Thank You, Zeti, says Prime Minister Najib Razak

May 1, 2016 Prime Minister  Najib thanks Ex-Bank Negara Governor Zeti by Bernama Prime Minister Najib Razak today expressed his appreciation to Zeti Akhtar Aziz, whom he described as having served the nation in the most outstanding manner as the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). Najib said Zeti had led and implemented initiatives to … Continue reading

Through The Looking Glass – Into The World Of Najib Razak COMMENT

May 1, 2016 Through The Looking Glass – Into The World Of Najib Razak COMMENT by The Sarawak Report The present election abuses in Sarawak, spearheaded by Najib Razak, present a truly appalling spectacle.Blatant and jaw-dropping bribery, bullying and law-breaking by the ruling BN party have reached unprecedented levels, even for Malaysia, as every day … Continue reading

The best Lesson you will ever learn: Don’t be an UMNO Rent Seeker

May 1, 2016 The best Lesson you will ever learn: Don’t be an UMNO Rent Seeker An UMNO Rent Seeker Par Excellence: Just suck up to Najib Razak Retitled from I’ve Worked For Two Billionaires (Enver Yucel  and Oprah Winfrey). Here’s What I Learned From Them by Paul Carrick Brunson, Entrepreneur and TV Host reading

Psychology matters a great deal

May 1, 2016 Psychology matters a great deal in determining shifts in the economy. by Robert J. Shiller “We don’t know whether any specific event — say, an unexpected spike in oil prices or a decline in the stock market — will help transform any of the current social stories into a truly virulent … Continue reading

Apathy an attractive option

May 1, 2016 Apathy an attractive option by Dean Johns Dean: There is now every reason to stay engaged–for reasons greater than yourself. Apathy  means Surrender to the Darth Vader Types. Be a Master Yoda. –Din Merican in Cambodia Some weeks, I have to confess, I totally lost my customary enthusiasm for criticising the … Continue reading

Paul Krugman, the Conscience of the Liberal, speaks

May 1, 2016 Paul Krugman, the Conscience of the Liberal, speaks on US Presidential Elections–It’s Hillary vs Donald in November, 2016 Maybe we need a new cliche: It ain’t over until Carly Fiorina sings. Anyway, it really is over — definitively on the Democratic side, with high probability on the Republican side. And the … Continue reading