Happy Diwali, 2015

November 9, 2015

Happy Diwali, 2015

Dr Kamsiah and I wish all friends of the Hindu Faith a Happy Diwali. May the Day of Kam and Din latestLight bring a hope and happiness to all men and women of goodwill. Let us strive for a better Malaysia. Our is a great country and we must together build a country for all. Let no one split us asunder.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican from Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Diwali 2015

Good Monday Morning to All

September 28, 2015

Petaling Street 2Good Monday Morning. The Moon Cake Festival is behind us. But I trust you had a good time in Petaling Street, Kual Lumpur. Now let us listen to some suggestions from our Comedy Court duo on how to tackle our social ills in Malaysia. May our Prime Minister who is having R&R in New York at our expense (and who is expected to be away from his awesome  responsibilities for at least 10 days) find some comic relief from watching these videos.

Those red shirts jokers are too serious fighting unseen enemies of our country who are defaming the Malays. Malay dignity must be redeemed at all cost. Defending the dignity of their UMNO leader is indeed a noble act in the name of Hidup Melayu. Financially rewarding to the Ikan Bakar Jamal too. Jangan kutuk dan hina YAB Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak lagi. Enough is Enough.–Din Merican

China’s Ambassador Tells Malaysia to Stop the Racism

September 26, 2015

China’s Ambassador Tells Malaysia to Stop the Racism

by John Berthelsen@www.asiasentinel.com


china_ambassador_huang_mugshot_tmiAmbassador Huang

Huang Huikang, the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia, is expected to be summoned to the country’s Foreign Ministry on September 28 for a remarkable visit last Friday to the center of a Chinese area threatened by Malay-supremacy thugs to say the Chinese government is opposed to terrorism, extremism and any forms of discrimination based on race.

Such an action by an Ambassador, not just in Malaysia but anywhere, is virtually unheard of. By any measure, it constitutes unprecedented interference in domestic politics and is viewed by critics as a raw assertion of Chinese power. China is now Malaysia’s second-largest trading partner, with bilateral trade amounting to US$28.2 billion in 2014 and may well be the largest, since Malaysia’s trade with Singapore is US$33.3 billion and Singapore acts largely as an entrepôt, shipping goods on to other countries including China.

Huang’s stroll through Chinatown was a clear indication that China would not tolerate any form of criminal intimidation. But it has also raised serious concerns in the ethnic Chinese community that what is regarded as mainland ham-handedness could make it worse for them rather than better.

Nonetheless, despite the allegations of affront, Huang’s visit to the Petaling Street area appears to have played a role in bringing to a halt, however temporary, growing threats and intimidation by so-called Red Shirts led by a United Malays National Organization Division Chief named Jamal Md Yunos against Chinese hawkers and merchants in the area, the epicenter of the urban Chinese community, home of the historic 127-year-old central market and to hundreds of Chinese street hawkers and traders. Police arrested Jamal Yunos and warned Red Shirt protesters against marching through the area. The Red Shirts had been scheduled to march through Petaling Street today, Sept. 26 amid outright threats of violence.

The Red Shirt protest is closely tied to Malaysia’s deteriorating political situation, in which critics say the Prime Minister is attempting to use a perceived threat by the Chinese, who dominate the economic landscape, to attempt to dominate the political one as well via the Democratic Action Party, the predominant ethnic Chinese party. Najib’s position is threatened by not just the domestic political equation, but by investigations into allegations of money laundering and corruption by the US, Swiss, UK, French and Singaporean governments. 

He and UMNO officials have responded by blaming an international conspiracy to bring down parliamentary democratic rule in Malaysia. Add that international conspiracy the Chinese community. On Aug. 29, the good government NGO Bersih brought hundreds of thousands of protesters against to the streets in a two-day rally dominated by the Chinese, giving UMNO the opportunity to characterize the rally as a DAP stratagem to wreck the Barisan Nasional, the ruling national coalition.

As tensions have grown, the Red Shirts have flung insults including Cina babi, meaning “Chinese are pigs,” seemingly with the support of officials linked to UMNO. Last week, police had to use water canon to drive back Red Shirt protesters attempting to force their way into the Petaling Street area, allegedly to demand that authorities raid traders allegedly selling fake goods or running other illegal activities.

Mahathir Mohamad, the 90-year-old former prime minister attempting to bring down Najib, charged last week that Najib is paying the protesters to distract from charges that US$861 million had mysteriously appeared in his personal bank account in 2013. Some of the protesters have acknowledged that they have been paid although Najib, in New York for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly, denied he had done so.

Huang, wearing a batik shirt, presented mooncakes to the traders in recognition of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, which begins on Jan. 29. Reading from a prepared statement, he said that: “Nobody has the right to undermine the authority of the law or trample on the rule of law. The Chinese government has always pursued peaceful co-existence in international relationship and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. But with regard to the infringement on China’s national interests, violations of legal rights and interests of Chinese citizens and businesses which may damage the friendly relationship between China and the host country, we will not sit by idly.”

“I think Najib has brought (the Ambassador’s action) upon himself,” said Din Merican, a longtime academic and blogger now teaching at a university in Cambodia. “His racist rhetoric is raising international concerns since in a globalized world, there are many stakeholders. Najib must show that he can protect the interest of foreign investors who have stakes in Malaysia. Fanning the flames of racial hatred and Islamic bigotry is not an option for him. China is sending a message to Najib to stop going overboard with his racism.  The non-interference argument can no longer be used when human rights are being abused with impunity. The Red shirts are Najib’s paid proxies. The besieged Prime Minister is looking for a pretext to declare emergency rule to extend his political life. He knows that UMNO and Barisan Nasional will lose the general election in 2018 if he remains Prime Minister.”

Ambassadors “don’t do that,” said Wong Chin Huat, a political scientist and fellow at the Penang Institute in Penang. “I find it extraordinary because Ambassadors don’t do things in public.You go make a call, you don’t leave a trace”. Wong pointed out that the Ambassador didn’t make a clear distinction whether he was speaking for Chinese nationals or Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese as well.

“That is a no-no in Malaysia,” Wong said. “Some ethnic Malays feel uncomfortable with the idea that a Chinese Ambassador is acting in a way that he appears to be representing the Chinese here. I would be offended myself if he is saying that. If he wants to express concern, he should be doing it privately.

Najib catches much of the blame from observers over Huang’s move, although Gerakan and the Malaysian Chinese Association, two ethnic Chinese component parties in the Barisan Nasional, the ruling national coalition led by UMNO, come in for their own share of criticism.

“Najib is fomenting this to save his political skin,” said a Malay businessman who declined to be quoted by name. “But Gerakan and the MCA haven’t got the balls to stand up to him.”

“Malaysia views his remarks seriously,” a foreign ministry official told local media. “It is tantamount to interfering in Malaysia’s domestic affairs.”

Armand Azha Abu Hanifah,  a member of UMNO’s youth wing executive committee, demanded an apology from Huang for both the government and the Malaysian people.

Let us relax

September 23, 2014

Let us relax

FCC@Phnom Penh

Tomorrow is a public holiday in Cambodia since it is the day people here to commemorate the promulgation of their new Constitution. It is also  Hari Raya Haji in BolehLand.

Let us the Malays reflect on what happened on September 16, when bigots and racists sponsored by big spender Najib Razak took to the streets to protect Malay maruah. There is no maruah if the Malays are being led by a corrupt, lying and dishonest leader. Let us not run away from the fact that we the Malays can be bought and sold like cheap commodities by Najib.

Despite our strong Islamic beliefs, we are lacking in moral courage to tell him to relinquish power; instead those red shirts led by a self-serving ikan bakar seller for a piddly sum of ringgits are giving him a fresh lease of political life. I have no Islamic song to play for you on this public holiday. Instead, let us listen to the 3 Tenors (Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo) and relax.–Din Merican

 Bonus: Lionel Ritchie and Friends

Singapore’s Lady of Song–Tina Dahari

Indonesia’s Singing Sensation–Hendri Rotinsulu and others

Prime Minister Najib’s Aidilfitri Message (as reported by The New Straits Times)

July 17, 2015

Malaysia: Prime Minister Najib’s Aidilfitri Message (as reported by The New Straits Times)

PUTRAJAYA, 16 Julai -- AMANAT...  Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak  ketika mengadakan sidang video dengan tiga Perwakilan Malaysia Luar Negara , Beirut ( Panglima Angkatan Tentera Jeneral Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin), Brunei dan Washington di kediaman rasmi hari ini. --fotoBERNAMA (2015) HAK CIPTA TERPELIHARA

Malaysia, as a progressive Islamic nation, had launched the Syariah Index as a scientific means that complements the national system of administration in accordance with Syariah principles.

Despite global and domestic struggles, Muslims in Malaysia are still able celebrate Hari Raya with joy and happiness, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. In a special televised Hari Raya Aidilfitri address tonight (July 16), the Prime Minister reminded Malaysians that Muslims in several countries were struggling through obstacles, and said Malaysia too had to face many challenges and unforeseen disasters. However, he said the nation’s perseverance was only made possible if it was administered and managed through an effective and efficient leadership.

Najib cited the recent Fitch Ratings which highlighted the nation’s improved prospects from negative to stable. “This has placed Malaysia on a sound economic foundation and well on the right economic track to achieve a high income, advanced economy status by 2020,” he said. He also urged Malaysians to be wary of internal and external threats, including interference by foreign powers, to undermine the nation’s stability and sovereignty.

He called on Malaysians, in the spirit of Aidilfitri, to visit their parents and friends regardless of race and background during the celebration. Malaysians, he said, should stand united and stop slander among religion and friends.”On this auspicious day of Aidilfitri, let us do good. Revive fading relationships, strengthen lethargic brotherhood,” he said.

“Open wide the doors of your heart, the doors of your homes and the gates of kindness through the 1Malaysia window of goodwill,” he said. Najib also said he heard and understood the people’s voices on the rising cost of living. “This is why the government has implemented numerous initiatives to alleviate their burdens, including increasing BR1M contributions this year.”He noted that in the 11th Malaysia Plan, there is an emphasis on assisting households in the bottom 40 per cent. “Rest assured that when all the nation achieves an increase in income, the government will continue to find ways to implement even more initiatives to enhance the people’s wellbeing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Najib said Kuala Lumpur condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France. “The cruel act by the militant Islamic State (IS) had resulted in many deaths as well as leaving hundreds of others injured,” he said, adding that the acts deviated from Islamic teachings which centres around peace as well as moderation. He said such acts could be committed by anyone regardless of their background and geographical boundaries; as such the government had increased its surveillance and security measures to ensure that such extremist beliefs do not spread in the country. Malaysia, he said, continued to sympathise with the plight of the oppressed, such as the Palestinians. “As ASEAN chair, we also sympathise with the Rohingya refugees and played a role in offering the necessary help for them,” he said.

He stated that Malaysia, as a progressive Islamic nation, had launched the Syariah Index as a scientific means that complements the national system of administration in accordance with Syariah principles.

Happy Chinese New Year–Gong Xi Fa Chai

February 18, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year 2015–Gong Xi Fa Chai

a_003Thanks for Your Friendship and Kind Consideration

Dr. Kamsiah and I wish all our Chinese Friends and associates around the world a Happy and Prosperous New Year (The Year of the Goat), which falls February 19, 2015. May you return safely home for the traditional dinner. It is wonderful to be among family and friends to usher in the New Year. It is a special feeling to be home with your family. There is nothing like family and that is why your annual dinner on the eve of the New Year has so much meaning. It is also an opportunity to pay your respect to your elders.

We have enjoyed interacting with you on this blog and on Facebook. Your comments and ideas have been useful and educational to us in particular. If only our government leaders listen and take heed of our concerns and act for national unity, Malaysia will be a wonderful place.

We have made many friends via internet. We wish very much to meet you in person to express our warm greetings on this great occasion. That is not possible because you are widely dispersed across the globe. But we hope our message of goodwill and friendship via this blog will suffice. Cheers. Gong Xi Fa Chai.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican