Who should Malaysians turn to next?

January  23, 2018 Who should Malaysians turn to next? Opinion: Daughter of Former Prime Minster Mahathir Mohamad asks whether the big promises of Malaysia’s ruling party will be enough to gain back the public’s trust and win them power yet again. by Marina Mahathir This article was published in the January edition of Southeast Asia Globe magazine. … Continue reading

The Quest For Exemplary Leaders goes on

January 22, 2018 A Synthesis of Leadership Theories and Styles by Eric A. Landis, Cumberland University, Deborah Hill, Amberton University, and  Maurice R. Harvey, St. Leo University Source:  Journal of Management Policy and Practice, Vol.l. 15(2) 2014 “It is crucial to place exceptionally talented, knowledgeable leaders in positions of prominence in modern organizations in order … Continue reading

Who is afraid of Dr Mahathir Mohamad–Najib Razak, of course. Why? Read Mariam’s plea

January 22, 2018 Who is afraid of Dr Mahathir Mohamad–Najib Razak, of course. Why? Read Mariam’s plea by Mariam Mokhtar http://www.malaysiakini.com He is turning to God for help, since most Malaysians turn against him COMMENT | As Dr Mahathir Mohamad looks back on his successes and his achievements for the nation, his recollections are tinged … Continue reading

Vietnam’s Hopes dashed as Trump exits TPP

January 21, 2018 Vietnam’s Open Trade Policy Hopes dashed as Trump exits TPP by Thomas Jandl, TJMR Asia Consulting http://www.eastasiaforum.org After the 2016 election, hope remained in Hanoi that President Trump, once in office, would turn from firebrand protectionist campaigner into a leader who accepted the value of open trade — a cause in which … Continue reading

Vote for the Survival of the Malays urges Anina

January 21, 2018 COMMENT: Why do I post this Malaysiakini.com article? It is just to tell this unprincipled Malay politician turned civil society person that asking the Malays to vote for the survival of their race means voting for UMNO and Najib Razak, and his kleptos and Rosmah anak Mansor.  Unlike you, Malaysians are not … Continue reading