Najib Razak’s Gua Tolong Lu, Lu Tolong Gua Survival Economics

October 22, 2017 Malaysia’s Economic Policy–Najib Razak’s Gua Tolong Lu, Lu Tolong Gua Survival Economics by MP Liew Chin MP SPEAKS | The suffix “-nomics” is a popular media term to denote a certain type of economic idea or just a form of ridicule against political rhetoric. “Najibnomics” is an attempt to show off … Continue reading

Listen to a liberal Muslim–Ani Zonneveld

October 21, 20l7 Listen to Ani Zonneveld–She puts Malaysian Mullahs to shame   Ani was born a Malaysian. Her Dad was an Ambassador  who I knew well as he has served under  our First Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman and like me, he was from Kedah Darul Aman. Thanks to America. Ani is a liberated … Continue reading

Saving Asia’s Long Peace

October 21, 2017 Saving Asia’s Long Peace by Kevin Rudd@ The Asia Society Former Prime Minister of Australia and China Scholar Kevin Rudd at The Asia Society How can we save Asia’s ‘long peace’? Right now, the world is legitimately focused on the emerging North Korean nuclear crisis. This has been a crisis long … Continue reading

NY Times Book Review: Three Inquiries into Religion

October 21, 2017 Three Inquiries Into Religion by James Three exciting books on Religion by a Philosopher, a Man of Science and a Theologian   Contemporary debate about religion seems to be going nowhere. Atheists persist with their arguments, many plausible and some unanswerable, but these make no impact on religious believers. Defenders of … Continue reading

Arizona Senator John McCain: The American Legislator

October 20, 2017 The Essential Arizona Senator John McCain: The American Legislator by David Brooks The moral fabric of society is invisible but essential. Some use their public position to dissolve it so they can have an open space for their selfishness. McCain is one of the strongest reweavers we have, and one of our … Continue reading

Malaysia’s Najib Razak fans the flames of Religious Intolerance

October 20, 2017 Malaysia’s Najib Razak fans the flames of Religious Intolerance by Mariam Mokhtar. Chicken Najib Razak fans the flames of religious intolerance Malaysia has been thrown into a royal shambles by a growing rivalry between the country’s nine religiously moderate sultans and its conservative mullahs, considered by many to be “nouveaux royals” … Continue reading