Najib says father Razak was principled man

March 2, 2015 COMMENT: We are not talking about Tun Abdul Razak. Our Second Prime Minister is known by all men and women of my generation as a leader who put people first before self. He left us a legacy that will remain unmatched for a long time. He was an astute politician who served … Continue reading

Will Najib do right by the people come March 8?

March 2, 2015 Will Najib do right by the people come March 8? ¬†The finest thing for him to do is to announce his retirement. COMMENT by Aspan This March 8, there will be an assembly of about 170 UMNO division heads, a congregation to show solidarity with Najib whose support from ordinary people … Continue reading

Najib’s not looking good politically, says Roger Mitton

March 1, 2015 Najib’s not looking good politically, says Roger Mitton by The Malaysian Criticism against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak appears to be gaining steam outside of the country, with The Myanmar Times now jumping onto the bandwagon. In its opinion page dated February 23, the writer Roger Mitton, presented a bleak … Continue reading

‘RM2.5bil 1MDB funds sent to Jho Low’s firm’

March 1, 2015 ‘RM2.5bil 1MDB funds sent to Jho Low’s firm’ by The RM2.5 billion (US$700 million) which was listed as a loan repayment from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) to Petrosaudi International (PSI) during 1MDB’s joint venture with Petrosaudi in 2009, was actually a “front” to channel the money to a company controlled … Continue reading

Defending constitutional democracy

February 28, 2015 Defending constitutional democracy by Tan Sri Mohd Sheriff Bin Kassim I THINK anyone reading the open letter on December 7, 2014 (published in The Star on Dec 8) by the G25 (a group of prominent Malays) will find it easy to understand its core message about the kind of country that … Continue reading

ASTRO: Customer Unfriendly Cable TV Network

February 27, 2015 ASTRO: Customer Unfriendly Cable TV Network by Marion Tharsis (02-26-15) Today, ASTRO enjoys an unwavering dominance of the cable television network¬† in Malaysia. Consequently, we have to follow, and accept, any implementation changes to their existing packages whenever they feel like doing it. They no longer have the courtesy to call you … Continue reading