Anti-Corruption Reform In A Setting Of Widespread Corruption — The Case Of Malaysia

September 2, 2015 Anti-Corruption Reform In A Setting Of Widespread Corruption — The Case Of Malaysia by Greg Lopez The Most Tainted Malaysian Prime Minister Why is Transparency International surprised that levels of corruption has reached crisis point in Malaysia? Melanie Manion’s “Corruption by Design – Building Clean Government in Mainland China and Hong … Continue reading

Post Najib Reforms needed for a better Malaysia

September 2, 2015 Post Najib Reforms needed for a better Malaysia by Dr.M. Bakri Musa, Morgan-Hill, California Goodbye Najib and  FLOM Rosie Despite the bravado, Najib Razak’s days as Prime Minister are numbered. Last weekend’s massive Bersih 4 demonstrations are only the latest and most public expressions of citizens’ disgust and contempt for him and … Continue reading

Bersih 4.0: Persuasion at a Premium

September 2, 2015 Bersih 4.0 Mattered by Terence Netto …[T]here’s a premium now on persuasion. Threats or coercion don’t work to convince people to do or not to do a thing. Absent persuasive reasons, you can’t make headway. You lose out, you have to retreat in embarrassment at your lack of persuasive power.–Netto COMMENT … Continue reading

A Participant’s Perspective on Bersih 4.0

September 2, 2015 Dr Wong Chin Huat: A Participant’s Perspective on Bersih 4.0 by Dr. Wong Chin Huat@Facebook The question most frequently asked on Bersih 4 is: why are they so few Malays? I do not buy the two most common answers: first, PAS does not participate and Harapan Baru does not have the clout; … Continue reading

Tunku A Aziz on Bersih 4.0

September 2, 2015 Best wishes from Phnom Penh. May God Bless, my country and  Fellow Malaysians. Please stay on our course as change will come sooner than we care to contemplate. At first I thought it was not necessary  for me to comment on Tunku Aziz’s article. But upon reading it again, I have decided … Continue reading

The Unsung Heroes behind Bersih

September 1, 2015 The Unsung Heroes behind Bersih And after that came Bersih 2 and  Bersih 3, and now, Bersih 4. But the Bersih that came after the 10th November 2007 Bersih march was not what we had in mind. It was not a political movement. It was neither pro-government nor pro-opposition. It was a … Continue reading