The Sound of Santo and Johnny for this Diwali Weekend

October 29, 2016

The Sound of Santo and Johnny for this Diwali Weekend

Let us enjoy the music of Santo and Johnny. Relax before the Clinton-Trump Presidential race culminates on November 8. Who will be the next POTUS?. Some say America will have its first Madam President and Commander-in Chief. Others who seek change want a Trump Presidency. We wish the American  voter all the best  when they go to the polls. Voter turnout will be crucial. –Dr. Kamsiah G. Haider and Din Merican

5 thoughts on “The Sound of Santo and Johnny for this Diwali Weekend

  1. I just came back from a three-hour lunch meeting with a group of old college mates. We had a very interesting conversation on (what else?) the election coming up in ten days.

    There is just one party running in this election. With the other one too busy distancing itself from its embarrassing candidate, this contest is essentially the Democratic Party and Donald Trump. What would you call this, one-party election in the bastion of democracy? Ironic?

    As this farcical campaign draws to an end, Hillary is widely expected to win. The pollsters could be right, or it could be plain wishing thinking. My friends and I are old enough to remember 1980, when the poll showed Jimmy Carter was leading Ronald Reagan 47-39. Two weeks later Reagan won in such a landslide that Carter conceded before California poll was closed. And in 1988, Gallup Poll showed Michael S. Dukakis leading George H.W. Bush by 17 points. But Bush went on to thump Dukakis in the general election.

    America’s option today — between a mad man and an establishment robot — as Americans try to decide which of the two candidates they hate less, if not trust more. 52% of the voters see Trump is a liar but 64% believe Hillary is a liar. Why are voters seem to hold Clinton and Trump to different standards when it comes to honesty?

    My friends and I came to the possible answer is that there is a difference between “bullshit” and lying. Bullshit artists like Trump aren’t necessarily intending to deceive others. For example, when a fisherman says that the fish was this big, with his hands wide apart, the actual size of the fish isn’t what’s important, it’s the entertainment of the listeners. When Trump makes false claims about the trade deficit or the unemployment rate, the reality is less important than his supporters’ sense that the economy is leaving them behind. There is a stark contrast between the way Trump’s supporters perceive his “bullshit” and the way the media perceives it. The media takes him literally but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously but not literally.

    The difference between “bullshit” and lying explain why Clinton’s trustworthiness numbers are so bad even though her statements are much more factual than Trump’s. Voters believe Trump, an outlier, is uninformed or simply exaggerating when he makes false statements. But Clinton is an insider of the establishment. Large number of voters perceive her false statements as intentional attempts to hide the truth and/or deceive voters.

    What is the conclusion of our discussion? Yes, Trump has a good chance to win the presidency. Americans like underdog.

  2. 2012 exit poll election statistics showed that 53 % of the voters are women. Trump has offended them through and through. At least 6 out of 10 women that goes to the poll will Not vote for Trump. That is the deciding factor despite everything else,
    including the fresh email saga.

    Based on the above, Clinton will win ,(or should win very big if everything else being near equal or equal)

  3. Ikanbilis, he’s not a warmonger but he is itching to launch nuclear missiles and support widespread use and possession of nuclear weapons by countries that can be considered unstable nations. The danger is what happens if these nuclear weapons end up in the hands of terrorist groups who have no qualms about using it to pursue their ideologies?
    He doesn’t understand the magnitude of destruction to humankind if nuclear weapons are used.

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