The Bamboo–It’s Magic

August 13, 2017

The Bamboo–It’s Magic



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I am fascinated with Bamboo. It is Nature’s gift to mankind because it is versatile and durable. Dr.Kamsiah and I plant bamboo in our home, no. 26, Jalan SS22/39, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya to enrich our environment and attract the birds.

Have a good weekend.–Dr. Kamsiah Haider and Din Merican

10 thoughts on “The Bamboo–It’s Magic

  1. There’s many varieties of bamboo some are suitable for making lemang and others are for meriam buloh. There’s also the variety that the new shoots are edible but have to be careful of the bulus. Then theres the decorative type that comes in different shades.

  2. Haha.., you’re right Wayne.

    Also, points that were not made:
    1. Bamboo die soon after it flowers.
    2. Only stupid people try to grow bamboo using seeds. Most just use the rhizome or sprouts.
    3. Tropical bamboo thickets harbor all sorts of snakes and creepy crawlies.
    4. As an ornamental plant, tropical varieties requires frequent ‘thinning’. Several years ago, the unsightly bamboo thicket in my garden grew so dense, that only my determined Indonesian domestic helper could get rid of it. The Indian gardener insisted on burning it. The Malay driver said leave it alone. Am i racist? Nowadays, too pokkai to afford any such help. I think the Income Tax-GST must as flexible as bamboo.
    5. Bamboo sprouts are delicacies, but stink to high heaven. But Lemang is still my favorite bamboo delicacy. Chinese dumplings (zongzi) wrapped in bamboo leaves too.

    Please feel free to add to the list.

  3. If the sheer number and variety of bamboo paintings painted throughout Chinese history, (actually up to the present time and into the future), is any indication, one could even say that without the bamboo there would be no ancient Chinese civilization and therefore its offshoots, (pun intended), the influential Korean and Japanese civilizations.

    A favorite saying on humility is…”The higher a bamboo grows, the lower it bends”

    • Hey Semper, methinks for the crime of violating (raping) state coffers for self gratification, incarceration in Bamboo River may not be enough.

      Although, i loathe capital punishment, i think a more ‘just’ punishment is to Impale them in a squatting position over a fast growing Bamboo shoot. I heard the Dutch in old Batavia were very adept at keeping Bugis pirates and recalcitrant Javanese rebels alive during the said ‘procedure’ – and some could last up to 6 days. I’m sure Bik Mama could accommodate the largest and fastest growing of species.

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