2 thoughts on “Former Secretary of State James Baker gives eulogy at George H.W. Bush’s funeral in Houston

  1. Very moving and touching eulogy. Without mentioning Trump or even hinting at him, Baker managed to praised Bush senior, and indirectly (and to me directly) pointed out all that is wrong with Trump – Bush’s virtues and strengths are all absent in the dotard.

  2. Am in Oz, but unable to load the vid. Anyone else having the same problem?

    Whatever it is, James Baker III remains among the finest Sec of State and Treasury of the 20th century. His familiarity with Big Bush was unparalleled and his unsolicited advice to Lil Bush prevented even more severe cock-ups by the latter.

    Big Bush will always be remembered for his calm and steady hand during the fall of the Soviets and post-Maoism ‘troubles’. Operation Desert Storm and Kuwait’s independence from the clutches of megalomaniac Saddam remains one of the finest examples of controlled ‘shock and awe’ – not the one that his son subsequently unleashed.

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