Ex-DAP Chair Tunku Aziz in the News

May 24, 2016

Ex-DAP Chair Tunku  Aziz  lodges a Police Report against Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

by Anne Muhammad


Former Transparency International stalwart Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim has lodged a Police report against ex-Premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, with regard to his recent remark that the Agong is “likely under house arrest”.

Tunku Aziz said he made the report because he believed Mahathir’s remark may pose a threat to Malaysia’s national security. “Mahathir’s remark was an unsubstantiated allegation that could affect the state of our national security. That’s the reason why we are lodging a police report today. We hope the authorities will take action before this situation gets out of hand. It could be very dangerous,” he told reporters outside the Dang Wangi District Police Headquarters today.

Tunku Aziz was accompanied by a few representatives of Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM). He also claimed that Mahathir had made various allegations against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak with the sole purpose of removing him from power.

“The pressing issue here is he (Mahathir) is utilising our constitutional laws for his own political agenda. For the sake of national harmony, Mahathir’s antics should not be taken lightly and I urge the authorities to take immediate action,” he added.

Tunku Aziz, who is currently the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory board chairman also stressed that he had lodged the report in his individual capacity.

Mahathir had made the remark in question when he revealed he was unable to secure an audience with the Agong to submit the more than one million signatures collected for the Citizens’ Declaration.

“We have got 1.4 million signatures, and we’ve been trying to show them to the Agong. But as of now I’ve not been able to meet the Agong because it’s likely that he’s under house arrest.The rulers may be confined to their palaces,” Mahathir had claimed.

15 thoughts on “Ex-DAP Chair Tunku Aziz in the News

  1. I can understand when Ali Rustam or Ibrahim Ali do it, but when comes to TA making police report, that is how low he has gone down as to the same status to all those butt shaking fellows.
    Poh Foo,

    You may disagree, but you cannot deny him his right to lodge a police report. You too can now lodge a report against him. I have disagreed with Tunku Abdul Aziz with regard to his politics. But I am beginning to recognize that he is right about DAP, realizing that he knows more about DAP’s internal political games than I gave him credit for in the past. How really different is DAP from UMNO-BN when it comes to dealing with political adversaries? I am, however, disappointed that he is now a Najib man. That is his choice.–Din Merican

  2. In 1Malaysia, old politicians don’t fade away ……
    They just return, to torment, again and again 🙂

  3. Low class with no sensible thinking in his thoughts. May be he just got up from his dreams to express his frustrations again. Is Najib taking care of him?

  4. His forte,championing anti corruption
    Look where is he,investigating palace protocal
    Can someone provide a compass to find his way home

  5. Sure he is entitled to make a police report like any other citizen. But the question I have for this head of MACC and former head of Transperancey International why has he not made a police report against PM Najib? He is an extremely intelligent and well informed Malaysian and therefore cannot plead ignorance of all the various allegations against Najib.

  6. I cannot help but have the thought that previously respected people who come out of the blue to do something drastic to show their support for he-who-shall-not-be-named-who-took-a-lot-of-other-people’s-money are all seeking to get a bowl of “gravy” from the gravy train.

    So sad that “dignity, pride and honour” are now merely words.

  7. This is more about old scores than it is about the real issue. Everyone knows TA holds some deep grudge with Mahathir. Now he is on Team Najib against Mahathir, he is not going to let pass the opportunity for payback.

    This is why politics in this country is a mess. Public agendas are filled with deep personal ones, making issues well, unclean, everything and everyone becomes too suspect to move urgently needed big agendas.

  8. What this old fella has been talking about Che Det’s statement as ‘affecting the state of national security’? What action does he wants the authorities to take against Che Det? House Arrest or Gag Order on Che Det? Maybe this Tunku should instruct the MACC to launch an investigation on Che Det. Before that he should also ask the MACC to complete their investigation on the PM. Doubt he has the gall to do that.

  9. Din,
    I can understand one doesn’t accept the internal politics of dap or for the matter any political party n walk away
    But do u give away your integrity and principles which is to cut your nose to spite the face? Hey he sits in macc and now gets himself align to the architect of scandalous imdb?
    Tunku Aziz should answer this.But I will never support Najib who should be in jail, not be Prime Minister.–Din Merican.

  10. Malay/Muslim politics are narrow, divisive and damaging to the country, including personal ‘ PHD ‘ politics……the country a mess!

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