The Malay Shame and Tragedy that is 1MDB

July 31, 2016 The Malay Shame and Tragedy that is 1MDB by  Dr M. Bakri Musa Morgan-Hill, California, July 25, 2016 Imagine had Prime Minister Najib Razak responded differently to the US Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture lawsuit and said instead, “I have instructed my Foreign Minister to seek clarification to determine who this “Malaysian … Continue reading

Racial and Religious Politics prevalent in Malaysia

July 31, 2016 Racial and Religious Politics prevalent in Malaysia by Farouk A. Peru The Model Malay Muslim The quality of a people’s consciousness determines its political discourse. In Malaysia, we do not lack intelligent people at all. We have many blogs which showcase their thinking and they have many followers. The only thing is … Continue reading

For our sakes–Dump crackpot Trump

July 31, 2016 For our sakes–Dump crackpot Trump by Dean Johns …what Donald Trump imagines he means when he claims to want to make America great again, it is anybody’s guess. Certainly the US can proudly proclaim its tremendous wealth, technological leadership, military might and democratic institutions. But even an admirer of America on … Continue reading

1MDB: The Scandal that shamed Malaysia and Malaysians

July 30, 2016 The Guardian Editorial on Malaysian Politics Investigations into the 1MDB development fund and a new security law are both cause for concern Najib Razak needs additional powers for political survival Malaysia’s new security law, due to come into force on Monday, would be alarming at any time. Its sweeping powers permit authorities … Continue reading

Managing Big Power Relations: The Case of Cambodia

July 30, 2016 Managing Big Power Relations: The Case of Cambodia by  Veasna Var, University of New South Wales at ADFA, Canberra. Security and stability in the Asia Pacific in the 21st century is being affected by strategic competition for influence over a wide range of vital interests in the region between China and the United … Continue reading