The end of communal politics?

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Friday, August 29th, 2008

Frankly speaking, most of the time, I just couldn’t understand why the minority coalition parties like MCA, Gerakan, MIC and etc. continue to stick with Umno in BN even though they continue to be harassed and humiliated by their big brother?

Let’s take a look at the recent Permatang Pauh by-election. During the campaign period, Bukit Bendera Umno division head Ahmad Ismail had allegedly said Chinese were “squatters” in the country, who were both selfish and unjust, at a ceramah on Aug 24 whilst trying to buttress support for BN candidate Arif Shah Omar Shah in the by-election contest against opposition icon Anwar Ibrahim.

MCA being the usual MCA, feeling intimidated by the allegation, started to make furious calls openly demanding an apology and explanation from Ahmad.

MCA Youth has submitted a letter yesterday demanding an open apology, retraction and a promise not to make similar statements in the future while Federal Territories MCA Youth today launched a signature campaign outside the MCA headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to condemn Ahmad, demanding that he be sacked from his party.

The questions are: Is Ahmad going to apologize? Let’s presume he is going to.

If that’s the case, is he going to show the sincerity and feeling repent of his remarks hurled against the Chinese community?

Again, even if he does, MCA is fighting a non-cause as history has shown us that the similar antic will resurface in the future, it’s only a matter of time before the racial remarks will be repeated?

I can’t help but to wonder, the public protest organised by the MCA Youth to show their displeasure is the only channel for them to highlight their frustration to the big brother? Does that mean MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the rest of the ministers representing the smaller component parties have no say at all during the Cabinet meeting, hence the public dissent?

The same goes to Gerakan too. It’s acting president Koh Tsu Koon, being his ownself only can afford to say that Barisan’s defeat in the by-election is another wake up call for the ruling coalition.

What a shame, especially when he continues to show dissatisfaction and at the same time, Umno continues to ignore him at their own peril.

Why? Probably Umno knows that Tsu Koon will continue to stick together irregardless of the difficult situtation the party is being put in since Gerakan has nowhere to go! No?

Then, how about the tsunami wave of change in the recent General Election? Isn’t that a wake up call for BN too? If it’s indeed a wake up call, why BN continues to act arrogantly and takes the rakyat for granted? What is the role of Gerakan who claims to act as the Opposition within the BN in fighting to ensure that BN does wake up from the painful lesson? Is it because they’re too afraid to speak up or there isn’t any opportunity at all for them to speak up, ever since the heavy defeat suffered by most of the Gerakan candidates, including Tsu Koon himself?

Why can’t he understand Gerakan is no longer relevant, especially when former party stalwart Toh Kin Woon who is dubbed as the “Conscience of BN” left Gerakan to openly expressed his support towards the “movement led by Anwar”? What about many Gerakan leaders who had lost hope towards Gerakan and gradually deserting the party in seeking a more ideal ideology like the one practised by the Pakatan Rakyat coalition?

Nevertheless, the entire affair which have taken place so far, I’m sure, has set the minority component parties in ruling coalition into deep thinking mode on whether they still can play an effective role in building a better Malaysia for us to live in, or else, necessary reform must be taken to rejuvenate themselves before they can convince the people that they, together with their big brother Umno have indeed awaken from the disastrous outing on March 8 and the most recent by-election.

Perhaps, the high-level acceptance shown by the people towards the “People’s Government” by the PR coalition proves that Malaysians nowadays are a lot more mature than what the Government wants us to be, which means, the beginning of the death of sectarian politics long practised in this country, hence the irrelevance of racial based parties in Malaysia’s political landscape.

24 thoughts on “The end of communal politics?

  1. The experimentation with the inter-communal electoral alliance to contest the municipal elections in 1953/4 was not meant to be a panacea to all the ills of our multiracial society. At best it was a marriage of convenience and like all marriages of convenience, the day will come when it will outlive its convenience. Today it has become inconvenient because of ‘irreconcilable’ differences – a code word for “time to get out of a bad marriage and look for another partner”.

    When a partner repeatedly refuses to consummate the marriage, it is time to make a divorce decree nisi absolute!

  2. Wow! Congrats, Din Merican for the new format 🙂
    Thanks, Mr. Bean. I am glad you like it. I am trying hard to be upbeat, but it looks like Badawi’s trying downbeat the nation and browbeat us Malaysians. August 31, 2008 was just another day of serious reflection. My conclusion is that Malaysians must embrace change as there is no other alternative, unless we want to become a degenerate society.—Din Merican.

  3. The graphics is illuminating, it’s great!

    Apparently, the sun misses Gunung Salak! 😀

    Tell me something! The early people in Jambi, Majapahit and Malacca were bloody good traders. The knew it was the economy and they weren’t stupid. What did the BN Gomen do so well to unteach this from the Malaysian Malays?

  4. Mr Bean

    Sen Obama picked Sen Biden as his running mate. The Presidential ticket will read “Obama Biden”. So close to Osama Laden. No wonder McCain and Bush are upset.

    Have a great Labor Day Weekend. Will you have a BBQ in the park? Central Park?

  5. The idea of a power-sharing arrangement that started off our nation was a noble one and when the history of our country comes to be written it will be seen to have played a significant role in our stability. We Malaysian will remember this. The trouble only started when the Ali Babas took over UMNO and started diverting our wealth to suit their own purposes. This philosophy took a life of its own and eventually engulfed UMNO – leaving the BN partners out in the cold, with the exception of a chosen few. This ” chosen few” became the operative word in subsequent UMNO philosophy.

    Dr.M was eminently placed to put a stop to this but for reasons best known to himself chose not to or did not have the stomach to. All the country ever got out of him on this score was the sight of him breaking down at that UMNO gathering mumbling something about money politics (or was it corruption?). It did not need much to see after seeing that scenario that UMNO was on the way out. Everything that has happened since has only confirmed this view.

    Din, thank you for the new format. So much easier on the tired old eyes of someone like me.

  6. “Sen Obama picked Sen Biden as his running mate. The Presidential ticket will read “Obama Biden”. So close to Osama Laden. No wonder McCain and Bush are upset. ” Shrek

    En. Hussein did right to select En. Bidin as his running mate! Together they’ll knock off En. Makin and Puan Sara Palin in no time. One couldn’t control his temper the result of beatings he got when he was a guest of Ho Chin Minh at Hanoi Hilton many years ago, and the other the chairperson of the Alaska Moose Federation.

    The Moose Song:

    Then its moose, moose, I want a moose.
    I have never had anything quite like a moose.
    I’ve had many women, me life has been loose,
    But I’ve never had anything quite like a moose.

    When I was a young lad I used to like girls,
    I played with their bodies and fondled their curls.
    Till my girl ran off with a Captain named Bruce.
    Oh you’ll never get treated like that by a moose!

  7. Unfortunately, MCA, MIC and Gerakan do not seem to learn anything from the snubs they regularly receive from Umno. They are so beholden to big brother that no amount of taunting and backbiting will affect them. Let’s hope they will react now that the end if well nigh in sight for Umno.

    Pak Din, your new format seems more enticing. You’re like a good marketer always wanting to innovate to please your customers. It’s a good reflection of PKR, the party that you represent.

  8. Dear Mr Merican,

    Let me try to give my 2 sen worth on this subject.

    The end of communal politics will happen soon enough. What you are hearing is only from the leaders of the component parties who have access to the media.

    You haven’t heard yet from the silent rebellion that is going on amongst the middle management levels and foot soldiers and it is getting louder by the day until it climaxes in October (party elections – MCA and Gerakan will finalize their future then).

    If they still don’t leave the BN then, PKR and DAP better be prepared to process lots of application forms and UMNO’s partners will merely be empty and hollow shells.

    Dear Mr Merican,

    End of communal politics can be better hastened by PKR consolidating and formalizing Pakatan Rakyat. Get your right and left hands to really sit down and find some concrete etched common grounds and make it a formal coalition with one voice, a necessary component in a 2-party system.

    Do that and DSAI and PR will be in Putrajaya soon enough.

  9. When the future could not be seen
    What is there to remain within
    Better get out and be a man
    Walk upright, self-respect in hand
    Rather than the tail dangling behind the legs
    Ears down and begs
    Hopping around
    Talking like a clown

  10. Romerz,

    You may be right about the silent rebellion within BN. I agree communal politics must GO, it has no place in today’s world. We need to be colorblind, we must, and co-exist like it or not for peace on this land. Nearly 3 decades of UMNO’s playing the race-card to divide and rule has destroyed us and created so much animosity among the people and we have never been as poloarised as we are today. SAD.

    A life member of MCA – max2811 posted this on Lim Kit Siang Blog and I had responded to him/her, read on:

    max2811 Says:
    August 30th, 2008 at 15: 03.35

    Actually for MCA, most of the members prefer to leave UMNO long ago. As an MCA life member for 27 years, I qualify to talk about this. The MCA leaders who are also ministers in the UMNO cabinet, have too much monetary interests to be with UMNO. Contracts and commisions made these MCA so-called leaders to lose their dignity and their conscience.

    Bread crumbs that spilled thru the UMNO fingers are licked up by undignified ppl like the Ong brothers, CKC, porn king and many of those who claim they represent the community.

    In doing so, they have sold out the rights, respect and dignity of the Chinese.

    Recently, OKC was officiating an art exhibition in Jusco Ipoh. My 20 and 22 year-old daughters commented to each other, “that spineless moron is there, I’m not going to look at the art pieces’!!!

    As an MCA member, I shouldn’t be feeling disgusted with my party leader. But the present crop of office bearers have no balls, no guts, no morals, no feelings, no dignity and no shame.

    Leave BN/UMNO. Don’t be a party in destroying this country.
    My response:

    – Why are you still a member then? Resign and get your friends to do likewise! Too much to lose?
    Max2811, no point continue to complain. Be prepared to stand up and be counted, show your disgust!

  11. Dear jong,

    This will happen soon enough (October to be precise) but you also have to do your part and get the PR fellas to tone down the chest thumping which does not help at all.

    Politics is a numbers game. PKR may have the greater number today but the ordinary Malaysian is a fickle lot and they can easily give or take away the numbers.

    Presently there are many who are waiting to swell the PR ranks but require you to give them confidence to ditch the communal politics of BN.

    Their fears are real and the “with us or against us” attitude is frightening to them. More of middle ground politics and PR will get the necessary numbers and nothing UMNO/BN can do to stop it.

    Tell DSAI to forget the self-imposed 16 Sep dateline and we will surely put him in Putrajaya.

    Now is not the time to be hasty but to be strategic. PKR holds the advantage since the BN goons are falling over themselves to formulate strategy. Do not give them the ammunition to use against your cause by being hasty.

  12. Btw romerz, just incase you think I am a PKR member? No I am not. I find by not being a member of any political party, it’s easy to ‘shoot’ than to be ‘shot at’ . 😀

    I am sure Din Merican will take note of your comment. Thanx.

  13. Jong is like Annie Oakley. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    If you do not know who Annie Oakley was, recently Barack Obama compared Hilary Clinton to Annie Oakely. She shoots glass balls from her hip!

    For seventeen years Annie Oakley was the Wild West Show’s star attraction with her marvelous shooting feats. At 90 feet Annie could shoot a dime tossed in midair. In one day with a .22 rifle she shot 4,472 of 5,000 glass balls tossed in midair.

  14. in the recent interview with Star on DSAI’s inaugral coming back to Parliament and the Sept 16 “Mayday” for BN, TDM himself said something to this effect ” Anwar may try to buy some BN MP’s but Anwar must remember that others have more money than him”

    so folks doesn’t this point to the fact that BN’s “continued denial state-hood” is at its worst stage of life.

    and as for why the Gerakan, MCA, MIC and the rest continue to stay with UMNO well …… thats because the top upper level have more to loose than their members in terms of contracts, favors, right of licenses and a host of UMNO petro-dollar hand outs

    i attended a recent Gerakan tea-talk and guess what, 3/4 of the crowd were applausing when some members demanded that Gerakan leave BN (the panel consisted of Anil Netto and one Dr Mustapha from USM)

    so its not the members that dun wanna leave its this same old dirty foxes sitting higher up in the hierchy of party that are holding on so tenaciuosly to enrich themselves in the shortest possible way


  15. “Frankly speaking, most of the time, I just couldn’t understand why the minority coalition parties like MCA, Gerakan, MIC and etc. continue to stick with Umno in BN even though they continue to be harassed and humiliated ….?”

    Half a loaf is better than no bread at all??

  16. Jong/max2811. I was given a life membership to MCA when I donated towards the rescuing of the MCA building. I publicly tore my card in half on 7 March at Edward Lee’s final ceremah. MCA is caput, a reality their members must accept.

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