Aspiration: Singapore’s Approach to ASEAN

April 25, 2018 Aspiration: Singapore’s Approach to ASEAN Ja Ian Chong, NUS Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s 50th Anniversary Lecture for the Yusof Ishak Institute of Southeast Asian Studies on 13 March 2018 was notable for its open acknowledgement of some of the difficulties facing ASEAN, which Singapore is chairing this year. Importantly, … Continue reading

Malaysia–GE-14: A Harapan Government next?

April 25, 2018 Malaysia–GE-14: On the verge of a Harapan Government by Tommy Thomas COMMENT | Foreign missions, election pundits, polls forecasters and secret or military intelligence all predict a comfortable victory for BN in the 14th General Election, with some even claiming that coalition chairperson Najib Abdul Razak is on the cusp of … Continue reading

Malaysia: GE-14: Why Is Najib Razak Strong Yet Weak ?

April 25, 2018 Malaysia: GE-14: Why Is Najib Razak Strong Yet Weak ? By Rusman Husain* * Rusman Husain who is a graduate of Georgetown University, Washington DC is a keen observer  of Malaysian politics. This article is in response to my request for his take on the forthcoming  May 9 GE-14 in Malaysia, which … Continue reading

GE-14: Malaysia’s resurgent states stake a claim

April 25, 2018 GE-14: Malaysia’s resurgent states stake a claim The era of dominant federal government may be over as leading states push for greater autonomy, resisting a centre compromised by scandal and policy drift. by Tricia Yeoh* The dynamic Crown Prince of Johor Maj-Gen. Tunku Ismail Ibrahim: “Do not question the sovereignty of … Continue reading

Trump’s New National Security Team

April 24, 2018 Trump’s New National Security Team by Christopher R. Hill While Mike Pompeo and John Bolton have shown that they can communicate with Donald Trump, neither has ever shown any capacity for dealing with a crisis, much less arresting the decline of US leadership in the world. The expected meeting between Trump and … Continue reading