DOJ hits pause on 1MDB suits

August 11, 2017

DOJ hits pause on 1MDB suits

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It is no small wonder that the US DOJ is in a quandary over who should be charged. Even the entire Malaysian Cabinet is in a fix.

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has applied to stay its civil forfeiture suits on assets allegedly purchased using misappropriated 1MDB funds to facilitate ongoing criminal investigations by the US government. These involve 13 of the 14 civil forfeiture suits the DOJ filed in July last year.

According to US court filings sighted by Malaysiakini, the DOJ said the proceedings would likely have an “adverse effect on the government’s ability to conduct the related criminal investigation.” This includes investigations in foreign jurisdictions.

A declaration by a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent said the government had been conducting the criminal probe prior to the commencement of DOJ’s action, and that investigation was still ongoing.

FBI special agent Jill Enyart said the disclosure of any facts beyond what the DOJ has already detailed could reveal “potential targets and subjects of the investigation and the investigative techniques that have been and will be used in the investigation”.

“Such disclosures could result in the destruction of evidence, the flight of potential subjects and targets, or the identification and intimidation of potential witnesses,” she added.

Enyart also said that some potential witnesses may live in jurisdictions where their safety and security could be jeopardised if their identities were made known.

She said the proceedings could prejudice “plans” by foreign jurisdictions, as well as “jeopardise the safety of certain foreign law enforcement personnel and threaten their willingness or ability to cooperate with the government in its criminal investigation, thereby closing off sources of evidence of the criminal and other conduct set forth in the first amended complaint (FAC)”.

The investigations, Enyart said, were global in nature, and would take time to pursue as most evidence and witnesses were in foreign jurisdictions.

The DOJ, in the filing, said it would need to update the courts every 180 days on the status of the criminal investigation. Of the 14 suits it filed in the first round in 2016, the DOJ is still seeking a default judgement in its case to seize artwork by Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

The DOJ had in total filed three civil forfeiture suits to seize over US$1.7 billion in assets it claims were purchased using funds allegedly misappropriated from 1MDB.

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Sorry, buddy, I cannot remember the mind-boggling amount–Rm2.6 billion is just the tip of the iceberg.  I cannot imagine how I am able to pull this off without the connivance of Jho Low from Penang.  Even the DOJ is stuck. since it involves the US and other governments.

In the suits, the DOJ alleged that Malaysian-born businessperson Jho Low had used 1MDB funds to purchase luxury properties, a yacht and a jet. It also alleged that Low had purchased jewellery for the wife of an unnamed Malaysian Official 1 (MO1), including a pink diamond necklace worth US$27.3 million.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan last year confirmed that MO1 was Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.However, he stressed the fact Najib was not named in the DOJ filing showed that the Prime Minister was not a subject of investigation.

Najib has denied misappropriating 1MDB funds, and Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali has also cleared him of any wrongdoing


16 thoughts on “DOJ hits pause on 1MDB suits

  1. It is no small wonder that the US DOJ is in a quandary over who should be charged. Even the entire Malaysian Cabinet is in a fix.

    Wait and see.

    • Who is to be charged will depend on the offence e.g
      1. Money Laundering
      2. Misappropriation;
      3. Bribery;
      4. Obstruction of Justice through false claims such as the case with the royal donation;
      5. corruption;
      7. embezzlement

  2. The US Criminal investigations are in an advanced stage. Isn’t MO1 and MO2 a team? Why can’t the US Secretary of State have to see each one of them on different dates? Why is there no dance and songs after a senior foreign dignitaries’ visit as usually the case? Yune on for further news and developments.

  3. Pause? I thought it’s frozen! Frozen, as in a solid slab, stiff, cold and unthawable until the criminals are disposed off satisfactorily.

    Legal ramifications are different methinks, but then me no lauyar.
    It’s a real hoot to watch those idiotic spin concocters trying to come up with plea bargaining with their kampongfied supporters – even to the extent of blaming geopolitical stratagems.. With acid-heads like these, no wonder Jibros remains the Fool on the Hill.

    Time to get rid of the Ship of Fools, here’s “The Doors”:

    • //it’s frozen! Frozen, as in a solid slab, stiff, cold and unthawable
      Or perhaps when 1MDB does default, and those asset is needed to pay the bond holders.
      Well.. that is probably idealistic also.
      Poor Malaysians or poor Mainland Chinese. We are all paying for this now, and will continue to be paying for it for the generations to come. Welayu.

    • The hunt down the atheist law maker from BN and a Minister to boot doesn’t even know the law and remember these are the people who should be hunted down uner the Sedition Act.

    • 1MDB scandal is rooted in Dr. M’s corrupt policies that breeds corruptions everyday and everywhere nowadays, recalling Bank Negara’s massive forex losses in 1990s:
      Malaysia’s massive forex losses from currency markets in 1990s signaled the country failed into middle income trap for a long period of time as a result of not practicing meritocracy systems, but racist politics, discriminatory policies where the best talented peoples are not nurtured and used but marginalized.

      During the market shock, peoples in power are incapable of making the right decision, as “Bank Negara had bet on the wrong side of the fight between BOE and the hedge funds”.

      “Ironically, Nor Mohamed the man who lost billions for the country was later credited with helping save the ringgit from currency speculators”!

      The fiasco is similar to money games, inherited from Bank Negara’s massive forex losses in 1990s, is basically currency speculations, whether in regulated foreign currency exchange (forex), or unregulated Digital Currency, Bitcoin,Virtual coins, etc, played by youngsters, like JJPTR, MBI, etc especially in Penang, Malaysia, or Ponzi scheme in the West. No wonder, lost billions too!

      Wake up from the above good lessons to learn: let us practice meritocracy systems, to develop core competency; or lost out again in the middle income trap!
      See more:

    • LaMoy,

      Our Sultans were waiting to see which way the wind was blowing before making an official statement. In that sense, they have become like politicians.Malaysia is full of political types.Long on talk, short on decisive action and that is why we are in such a mess.–Din Merican

    • Bang Din:
      LOL. Isn’t the US the same like Malaysia, “full of political types long on talk, short on decisive action”? Wonder why we’ve become a declining power? In that sense US and Malaysia are adik-beradik.


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