Cambodia- China Strategic Partnership–Is everything about China bad?

January 23, 2019 Cambodia- China Strategic Partnership—Is everything about China bad? by Doung Bosba ttps://   Cambodian ruling elites are China-educated Wrong. None of the current Cambodian ministers are China-educated. In fact, most of them are Western educated. Their offspring are also mostly or wholly Western educated. The number of alumni speaks for itself. The … Continue reading

Hadi, Le Hypocrite as Malaysian Prime Minister– GOD Save US from Bigotry

January 23, 2019 Hadi, Le Hypocrite as Malaysian Prime Minister– GOD Save US from Bigotry by Dennis Ignatius At a party political campaign meeting in Cameron Highlands in support of the Barisan Nasional candidate, PAS president Hadi Awang insisted that it was the religious duty of Muslims to vote only for Muslims so that … Continue reading

The good old dancing days at Universiti Malaya

January 22, The good old dancing days at Universiti Malaya by Anas Zubedy I am among the fortunate few who spent their university life at Kolej Kediaman Zaaba, the 7th residential college at Universiti Malaya, during the mid-eighties. We were lucky to have a very outstanding college master in Prof Omar Farouk, who created … Continue reading

Malaysian Islam seen through 3 men

January 21, 2019 Malaysian Islam seen through 3 men by Tajuddin Rasdi I wish to present three perspectives of Islam concerning the concept of choosing a “leader” in Malaysia. This article is inspired by Abdul Hadi Awang’s clarion call to Muslims to choose his narrow-minded brand of Islam, perhaps for the upcoming Cameron Highland … Continue reading

The two issues that undermined the E.U.

January 21, 2019 The two issues that undermined the E.U. by Dr. Fareed Zakaria As we watch Britain go through the paroxysms of Brexit, it is easy to view its decision to leave the European Union as an act of foolishness, a self-inflicted wound that will impoverish Britons for years. Europe is Britain’s largest … Continue reading

KEE Thuan Chye on NO Harapan (Useless) GOBIND-DEO

January 21, 2019 KEE Thuan Chye on NO Harapan (Useless) GOBIND-DEO   When Gobind was in the opposition, he was one of the biggest advocates of free speech and expression. He struck me as being one of the bright sparks of Pakatan Harapan, one of our best hopes for a better Malaysia. … Continue reading