Singapore: Understand History and Lee Kuan Yew

July 5, 2015 Singapore: Understand History and Lee Kuan Yew Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy Given what is happening in Malaysia, it is refreshing to learn that not far from our shores is an island state called Singapore. It will be constant reminder for  all  of what it would take to build a modern nation state … Continue reading

WSJ article may be Najib’s Waterloo, says Kadir Jasin

July 5, 2015 COMMENT: It was a political Waterloo for our Prime Minister.It was first reaction when I read the Wall Street Journal article–a smoking gun.  Given revelations by Tun Dr. Mahathir, The  Sarawak Report disclosures, and the WSJ article,  I wondered what additional evidence is required to remove this lying and corrupt Najib Razak … Continue reading

Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister wants allegations against his boss investigated

July 4, 2015 COMMENT: Mr. Deputy Prime Minister stop playing games. If you have any guts left in your body, you should confront the Prime Minister and deal with the 1MDB scandal seriously. You have not done so. Now you are asking MACC’s Tan Sri Abu Kassim, Bank Negara Malaysia’s Tan Sri Zeti Aziz, and … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, America: It is the Fourth of July

July 4, 2015 It is The Fourth of July for Americans at home and abroad. As a friend of your country and a graduate of The George Washington University in Washington D.C., I ( and my wife Dr. Kamsiah) extend to you our warmest wishes  and congratulations on your country’s birthday. Once again, thank you … Continue reading

Credit Rating Agencies can mislead

July 3, 2015 Credit Rating Agencies can mislead by TK We must all take the assessment of rating agencies with a pinch of salt. I am saying this not because Fitch recently changed the outlook of Malaysia from negative to stable. There are precedents to doubt the accuracy of rating agencies. In the US, … Continue reading

The long awaited smoking gun may have arrived (?) to bury Najib’s political career(?)

July 3, 2015 READ: The Prime Minister’s Office is running out of excuses. What political sabotage is the PMO talking about? The Prime Minister is caught with his hands in the till. Only the power of his office is protecting him  for criminal action  while UMNO’s apathy keeps the man in office. Let the financial … Continue reading