Open Letter from a 20-year Old Malaysian to Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad

The Most Corrupt Malaysian Prime MinisterNote: I received this Open Letter from a 20-year Malaysian who grew up when Tun Dr. Mahathir was Malaysia’s political supremo. Addin makes many interesting comments. I am from Kedah and of the same generation as the Tun. I have been very critical of our PM Number 4.

It is heartening to read the views of a 20-year old and to note that, although more than 5 decades separate us,  Addin and I are on the same page as far as  Tun Dr. Mahathir is concerned.

Choosing and grooming successors is a challenge and painstaking effort for any one. But for a leader, choosing a successor(s) is a critical task.  The late Lee Kuan Yew made it his primary duty and the results of his efforts are for us to see in Singapore today.

On this score, Tun Dr. Mahathir was a dismal failure and we are saddled with the consequences of his poor leadership choices (Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak).  Although he brought many changes by transforming our country from an agricultural backwater in  a modern and industrialised state, Tun Dr. Mahathir, as I said in Tom Plate’s book, Conversations with Mahathir Mohamad, deformed Malaysian polity in the process.

Enough is said about the man. Let history decide on the man’s legacy  It is convenient  for us to heap all blame for the present Malaysian malaise on Tun Dr. Mahathir. Aren’t we equally culpable? We allowed it to happen.

So, we now need to move forward and focus our attention on the incumbent Prime Minister Najib Razak, his character and leadership. He cannot be allowed to bring shame to our nation in the eyes of the world. We need to restore trust and confidence in our government.–Din Merican

Open Letter from a 20-year Old Malaysian to Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad

by Muhammad Addin Aiman

Dear Tun,

Umar Al-Khattab stood up and said “O Muslims, straighten me with your hands when I go wrong”, and at that instance a Muslim man stood up and said “O Amir al-Mu’minin (Leader of the Believers) if you are not straightened by our hands we will use our sword to straighten you!”. Hearing this Caliph Umar said “Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah) I have such followers.”- World Heritage Encyclopedia

My name is Addin Aiman. I was born in 1995 during the period when you were leading the country into prosperity. I am writing this letter to highlight one of the flaws of you have, Dr Mahathir, the same as what you did to Tunku Abdul Rahman while Tunku was still the Prime Minister. Eventhough you are an ex-prime minister, you have still gotten the hegemony in deciding the fate of the nation. So, allow me to be critical of the man who shaped Malaysia towards betterment. Put yourself into Tunku’s shoes for while reading this humble letter of mine.

Mahathir and his wardsYou sir, with all due respect, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. the 4th Prime Minister was probably the best Prime Minister Malaysia had had surpassing Tun Abdul Razak or Tunku Abdul Rahman. Bar-none your policies has transformed Malaysia which was merely an agricultural back-water prior to the 80s into a highly-industrialized economy. Your strong demeanour for greater equality can be seen since the early 1960’s where you had been critical of the government for having failed to include Malay’s participation in economy i.e. trade and commerce to the point that you had written an open-letter demanding resignation of the then PM, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Prior to your ascension to the premiership, you were an exceptional goverment officer in which when you were the Minister of Education who showed no nonsense towards discipline to the point of making yourself arrive office at 6 or 7 o’clock and wait and observe for the MoE staff to clock in. Your strong character led by your conviction in building the nation  brought Malaysia to where it is today, one step closer to becoming developed nation. If it was not  for your policies Malaysia could still be a developing nation for decades to come. Event hough Malaysia is already a highly-industrialized economy, it still managed to hinge on that 5-7 per cent GDP growth figures. Meaning to say that we are still improving even when we are already relatively good. But Malaysia won’t be relatively prosperous as it is today if you were not the Prime Minister for 22 years.

I for one recognise that you are not without flaws. Nobody is perfect. Among your flaws is that you failed to provide the nation with good quality leaders. A good leader is a leader who nicely grooms and selects the people to become future leaders when that leader has moved away from power.

Najib and Tun RazakTake for example the late Tun Abdul Razak. The 2nd Prime Minister was aware that in order to build the nation, his party which has a substantial amount of control over the course of the nation he must pick men and women of quality namely with intellect, passion and integrity to become future leaders. He did this by giving them experience in administering the country to prepare them for bigger responsibilities. Up to this day his proteges are influential people who are still playing key roles in nation-building. Among them are Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz and you yourself. Tengku Razaleigh was given the responsibility to become Finance Minister in his late 30s and as a result of Tun Razak’s grooming, Rafidah Aziz became one of the best politician who brought indusrialization, foreign investment,  and trade oppoturnities in Malaysia.

With the great respect, why the aforementioned is related to your flaws is that you did not do as what Tun Razak would do, which was to choose men and women who would become good leaders. Post-independence up until Tun Hussein Onn’s resignation in 1981, people are appointed based on meritocracy. Relatively inexperienced people that have merit were groomed to become politicians by entering the cabinet or heading top GLCs so that they would make good leaders when they were elevated to positions of  power and authority.

The current state of affairs surrounding the nation alone is the prove of what I have said earlier. When you were the President of UMNO you failed to maintain the quality of the party. UMNO which has great control and power in running the country should not be left in a state of corruption in-terms of integrity and morality. This is because it would be detrimental to the country that hinges heavily on UMNO’s administration. Unfortunately this has happened, specifically during your time as the head of UMNO.

I wish I was born earlier to tell you that it was for very important for you, the then President to protect the sanctity and relevance of UMNO’s struggle.. The sacrifices made by UMNO forefathers with the likes of late Dato’ Jaafar Onn, Tunku, Tun Razak and others must be appreciated. BUT that is not the case now. People in UMNO especially senior party officials are discrediting what UMNO forefathers had achieved for the nation.

This is so because the party that had once been called the (sole) protector of the Malays has turned into a corrupted party with members with inferior moral and ethical values. At the present moment the party has been plagued with so much immorality to the extent that party members that possess merits have no place within the party. Also it is impossible for people ( especially Malays) with a positive idealism who can be useful for the nation to be interested in joining UMNO, even when UMNO is helming the government and country’s administration.

A lot of Malaysians particularly Malays are aggrieved  over the situation surrounding UMNO. Of course they know that UMNO is a corrupted party but what caused the corruption in once esteemed party?

You should know because you were the  Party President for two decades and currently still having dominance in the party. With all due respect, Sir, you have been an exceptional politician since the day you enter politics. Credit must be due but, what you did to UMNO either directly or indirectly is one major taint to your illustrious carrier as both politician and statesmen. The seeds of corruption began to spread in UMNO while you were President. UMNO members began to operate as sly and self-serving Machiavellians in order to fullfil their self-interests and desire instead of party interest and desire. One of the more known Machievellians was none other than Anwar Ibrahim, the man you groomed to become the Prime Minister and ironically the same man who is now fighting for justice, freedom and transparency. Were you not aware that in order for UMNO members to win divisional votes they resorted to bribery? Were you also not aware that to maintain their authority in the party they have to turn to cronyism? Your close party associates and even your protégés had resulted to what I said above, damages. For the fact that you had the power to bring reforms to UMNO, why didn’t you do so?

In contrast, if you look at political parties in developed countries, what is happening there doesn’t apply here. These countries are stable politically, socially and economically because it administrations are spearheaded by political parties and leaders who have integrity and ethics. It is also may be because Party members is to act as buffer between politics and interest of the society. What is happening in UMNO is the opposite. Politics are disconnected from interest of the society and politics for them is based on their selfish and self-centered attitude.

Party members enter UMNO not to partake in the nation-building process but to enrich themselves because UMNO is synonymous with power. With power you can do anything. Nowadays UMNO serves as a wealth making machine. Unlike any other political parties in mature democracies UMNO, unlike the past UMNO, isn’t interested in creating equality and justice, upholding the rule of law and  and  in practising the enlightened progressive  principles of Islam. Power is itself a powerful tool to create changes to the society, but members in UMNO crave for power for misguided and perverted reasons. And these men and women with distorted convictions who have clinched power in UMNO have corrupted UMNO.

Also, as the then Prime Minister you wanted allow the continuation of your legacy, precisely Wawasan 2020  for the advancement and positive progression of the nation but you failed to do so. Your legacy could only have been possible only if you did better in choosing and grooming your successors. You selected the wrong people in UMNO to become leaders of the country who are now ministers and Prime Ministers. Almost all the incompetent and corrupt key players in our country’s administration are people from your UMNO presidential era.

If you were aware of the importance of continuity of efficiency and transparency in the government, you would have selected people based on meritocracy and well ground moral and ethic values. Unfortunately that did not happen. When you were the Prime Minister, cabinet and GLCs appointments were based on loyalty  obedience towards you. Those who disagreed with you would always be left in cold-storage like Tengku Razaleigh and Tun Musa Hitam and others.

Do not get me wrong, every political player must submit their obedience for a leader. Obedience was not the problem for those people who have the merits as politicians and administrators who disagreed with you. It is only because they don’t subscribe to blind obedience.

I am assuming that the justification that you had acted in that way is because you didn’t want externalities to be present when charting and implementing  your policies. You did not want individuals who would not share your vision for a better nation. Although this maybe a valid justification, the manner in which you had acted by associating yourself with Mr. Yes-men and apple-polishers) and elevating them to higher administrative positions have cause much problems.

One of the problems that I can rightfully mention now is the weak administration of the current government led by UMNO. These yes-men or apple polishers that I have said earlier had caused mediocrity to surround decision making and policy of the country. This is because the men and women that you have chosen are nearly of no-capability and doesn’t have the required drive and passion to build the nation.

With the above being said, with all due respect, it is a high-time that you cease your hegemony in the political system to prevent further disruptions. Your concept of protecting your own legacy itself is distorted. I suggest that you leave the people in power to administer the country according to their own respective ways, rightfully.

Remember, if Tun Razak did as what his successors did, you won’t be “Mahathir” in the first place.


M.Addin M. Noor



34 thoughts on “Open Letter from a 20-year Old Malaysian to Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammad

  1. Hi Dato’ Din I am 20 years old not 39..I request you you delete as it can cause confusion and false accusation of plagiarism too.
    I have corrected the error. Do you want me to delete the entire article, if you so wish. Will be happy to oblige.–Din Merican

  2. Its not Mahathir young Malays should be thinking about today. What is even more crucial and urgent is their opinion of Hadi Awang and PAS’s ulamas. Hadi Awang is LYING – saying UG govt is over BUT yet defending Najib..

    The issue can they wrap their heads around the fact, the people that wraps their around what they increasingly indentify with is FALSE HOPE just the way Mahathirism ended up being? I.e, Hadi’s PAS is now what Mahathirism was? Chances are they still LEAPS behind where they need to get to and hence doomed to repeat the mistake they are now criticising..

  3. Example , the young Dr FARISH A NOOR , recounting on his Book ” The Other Malaysia ” , is a brilliant, brilliant Academician – One needs to read his book to know how Upright and brave he is in his Comments : without fear or favor , Incisive and forthright demonstrating the ” Weaknesses ” of the Malays generally – from which I synthesized my own Conclusion and zoomed into this one main factor in their Hype (or psyche ) : A Malay feels ‘ threatened ” by anyone of their kind who show ability and intelligence , which they lack , and the entire community will then gang-up by mere ‘ words of mouth ‘ or Whisperings , to slant or even slander upon his ‘ character ‘ ! ( Its called ‘character assassination ‘, ) –
    To my poor judgement, I would term it as INFERIORITY COMPLEX SYNDROME – that is the entire Contents of Dr Farish Noor;s Book – which saw the historical downfall of the Malay Kingdom ! And they were the none for it , by blaming others all the time , thinking that they are ‘ smart ‘ by this culture of BACK-BITING …. Truth Hurts But Heals – Dr Farish Noor should be given Leadership position !

  4. Yes, Tun Mahathir made errors too and so did other previous leaders as well – which humans are faultless, tell me. But there is no need to drip or cry over spilled milk as the past cannot be unmade. This young man should now write an open letter to Najib and many other young people of voting age should do the same to get the right message into the head of PM Najib and to educate the members of UMNO especially those at the top positions. Many of them are BANGANG right now apparently.

  5. A fair and good analysis of Tun Mahathir’s failure as PM of Malaysia and as President of UMNO to groom UMNO members of merit to take over as leaders of Malaysia. I have no comments on that since it is a matter for Malays and UMNO members although those UMNO members taking over as leaders of Malaysia also affect the non-Malays as we are all Malaysians. In this connection, I would like to comment on the poor leadership of our public universities which led to what these universities are to-day. For that, we must thank Tun Mahathir. It was he as Minister of Education then who amended the Universities and University Colleges Act of 1971 in 1975 which resulted in the Minister to appointing full-time teaching staff as full-time but pro tem (2 years at a time) deputy vice-chancellors to take over the administration of the public universities, after taking into account the recommendatin of the vice-chancellor, and for DYMM Yang di-Pertuan Agong to appoint the vice-chancellors on the advice of the Minister – a practice which has continued up to the present and which has made the public universities being what they are to-day, run by the governnment appointees.

  6. “Choosing and grooming successors is a challenge and painstaking effort for any one. But for a leader, choosing a successor(s) is a critical task. The late Lee Kuan Yew made it his primary duty and the results of his efforts are for us to see in Singapore today.”

    That’s only coz we live in an autocracy… in democracies it’s the ppl that choose their PM, not successors chosen by dictators or kings. i also feel that that’s the “flaw” in this boy’s open letter. in a democracy with separation of powers (especially an independent judiciary) there is no need to appeal to a king to choose his ppl well. the idea of a democracy is that the will of the ppl will be heard and according to current western philosophy, the doctrine separation of powers strives to ensure that (although i must admit i’m not entirely convinced but am unable to come up with something better). this boy’s letter is like an impassioned please to his king (or former king rather), which is kinda fundamentally wrong as we r supposed to live in a democracy (a system of governance purportedly by the ppl for the ppl). in such a democracy the system ensures that every PM serves the ppl and transparent bcoz he will be accountable. imho, the most detrimental thing tun did was making the office of PM (i.e. the ruler of UMNO) above the law by neutering the judiciary who r now forever subservient to the PM of the day. he propagated the idea of strong govt back when he was in power… now bear the fruits of that. he changed the countries political system to ensure the office of the PM is untouchable, he set the tone for the s*** today by systematically bringing down all pillars of democracy, doctrine of separation of powers, free speech-political dissent, accountability, transparency and encouraged a culture of patronage & corruption. in short… what we have today is indeed in large part tun’s doing but not because he didnt choose the right ppl to govern or succeed but because he engineered a system to center all power to the office of the PM.

  7. Addin,
    You are one brave your man. I do hope that Malaysians would have more of you. Seriously, it’s time for Malaysians to break free the shackles of feudalism and religion. I dare to say. Time to ditch Islam as national religion. I know perhaps Din may not like this. But I advocate the separation of state and religion. Time to kill this “sacred” cow.

    Guys and Gals,
    One retro song for you. Just listen to lyrics………Of cours, that chick is very pretty (1988 song…….hehehehe, some of you including Addin are not born yet……..hehehehe)

    Hisham Rais would agree with me…….Both of us studied in Yingerand……hahahahaha

  8. “I suggest that you leave the people in power to administer the country according to their own respective ways, rightfully”. Such a wonderful letter ended with such , ……I am lost for words.

  9. >if you look at political parties in developed countries, what is happening there doesn’t apply here. These countries are stable politically, socially and economically because it administrations are spearheaded by political parties and leaders who have integrity and ethics. <

    Sigh….you've much to learn, kiddo.

  10. A 20 year old is showing great maturity? Why do we want to have all the examinations at various institutions of learning when we don’t want to follow the merit systems? The system is Globally recognized except in Malaysia because Malays felt it could not suit NEP.

    When Singapore was part of Malaysia, LKY fought for meritocracy but our leaders then rejected wholly sighting Malays were still backward and they needed uplifting with NEP. Who benefited?. Look at Singapore today, even the Malays have advanced in their outlook.

    Mahathir ruled with iron fists by not listening to anyone. Mother of corruption started during his time so today Najib is having good time diverting RM8b+ from the budget 2016 to his office to use the money as he liked by throwing a bone to all his dogs to win GE14.

    To be frank, Malaysia is getting a sick country with all the stooges of all arms of the government making Najib to smile at his dissidents

    Boy Addin, you have a bright future. Come back wherever you are after your studies to lead your generation to make Malaysia a better place for our grand children to live with dignity.

  11. We are now bothered about Najib. But actually we are now trying to clear the messes created by Mahathir. And one of Mahathir’s creation & mess is Najib who is doing things by taking a leaf out of Mahathir’s book.

    Mahathir then was bent on staying in power as long as he could and brook no nonsense from his political rivals. He personally killed the political lifes of Musa Hitam, Ku Li and Anwar…one of whom could have been a better PM than Pak Lah or Najib. Instead he put his sycophants like Pak Lah and Najib…whose political survival then were to remain obedient to him…while letting him dismantling the civil institutions of government.

    Singapore lives gleefully at our misfortune. The more failed state Malaysia becomes, the better it is for Singapore’s vibrant economy. Foreign participation in commercial and economic interest will look at Spore and shun corrupt Malaysia with a corrupt laden PM. And sadly we have still malay so called muslims supporting and defending him. we are an Islamic country in name but not in substance.

  12. 20 or 39 years, it makes little difference. We all know the problems. It has been spelt out numerous times by numerous people. What we need now is action, not words. We need people like M. Aidden to get their hands dirty by joining opposition parties, even PAS to spread the word in kampungs. Have enough people to believe that UMNO leaders has destroyed not only the party but are now destroying the nation.

  13. Don’t blame UMNO or Mahathir. BLAME THE MALAYS !!!
    They tolerated, overlooked and embraced corruption as though it had nothing to do with religion.
    They devalued themselves by allowing a corrupted party to rule for more than two decades.
    In any civilized country, UMNO would have been buried and its leaders incarcerated.
    If I may repeat, BLAME THE MALAYS!!

  14. Yi Kbnl might have used harsh language, but I think he/she has conveyed the relevant content. Sacking Tun Salleh Abas in 1988 as the head of judiciary branch and thereafter making judiciary branch subservient to PM through Constitution’s amendment is the most severe damage solely executed by the doctor of the house.

    Ironically, the interest of Najib and the interest of the nation are now aligned with respect to countering the attack of Dr. Mahathir. Najib’s people should know whatever they can do to undo the May Day of 1988 is the most effective way to counter Dr. Mahathir because vast majority of Malaysians will cheer the resulting new era while they forget and forgive the 1MDB scandal. Make second ex gratia compensation for the sacked and suspended judges. Reinstate them posthumously and symbolically. Retell the story of May Day 1988. Make national repentant day to commemorate the event. Everything symbolic is good, and then later revert the Constitution’s amendment for also substance.

    Then, many including I might forget and forgive the 1MDB scandal. Sops Najib throws in 2016 budget are just not enough.

  15. “Don’t blame UMNO or Mahathir. BLAME THE MALAYS !!!…”

    Sam, I disagree with you – you cannot blame ALL the Malays for this situation albeit they kept UMNO going. (I choose to ignore the racial tone of your comment.) The people to blame are UMNO politicians who know how to manupilate the rural, less educated, tolerant Malays; the latter cannot help being what they are. Place the responsibilities where they lie.

  16. If Najib had turned out to be a great PM, I suppose Mahahtir would be praised to high heaven, even though he single-handedly destroyed, dismantled and disgrace
    Id the integrity of all crucial public, civil institutions, the absence or degradation of which no country could be called “democratic”

    Quote:- “Blame the Malays”

    Once again, the Malays are in a dilemma, whether ala Mahathir’s version or not.

    What do you want the Malays to do? I mean now. No use saying or implying that had the Malays did something, whatever, when Dr. Mahathir was “doctoring” the system to grant political immortality to himself, then people like Najib would not be PM. That would be asking the Malays, or indeed all Malaysians who voted for BN for the last 50 years, (including yours truly in the early 1980s), to shoulder the entire burden unfairly.

    Without the critical benefit of hindsight that we now have, which Malay, indeed any Malaysian then, could have foreseen that not too long after Mahathir left office a PM could so easily have RM2.6 billion “donation” deposited into his private bank account with the express approvals of all our institutional watchdogs keeping guard 24 / 7?

    Be that as it may, it is fair, in my view, that with some fortuitous benefit of hindsight we all have, or should have today, (as there are still some who have no sight at all, whether hind or fore), to right all the wrongs.

    The Malays of today, the majority race with the numerical voting power and whose collective angry voices UMNO must listen to, should not be in a dilemma any more.

    It is no disgrace and not a sign of weakness of your race to go against any corrupt, power-abusing Malay political leader, or indeed any leader of any race. In fact, if otherwise, the opposite is true.

    Please do not produce an inexplicable anticlimax like…”“I suggest that you leave the people in power to administer the country according to their own respective ways, rightfully”

  17. Here is the only possible solution. UMNO needs to lose office first. Then, there will be genuine self examination and recrimination in the party. The bad apples will either leave, be kicked out or locked up. It will hopefully be followed by reforms led by new, honest and worthy leaders. The Malays as a race can then grow and progress from strength to strength. As it is, UMNO is beyond redemption. The self-proclaimed champions of the Malay cause in UMNO have ‘dumbed down’ many Malays and have taken them for a ride through a slippery and twisted path with adverse consequences for all in the nation.

  18. Dear KA,

    Thanks. First, of all we have to find a way to adhere to the rules and regulations already in place. This nation must go back to being ruled by the rule of Law. Secondly, make it impossible for the those in power to create parallel structures to by-pass the existing rules and regulations. Thirdly, we must move away from being just a ‘electoral democracy’. If we cannot allow people to express their views peacefully what are we going to do when they use other methods. This is sufficient to get going. We can work the rest as we go along once these are in place.

  19. “It looks like we have to start again. The blaming game is worse than useless. Give me a concrete proposal. — Kassim Ahmad”

    That’s a good idea. A lot of people have lots and lots of proposals but who would listen? I have only one. Meritocracy. Don’t give me any credits, I am not the first who said this.

  20. Quote:- “Give me a concrete proposal”

    If we still consider Malaysia a parliamentary democracy, the actions that all Malaysians of voting age can legally, legitimately, patriotically do both as an individual or collectively in some true NGOs is to publicly petition your member of parliament to do what each and every MB is elected and paid to do, i.e. to ask the PM to answer all the unanswered questions in Parliament.

    And if the MBs fail to discharge even this minimum amount of responsibility for the Rakyat which they always claim to represent, then vote all of them out at the next GE.

    Or, if the national socio-economic situation for the country is so critical, (and in my view the country already is now in), then a change of PM via a vote of no-confidence is seriously called for. A parliamentary vote of no-confidence on a PM is meant precisely for such national emergencies to contain any further damage.

    If successful, a caretaker PM having the majority confidence of the MPs and his Cabinet will then hold office pending the calling of a snap GE.

    In this way the voices and wishes of the Rakyat are truly and legitimately reflected, short of an illegal violent revolt where the PM is dragged into the streets and executed.

    Concrete enough for you?

  21. I agree with TL Man somewhat (on his suggestions for a concrete proposal)… i.e. get the mechanism right and the rest HOPEFULLY will follow. An independent judiciary, an independent MACC, an independent EC, allow those 18 years old and above to vote (since that is the age majority pursuant to the Age of Majority Act 1971) and that’s just a start. How do we get these to be independent? I haven’t the faintest clue, that I shall leave to the sociopolitical thinkers influencers such as Din Merican, Zaid Ibrahim et al

  22. Yes, blaming is not a solution to the answer in solving the current dire state of affairs. For those who are responsible, the rules of laws and/or public juries would one day, catch up with them

    Political parties and positions created by and for leaders in a cabinet ,under our Westminster System, are meant to beneficially serve the welfare of the people, not the other way round in appointing themselves or their successors to serve and protect a PM’s personal interests or wrong-doings, if any, during his term, or after he had left office.

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, while admitting some mistakes, had continued to blame others for his ‘’heinous’’ delusion.

    The politically environment and culture of MACCP (Money politics, Abuse of power, Corruption, Cronyism and Puppetry), largely sowed, had taken roots in Umno Baru and flourished during Mahathir’s reign, now expanded in Najib’s regime, had been disenabling, disrupting or interfering with the country’s delivery system and growth, in greater parts, the smooth running of the country.
    There is also a lack of people’s trust on Umno Baru-led government leaderships and their performance. These are dominant factors that had led the country to this dire state of affairs.

    It is not because the Westminster Parliamentary Democracy System does not work as well as it should be for any party, including Umno Baru, but because of its own internal problems, not competitions from any of the opponents or oppositions. The problems are accentuated with the abusive or oppressive manipulations of the system to sustain power at all costs to the people.
    The brunt of the inapt, often vicious actions, are largely inflicted on and carried by the opposition party leaders. The actions are often conveniently used as excuses to cover up its own weakness and mistake, pass on the blame, and shut up the oppositions and opponents, even those from its own party.

    The contentious issue is of power struggles between Mahathir and Najib, dragging in every one into it for support, under the pretense of saving Malaysia, Mahathir for his grandeur of delusion and ambition, the ‘’crooked bridge’’ and his son’s prospect of assuming the premiership and protecting his family’s wealth.
    For Najib, it is retesting his sincerity and inclusive leadership quality, since sacking his Deputy Tan Sri Muhyddin, severing the umbilical cord attached to Mahathir. He needs to work on it fast, because on nearing to the 14 GE, time and events unfolding, particularly in this information technology age, is not on his or Malayisia’s side locally or globally.

    So far, less than 100 days into his independence of his master (Mahathir), Najib has shown little, except a tiny glimpse of Inclusiveness in the 2016 budget, where low income earners across will be widely benefited, but it was done at a great expense of cut in fund allocation for education, coupled with large unexplained opaque increase of fund allocation for his PM’s Ministry.

    For a meaningful transformation, Malaysia needs to change both, the ruling leaderships and the embedded culture of MACCP, because changing either one or the other does not seems to succeed and work for the betterment of the people’s welfare sufficiently and effectively. They must be replaced by one that is Accountable, Competent, Governance and Transparent or in its equivalence.
    It has to ”start on a clean slate”, collectively and inclusively, regardless.

  23. Din,
    I had posted a comment here for the 5 th time for the past 20 minutes , but it could not register . I don’t know why. Could you check?-kllau
    Kllau, I had to remove 4 of the same thing. You must have clicked your comments 5x.–Din Merican.

  24. Whatever you want to say about Mr Badawi, he behaved gentlemanly when he lost the super-majority control of the Parliament; he said that when you lose then you lose (Kalau kalah, kalahlah!). He may fell asleep in the Parliament, but he said something profound when he paid the ex gratia compensation for the sacked and suspended judges:

    “To a large extent, the events of 1988 have fueled much of the disagreement on how to move on. … I can say with a clear conscience that I abided and will continue to abide by the principle of separation of powers, leaving the matter of justice to the judiciary. And yet the legacy of 1988 haunts us until today. … For many, the events of 1988 were an upheaval of the nation’s judicial system. Rightly or wrongly, many disputed both the legality and morality of the related proceedings. For me, personally, I feel it was a time of crisis from which the nation never fully recovered.”

    Only if Najib can be as awake as Mr Badawi, who often fell asleep in Parliament, then Najib would say something as profound as above.

    As to Mr Kassim Ahmad’s asking for concrete steps, Najib should thank Mr. Mahathir for messing up the judiciary branch so much that all Najib needs to do for visible improvement are just doing something symbolically: second ex gratia compensation, repent to judges and nation for May Day 1988, create a national repentant day, and etc. After that those noisy lawyers and vocal judges will bounce back in no time by themselves in asserting their independence and equal power to executive branch. Just don’t threaten judges with incarceration, tribunal trial, firing from posts, transferring, Red Shirts, shariah, and physical harms because they (and almost all of us) are known to be brave when only verbal and written arguments are involved.

  25. You guys are great commenting.Do you believe this guy is 20 and can write this English when for the period he has been in school the English teaching in all schools was an even now is so Fd up?This is a Macha of NAJIS so why even read the najis he “writes”?
    I did not read as his last sentence proves it all.
    It is possible for a 20 year old to write like this, if he was educated at the right school, even in Malaysia. I have met and talked boys and girls like him who are educated at Chempaka and Kolej Tuanku Jaafar. Mike, I would like to read an article from you (and host it on my blog if it meets my standards) and then I will decide whether I should brand yours Najis or not. One of the purposes of this blog is to encourage young Malaysians to write and share their views without fear or favour.–Din Merican

  26. It really does not matter whether the writer of the open letter is 20 years old or 39. The letter may need some fine-tuning but it is still well written and conveys the message that the writer wants to convey to Tun Mahathir – the English is still better than that of some PhD and Master’s degree graduates of some of our premier public universities.

  27. /// Kllau, I had to remove 4 of the same thing. You must have clicked your comments 5x.–Din Merican. ///

    Din, in the past, when we post, we get a response saying that the post is under moderation. Now, there is no response and we are not sure whether it has been posted.

  28. My take is that if the comments are not personal and abusive the moderator should let it go even if they are off subject. After all it is the views of a single person and others may see some merit in what is being said.

  29. Thanks @ The and Din,

    That was why I had clicked 5 times because I also did not get a response and not sure it was posted. Hope everything has been clarified and rectified-kllau

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