Malaysia: Jamal Ikan Bakar Yunus–an UMNO-sponsored thug

October 13, 2016


Malaysia: The Untouchable Jamal Ikan Bakar Yunos–an UMNO-sponsored thug

The damage brought on by Jamal Yunos will haunt Barisan Nasional.

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Jamal Ikan Bakar Yunos–UMNO sponsored Trouble Maker and Law Flouter

As America twists and turns in an upheaval brought on by the Republicans’ championing of their great orange hope, a parallel can be drawn here in Malaysia. Trump is the ultimate provocateur, the stereotype of White Male Privilege rolled into a xenophobic, nativist populist demagogue who embraces sexism as an acceptable facet of dealing with him and his money.

Many have tried to find find someone in Malaysia who is analogous to Trump, and it has become clear that that person is none other than the flavour of the week, Jamal Yunos.

Jamal plays a role similar to Trump’s. He is associated with Malaysia’s own Grand Old Party, UMNO, one that is increasingly unappealing to young and minority voters, and certainly to women voters. Trump has his Tea Party and Jamal his Red Shirts, factions which share a nativist, conservative and fundamentalist view of the world and harbour a deep suspicion of the Other.

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The Tea Party steadfastly refuses to believe that Barack Obama, the first black President of the United States, was even born in America despite his release of his long form birth certificate, and the Red Shirts gather around the notion that Malay sovereignty or right to rule is being challenged, especially by the Chinese-majority DAP.

Perhaps we must be thankful that Jamal is not running for the highest office in the land. However, his actions and the actions of his followers have riled up moderates and conservatives alike and is scorned universally by Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sarawakians, and Sabahans, making him perhaps the most unpopular petty politician in Malaysia. Even now, the Barisan Nasional parties are scrambling to distance themselves from him in light of a posting on a Facebook page in his name that threatened a repeat of the national shame called May 13. He has denied that the page is his, but we’ll see.

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What Najib  will do to survive

His crass behaviour is unacceptable to the spirit of humility and respect that is prized in Malay culture, and his claims of being a champion of race and religion are met with derision. The longer UMNO is associated with him and the more the Deputy Prime Minister defends him, the deeper the belief among members of the general public that Jamal is given carte blanche by the UMNO leadership to throw the country into chaos.

We might add that the familiar “I have Chinese and Indian friends” excuse is false equivalence, reminiscent of the way Trump supporters like to say they have “black friends” to excuse the worst of their racist and nativist tendencies and to diffuse the notion that they are, deep in their hearts, indeed cruel little men.

This issue is no longer just Bersih versus the Red Shirts. It is now a battle to assert the true nature of the Malaysian character and it is fought between the vast majority of rakyat and the ilk of Jamal. It is a struggle for the face of Malaysia.

It now looks like the 14th general election (if it is held) will be a referendum on the increasingly xenophobic nativism of some quarters in UMNO, the state of the economy, and the common Malaysian’s wallet. Bread and circuses may be the name of the game, but the game is quickly going out of hand. One shudders to imagine the natural resolution of Jamal’s current terrorising of the public.

If no action is taken by the authorities, it seems violence is inevitable, even if Bersih agrees to stand docile at its rally, with the participants never chanting slogans or displaying placards, never raising a hand. But perhaps that is for the best. After all, the world took notice of Gandhi only when his peaceful protest contrasted with the barbaric behaviour of those who hounded him.

15 thoughts on “Malaysia: Jamal Ikan Bakar Yunus–an UMNO-sponsored thug

  1. Tok Cik,CLF, Conrad, and Orang Malaya,,

    I am sure you guys have a few “kind” words for this fawning and bumbling Malay idiot and even more reserved for his crooked patron in power. Here is the chance for you to lay it on the line. Jamal is a total disgrace and his patron should go to jail.–Din Merican

  2. The MP for Raub says this on his blog :

    “Plain answers will do Mr PM”

    In an article on SRC by Sarawak Report, the following appeared:-
    “Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said details on the RM4 billion loan from Retirement Fund Inc (KWAP) to SRC International cannot be revealed as it has not been audited. Najib, who is also Finance Minister, in a written reply to Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz (DAP-Raub) said 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MBD), the former parent company of SRC International, would not reveal such information before it was audited. “The information requested (by Ariff) is part of the information that has not been audited. “1MDB has a standard practice where only detailed information that has been audited will be shared to the public to ensure that the information is accurate and genuine,” he said. [New Straits Times]

    That is Blue Ocean Strategy in practice for you. Create an uncontested boundary. Erect all sort of obstacles. Legislate something to block people from entering the boundary. Apply the OSA. Provide the tipping point leadership in elevating refusal to answer as something respectable.
    Najib is 5th Amendment-ing himself.

    Many of us lost track on the questions we asked in parliament. It is becoming a frustrating and depressing avenue to ask meaningful questions and get meaningful answers. The government places us in a merry go round. To-ing and fro-ing. Therefore talking directly to people- in the streets, in coffee shops is better. Let people listen to us unplugged.

    Almost every question asked about 1MDB, and SRC or any investment and spending by GLCs were almost never answered.

    I won’t dignify the refusal to answer by asking the next logical question- if the amount of money spent by SRC cannot be answered on account of its accounts haven’t been audited, when can they be audited? I won’t ask in parliament that is.
    I didn’t ask whether the accounts on SRC are audited or not- I merely asked what happened to the money already spent. Waiting for the audited reports would mean only now applying medical assistance, when the patient has already died.

    I just want answers to what happened to the RM4 billion loan taken by SRC and where was it applied? Yes- the usual Dale Carnegieic or Napoleon Hill who, what, where, why, when and how.

    Don’t give us the filibuster treatment. Getting a truthful answer is always frustrated by all sort of red-herrings. It’s not audited. It’s still a classified case. We are looking after the money- it is safe assures the PM.

    No one believes the PM anymore.

    What happened to the 2 goons who were looking after the money? The …. person and the Dato …. chap. I hear the Dato …. chap is frequently sighted at the Chengkih restaurant in Taman tun Dr Ismail while the ….. fellow is rumoured to be having a good time in Indonesia. Pak- kamu sudah diperkosai atau sudah memperkosai? Bila pulang pak?

    They are protected by MO1.

    Why aren’t these people brought in for questioning? Up to today, SRC hasn’t explained its illegal transfer of RM42 million into Najib’s account. If Najib doesn’t have control and doesn’t know about his personal account, how can we trust this man with running this country? This man must be the thickest PM we have ever had.

    Every question on SRC has been stonewalled. Najib and his band …. will make sure they are never answered, or will evade answering by giving 1001 excuses. I hope that imbecilic mercenary residing in Manchester will not ask to list the 1001 reasons to defend SRC.

    1MDB, SRC or any other GLC for that matter, each and single one of them, is another instrument for extractive economics pursued by blue ocean thinker ….. They are just fronts for milking money on behalf of UMNO.

    Please don’t pontificate about the Blue Ocean strategy to us. The only means Najib understand by which to create uncontested boundaries is to eliminate competitors and create a monopoly or in the case of this SRC, to create a black hole from which no information emerges. Indeed Najib provides the tipping point leadership- everything he heads tips towards the cliff end.

    The big picture, is how to steal money using the least costly thieving operations. Justify every spending as part of an overall investment in strategic business projects for and on behalf of the nation. . The only thing strategic about Najib’s business ventures thus far, is the speed by which billions are sucked into a bottomless vortex.

  3. The talk big Khalid Ikan Bakar oops Khalid Abu Bakar is suddenly so meek when it comes to Red Shirts. Perhaps the Red SHirts and Jamal Ikan Bakar are more powerful than PDRM. Khalid should get a restraining order to stop the Red SHirts from doing a rally within 1 kilometer of a Bersih event.

    The CPO of Johore was able to separate the Red SHirts and Bersih group without any incident. Perhaps the CPO of Johore should be promoted to be IGP.

    Jamal Ikan Bakar is acting like a typical gangster and becoming so arrogant. I guess he is being protected by some higher ups who have promised him immunity from police action. I also wonder who,is bank rolling this Jamal. How did he get RM600K to take his people to Dubai.

    Talk about rule of law in Malaysia sheesh, what rule? Whose Law? It’s almost like the Wild Wild West. Maybe a new Sheriff is needed. The IGP should be held accountable and responsible to maintain law and order. He should order the police to ensure that the Red SHirts and Bersih group conduct their rally peacefully.

    With all the bragging by Jamal Ikan Bakar, the IGP should put a tail on Jamal and monitor his moves. One wrong move, throw the book at him just like that Sanjeevan.

  4. People are so way off. There is a direct link between Jamal Yunos, Red Shirt and Najib himself. To say otherwise is saying Jho Low got nothing to do with Najib. But worst, what Jamal Yunos and Red Shirts are, the lawlessness, the over entitlement, the lying, the pretending, it’s already in the highest office in the land and will get worst. It’s just Najib that need to go, it’s UMNO AND Hadi’s PAS that keeps him.there that have to go.

  5. UMNOb’s prime example of ikan (masin) bakarism, like all ‘-isms’ that Bugis-Minangkabau brandish on the sly – are just that: FUBARism.

    I really don’t think this uneducated, rent-seeking, despicable, low class AP-Ikan Bakar Rude-Boy is worth grumbling about, except that it reveals the absolute desperation of Jibros’ political cynicism and manipulation.

    All that talk about NCC2, may be just the loophole they need before the fall. Can any NCC be outsourced to a useless entity like Pemandu, which they are attempting now? Haha..

  6. This poor ignoramus does not realise he’s been made a scapegoat for MO1. It’s a wonder what RM1 would buy! And all the people are complaining about hyper inflation. There are still CHEAP objects around.

  7. Jamal Yunos. Handsome Jonah. Ikan Bakar. Swollen by fish.

    I am so angry that I wish I were dead. – Jonah 4:9

    Handsome Yunos,
    Nineveh is no friend of the Jews. Yet you and I inherited a text that suggested our Greater Being called Yunos to love the enemy. You are burnt by the fish, but one day you too could come alive.

    You have already been forgiven. Now, go live a handsome life. Yes, I am telling you because I too once were consumed by anger.
    But, today, I no longer wish Melayu would continue to layu. Now,be merry and realize that you too are once loved, and would continue to be loved if you could only look beyond the darkness of ikan belly.

    When you realize that, share that with MO1 also.

  8. Hmmm … why waste my time writing about morons , thieves , crooks, idiots, asses and their holes?
    Well, to you it is a waste of time. To me it is a time well spent to expose the kind of buffoons and idiots we have running the country. This will enable foreigners to decide whether it is worthwhile for them to invest in Malaysia. –Din Merican

  9. “details on the RM4 billion loan from Retirement Fund Inc (KWAP) to SRC International cannot be revealed as it has not been audited.”

    Who is the Auditor and when did he commence the audit and when will he complete the audit [if complete] and when will the findings be published [if allowed and not subjected to OSA]?

    “Almost every question asked about 1MDB, and SRC or any investment and spending by GLCs were almost never answered.”

    Is there any other venue or mode which can enable the answers to received?

  10. Yes, Pak Din I do have some “kind” words for this village idiot cum bully whose forte, other than “burning fish”, is to wait on all his fours for “dedak” thrown in his direction.

    Seeing his reactions on videos it is apparent why he behaves in such a manner. We all know who his bosses are although Umno bigwigs have conveniently distanced themselves from him. He is being tasked to do his masters’ dirty jobs for a fee, of course.

    For a pitiful RM30/40 his gang members are prepared to create havoc for the “good of the nation”. Good of the nation? My foot. He is better off behind bars but IGP Khalid is too “kecut teloq” to do anything other than “begging” him to go to the nearest police station to have his statement recorded.

    Khalid may have to lay a red carpet for this hoodlum to do so soon. And that will be the day.

    Tok Cik,

    This guy, Jamal Burn Fish Yunos, does more than “more than wait on all his fours for “dedak” thrown in his direction”. He will kiss and lick the ground Najib tramples on. I would go to extent to say that he will procure women for UMNO leaders and arrange secret rendezvous for them to do their thing (with no apologies to Donald J. Trump).

    Fish Burn is a guy who will mortgage his grandma, mother and sister for cold cash. BTW, he has a face which could sink a million ships in the South China Sea and cause a diplomatic tiff with China for polluting the sea. This is the kind of anak bangsa Melayu who has sold, and will continue to sell, our country in the name of bangsa, agama dan negara.

    I am sure Orang Malaysia and others including CLF will have something to add to our comments. The time for political correctness is over. Have a nice day in Ipoh lai.–Din Merican

  11. Presently the issue of misappropiation of the soverign wealth fund have be abducted & kidnapping of fiction tales are pasted on the pages of multi media platform. From a true story of greed with a touch of unlawlessness & a pinch of hearsay the people of Malaysia confusingly are at loss of their intergrity. BR1M have come true of it purpose as segregration of economic value is represented by the price tag shown for the beneficiary. The less income get less value & the high income get high value. Consideration are base on political support value. Is this the value of an Independence fought to be free of colonialism for the past 59 yrs. Colonialism is the establishment of a goverment by a political power & a relationship between indigenous majority & foreign minority. Colonial rulers in pursuit of interests that are often defined in a distant metropolis. Rejecting cultural, custom & religious believe compromises with colonized idealism, the colonizers are convinced of their superiority & their ordained mandate to rule.
    This is colonialism in Malaysia & Malaysians of all religions & races open your eyes & mind & be truthfully independence.

  12. Ha ha Din, Jamal Ikan Bakar already caused a political uproar when the PRC Ambassador made a walking tour of Petaling Street and reassured the Chinese traders that China will not abandon them. A slap in the face heard around the world. The Ikan Bakar guy and his handlers including UMNOb were silent when the Taikor made the threat. Why? BEcause the Taikor had bailed out 1MDB and saved Jibby’s rear. In another sovereign country, the Ambassador will be summoned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A Malay saying “termakan budi, tergadai body”

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