Fracas at Nothing to Hide2.0 Forum

August 13, 2017

Fracas at Nothing to Hide2.0 Forum

COMMENT: What a shame! Najib Razak is unable to debate Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. At 92, the former Prime Minister is still a formidable debater. And it is also clear to me that Najib is scared of his own of his own shadow. If so, he cannot be helped. He is wasting money engaging these thugs to disrupt the public forum (ceramah).

Najib Razak cannot run away from the facts which are already known to us Malaysians and the international community, that is, he is a very corrupt politician, a liar and an incompetent Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Today’s fracas is nothing but an act of political desperation. It will not dissuade Malaysians from attending future ceramahs by the political opposition. On the contrary, we can expect larger crowds at future gatherings.

What is the Royal Malaysian Police doing? Perhaps, they are waiting for orders from their Inspector-General of Police.

Image result for IGP Khalid

The Police are busy checking round the clock all postings on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. The IGP is equally occupied sucking up to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister-Home Affairs Minister.

We know that Khalid Abu Bakar is a weak IGP who got the job because he will be an obedient UMNO servant.  So do not expect the IGP to act. Knowing how the Police in particular the Special Branch operate, it is more likely that their agent provocateurs could be among the UMNO thugs. And the whole thing could have been pre-arranged to scare the 92-year old rather than harm him.

Mariam is right when she suggested that at GE-14 we should overwhelmingly vote against Najib and his UMNO-BN. We can longer allow a corrupt and cowardly politician and his associates to remain in office even for another 24 hours. They should summarily be shown the exit door.–Din Merican

UMNO Biadap Culture on Display: Attacking  Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad

by Mariam Mokhtar

When a 92-ye-old man is attacked, there is only one conclusion: Najib is very afraid.


An attempt to undermine former PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s ceramah, called “Nothing to Hide 2.0” broke up in chaos and pandemonium, when some Malay thugs, set off flares, threw bottles at the audience, and hurled slippers at the nonagenarian.

Mahathir had been invited to the “Nothing to Hide 2.0” forum which had been organised by Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) .

It was supposed to be a debate between Mahathir and the incumbent PM, Najib Abdul Razak; but we know that Najib has an aversion to debates and usually skips the country, when things are getting too hot to handle. He runs away (only this time, he has no place where to run to).

Said one political observer, “This is the modus operandi of UMNO-Baru. They send their thugs to a peaceful event. They do this to create fear, to get the public to stay away and to send a message to the person or people who are staging the event, that they do not care about people’s rights, or safety, or democracy.

“The thugs, masquerading as the people who are going to a ceramah, will do anything to disrupt a normal event.”

His friend said, “They threatened Zunar, the cartoonist, and wrecked his exhibition and sent UMNO-Baru thugs to wreak havoc.

“It was UMNO-Baru thugs who planned an assault on the Penang State Assembly a few years ago, because they were displeased with a state assemblyman’s comments.

“UMNO-Baru thugs, attacked peaceful supporters and sent threatening messages to the Bersih 2.0 committee members, like Maria Chin and Ambiga Sreenevasan. Many other Opposition politicians are also targeted by this vile UMNO-Baru thugs. Their leaders run away, but they send their hooligans in.

Najib is very afraid

Image result for Najib is scared

Today, who else do you think fears a 92-year-old man most?None other then Najib Abdul Razak and UMNO-Baru.

The more thugs attack a 92-year-old man, the more the moderate and usually reserved Malays will wonder why such tactics are employed. They will start to ask questions. Why? What harm can an old man do?

If the Malays were fence-sitters before, they will not be fence-sitters any longer.

This is NOT just about two adversaries having to fight a public political fight. The thugs sow more violence, but they will only make Malays question where their values have gone.

Desperadoes will do anything to stay out of jail. They are prepared to sacrifice the harmony of the nation. Pity we have such a weak IGP.

Let us show these UMNO-Baru thugs (and their backers including Najib Razak and UMNO-BN the exit at GE-14.

17 thoughts on “Fracas at Nothing to Hide2.0 Forum

  1. I would like to throw a couple of curved balls in this FUBAR episode:

    Who actually controls these agent provocateurs? Flares are not easily available.
    Who wants desperately to get rid of both Octo (who remains ‘untouchable’ and deeply revered by the common Melayu) and the despised Jibros – preferably at the same time?
    Who is the self-confessed Tiga Line Protector and Taikor?
    Who was a migrant Javanese who morphed into an UMNOb mobster and was once the turncoat who betrayed Anwar?

    Your guess is good as mine.

  2. At the ripe age of 92,Mahathir is still a thorn in Umno leaders backsides.Umno leaders,whether it is the PM down to the grassroots leaders feared their former boss.In the good old days,one often heard about ministers leaving puddles of water behind after a scolding by Mahathir.That is how much Umnoputras feared Dr Mahathir.And up till today,they still feared him,even when he has no more authority or power over them.

  3. It’s utter disgusting. We are becoming like Zimbabwe and Venezuela when it comes to politics. This Pekan walla has no balls to face his one-time mentor and has resorted to violence (by his “kunchus”) to create fear in the rakyat. Come on, anak Pak Razak, I am sure you can do better than that. Don’t be a wimp hiding behind Rosie’s sarong when threatened. Be a Bugis jantan lah.

    • //We are becoming like Zimbabwe and Venezuela when it comes to politics
      But, on a serious note, without check and balance, why should we be any different from Zimbabwe and Venezuela? Perhaps, US and the West are not so exemplary today. But, they are not Zimbabwe and Venezuela.
      I hope Bersatu and Pakatan Harapan would seriously put reforming power concentration, that has been baked into today’s system, as their top most priority. Anyone who think the Bersatu and Harapan are working on this are delusional. The Opposition princes are not working on this, and has shown no effort to work on this.

      Don’t look at today’s China, and any Islamic nations. They all have bigger issues internally, if you ever dare to examine them.

      Talk about this need to reform power concentration to the opposition, now or never. Zimbabwe and Venezuela it should be, if we are not going to work on it.

  4. IGP Khalid,well,he is a stooge.Nowadays,heads of our public institutions are under the thumb of politicians.Just look at low level Umno operatives.These guys would not be welcome in the private sector as security guards.But just look at their multi million ringgit houses and imported high end cars.Where are all their ill gotten loot coming from?Where is the MACC?MIA or missing marbles?

  5. What happened at the nothing to hide forum is part of the scorch and burn approach using goons and hooligans. Today news carries an item from the Minister of disinformation to the effect that there is no certainty that the current opposition if they form the future Government can maintain peace. This goon master is another “lawmaker” who cannot understand that the peacekeeping function is well defined and rests with the police, the military and the various other bodies which has now been politicised. Hitler had his Goebbel to carry that function very effectively.

  6. Noble politician Tun Lim Chong EU had led 2 of the main plitical parties in Malaysia but it is sad to see these parties descend to the level of running dogs and cats paw for UMNO. They are without any direction and seek only to destabalise their opponents. The recent law reform move in Parliament shows their true colour of not defending Malaysians in the quest for a Malaysian Malaysia from renegrades.

  7. The incident moment was during questions about Memali incident,. 17-19 year old even know about Memali, much less understand it? Who raised Memali incident recently in UMNO meet?

    It’s crude, it’s school yard bully scheming. It’s obvious who.

  8. What a shame , having 126.000 just to check on the twitter & social media ? – better ‘ go fly kites ‘ ….. instead of wasting huge amount of effort, energy & resources which rightly should go to the grass-roots , poverty stricken rakyats , who can have barely two meals a day …..-

    And they dare to BOAST , flattering themselves that they are doing a ‘ great job ‘…..

    What a malusia….. ! !

    • PAS blame Tun for his answer on Memali for giving rise to the fracas. When go and attend a meeting with flares in hand any answer can provoke. If a person does not feel that he will like the answer from the speaker(s) then he should not attend if he control himself from his primitive violent urges.

  9. And so escalates the great BATTLE ROYALE.

    What happened in Shah Alam last night is only the beginning . This BATTLE ROYALE will be epic.

    It will reveal and reflect the seeds ( lies, deceit, mismanagement, etc.,) that this man planted in UMNO over his 22 year reign . And now he reaps it – you reap what you sow, so they say.

    • The scuffles at the forum was against the law and public order. There is full cover by the CCTV and other recordings. Let us study the recordings and the law should come down hard on the trouble makers. The law enforcers should show impartiality as otherwise our DPM will be shown to be a hypocrate.

  10. These kids were clearly operating on remote, the trademark mayhem of the all too familiar ikan
    bakar maestro. Who was it that said it doesnt take a genius to go figure.

  11. State Organs under the thumb of UMNO? Looks like it.

    DAP’s last CEC Election is now being questioned by ROS. They sat on it for 2 years(?). Will they drag it till after the next GE telling that DAP candidates cannot, until the issue resolved, stand under the party symbol.

    Again, similar fate may await Pakatan Rakyat, depriving the opposition coalition of a common symbol, which it has applied for and over which the ROS is still dragging its feet. Who actually gives the nod for approval, the Registrar or the UMNO Home Minister? So Registrar goyang kaki dan ambil kaji buta.

  12. I am angry and deeply saddened with the incident. What has happened to our values, our moral and decency?

    I like to get into the minds of those three youngsters on their rationale. What did they learn through our education system – even an iota?

    Politics aside is this the way we treat our elders?

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