Figuring out the Day of the Long Knives

July 29, 2015 Malaysia:: Figuring out the Day of the Long Knives by Kim It is all too apparent that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s lightning move to remove the Attorney-General and reshuffle his cabinet on July 28 was done for the singular purpose of neutering criminal investigations and impending prosecution arising from the … Continue reading

Malaysia: Muhyiddin pays the price for misplaced Loyalty

July 29, 2015 Malaysia: Muhyiddin pays the price for misplaced Loyalty by Scott Outfoxed by the Boss And so the curtain comes down on Muhyiddin Yassin. Prime Minister Najib Razak’s decision to replace him with Zahid Hamidi comes as an act of retaliation for his aggressive speech to the Cheras division of UMNO, in … Continue reading

David Cameron under Fire for Talks with Scandal Ridden Premier Najib Razak

July 29, 2015 Foreign Affairs: David Cameron under Fire for Talks with Scandal Ridden Premier Najib Razak by Beh Lih Yi in Jakarta David Cameron under fire ahead of talks with scandal-hit Malaysian leader Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak sacks Deputy and country’s top attorney after questions over claims he took millions from government … Continue reading

Foreign Affairs: Obama Stay Clear of Najib’s Malaysia

July 29, 2015 Foreign Affairs:  Obama Stay Clear  of Najib’s Malaysia by Charlie Camp6ell Washington is having serious trouble finding dependable allies in Southeast Asia Stay Away from Tainted Malaysian Prime Minister The U.S.’s “rebalancing” toward Asia has two main pillars: being a counterweight to China and securing a free-trade deal called the Trans-Pacific … Continue reading

Malaysia-The New Attorney-General

July 29, 2015 COMMENT: The appearance can be misleading. Malaysia’s newly minted Attorney-General, Mohamad Apandi Ali, 65, looks like someone belonging in the same class as  Chief Secretary Hamsa Ali and Treasury Secretary Siregar–men of mixed parentage. Malays of mixed parentage  seem to be Najib’s favorite people for senior posts in his government. Another  Malay who … Continue reading

Malaysia: Besieged Malaysian PM Sacks Enemies

July 28, 2015 Malaysia: Besieged Malaysian PM Sacks Enemies by John Berthelsen Under fire from a spreading scandal, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak ordered a sudden, wholesale housecleaning of top officials on Tuesday, July 28. Those getting the boot include the deputy prime minister, attorney general, head of the police special branch intelligence unit … Continue reading