Najib’s Criminal State of Mind

March 8, 2017

Najib’s Criminal State of Mind

by Manjit Bhatia

Image result for Najib Razak the ciminalThe Face of a Troubled Prime Minister of Malaysia

The Jong-nam case is serious — on legal paper. His killing hasn’t caused Beijing’s eunuchs a twitch. But Najib is using the assassination to his own political ends. It’s what dastardly regimes or political leaders in trouble or on the people’s noses would do — exploit an awful criminal matter to cement their illegitimate and immoral positions.    

Malaysian PM Najib Razak is using the assassination of Kim Jong-nam to deflect heat from ongoing scandal and economic slowdown ahead of scheduled elections, writes Manjit Bhatia.

Image result for Zahid Hamidi and Tiga Line Gang

The Man from Pornorogo now Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister

It’s comical when Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi demands that criminals backed by North Korea, China’s client rogue state, respect the “sovereignty” of his country’s laws. As Home Minister , in 2013, Zahid had lavished praise on Tiga Line, the outlawed Malay gangsters. He also called on police to “shoot first” if non-Malay thugs threaten or kill his fellow Malays.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar requested the same abominable Pyongyang “authorities” to extradite suspects in Kim Jong-nam’s assassination at Kuala Lumpur’s budget carrier airport on 13 February. Khalid’s lightning-fast move here isn’t surprising, seeking fame and kudos. Yet, when it comes to netting official corruption’s big fish, including corporate leaders, and independently investigating Prime Minister Najib Razak, he disinclines at every turn.

Strictly speaking, Malaysia has not a single independent institution. Instead, patron-client relations rule. Others call it patronage. Simple example: Khalid is subservient to Zahid who is subservient to Najib who holds Malaysia’s purse-strings as finance minister. This buys him allegiance and serious protection in a country racked by state-ordained corruption, cronyism and some of the worst forms of racism. What has this to do with the Jong-nam case? Everything. And just as well — Malaysia-North Korea diplomatic ties are flexing for bust-up.    

As baffling as the assassination was, it couldn’t have happened sooner. Malaysian elections are due mid-2018. Zahid and Khalid, like Najib, are hoping the matter of the half-brother of North Korea’s insane leader Kim Jong-un will grip Malaysians like a John Le Carre thriller. The state-controlled media is acting to orders of ensuring the case is lead news, 24/7. After all, Malaysians need distractions. Being a Muslim country — not an Islamic state,at least not yet — the visit of the King of Saudi Arabia this week has somewhat displaced the Jong-nam as the lead story, albeit temporarily.   

Interestingly, the North Korean Ambassador has had unprecedented scope in being seen to attempt to interfere in police investigations. Also curiously, Malaysian officials didn’t refute the Ambassador’s claim that South Korea and Malaysia were in cahoots, ostensibly to bring down the Jong-un dynastic regime. But when news outlets ran stories of a North Korean spy network operating in Malaysia, the episode moved from the bizarre to the whacky. Still, that’s exactly what Najib needs.

Image result for Malaysia in Economic Mess

Najib Razak–The Corruption Delivery Man

Problem is, the Jong-nam murder hasn’t absorbed Malaysians. They’re far more worried about their jobs future. Some factories have closed down; some others are moving offshore, to Vietnam, Burma and Bangladesh. The old ways of enticing foreign firms, via tax and other incentives, no longer work. These days China demands 99-year leases among its preconditions of investing in Malaysia. Like Singapore, Malaysia is struggling to establish anew its global competitiveness. For over a decade the international division of labor has shifted away from Asia’s first and second-tier ‘miracle economies’. 

Nonetheless, Najib boasts a high economic growth rate for the country. At 4.2 per cent GDP for 2016, it is significantly lower than 5 per cent in 2015. Between 2000 to 2016, average GDP has been 4.73 per cent. The jobs outlook is even bleaker. Official statistics put unemployment averaging 3 per cent; last year it climbed to 3.6 per cent, with 3.5 per cent in 2015. Most credible economists, even the market type,  know Malaysia’s official numbers are as rubbery as North Korea’s or China’s.

There’s no data for job participation rate in Malaysia. Yet it makes a better unemployment indicator, regardless or perhaps especially given the Najib regime’s propensity to embellish everything, including statistics. There’s sufficient anecdotal evidence to suggest joblessness is far higher among Malays and Indians, the groups increasingly engaged in crime. There’s also extensive under-employment among Malays, Chinese and Indians. And Malaysians are struggling on a single income, where the ‘minimum’ monthly wage of MYR900 ($US200) is scarcely enforced.

Exacerbating Malaysians’ worries is inflation. At 3.2 per cent, it spiked after the introduction of a consumption tax. In Kuala Lumpur alone, credible estimates put inflation at least twice the “official” number. At 6 per cent GST, Malaysia was never ready for it, in the structural sense. Add the measly value of the Malaysian ringgit, inflation hits close to double-digits, in real terms, according to some investment banks’ research. Meanwhile, Najib will maintain taxpayer-funded personal income subsidies, mostly for the Malays, and he’ll boost ‘free money’ ahead of next year’s polls.

If Bank Negara, the central bank, isn’t manipulating the low currency, then it’s a ‘market godsend’ for this heavily export-dependent, natural resource-based economy. Yet after two years of the collapsing ringgit, Malaysia’s competitiveness hasn’t improved. Its budget deficit and national debt are ballooning. Najib is banking on a commodities boom as the manufacturing base is routed by global forces. Take the long-failed local auto industry: Proton is effectively sold off to cheap China money. Selling the farm is the last resort of a scoundrel. But don’t expect Najib to sell the family jewels.

Blockbusting official corruption remains front and centre in Malaysian minds. Najib’s sudden great wealth humiliates Malays and irks the others. Nobody believe a rich Saudi or the Saudi state had “donated” $US1.4 billion to Najib; almost everyone, including the Malays, believe it was siphoned from bankrupt state firm 1MDB – brainchild of its chairman, Najib. And those proceeds miraculously wound up in Najib’s personal bank accounts.

The 2018 polls should humiliate Najib but it won’t defeat him or the ruling UMNO party. Many Malays feel especially aggrieved at how easily the ruling class has enriched itself while Malay villagers eke out a meagre living from plots of land Najib has ‘given’ them. No similar generosity has been extended to non-Malays. Some Malays agree this is unfair; most, however, subscribe to Machiavellian politics. But it’s Malaysia’s banal inter-racial harmony that’ll suffer the more as a consequence.

The Jong-nam case is serious — on legal paper. His killing hasn’t caused Beijing’s eunuchs a twitch. But Najib is using the assassination to his own political ends. It’s what dastardly regimes or political leaders in trouble or on the people’s noses would do — exploit an awful criminal matter to cement their illegitimate and immoral positions.    



17 thoughts on “Najib’s Criminal State of Mind

  1. What Jong Un really wants, is to see with his very own eye, the corpse of Kim Chol @ Jong Nam, the China backed candidate that threatens his position as emperor cum dictator of N.Korea. As a stepbrother & closest relative to the deceased, Malaysia has this to say, “Come forward & claim the corpse. If you want it, come & take it”.

  2. Anything new?
    Look.., recitative-repetitive journalism is not what we want here. Yea, KIM J_n’s murder cannot figure in our political outcome. but MSM and the world are delving into the harlotry of ‘media’ speculation.

    Malusians do not seem to be able to come up with any paradigm shift nor alternative to the dire SNAFU-FUBAR-TARFU (Totally and Royally F* Up) situation we are in. It’s really inadequate just walloping the murderous KleptoKing and his Goons – who have no idea what morality-ethics, responsibility, honor, justice and empathy mean. These buggers have no Leadership qualities except in being Reactionary Hedonistic Jerks – with their thinking cap situated inside their nether bung.

    But on the other side of the coin, we must look at their detractors, who tout themselves as saviors. But are totally clueless on proactive measures and will do and doa with more of the same shit..

    The Oppo can’t even adhere to simple rules of the Game – and are as adhesive as dry tapioca flour. The formal leader of the Oppo is a nice grandma who is a proxy to a bloke who serially gets himself ‘buggered’. So whether we like it or not, the actual leader is a divisive nonagenarian Machiavellian autocrat who’s memory never fails except at critical moments. What else have we got?

    So a retired KSU (Sec-Gen) who is not in the G-25 feels that since the Politicians are abysmal beyond words – the whole bunch of them should be sent up Bamboo River Gaol. Let some of the able, incorruptible retired KSUs’, Armed Forces and Agency Chiefs who can speak a modicum of the Queen’s English take over the emergency government – until honest to goodness politicos can be groomed. Rule by peer consensus to save whatever we have left.

    I told him the idea was crazy as a coot. Was i wrong?

  3. “….. Malaysia has not got a single independent institutions” because everyone , whether an ordinary people , ….to a crony, a patron,. … a politician/leader from both sides, …to. the minister….. to the very top, is subservient to MONEY. What is most worrying is the Big and Very Big Money the leaders have in their possession Remained UNEXPLAINED.

    It is baffling the media/ writers and the people neglect or fail to focus and demand from the leaders/cronies/ patrons for answers w.r.t. their possession of disproportional Big wealth compared to their income /earning / salary . Yet, they never stop complaining about rampant Corruption and Scandalous Loss – no big shots seems to get punished, except small fries.

    UNEXPLAINED Wealth Acquired is Corruptions.
    This is the targeted concern and solution.

  4. Do you mean ala NCC 2 that was proposed by Dr M a/l M? Supporting ‘political thievery’ to usher in a draconian & repressive government of yesteryears? Get real man, you are talking like KELING MABUK RUM.

  5. CL Familiaris. Do you mean ala NCC 2 that was proposed by Dr M a/l M? Supporting ‘political thievery’ to usher in a draconian & repressive government of yesteryears? Where billions of RM literally went into the drain. Get real man, you are talking like KELING MABUK RUM.

  6. You really get an insight into Najib when he says the vision of his nemesis is not a failure but TN50 is a continuation. These are things prodigal children says. They cannot fully grow up, depend on inheritance, abuse their inheritance, and eventually everything they waste away everything and blame their procreator

  7. Real state of the economy ?

    Try the “Roadside Nasi Lemak Stalls” test.
    I can see the number increasing in my neighbourhood.

    But MO1 thinks it is a sign of entrepreneurship ……..

    • Health requirements may not be applicable to road side food stalls. On the plus side these stalls contribute to expanding GDP as dust polluted foods with obsreved rats who come to eat the discarded foods and thus assist in increasing income of sellers and clinics and doctors and corruption opportunities for those in enforcemant functions.

  8. Latest desperate survival strategy of MO1 — politicisation of the
    military. Usual tactics of crooks in the Third World would be

    1. Rapid promotion of cronies (based on loyalty) over the rest of the military top brass
    2. Creation of more and more “Generals” e.g. Myanmar’s large number of Generals
    3. Creation of special praetorian guard units e.g. the Republican Guard of
    Saddam Hussein (often commanded by close relatives)
    4. Siphoning off funds – resulting in sub-standard equipment or equipment shortages for the troops in the field e.g. Nigerian military

    It is dangerous to politicise the military for various reasons. Soldiers who have tasted power via an earlier coup d’etat will do it over and over again e.g. Thailand. Edward Luttwak’s book “Coup d’etat” shows how easy it is for soldiers with guns to seize power — unless there is a strong democratic political culture in the country (but foreign intervention can overwhelm the democratic culture too e.g. General Pinochet and the 1973 coup in Chile).

    The Malaysian military should always be under civilian control.
    But the troops and top brass who are loyal to the nation should show their disgust for the selling of the nation’s sovereignty to foreign powers by voting against UMNO Baru-BN at the next GE14.

    • @Dr. Phua,

      Continuing your train of thoughts, my prediction is the following changes would take place in Malaysia, in conjunction of consolidation of military power under the influence of the core-political power.

      – Facebook would be replaced by Halal weibo.
      – Whatsapp would be replaced by Halal wechat.
      – There will be a great firewall of Malaysia, using Chinese technology.

      I don’t see a way out for the Layu-layu now.

  9. It was reported in the STAR dated 7.3.17 that
    ‘MPs agree corruption in civil service a major problem’
    and this is also evidenced by the many MACC ongoing investigations in not only civil service but senior officers in GLC most of whom may be ‘connected’.

    In addition the Aud-Gen has been exposing for over three decades suspected cases of possible FRAUD-CORRUPTION-BRIBERY-KICKBACKS- and possible collusion-cronyism-nepotism. The quantum of funds/assets value continues to increase annually and so does the status of those involved.

    There is always lot of talk and promises about taking action but the perception may be that all may be just talk and little action can or will be taken against those involved due to possible collusion/connection as many may have cobwebs in their own dealings which may be exposed if any action is considered against those suspected.

    It is also a common perception that the civil services VVIPs may be following the examples of their own ‘masters’ and thus the juniors may also be following the examples of their own seniors, Thus the cancer may continue as there is rarely any prompt and deterrent action taken against those involved.

    As an example it is commonly reported that several titled Tan Sris and Datos are involved yet there is little information of anyone having the titled been revoked and thus the suspects continue to be referred to as YANG BERHORMAT or YANG BERUSAHA or YANG BERBAHAGIA and probably continue to enjoy the remuneration/perks and prestige of the title. This may also result in the genuine titled VVIPs being lumped in the same category as those who are under investigations.

    • Another example of suspected political leadership in corruption as reported of action by MACC in front page of STAR dated 10.3.17 where the son [nepotism] is also said to be involved. Latest reported cases today include several cops including senior officers with exemplary service award.

      The culture may have been ongoing for decades and may have been perceived by rakyat and others to be widespread as is reported in various corruption findings such as reports of Transparency International and other agencies with ranking on the downtrend or uptrend [depending how one were to look at them] for years.


      The cancer of corruption among civil service has now been acknowledged by MPs and also now the YB Finance Minister has stated that hundreds of thousands ineligible applicants apply for BRIM.
      It is doubtful that these applicants who may include civil servants, are not aware that they are not eligible as they are educated and working but may still apply as they may be of the view that it is right as they may be aware that that their own seniors may be involved in other cases of wrong/illegal claims/incomes.


  10. Edge 9.3.17 report:
    Half of those aged 40 and below who have been nabbed for graft by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) were civil servants, according to the New Straits Times.


    MACC deputy chief commissioner (prevention) Datuk Shamshun Baharin Mohd Jamil was quoted as saying that corruption among young civil servants was due to their demanding lifestyles.


    “We have cases where junior government officers and clerks can afford to buy the latest iPhone models and drive expensive cars. Their flashy lifestyles do not match their measly pay as young officers and administrative assistants under the government pay scale,” he said.


    Common denominator – LITTLE IF ANY DETERRENT PENALTY!!!!!

    • Gursharan,
      What is being done in Malaysia is merely 1PM learning from Xi-core. Soon, there will be big names. Big names are those closest to TunM.

  11. Quote:- “Let some of the able, incorruptible retired KSUs’, Armed Forces and Agency Chiefs who can speak a modicum of the Queen’s English take over the emergency government….”

    Better still invite some of Thailand’s generals to come as advisers, after all they have decades of experience of “Rule by Generals”

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