose Hudud you are kafir? Simple, is it not?

If Abu Kassim is such a noble and honourable man why does he not do the right thing and settle the Rosli Dahlan case? We talk about the Najib case but we totally ignore the Rosli case. And why is that? Is it because Rosli is a ‘nobody’ and settling his case has no political value whereas ousting Najib has great political value?

How fast Malaysians forget? ‘Hitlers’ of days gone by are ‘Gandhis’ today when they turn against the Prime Minister. So what is MACC then — another member of Pakatan Harapan?This was what Din Merican wrote in June last year:

It was 8 Ramadans ago that the MACC conspired with then Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail to fix up Rosli – brutally arresting him before his staff at his office, threw him into their underground dungeon, refusing to give him medical treatment for the injuries he suffered and then hastily charging him in the most humiliating way just one day before Hari Raya of 2007.


Gani Patail, as the Public Prosecutor, then delayed Rosli’s criminal trial until 2010. When Rosli was acquitted, Gani kept up the false facade of an appeal until 2012 because Gani wanted to use it as a bargaining chip to force Rosli to withdraw his civil suits against Gani, the MACC Chief Commisioner Abu Kassim, Musa and a few other MACC officers including the lying faggot Kevin Morais.

They then delayed all of his civil suits after all the mainstream media have either apologised or were held liable for defaming Rosli:

Meantime, the KL High court had also delivered a damning judgment against the MACC and NST for defamation against Rosli and ordered them to pay RM300,000:

This was a first in Malaysian legal history and the annals of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). Already, since it’s formation the MACC had topped the charts as the law enforcement agency where people die in custody as in the deaths of Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini. But no one from the MACC was charged for these deaths because all the MACC officers said they didn’t know what happened. (READ MORE HERE).

Anwar --The Prisoner

Yes, someone can rape your mother today but if tomorrow he joins Pakatan and screams ABU (Anything But UMNO) they will recommend him for the Noble Peace Prize. By the way, they are also suggesting that Anwar Ibrahim be recommended for the Noble Pace Prize. For what? For going to jail on charges of sodomy? What did he do when he was in government and had the power to change the country?

He messed up the education system by ‘abolishing’ English. He almost started May 13 Version 2 by messing with the Chinese schools and which triggered Operasi Lalang. He messed up the economy by making bad decisions when he was the Finance Minister. He messed up UMNO with his money-politics. And now he messed up Pakatan Rakyat with his Kajang Move.

And that is just the icing on the cake. Do you know what the cake below the icing looks like? Yes, Malaysia is in a mess. And the people who messed up Malaysia are Dr Mahathir and Najib. That is what you would like to believe. You forgot about what Karpal Singh said about Anwar, or what Lim Kit Siang said about Anwar, or what Mat Sabu said about Anwar. Of course, today Anwar deserves the Noble Peace Prize because he opposes the government even though he messed up big time when he was in the government.



Kevin Morais was a mere Gurkha, not the Mastermind

January 19, 2016

Kevin Morais was a mere Gurkha, not the Mastermind

Just like in the Rosli Dahlan case, Kevin was merely the Gurkha, as the Malays would say. He did not plan or mastermind the conspiracy against Rosli or his client, the ex-CCID Director, Ramli Yussof. The masterminds were the ex-Attorney General, Gani Patail, the ex-IGP, Musa Hassan, and the (current) officers from the MACC.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Sarawak Report and Asia Sentinel have both said that the late Kevin Morais was the person who leaked classified Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) reports and information to Sarawak Report.

This, of course, makes sense because Kevin’s cousin in London, Brian Morais, who Kevin was in close contact with, is linked to Clare Rewcastle Brown. And that was how I, too, met Clare. In fact, they all meet quite often and Kevin used to go back to the UK every Christmas to be with his ‘partner’, an old Englishman.

But I do not think that Kevin was the mastermind or the initiator of the whole thing. As the Malays would say, he is too pondan to actually take the lead — and I mean this literally as well and not just figure of speech (after all, he is the ‘wife’ in his gay relationship with that old Englishman).

Just like in the Rosli Dahlan case, Kevin was merely the Gurkha, as the Malays would say. He did not plan or mastermind the conspiracy against Rosli or his client, the ex-CCID Director, Ramli Yussof. The masterminds were the ex-Attorney General, Gani Patail, the ex-IGP, Musa Hassan, and the (current) officers from the MACC.

Kevin’s job was just to be the hit man or assassin and to make sure that Ramli and Rosli both end up in jail on fabricated charges. The court, however, discharged Ramli without his defence being called. So, as the Malays would say, this was a case of buang kes (literally throwing the case out of court). And that was because the court saw that the charges were a fabrication and the figment of the accusers’ imagination.

And at that point of time Kevin should have also dropped the case against Rosli. I mean Rosli was charged for abetting Ramli so if Ramli was not guilt of any crime how could Rosli still be made to face charges?

Let me put it another way. I was charged for driving the get-away car that was used in the bank robbery. And you were the one who is alleged to have robbed the bank. But then the court says you did not rob the bank and was, in fact, somewhere else at that time. So how can I still face charges of driving your get-away car?

What makes this even worse is that the bank manager testifies and says that the bank was never robbed. That is it — there was no robbery. But then I still face charges of being an accomplice in a bank robbery that never took place.

And that is what they did to Rosli. And Kevin was the instrument in that entire episode. But he was merely the instrument, mind you. He was the hit man or assassin. He did not decide who to assassinate and how to conduct the assassination. All that was decided at the higher levels of the Police, A-G Chambers and MACC.

Going by this track record, if what Sarawak Report and Asia Sentinel confess is true, this would mean that Kevin was also the instrument in the leaks of the MACC classified reports and information. He was merely the courier or ‘postman’ of the information.

Those who allegedly murdered Kevin have been arrested. And, according to the police investigation, the murder is linked to another corruption case that Kevin was working on. However, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s critics still insist that Kevin was murdered because he leaked classified MACC reports and information to Sarawak Report. And they insist that Hussain Ahmad Najadi, the founder of AMBank, was also murdered for the same reason.

Well, there are some who say that President Kennedy was assassinated because he employed the Mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro and then refused to pay what was promised. If Castro had been successfully assassinated and if Kennedy had paid off the Mafia would Kennedy have been allowed to live to serve out his full term?

It is also alleged that Marilyn Monroe was murdered (1962) one year before President Kennedy was assassinated (1963) to keep her affair with the two Kennedy brothers a secret. And was President Kennedy assassinated as revenge for murdering Marilyn?

Or could it be that Castro doubled whatever President Kennedy promised the Mafia and they ‘turned’ and worked for Castro? And could it be that the Mafia killed Marilyn hoping that Kennedy would be accused of the murder but when that did not happen they had to get rid of Kennedy themselves?

Or could it be that Robert Kennedy murdered Marilyn to frame his brother so that he could take over as President and those who believed that President Kennedy was behind the murder assassinated him out of revenge?

Yes, the possible theories are endless when you have a fertile mind. And those who have feeble minds would believe any and all theories, especially when it is very sensational. And there are many feeble-minded Malaysians who would believe Najib is behind the murders of Kevin and Hussain Najadi — plus most likely the 600 other murders every year that have occurred for the last ten years since 2006 (note below).

So that would be 6,000 or so murders over the last ten years that we can pin them all on Najib.

[The Malaysian government provided the New York Times with criminal statistics. These statistics showed that homicide rates remained unchanged at about 600 cases per year for the last ten years. (]


Time to Go Tan Sri Abu Kassim–Why hang on to a thankless Job

January 4, 2016

Time to Go Tan Sri Abu Kassim–Why hang on to a thankless Job

by FMT Reporters

TS Abu Kassim

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief, Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed, might be replaced due to health reasons, The Malaysian Insider reported today.

Citing an unnamed source, the report stated speculation was rife within the Prime Minister’s Office and Police top brass that a senior police officer or a deputy public prosecutor from the Attorney-General’s (AG) Chambers could replace Abu Kassim.

The source alleged Abu Kassim’s health would be used as an excuse in an attempt to replace him.In August last year, the MACC Commissioner underwent surgery for a back problem and only returned to work in mid-October.

The source also said replacing Abu Kassim with a Police officer would lower morale and increase the negative public perceptions about MACC’s independence. Abu Kassim, who has led the MACC since January 2010, previously told Sinar Harian that his contract was due to expire in 2018, but expected to remain in office until 2020, upon reaching the mandatory retirement age.

The MACC hief is appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on the advice of the Prime Minister for a period, and on terms and conditions specified in the appointment letter.

On December 31, FMT reported that the MACC had submitted three investigation papers to the (AG), two of which were related to the probe on SRC International, and another on the RM2.6 billion political donation Prime Minister Najib Razak received in 2013.

In the statement, MACC said it had presented its findings and recommendations to an independent panel of five members comprising experts in law, banking, corporate and investigations.