How the Market Is Betraying Advanced Economies

April 16,2016 How the Market Is Betraying Advanced Economies Apr 9, 2019 Diane Coyle As lifestyles in the world’s developing economies improve drastically, many in the advanced economies are seeing their well being deteriorate – a trend that automation will only exacerbate. Without fundamental change in the framework of public policymaking, it is difficult to imagine … Continue reading

Enough of advocacy, says Suhakam chair as he tenders early resignation

April 15,20l9 Enough of advocacy, says Suhakam chair as he tenders early resignation Annabelle Lee  |  Published: Today 12:37 pm  |  Modified: Today 12:37 pm Human rights commission (Suhakam) chairperson Razali Ismail has resigned about two weeks before his tenure was supposed to end. Assuming the role back in 2016, he was scheduled to … Continue reading

Musings on a nation gone half-mad

April 14, 2019 Musings on a nation gone half-mad Opinion  |  Azly Rahman Published: Today 6:10 am  |  Modified: Today 6:10 am COMMENT | Like all of you esteemed readers, I sometimes do not know what to make of the world we are living in. Especially that of our beloved country. But … Continue reading

Who understands our times, Bernie or The Donald?

April 13, 2019 Who understands our times, Bernie or The Donald? by Fareed There are many explanations for Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory in this week’s election that have to do with Israel’s particular situation — its economic boom, stable security climate and the prime minister’s political talent. But he is also part of a … Continue reading

Trump’s Most Worrisome Legacy

April 13, 2019 Trump’s Most Worrisome Legacy Apr 9, 2019 The US president’s attacks on America’s truth-seeking institutions jeopardize its continued prosperity and very ability to function as a democracy. As corporate giants capture the institutions that are supposed to protect ordinary citizens, a dystopia once imagined only by science fiction writers is emerging before … Continue reading