Nothing to fear but the Fearmongers

March 25, 2017 Nothing to fear but the Fearmongers by Dean Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump and Geert Wilders– The Fearmongers Possibly the best-known comment on fear is US President Franklin D Roosevelt’s attempt in his 1933 first inaugural address to encourage Americans facing the great depression with the ringing reminder that “the only … Continue reading

1MDB–What’s Najib Razak’s next move

March 25, 2017 1MDB–What’s Najib Razak’s next move ? Journalists from Switzerland’s Le Temps newspaper have unearthed a startling connection between the snooping private investigator, Nicolas Giannakopoulos, who conducted a bizarre seminar on 1MDB at Geneva University and Malaysia’s governing Barisan National party The newspaper has in the process identified concerns that individuals closely connected to Barisan National are … Continue reading

GDP or GNH (The Bhutan Way)?

March 24, 2017 GDP or GNH (The Bhutan Way)–Maybe it’s Time to screw the  Economists and start looking at alternative ways to measure what makes life worthwhile Listen to this TED presentation by Chip Conley and reflect. I enjoyed it and wonder why we continue to measure only the measurable (the tangibles) and ignore the … Continue reading

Assessing the ASEAN Economic Community

March  24, 2017 Assessing the ASEAN Economic Community by Somkiat Tangkitvanich and Saowaruj Rattanakhamfu Making Progress Slowly–The ASEAN Way East Asia continues to sustain a high level of economic integration, yet a significant proportion of intraregional trade is still uncovered by agreements to guard against current and possible future protectionism. Without multilateral movement under … Continue reading

Steve Bannon’s Political Mythology

March 23, 2017 Steve Bannon’s Political Mythology  does not stand up to strict rational analysis  by Nicholas Lemann @ Steve Bannon is the keeper of the secret formula—that peculiar and potent mix of aggressive bluster and selective empathy—that enabled Donald Trump to be elected. It’s worth remembering how unlikely the success of the formula seemed … Continue reading

Cambodia: Stability, Security and Economic Growth amidst Geo-Political Uncertainties remains top priority

March 22, 2017 Cambodia: Stability, Security and Economic Growth amidst Geo-Political Uncertainties remains top priority by Dr. Sorpong Peou Cambodia’s ruling party is seeking to shore up its chances of electoral success with recent changes to the rules governing political parties, Sorpong Peou writes. Much has been written about the Cambodian culture of impunity … Continue reading