Trump,Putin and Asia

December 5, 2016 Trump,Putin  and Asia by Artyom Lukin@ Far Eastern Federal University The US vote in favour of President-elect Donald Trump was a shock for Russian leaders, though a delightful one. According to public opinion surveys, Russia was the only country in the world that preferred Trump over Hillary Clinton. Post-election, the Kremlin argued … Continue reading

Does Britain owe reparations to India and other former colonies?

December 5, 2016 Does Britain owe reparations to India and other former colonies? A speech to the Oxford Union by Indian former UN Undersecretary-General Shashi Tharoor appears to have hit a nerve online By Shashi Tharoor It’s not often that one can honestly say a book began as a speech. But my new book An … Continue reading

Singapore: Multiculturalism and Race Relations

December 4, 2016 Singapore: Multiculturalism and Race Relations More than 95% of the approximately 2,000 Singaporean residents surveyed agreed that diversity is valuable, and that all races should be treated equally and with respect. They also reported that they lived peacefully with those of other races, standing up for them and accepting them. While it … Continue reading

The State of a Paranoid Government: Malaysia’s Freedom in Jeopardy

December 4, 2016 The State of a Paranoid Government: Malaysia’s Freedom in Jeopardy by Aedi Zahid Hamidi says the task force, consisting of the Police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Bank Negara Malaysia and the Attorney-General’s Chambers will also check on civil society movements receiving overseas funds. DPM Zahid Hamid, that’s what happens when you lose … Continue reading

Desperate Najib Razak resorts to Fear Tactics

December 4, 2016 Desperate  Najib Razak resorts to Fear Tactics— Emboldened and defiant Malaysians will fight on by Bridget Welsh This week’s UMNO meeting reflects rising paranoia. So far he has managed to hold on to power, but not without incurring serious costs. Growing authoritarianism, widening political polarisation, deepening ethnic tensions and discredited immoral leadership … Continue reading