Asia’s Fragile Strategic Miracle

August 20, 2017 Asia’s Fragile Strategic Miracle by Richard N.Haass* *Richard N. Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, previously served as Director of Policy Planning for the US State Department (2001-2003), and was President George W. Bush’s special envoy to Northern Ireland and Coordinator for the Future of Afghanistan. He is the … Continue reading

Malays urged to emulate the success of Singapore Malays

August 19, 2017  Malays urged to emulate the success of Singapore Malays by Alyaa Alhadjr   Sdr Salahuddin Ayub (pic above), a senior opposition leader, today cautioned Malays in Malaysia against falling for rhetoric that without an UMNO-led government in power, they may one day end up like their Singaporean brethren. Nothing is further … Continue reading

Trump’s Crisis of Legitimacy

August 19, 2017 Trump’s Crisis of Legitimacy By John Cassidy No President can survive without loyal and competent aides, a cooperative Congress and  a friendly media. Is Donald Trump an exception? He says he is mean and very rich. Has there ever been a stronger argument for taking a proper vacation? On Thursday morning, … Continue reading

Trump’s White House Strategist, Steve Bannon, shown the door

August 19, 2017 Trump’s White House Strategist, Steve Bannon, shown the door White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is the latest top aide of President Donald Trump to leave his post. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that Friday was his last day. His exit follows a review of his position by White House … Continue reading

No Reason to celebrate 60th Merdeka Day

August 18, 2017 No Reason to celebrate 60th Merdeka Day by Stephen COMMENT | As we approach Merdeka Day, one thing is too obvious not to be noticed. This observation that I make will answer the question I pose: “How can BN gain back people’s confidence after 2008?” Sixty years have passed and BN has … Continue reading

Malaysia: Indian Votes Matter in GE-14, says a local think tank

August 18, 2017 Malaysia: Indian Votes Matter in GE-14, says a local think tank  by  Ooi Heng, Elijah Khor and Yasmin It is easy for Najib Razak to win Indian Votes –Grant Blue ICs and Bumiputra status to the marginalised Indians together with those desperate mamaks who populate Pulau Pinang, and some duit raya … Continue reading