RUU355 Circus –The Political Game Najib Razak plays

April 4, 2017

RUU355 Circus –The political game pyromaniac Najib Razak plays

by Dr. M. Bakri Musa@Morgan-Hill, California

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Does this circus clown understand what he means–He has, in fact, destroyed everything Malaysia has achieved over nearly 60 years (since 1957) in his  wake.

If I were a non-Malay, I would support RUU355 with unrestrained enthusiasm…As a Malay however, I am terrified at this crude fascistic attempt to make Islam an instrument for repression. It pains me to see my faith debased as a political and social tool to control the ummah. Greatness can never emerge from a controlled and repressed society. Islam thrives only when there is freedom and justice. Oppression promotes neither.–Dr. M. Bakri Musa

Many applaud Prime Minister Najib’s recent U-turn on RUU355, the legislative amendment to “strengthen” the Syariah. That circus, which is far from over, exposes Najib’s mischief and vulnerability. Lauding him for withdrawing the government’s sponsorship of that bill is akin to praising a pyromaniac who had tried to start a fire but failed. Najib should be condemned, not praised, for his dangerous game of stirring religious discord.

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Two Malaysian Clowns with a Mad-Cap Indian Mullah

Whenever Islam enters the discourse in Malaysia, all rational discussions evaporate. Leaders and followers, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, descent with gusto into the gutter of religious and underlying racial bigotry. I would have thought that such a realization would have cautioned leaders to be more circumspect when treading on matters religious. On the contrary, as revealed by Najib’s latest and very crude mischief, they are only too eager to fan the fire.

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With over 60 years of a corrupt and incompetent UMNO-led administration, Malaysia is littered with debris and garbage, literal as well as figurative. Any idiot with a matchstick could start a conflagration with ease. Imagine a mischievous one, if Malaysians let it be. It is time to grab the matchstick away from Najib’s reach.

RUU355 began as PAS Hadi Awang’s private member’s bill. Clueless on matters of statecraft, PAS leaders, well exemplified by Hadi, resort to simplistic and gimmicky maneuvers, as with introducing “Islamic laws” and making Malaysia an “Islamic state.”

For his part, Najib was desperate to be seen as a latter-day Malay hero championing syariah. He also sensed an opportunity to create mischief by driving a wedge in the opposition coalition; hence his over eagerness to take over the bill’s sponsorship. Later, caught and surprised by the unanticipated strong opposition from the now emboldened non-UMNO Barisan partners, specifically from Sarawak, Najib was forced to backtrack.

Clever only by half, Najib now finds himself on the unfamiliar terrain of having to make difficult choices. He opted for throwing PAS under the bus, hoping that his support among conservative Malays would not be too adversely affected. The risk of losing his crucial Sarawak partners, and with that the fall of his government, was much greater and more immediate. Earlier, Najib had hoped to endear himself to PAS followers and entice their party away from the opposition in time for the next election.

Image result for Sarawakians must remember Adenan SatemIn respectful memory of Adenan Satem and a stark reminder to his successor and Fellow Malaysians in Sarawak. Embrace Najib Razak at your own peril since he will destroy harmony with his Islamism and embrace of Zakir Naik and Hadi Awang

With Najib’s vulnerability now exposed, expect more challenges and shifts in the wind, and for him to be jerked around like a yoyo. It would be quite a sight! As for PAS, it is but the flighty woman jilted by her hitherto ardent suitor and now not welcomed by her previous partner. Not a pretty sight for a far-from-pretty old maid.

For Malaysians, the choice is simple. Deny Najib the privilege of leading Malaysia. Snatch the matchstick away from him.

If I were a non-Malay, I would support RUU355 with unrestrained enthusiasm. I would do likewise for all Islam-centric legislations, including the introduction of hudud. My assertion here is not meant to shock or raise eyebrows, nor is it a clumsy attempt at sarcasm or literary spoof, rather a matter of pragmatism if not blatant opportunism.

As a Malay, however, I am terrified at this crude fascistic attempt to make Islam an instrument for repression. It pains me to see my faith debased as a political and social tool to control the ummah. Greatness can never emerge from a controlled and repressed society. Islam thrives only when there is freedom and justice. Oppression promotes neither.

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Perlis Mufti who is a Fan of Qutbist Zakir Naik

Our ulamas and scholars have failed us here. They they have subverted what should be a political debate into a test of our faith. Oppose RUU355 and you are destined for Hell! How infantile!

There are many reasons (most are selfish and self-serving) why non-Malays should support the expansion of Islamic institutions. One benign rationale would be not to interfere with the wishes of the majority (Malays), as long as those do not impact you adversely. The constitution protects and spares non-Muslims from hudud. You could say that they do not “deserve” such divinely-derived laws!

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Malaysia’s Political Ulamas

Non-Muslims should for example, push for public executions and whippings, following Afghanistan’s example. Turn those into revenue-producing events, with “premium” front-row seats commanding hefty prices, and market them as showcasing the “beauty” and “superiority” of Islamic laws.

Sell ads to whip and sword manufacturers, much like oil companies advertise at Formula One races. Such public executions and whippings could rival major spectator events like boxing to draw foreign tourists.

It is also in the self-interest of non-Muslims to encourage Malays to be obsessed and consumed with matters religious and the pursuit of the Hereafter. With more young Malays preoccupied with studying revealed knowledge and prophetic traditions, there would be that much fewer to pursue STEM. Meaning, less competition for non-Malays wishing to become doctors, scientists and engineers.

With young Malays opting for Al Azhar and Pakistani madrasahs, there would be less competition among Malaysians aspiring for Oxford and Harvard. Not that our community is a formidable competitor on that front.

For non-Muslim politicians, embracing pro-Islam postures would be a sure way into the hearts of Malays and capturing their votes. Those politicians would become instant darlings of the Malay community, fast eclipsing the likes of that mualaf Ridhaun Tee, and without having to change your name or religion. You don’t have to suck up to UMNO or PAS politicians either! All you have to do is don white kopiah (or hijab, for a woman) at Muslim functions, and of course support RUU355 and similar legislations.

Non-Malays should be heartened that the Padang Merbok pro-RUU355 rally drew thousands; overwhelmingly Malays. It went well past midnight. Not even the early evening rain dampened the mood. They came from as far north as Perlis and Kelantan, giddy with the excitement of doing God’s work, as they had been led to believe.

Imagine the acres of paddy fields not tilled that day and the next, the thousands of rubber trees not tapped, and hundreds of fishing boats idle in port. You do not need to be an economist to see the impact; all negative. Or perhaps it was minimal as they were marginal participants in the modern Malaysian economy, consumed as they were with the Hereafter.

As one of the few non-Malays present at that rally noted, the only non-Muslims affected by RUU355 would be casino operators. Few, Muslims or non-Muslims, have sympathy for them.

I compliment that the non-Malay for his deep understanding of Malay culture and values. It is a sad commentary that individuals like him are a rarity today. Not so a few generations ago.

Following the failed Malayan Union, a coalition of populist Malay organizations under PUTERA, together with the primarily non-Malay trade union group AMCJA, put forth a proposal for self-rule.

A central feature of that proposal would have liberalized conditions for citizenship. The leftist Malay leaders in PUTERA enthusiastically embraced that simply because those new citizens would be called Melayu, not Malayans. Non-Malays, being pragmatic, too accepted that. They could not care less about the label as long as they were granted citizenship.

Malays were easily seduced into relaxing the citizenship requirements in return for the Melayu label. Never mind that those would-be culup Melayus were not Muslims and could not speak Malay or give a hoot about Malay mores and customs!

Thank God the British rejected the PUTERA/AMCJA idea and instead imposed the Federation Agreement.

To Malays, the label is all important. Do what you want with the content, in line with our culture’s premium on peragga (appearance). It was true then and it is even more true today. Label something as Islamic or hudud, and Malays would swallow it without question. Likewise, anything from the land of the Prophet is holy. Even the flies in Mecca are hallal! It is not a surprise that Najib’s receiving millions from a Saudi sheik be viewed as borkat (divine bounty) by Malays and not, as the rest of the world sees it, blatant corruption.

Two centuries ago the British nearly succeeded in destroying the Chinese civilization by giving the masses what they craved for–opium. In the process the Brits made tons of money and controlled China. The Chinese elite, from the emperor down to the mandarins, were aware of the dangers opium posed but they could not prevail against the mighty British.

With Malays on the other hand, our leaders are the biggest pushers of the metaphorical opium. Non-Malays should let that be and let Malays be narcotized. Then like the British in China of yore, non-Malays could control the economy and country even more. If Malays were to complain or be resentful, flatter them that a much bigger and better reward awaits them in the Hereafter.

That however is a distracting issue. The key conclusion from Najib’s latest U-turn on RUU355 is that he and the party he leads are now vulnerable. Najib is floundering. As any boxer will tell you, that is the best time to knock your opponent out.

13 thoughts on “RUU355 Circus –The Political Game Najib Razak plays

  1. Zakir Naik is a Racist, Hater and Spread Hates. Period. Those who support him, no those who do not condenmn him is also the same. This is weaponized Islam. that is what these abuser of faith, and that is what they are, gravitate and enthuse about. Dr. Musa is wrong to suggest non-Muslim support RUU 355, these abuser of faith with weaponized Islam will turn on non-Muslim very quickly to gain political capital, so they can never be allowed these weapons. That is what abusers do, that is what haters and con-men do.

    But its true, Najib is hit badly. You can feel the desperation. But as as professional fighter will tell you, you do not stop, in fact, you keep raising the stakes, until the bell rings..

    • Ha ha bigjoe, you missed or didn’t understand Dr Bakri’s satire or tongue in cheek proposal for non Muslims to support RUU 355 eventually leading to the demise of Malay Muslims. Slow down buddy and read with an open mind and not read with your own hatred of Muslims particularly Hadi and gang to color your understanding.

  2. These UMNO ulamas are playing with fire. One day, they will be burnt by the very people they seek to subjugate by bigotry. I can see it coming. if our Leaders bury their heads in the sand like the ostriches and refuse to learn the lessons of history,past and present.–Din Merican

  3. One must ask Hadi Awang, how does RUU 355 punish the children of MP of Pasir Salak who remind eerily of the over entitlements of the Manguidanaos of Mindanao and Boko Haram members.?

    With these kinds of over entitlement, 1MDB and Altantuya will not happen again? Fat chance.

  4. The lapdogs sweated 355 bucket-loads of blood, i tell ya.
    Before that BN shindig – the following points were made to the top lapdoggie:

    1. No means no. Do not put it to vote. Do not force us;
    2. Resign and pull out if it is passed – coitus interruptus better than being buggered in perpetuity;
    3. Remind the Sarawakians that the previous enactment in 1984 was surreptitiously introduced to East Malaysia by 1988-89;
    4. Jibros might be lembek (flaccid) and his deputy is positively brain-dead, so carpe diem; he will seize the ‘consensus’ thingy like it was the last life vest in the vast, deep Blue Ocean. Whatever he is, he is not that dumb.
    5. All that, besides the unconstitutionality of having 2 separate judicial systems.
    6. Pour it the Speaker’s head. Escape clause.

    Okay, says he. And for once, stood erect and turgid – unlike some of those floppy Oppos – who were running around like ayam mabuk..

    Of course, Dr Bakri is right in an alternate parallel universe. So who cares? But doing business will become terribly difficult, since the Ketuans will start insisting on 60-100% equity for everything, otherwise haram..! Jirzya left, right and center, not to mention behind. Die man..

  5. Let’s say the non-Malays take Dr. M Bakri’s advise and encourage the Islamisation of Malaysia until one day it actually adopts Sharia / Hudud to the full.

    Since, as we are told, Sharia / Hudud only applies to Muslims, then a parallel system of civil jurisprudence and courts will still operate and apply to non-Muslims?

    So, suppose a Muslim steals from another Muslim, the thief would of course be charged, convicted by the Sharia / Hudud court and have his hand chopped off.

    What happens if a Muslim steals from a non-Muslim? Since the non-Muslim cannot appear before a Sharia / Hudud court, the parallel civil court should have jurisdiction over the case and since there is nothing to stop the Muslim from appearing in a civil court, the civil court would then charge and convict the Muslim thief and sentence him, depending on the circumstances of the case, to some prison time, and maybe no prison time at all but a monetary penalty if the amount of the theft is small. But definitely no chopping of any hands.

    So knowing the above, who do you think a would be Muslim criminal would prefer to steal, rob or rape?

  6. //If I were a non-Malay, I would support RUU355 with unrestrained enthusiasm.
    //Then like the British in China of yore, non-Malays could control the economy and country even more. If Malays were to complain or be resentful, flatter them that a much bigger and better reward awaits them in the Hereafter.

    Dr Bakri, at least, I, as a non-Malay, would not welcome RUU355, nor would I be enthusiastic to see the Melayu layu. I am quite confident many non-Malays think like I do.

    Please don’t look down on the many non-Malay Malaysians who have been denied their opportunities to prove their sense of belonging.

    Wake-up, Melayu.

  7. Parliament needs to clarify and precisely interpret Article 3 of Federal Constitution to prevent the wild interpretations of political and religious leaders, who have been taking unscrupulous advantage of it for personal and political gain, creating confusion and divissiveness that are detrimental to the country’s well-being. Ot otherwise choose to do away with it completely.

    My take is , Islam is the religion of the country (Art.3), does not mean that the law should or must be made or derived from the Quran, likewise, from the Bible.

    Malaysia already has Fundamentally and Primordially structured ,practised and founded based on that of Westminster Parliamentary System. It must firmly remain so unless the whole Federal Constitution is abolished or replaced, or there will be wild lawlessness or orderless going down the road.

    The people and MPs need to firmly declare on the issue and stop wasting time and effort on such distractions instead of running the government and serving the needs of the Rakyat.

  8. Decades of narrow, divisive and damaging politics of religion had done massive damage to the country – from home to school to place of worship.

    Many are radicalised……you don’t know which one is going to cause trouble tomorrow, next week, next month or year/s.

    A lot of times we would like to blame it to politicians being divisive, in which I have my own fair share of complaints.

    Nonetheless, click on the above interactive game, one could easily imagine a higher percentage of tolerant people would actually increase higher number of unhappy people. People generally becomes happier when society is less tolerant and becomes more segregated as per the model. Totally counter-intuitive, but it is illustrative, and that is how America becomes what it is.

    Malaysia does have a unique problem needing to tackle diversity. I am beginning to see the challenge faced by the Melayu. I do look forward to a day where people would view diversity differently. But, until then ..

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