Bakri Musa: Get rid of Jakim and Jawi

June 29, 2015 Bakri Musa: Get rid of Jakim and Jawi by Dr M. Bakri Musa, Morgan-Hill, California Ramadan brings exuberant displays of piety among Malays, consumed as we are with personal salvation. There is however, little reflection on our salvation as a society. Hellfire or the ultimate punishment for us as a society would … Continue reading

Remembering 1963, the Rulers, and the Constitution

June 28, 2015 Remembering 1963, the Rulers, and the Constitution by Rama Malaysia is a miracle nation. When the Union Jack came down in 1957 and Malaya became a member of the British Commonwealth, many thought we would soon fail. We had one of the oddest constitutions in the commonwealth. We defined “Malays” and … Continue reading

UMNO Uses Whistleblower’s Arrest to Defend 1MDB

June 28, 2015 UMNO Uses Whistleblower’s Arrest to Defend 1MDB by John Berthelsen Malaysia’s political establishment is using the arrest of Xavier Justo in Thailand to try derail questions over the ill-starred 1Malaysia Development Bhd Fund that go far beyond whether the whistle-blowing Swiss national did or did not steal and doctor documents and pass … Continue reading

Islamic Pluralists Must Show Their Face

June 28, 2015 Islamic Pluralists Must Show Their Face by Ramin Jahanbegloo The legacy of tolerant Muslims like Abdul Ghaffar Khan may be of help to all of us today in the task of overcoming clashes of ignorance and intolerance between Islam and the West. Gandhi and Abdul Ghaffar Khan The outrageous murder of … Continue reading

Janus-Faced Political Islam

June 28, 2015 Janus-Faced Political Islam by Charles Hirschkind Over the last few decades, Islam has become a central point of reference for a wide range of political activities, arguments and opposition movements. The term “political Islam” has been adopted by many scholars in order to identify this seemingly unprecedented irruption of Islamic religion … Continue reading

The Economist: Politics and the Puritanical

June 28, 2015 Salafism Politics and the Puritanical Islam’s most conservative adherents are finding that politics is hard. But it beats the alternative WERE it not for his bushy beard and trim moustache, Nader Bakkar (above) could be mistaken for one of Egypt’s secular liberal politicians. The young spokesman for the Nour party is … Continue reading