Policy uncertainty threatens trade growth, says World Bank

February 22, 2017 Policy uncertainty threatens trade growth, says World Bank Warning on protectionism and threats to trade agreements in Trump era by Shawn Donnan in Washington https://www.ft.com/content/9d49b092-f859-11e6-9516-2d969e0d3b65 Political uncertainty is slowing trade growth, a World Bank report has concluded, indicating that the rise of Donald Trump may already be casting a shadow over the … Continue reading

Sri Lanka and China’s Indian Ocean Strategy

February 22, 2017 Number 372 | February 21, 2017 ANALYSIS Sri Lanka Suffers from China’s Indian Ocean Strategy By Shiyana Gunasekara Amidst local protests against the Chinese presence in the southern Sri Lankan town of Hambantota, Beijing insists that the town’s port project has been discussed in the “spirit of equality and mutual benefit, and … Continue reading

Malays are a complacent and self-aggrandising People

February 22, 2017 Malays are a complacent and self-aggrandising People by Farouk A. Peru http://www.themalaymailonline.com/opinion/farouk-a.-peru/article/americans-show-us-true-meaning-of-freedom-and-democracy I believe in natural laws which determine the fates of individuals and nations. If we adhere to these laws, our destinies will shine and conversely, we are bound for a Dark Age if we refuse to do so. One of … Continue reading

The Kim Jong-nam Assassination: Tussle between China and North Korea

February 21, 2017 The Kim Jong-nam Assassination:Kuala Lumpur caught in an Ongoing Tussle between Beijing and Pyongyang by Dennis Ignatius https://dennisignatius.com/ As dramatic and disturbing as the assassination of Kim Jong-nam is, it is simply a sideshow in the ongoing tussle between Beijing and Pyongyang.  An uppity client state  North Korea has long been a … Continue reading

Donald Trump–The Reluctant Multilateralist (?)

February 21, 2017 Donald Trump–The Reluctant Multilateralist (?) by Barry Eichengreen Barry Eichengreen is Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, and a former senior policy adviser at the International Monetary Fund. His latest book is Hall of Mirrors:The Great Depression, the Great Recession, and the Uses – and Misuses – of History.–www.project-syndicate.org … Continue reading

East Asia: Trade Regime critical for Economic Stability and Political Security

East Asia: Trade Regime critical for Economic Stability and Political Security by  EAF Editorial Group What the Trump Administration will ultimately do to the shape of the global trade regime is difficult to foretell but there’s no question that it will change it forever, even if there is strong global push-back against Trump’s threat to … Continue reading