Malaysia: Why Najib Razak deserved to Lose: Face Charges for Corruption

June 20, 2018

Malaysia: Why Najib Razak deserved  to Lose: Face Charges for Corruption

5 thoughts on “Malaysia: Why Najib Razak deserved to Lose: Face Charges for Corruption

  1. Anwar should go after those who shut him in Sg Buloh for 5 years of his life. DSNR, Saiful, The bearded lawyer who went on a roadshow to crow about his “achievement”, the kleptocrat at its worse and parties who received money to do the bidding of DSNR.He would have his hands full and instead of telling the cabinet members what to do and pandering to the royalty.

  2. I don’t think i would like to comment on Anwar’ answers to Lyce Dorset’s questions. But i think there was 3 interesting points raised by Lyce :

    1. About Mahathir and whether he is really a changed man ;

    2. About whether Mahathir is using Anwar again or is Anwar using Mahathir ; and

    3. Whether Anwar is convinced that there will be a happy ending.

    Very interesting points. But alas, only time will tell .

  3. His demeanour in telling the ridiculous excuses for 1MDB says Najib lives a tortured soulless meaningless life like a suffering animal. If found guilty, he should be put to sleep out of mercy..

    • Does DSNR have split personality as what he was uttering at the Reuters interview is beyond comprehension? Anyway, let him defend himself in court instead of prejuding himself now.

      This guy was born with an inferiority chip on his shoulders. All his 4 brothers are smart and outstanding, one is a highly regarded lawyer, another is an Oxford educated stockbroker, yet another is an architect and the youngest is a truly outstanding banker and intellectual.DSNR did not graduate.–Din Merican

    • What does “DSNR did not graduate” mean? I thought he had a law degree and he speaks well.
      He did not do Law. He was a student at Nottingham University. He came back when his father Tun Razak died in 1976 and entered politics to become the youngest Menteri Besar of Pahang at age of 23(?). So he did not complete his University studies. Check it out. He rose rapidly up the UMNO leadership hierarchy due to his Uncle Tun Hussein Onn and later Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The road to premiership and UMNO Presidency was paved with roses for him. He was thus spared the rough and rough and tumble of politics.–Din Merican

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