Sanity returns to Pandi Fella: Sedition Prosecution Against Academic Azmi Sharom dropped

February 13, 2016 Sanity returns to Pandi Fella: Sedition Prosecution Against Academic Azmi Sharom  dropped by Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali has today decided to discontinue the sedition prosecution against University of Malaya Law Professor Azmi Sharom (above). “In the interest of justice, and after examining the evidence given by the prosecution’s witnesses in court, … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Vs Bernie Sanders at New Hampshire

February 13, 2016 Hillary Clinton Vs Bernie Sanders at New Hampshire Hillary Clinton faces a credible challenge on the road to the nomination of her party for the right to be President. He is the new dealer of America, Mr Bernie Sanders. On the other side, Donald Trump is leading the race for the Republicans. … Continue reading

Indonesia launches ‘big bang’ liberalisation

February 12, 2016 Indonesia launches ‘big bang’ liberalisation by Avantika Chilkoti in Jakarta Indonesia has announced plans to liberalise rules on foreign investment in a number of industries, as President Joko Widodo strives to jump-start growth and draw investors to Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Facing criticism over creeping protectionism and regulatory flip-flops, the government has … Continue reading

Japan-Taiwan Relations in the New DPP Era

February 12, 2016 Number 334 | February 11, 2016 ANALYSIS Japan-Taiwan Relations in the New DPP Era by Yasuhiro Matsuda Tsai Ing-wen, the presidential candidate from Taiwan’s largest opposition party, the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), won a landslide victory in the presidential election held on January 16, 2016. She won almost 6.9 million votes, … Continue reading

Feminism, Hell and Hillary Clinton

February 11, 2016 Feminism, Hell and Hillary Clinton by Frank Bruni She is still the best and most qualified politician to lead the United States I’m 68 (born 19470. My health is decent. And while my mother died young, there’s longevity elsewhere in the family tree.I could live to see an openly gay presidential … Continue reading

Trump, Sanders and American rage

February 11, 2015 Trump, Sanders and American rage against the Establishment by Gideon Rachman If America’s yearning for anti-establishment leaders from the political fringes continues, the implications will be profound — for the US and for the world.  The system, dominated by the Democrats and Republicans, has always rejected the political extremes. That means that, … Continue reading