Pro UMNO Lawyer Shafee– Time to learn to eat the humble pie

May 27, 2016 Pro UMNO Lawyer Shafee: Time to learn to eat the humble pie– Who is “We”? Senior lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah expressed his disappointment with today’s Kuala Lumpur High Court decision which dismissed his suit against lawyer Tommy Thomas, former Court of Appeal judge V.C George, the Malaysian Bar and former President … Continue reading

It takes a Najib Razak to sink a 143-year old Swiss Bank

May 26, 2016 Malaysia Boleh: It takes a Najib Razak to sink a 143-year old Swiss Bank KINIGUIDE: The 1MDB saga has left a trail destruction across three continents, with key corporate and banking figures having to resign, bankers charged and accounts frozen. However, the biggest casualty to date is BSI Bank, which faces … Continue reading

Philippines’ Man of the Moment: Rodrigo Duterte

May 26, 2016 Philippines’ Man of the Moment: President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte by Mong Palatino Mong Palatino explores the many sides to the Philippines’ new President, revealing there is far more that meets the eye than Trump comparisons alone can offer. President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte–The Man from Mindanao The landslide victory of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in the recent … Continue reading

Rudderless PKR : Courting PAS is a strategic error

May 25, 2016  Rudderless PKR : Courting PAS is a strategic error by Mariam Mokhtar It appears that PKR leaders do not know what the electorate wants. The rakyat do not want wishy-washy politicians. We want firm leaders who have our interests at heart. We do not want race and religion to set us … Continue reading

Reform or Revolution: On Rosa Luxemburg

May 25, 2016 Reform or Revolution:  On Rosa Luxemburg by Chris Hedges On the night of Jan. 15, 1919, a group of the Freikorps—hastily formed militias made up mostly of right-wing veterans of World War I—escorted Rosa Luxemburg, a petite, 50-year-old with a slight limp, to the Eden Hotel in Berlin, the headquarters of the … Continue reading

Chris Hedges Again

May 25, 2016 Chris Hedges Again–Daring and Upfront as always Mr Hedges  is a radical thinker, dissenter, and public intellectual of our time. I have always enjoyed his books, lectures, and ideas. Political correctness is not in his lexicon. Here are two interesting lectures on contemporary issues which are of concern to all of us, … Continue reading