The Theocratic Threat to our Constitution and Democracy

October 20, 2017 The Theocratic Threat to our Constitution and Democracy By Mohamed Tawfik Tun Dr Ismail The danger in Jakim preacher Zamihan’s video is not just the inflammatory racial slurs on the non-Muslims, specifically non-Malay non-Muslims, but the dare he threw to the Constitutional Monarchs and the elected Government of the day to … Continue reading

Malaysia’s illicit financial outflows

October 20, 2017 Malaysia’s illicit financial outflows By Jomo KS and Raisa Muhtar Illicit financial flows from Malaysia have been growing rapidly for over a decade. By encouraging Malaysian corporations to invest abroad, “legitimate outflows” have also been growing rapidly with financial liberalisation. It is generally presumed that illicit financial flows are related to … Continue reading

McCain-The Hedgehog–Honor First for America

October 19, 2017 It isn’t hard to guess who John McCain had in mind when, in a speech on Monday at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia — the finest speech of his storied political career — he denounced the “half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems.” … Continue reading

Malaysia’s GE-14: Najib will strike when he is ready

October 19, 2017 Malaysia’s GE-14: Najib will strike when he is ready by Marzuki Mohamad All the Advantages of Incumbency stacked in his favour, Najib is in no hurry to call for General Elections. –Keep the Opposition guessing is a good strategy. Malaysia’s 14th General Election (or GE14) looms large. Some pundits predict that … Continue reading

Stress-Testing American Democracy: Nine Months of President Trump

October 19, 2017 Despite his promise to “Make America Great Again,” Trump has delivered practically nothing except chaos, bombast, and division. As long as he occupies the Presidency, an office for which he is blatantly unsuited, he will continue to chip away at the country’s foundations. Right now, only his Cabinet colleagues and the Republicans … Continue reading

Malaysia’s Elections Commission– Makes a Mockery of the Electoral Process

October 19,2017 Malaysia’s Elections Commission–Makes a Mockery of the Electoral Process by Dennis Ignatius The Elections Commission: helping or hindering fair elections Vote UMNO-BN and you will get a bargain –Two in One Political Synergy–and a Disaster for Malaysia. Election commissions (EC) play a critical role in any democracy. They have a constitutional responsibility to ensure … Continue reading