Foreign Policy: Obama Deifies American Hegemony

October 3, 2015 Obama Deifies American Hegemony by Paul Craig Roberts Today (September 28) is the 70th anniversary of the UN. It is not clear how much good the UN has done. Some UN Blue Hemet peacekeeping operations had limited success. But mainly Washington has used the UN for war, such as the Korean … Continue reading

To Prime Minister Najib: Stop lecturing the World

October 2, 2015 Five years ago I stood before this assembly and called for a Global Movement – of Moderates of all religions, of all countries – to marginalise extremists, reclaim the centre, and shape the agenda towards peace and pragmatism. We in Malaysia have followed up, both with practical action and by building intellectual … Continue reading

Building a well formed mind: Dr. Shashi Tharoor

October 1, 2015 Dr. Shashi Tharoor On Education Listen to Dr. Tharoor, an eloquent Educator and maybe we can begin to learn about a well formed mind. Right now, we teach children by example of the present leadership that cash is king and there is nothing wrong about accepting bribes or becoming a crony or … Continue reading