Americans voted a Real Estate Celebrity as POTUS–That’s Politics

November 12, 2016

Americans voted a Real Estate Celebrity as POTUSThat’s Politics

by FMT Reader

After months of rallies and campaigns, banners and slogans, and countless trolling by both the Democrats and the Republicans, the United States voted for a real estate celebrity who has no political history whatsoever.

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He is an eccentric businessman who gave ample opportunity for haters to hate, in every given situation, be it his electoral promises, choice of words, demeanour even his hair. To his haters, he was everything a president should never be.

But, eventually the election came and America took a stand. They wanted the eccentric businessman to lead them. And everyone wants to know why.

What was the sentiment that drove his supporters, a large number of Americans, to vote for him? He had no track record to prove his capacity as a powerhouse leader and no one knows what are his strategies to make America great again.

Yet, with such ambiguity, the people voted for him and made him their president. Very much like how Malaysians had voted for the same coalition party for 59 years, or 13 general elections to be precise.

While one may think that the election campaign was ugly, it is the aftermath that has turned out uglier. Protesters took to the streets to profess their dissatisfaction. They are angry and they do not want Trump to lead them.

The elections were rigged they say, Hillary won the popular vote they claim (which she did), the whole process was a joke they roar.

Another déjà vu for those of us in Malaysia. Will all these protests bring about a different outcome than it did in Malaysia? I sincerely don’t think so.

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This is mainly because, when we protest, we don’t really have an end goal. We are angry, disappointed and we express ourselves. We feel our voices are being ignored and that sends us into a fit of rage. To me, that is all there is to street protests. We challenge a system that we so graciously put in place, a system that we are a part of.

The Americans had just proved their participation by casting their votes less than 48 hours before these protests.

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This is an indication that people, Americans and Malaysians alike, are very much confused in their political and democratic objectives and they remain emotionally charged. People are still very much fueled by factors like race, religion and gender and these, when cleverly knitted into a web of fear and uncertainty, sadly will determine who gets their precious votes.

America has chosen its president. Social media can troll him as much as it wants. People who aren’t in favour of him can mock his policies, his hair, and his poor vocabulary all they want, but will it change anything “bigly”? Absolutely not!

Will it “bigly” change the outcome in the 2020 elections? Most probably it won’t either. Because racial sentiments, divide and rule policies, religion and gender supremacy still binds the mentality of the voters, the outcome will be the same, be it in America or in Malaysia.

Looking at America today feels exactly like looking at Malaysia during the last few general elections. Something that no one would have expected to happen did because the fundamentals have now become equal.

Democracy, in essence, is a system where the supreme power is vested on the people. A system that enables a people’s government by the people.

Thus, it is powered by the exact same energy that powers the people into voting. If race, religion, gender and creed supremacy is what drives one to pick one’s government, then that is exactly the kind of government one will end up with.

Malaysians can learn quite a bit from the American elections this time, or rather refresher lessons. The next time you walk your way to the polling booth, look for a government that can enhance your lives with policies beyond the shackles of religion, race, gender etc.

Look for policies that can propel the nation and all its people to greater heights.

Can’t find any? Then opt for a lesser, maybe even unknown evil. A lesser, unknown evil, in my opinion, is far better than a known evil, as I would have known the degree of “evil” that I’m dealing with and how much I can tolerate.

For the past 13 elections, we have elected a single party to run our country. We have always been led to believe that this is the party that works in the best interest of this country and its people.

Fifty-nine years have passed, why dispute that notion now? Well, the answer is that a generation of voters have changed since but the ideology still clings on to each and every one of us.

So, only when we free ourselves from these “restrictions”, can we truly look forward to an effective, neutral and inclusive government. But are we truly ready for the leap?

Maybe yes, maybe no. But it is a perspective worth pondering and we, Malaysians are all still left with a little bit more time to decide.

An FMT Reader.


22 thoughts on “Americans voted a Real Estate Celebrity as POTUS–That’s Politics

  1. In this case a billionaire became a leader against all odds. Everyone of significance and insignificance was against him. But once the elections were over normal service has resumed with regard to handing over of power. Once you can achieve that all other things are negotiable.

  2. In the western countries practicing democratic form of Government a person has to be rich or have rich friends to finance the election campaign for public office and when the election is won the winning candidate has to settle the ‘debt’ which came in the form of election campaign funds so that both can continue being rich at taxpayers’ expense..
    In countries where system is Royal or Dictatorship based one has to be born to Royalty or to the Dictator’s family to continue living at the expense of citizens.
    In other countries having various types of democracies are practiced the person used to be with honor and other values even though poor as the objective of the position was to serve. However some found that there were unlimited opportunities for self enrichment for elected positions and thus abused their positions of power for personal greed and this extended to families and friends. Thus was born the system of ‘money politics’ where money is used to obtain elected positions and later to retain the position of power which could also be perceived as ‘private’ domain and control of this was passed to other family members or close friends.
    The many political dynasties in both West and East and other countries provide evidence of this.

    SO THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WHEN AMERICANS HAVE VOTED A REAL ESTATE CELEBRITY AS POTUS. Entertainment celebrities have become political leaders in several countries such as Reagan in US, MGR in Chennai [former Madras] and NT Rama Rao in Andhara in India and similar cases are in other countries including Philippines and may be in other countries. Further there are many celebrities in Legislatures in some countries.

  3. Yes, Hillary did win the popular vote…so why should she be denied the number one job?

    Until you consider Bernie… he too won his own popular vote in his party hands down…so why was the candidacy denied him?

    When you consider popularity…Bernie should be President…

  4. A Real Estate mogul who only lends or rent out his name but doesn’t even own the property. What do you call such a person? POTUS name mogul

  5. The more they spin the truth the more entangled they become, in their own web of lies.
    The reason Trump won and Hillary lost is because he saw the writing on the wall and embraced it whilst she and the establishment denied it, possibly thinking that the American voters are ostriches that are too blind to see the reality either .
    What Trump did was like pouring ice water into the cooking pot to jolt the frogs awake to save them from a slow but eventual demise.
    The fact that Hillary won the popular vote by a slim margin is hardly a point worth bragging about plus considering the fact that she won less of the Black and Latino votes than Obama did.
    Trump has not yet taken the oath of office but is already thrown under the bus and into a political quagmire. The Democrats overtly congratulate his victory to perpetuate the illusion of America as a beacon democracy to the rest of the world. The reality cannot be stretched any more further from the truth that America’s democratic foundation has been insidiously eroded by corrupt political elites that rent on Capitol Hills corridors of power.
    Covertly, the plans to rock and destabilise Trump’s administration are already put into play. The notion of Trump draining the swamp is the Establishment’s worst nightmare about to become a reality.
    The paid and biased mainstream media continues to paint Trump as an unqualified and disreputable Presidential elect to justify the recent spates of undemocratic anti Trump street protests.

    Besides, the possibility of investigating Hillary and the Clinton Foundation, Trump is also planning to reopen the 911 investigation which is sure to open up another can of worms.

    Interesting read….

    Is the shit about to hit the fan? Just saying….

  6. Just as Trump is legitimately POTUS, the protestors have a right to speak. Politics especially democratic one is about such a conversation. A whole bunch of unsophisticated citizens is saying things are not working. Some of them may be racist, sexist and even misogynist even worst than Trump but they are not wrong to say something should be done the way they need it to be.

    Now they have spoken, politicians, if they are real ones, have to figure out how to do something other than just cynically get reelected again and reward themselves. That is what politics is suppose to be and all we are seeing is failure of conversation, the answer probably still far away.

  7. Only 56 % of the electorate voted. Of these, slightly less than half gave their votes to Trump. So, in effect, his “mandate” is only about 1/4 of the
    US voters.

    A sensible President would respect the fact that many Americans did not support him and would implement his policies taking this into account i.e.
    not be radical right/extreme, and would work with the political opposition on a bipartisan basis. But my prediction is that he and the present radical Republican Party won’t. The present Republican Party is no longer the old party of moderate Republicans such as Nelson Rockefeller. It is now the party of the Tea Party types, extremist Christian Rightists, Sarah Palin etc. It even has a sexist, neo-fascist and white supremacist wing, as exemplified by Trump himself.

  8. Interesting stuff (just like electoral fraud in recent 1Malaysia elections ?) :

    But we are more advanced than the USA : we have regular “power failures” during vote counting where UMNO Baru-BN candidates who are losing when the lights are on during the vote-counting process, get to be the winner (after the lights come back on). Then we also have postal ballots that can be shifted around to help UMNO Baru-BN candidates

  9. Real Estate Celebrity as POTUS ? I am inclined to believe ocho onda , that it is a childish way of diversion , as a kind of Deflection , by which he ‘s determined to prove that the 9/11 episode was the work of EXTREMIST Muslims (Al’Qaeda ) in order to justify and entrench his POPULISM strategy , through which he won the Election by a very slight (or narrow ) margin …….he’s obsessed that the new Investigation will (or must ) prove him right by opening ‘this can of worms ‘ all over again, MERELY as a cover-up for his own Inadequacy…..? Is he being guilty conscious of such Inadequacy that the new probe MUST ‘prove ‘ that he’s right in the end ? –
    If not, why is he so obsessed of something decided very long time ago by the Bush/Blair theory some decades ago , because all the rest has become or is buried in History…. ? –

    Go on…..Mr Trump … are mere ‘Play=acting ‘ …… go , govern America by doing real -time work , in substantive ways … of Luck !

  10. Being a long time community organizer and advocate in the Bay Area for over 40 years, I have noticed a change in political trend of Asian-Americans, especially the Chinese-Americans, in this presidential election. This group is traditionally overwhelmingly Democrats. But this time a large segment of them coming out to the streets to advocate for Trump. Interestingly, majority of them are middle-aged or older. They are highly educated with high incomes. I talked to many of them and the consistent answer I got was that they were sick and tire of the Democratic Party taking them for granted for so long, favoring only the votes from blacks and Latinos. What prompted them to come out this time to rebel against the Democratic Party is the California Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 (SCA 5) that favors the black and Latino kids to the University of California system, shutting the doors to many Asian-American kids.

    You read what you read in Malaysia. But I am actively involved in the American political, social, and economic systems, and see things with my own eyes. Granted, the Bay Area does not an America make. Asian-American is the second largest minority in California, next to the Latino. But the Democratic Party never taken our requests seriously.

  11. The real question to ask in the context of Malaysian politics is could a “Malaysian Trump” emerge and become PM?

    My answer is no.

    We are either too stupid or too smart, and those in-betweens, (which I submit form the majority), are just too lazy or too scared to even bother.

    What is your answer?

  12. So, Hillary won the popular votes by over a quarter million. And so they took to the streets. The rule of the American presidential election is to win the votes of the Electoral College, a system to ensure the rights of small states, not to win the popular votes. George W. Bush lost the popular votes to Al Gore by over half a million votes but still won the election. So, what is the point? This is the 5th time in our history that this has happened. In a democratic election, we often do not get what we like. Grow up, get off the streets.

    Having read all the biased news coverage from the US and UK and Australian Press, let me parody a nursery rhymes I knew as a child: “And all of Rupert’s Media Whoresmen, and all of Soros’ paid protesters, couldn’t put the Clintons back into the White House again.” Hillary, don’t be a sore loser. You and Soros call off the dogs from the streets.

  13. Very interesting documentary by Adam Curtis. And seriously, after watching it and you will see how terrifying the world we are living in

    With this, Najib will use it to win massively in GE14. By then, hehehehe

  14. @LaMoy: you forgot to check your wechat log? There are a lot of ‘rightways’ kind of propaganda in wechat ‘blog’. I am rather ashamed to be an Evangelical Christian. But, from what I can read, those Evangelical Chinese translated pieces were definitely not written in this land of the free by the hands of Chinese American pastors.

    Perhaps, I do have an identity crisis. I will not be sure of what kind of name I would call myself as a Christian now 😛 I am glad I could side with the editor of christianitytoday.

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