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Sunday, August 31, 2008

NO, there is no blame game….it is blatantly a no name game. Nobody is owning up to WHO GAVE THE DIRECTIVE TO BLOCK Malaysia Today.
When Global Voices picked up this story, you know that the whole world know about this clowning that is going on in 51 year old independent country……and laughing out loud.

When a directive is given it must be given by someone. But in this case that someone seems to be no one. This is politics Malaysiana. Nobody in the government has the common decency to own up. Like most failed corporations (which the Auditor General revealed we have many, especially the government-backed ones) the buck keeps being passed around like musical chairs. But the music never stops and somebody snoozes on.

But the guy who lost an island to that little red dot, declared that the MCMC had every right to block MT. Big Mouth can bark any which way he wants because nobody listens to him except Google who may now not want to invest here with a multi-billion ringgit data centre. He really has outlived his shelf-life.


I asked around at Visu’s birthday bash and came out with no answers. I had to go seek out HANTU. He gave me a list and asked me to do an ini-mini-minor-more stuff. Oh yes the list, preposterous but deliriously and riotiously entertaining: Let the game begin: PP-weary Najib, Just-returned Dotty. sick IJNed Police Supremo, the out-going AG, the in-coming AG of the anti-Anwar/RPK operation centre. NO, not the PM for sure as he is not aware of what’s happening.

if you have the names

you can join in the game

shame the bugger, we all swore


Freedom of speech is not a privilege but a fundamental right of all free people.


dang, I must be off….haven’t bought ‘tea lights” yet for tonight’s candlelight vigil for our ISA detainees.


  1. There’s definitely one BIG asshole among the bunch of eunuchs running this UMNO-led BN government! Why is he not standing up to admit it? Coward!

  2. UMNO/BN think managing Malaysia is like playing Monopoly. Losing money like play money, losing property is just another property on the board. They should be kicked out and stopped from going Go and collect $ 200 M.

    The Malaysian government have always hide behind “Cabinet Decision” So forget about knowing who made the decision. try working backwards from the guy running MCMC, who he answer to and then upwards. Where does it end, then that is the person who made the decision.

    Anybody likes to do Monopoly Malaysia? It will sell well with UMNO/BN. 10-4

  3. Not much point in trying to locate who gave the order in the current scenario. Even if the person is found and his signature on the order recognised he will probably say “looks like my signature… but it is not mine” End of story.

    In a political freefall that we are undergoing almost anything goes. Our hope should be that when the fall ends some sanity (perhaps in the form of PR?) will return to our country. Until then Raja Petra is having the last laugh. Not only is MT accessible on multiple addresses he has just increased his readership no end. And all for free!!!

  4. Who is responsible for blocking Malaysia Today? My guess is the directive could have come from one of UMNO’s top guys – the one who got the most sticks from MT.


  5. so UMNO consist of the following “body” ….
    it is run by Bodowi
    with its theme for everybody
    its srews somebody
    with the ownship of nobody


  6. Actually it does not matter, what those Eunuchs did has backfired at the faces. The whole world is laughing and it looks so silly on them! As Susan Loone aptly said in her blog: “You can block our blogs but not our minds” – I can’t agree more Susan!

    You blocked Malaysia-Today but mirror sites have emerged while Raja Petra is having the last laugh. So now what Mr Botak SHA?

    Don’t you talk religion to us, you have lost all credibility in the eyes of Muslims. Go tell your Imam Hadhari, he is a big disgrace! Does Hadhari encourage ‘fitnah’ – character assassination and to fix an enemy, just swear by the Quran?

    Your faked slanderous flyers, offensive leaflets to character assassinate Anwar Ibrahim, purportedly printed by PKR and distributed at Permatang Pauh by-election were far worse than what Raja Petra posted on his blog!

    Let me expose you and tell the world what you bastards did at Permatang Pauh. You called on Voters to reject Anwar which you had the right to, but not with leaflets that carried headline like this:

    “An Insult to Islamic State to be led by a Sodomite”

    Another leaflet, allegedly from PKR Selangor bearing the party’s logo, attempted to confuse voters with reverse pyschology, asking them to support PKR for advocating ‘rakyat supremacy’. It read:

    “The Malay supremacy made Malays live with the crutches. We must get rid of the Malay crutch so that the Malays will be stronger and bolder. The PKR and DAP will lead the Malays to a better future,”

    How could you scumbags do that to one of your kind, another Malay, a brilliant son of Permatang Pauh? You guys at UMNO/BN had already found him(Anwar Ibrahim) guilty even before the court hearing and by calling him “a sodomite”! How dirty can you get, that’s ‘fitnah’!

    You had successfully fan animosity among the races with your racist and discriminatory divide and rule politics. Raja Petra Kamaruddin was not even anywhere near what you in UMNO/BN did, and does it justify that his Blog be ordered to be blocked?

    Permatang Pauhans had had enough of your “fitnah” and could no longer tolerate your nonsense, ENOUGH they said! Even MCA Wanita chief Ng Yen Yen’s dirty money of rm200 angpow distributed to buy votes from senior citizens did not work this time. Thank you UMNO/BN, you have been rejected and you deserve it!

  7. On those fake leaflets, Cheah Kah Seng of Mafrel had this to say:

    Although the name of the printer or publisher were conspicously absent as required under election laws, the leaflets were placed openly on tables in the Umno election campaign offices. Stacks of similar ‘fake’ leaflets can be seen in the offices as well.

    Numerous banners too have been put up overnight that sought to snipe at Anwar ‘s bid to be prime minister and over his recent promise to reduce fuel prices the very next day after he succeeds in forming a new government.

    Banner: “US to be allowed to set up airbase”

    These banners, spotted in Seberang Jaya, include one which said:

    “Today Anwar becomes premier, Tomorrow Israel opens embassy in Kuala Lumpur, The day after the Americans open airbase in Butterworth.”

    Mafrel is able to support its claims with pix.

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