Azmin Ali is the new Menteri Besar, Selangor Darul Ehsan

September 22, 2014 BREAKING NEWS Azmin Ali is the new Menteri Besar, Selangor Darul Ehsan PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali has received the appointment letter to be the next Menteri Besar from the Selangor Palace. The letter was received this evening and the Bukit Antarabangsa assembly person is expected to be sworn-in tomorrow morning. … Continue reading

Have High Expectations Of Our Young, says Bakri Musa

September 22, 2014 A Modest Proposal for the Champions of Ketuanan Melayu First of Three Parts: Have High Expectations Of Our Young by Dr. M. Bakri Musa, Morgan-Hill, California Hardly a day goes by without those self-proclaimed champions of Malay race and defenders of Malay rights frothing at the mouth demanding that they (non-Malays) do … Continue reading

Indonesia: Joko Widodo’s Cabinet of Technocrats

September 22, 2014 Indonesia: Joko Widodo’s Cabinet of Technocrats source: INDONESIA‚ÄôS future President Joko Widodo has finally announced the likely composition and structure of his up-coming cabinet, and few seasoned Indonesia-watchers are surprised by the revelations thus far. In what appears to be a compromise of sorts, the future president has stated that the … Continue reading

PAS : Towards Becoming a Village Party

September 21, 2014 PAS : Towards Becoming a Village Party by Nigel MUKTAMAR As the veils came down yesterday on what could have been a significant 60th PAS muktamar for the Islamic party’s political expansion beyond its traditional east coast heartland, delegates were instead left with the real peril of Pakatan Rakyat’s disintegration that … Continue reading

The Colour of Inequality: Development and Malaysia’s New Economic Policy

September 21, 2014 The Colour of Inequality: Development and Malaysia’s New Economic Policy by Kamal IN development thinking and practice, no policy has captured the imagination nor created more controversy in its implementation among scholars, politicians and the public alike than the New Economic Policy (NEP), introduced some 45 years ago. A generation had … Continue reading

Further Reflections on Leadership

September 20, 2014 Further Reflections on Leadership by Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad THERE are always turning points in individual lives and in the lives of nations. Malaysia is an unfinished work in nation-building and is now at a turning point. History is about continuities and discontinuities with forces of good and bad at work. … Continue reading