Altantuya’s Murder resurfaces–East Asia journalist, Mary Ann Jolley deported

September 12, 2015

Altantuya’s Murder resurfaces–East Asia journalist, Mary Ann Jolley deported

The deportation of an Al Jazeera journalist in the midst of investigative work on the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu raises questions as to why the case is so sensitive for Malaysian authorities, Lim Kit Siang said today.

The DAP parliamentary leader said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should be able to stand up to scrutiny from journalists if he was not linked to the Mongolian or her 2006 murder. “Why is the case of the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu so sensitive that Al Jazeera’s current affairs programme 101 East Asia journalist, Mary Ann Jolley, had to be deported when she was doing an investigative piece on the brutal murder?

East Asia journalist, Mary Ann JolleyAl Jazeera Journalist deported

“Is investigative reporting into Altantuya’s murder strictly out of bounds in Malaysia for any journalist, print or online, local or foreign?” Lim said in a statement. He asked whether Najib would direct the police to re-open investigations into Altantuya’s murder in the wake of the documentary, which aired today on Al Jazeera.

Lim said the documentary provided “new evidence” which might lead to the discovery of the motive behind the killing, but did not elaborate further. Current affairs programme 101 East showed Jolley being escorted by officers at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on June 14.

“I’m being escorted by about 5 Customs agents and a man in a military outfit, so I’m about to board my flight to Sydney. Clearly I hit a raw nerve,” Jolley said in the programme as she walked to board her flight.

A statement by Al Jazeera said the Home Ministry had deported her as her activity had a “potential negative effect on the image of Malaysia”.

The programme investigates those involved in the Altantuya saga, and asks whether the two men convicted of the murder, Sirul Azhar Umar and Azilah Hadri, were the “fall guys” for others.

In its response, the Malaysian government strongly denied any links between the Mongolian woman and Najib, and dismissed allegations of corruption and kickbacks surrounding the murder as attempts by political opponents to smear him. – September 11, 2015.

15 thoughts on “Altantuya’s Murder resurfaces–East Asia journalist, Mary Ann Jolley deported

  1. The long arm of the law will get those responsible for the brutal murder of the Mongolian model, Altantuya Shaariibuu. Raja Petra and I met her father when he came to Kuala Lumpur in 2008. I remembered him as a father determined to seek justice for his late daughter. Later RPK was arrested under ISA for writing about the murder. He was subsequently released by the High Court in Shah Alam. The rest is history.–Din Merican

    Read his article.

  2. The superstitious will say that – She is like a restless spirit that refuses to or unable to move on nor her soul can rest in peace because her brutal murder is left hanging and has no conclusion. An angry vengeful ghost who will continue to haunt relentlessly without respite , those responsible for her violent death. until the lust for vengeance is satiated and justice is served onto all who were responsible. .

  3. Now we don’t read RPK mentioning this case at all. What happen RPK? Or anyone knew any reason of RPK silent.
    We can only speculate what happened to him. He is now pro-Najib Government.People are entitled to change their minds. We can be generous by saying that like Tunku Abdul Aziz RPK has a change of heart.–Din Merican

  4. It’s sickening to read all this spinning. All are wrong except the government with its sycophants. How do the ball carries of Najib could come to conclude that there was no evidence of killing neither Najib had ever met Altatunya when the objective of killing had not been proven in the court yet as what the lawmakers have been saying all these years.

    The video picture of Al Jazeera I viewed on Chronicles showed someone shooting while its audio saying certain person opened the trigger on Altanuya’s head to shoot her. Couldn’t that piece of evidence be something new to open the case to get the culprits?

    Well, it could also be a ‘drama’ trailer being produced by Mary Ann Jolley of Al Jazeera to show the world of a rouge country!!!!!

  5. this documentary alleges that neither Azhar nor Sirul pulled the trigger that night in the belukar.
    Heresay of course but this has been going around Facebook, that someone:

    Bumped into RB 2 days ago..nonchalantly buying jewelry for this very young ( ‘altantuyaa’ – like looking) woman….life goes on i guess…

  6. “How do you know (that Najib did not know Altantuya)?° Razak repeated the question, smiled, looked down & away, turned back with a disgust look and said “I know!”. (Check out the al jazeera clip)

    1. How does he cock sure know? Logically, it is impossible to know (unless you are God)

    2. His 2-word answer shows he’s been cornered and could not answer with a credible lie

    3. His body language shows (again) that he’s cornered and tried to wriggle free.

    Razak was lying through every pore of his body. Every trained interrogator will tell you that.

  7. Razak Baginda…..”I know”

    The reporter who asked that question missed an opportunity to ask RB….”Do you know what Najib had for breakfast this morning?”

    The point being that RB couldn’t have been with Najib 24 hours a day for even a week, let alone for months over the period of the submarine deal. For RB to insist, without any reasonable qualification, he “knows” is enough proof for anyone with half a brain that a forced lie has been told.

    If it is really true that RB pulled the trigger that actually killed her, and Sirul was only an accessary in blowing up her body, then we can understand now why Sirul said he was made a scapegoat.

    And what about Azilah? What secret deal was worked out for him? Not a word from his family members? Given Malaysia Boleh, I am not even surprised that he is not in jail at all waiting to be executed, but living under an assumed identity in Kazakhstan.

    Now we see why a change of government is so devastating for Najib / RB.

    As for the IGP, his behavior / statements speak volumes.

  8. I was just reading up about Ancient Greek Gods – and came up with something called Dionysus Enorches (with balls). Represented by an highly protected, entitled, but churlish animated marble statue that rolls it’s eyes, smirks and eructates: “I Know!”

    You guys can’t even imagine what big bola-2 means, until you’ve visited the Uffizi Museum in Florence.

    This is the Second Phase of the Jibros-Octo War of the Rosebud.

    Octo is a rogue strategist. Jibros (or rather the ‘ros portion) fancy themselves, the same – but somehow persistently step on Turds – like deporting international investigative journalists on say-so of SB. Soon, with Dear Leader comedians like them, we may end up being called Turdistan.

  9. They should not press the panic button to deport Al Jazeera’s current affairs programme 101 Asia journalist Mary Ann Joley to investigate on Altantuya murder that convicted the two murderers to be hanged. As Najib had no involvement on the Mongolian beauty that linked to the purchase of two submarines from France, he should have a calm composure instead behaving like drunkard man saying other countries were trying to push him out of office. Najib has no fear as he said he had declared his innocence by swearing under the Quran.

  10. Think of Altantuya……Wonder if there is a song reminding us of Altantuya

    Like Altantuya’s tragedy, Laura Carter was killed by a stray bullet…….Very sad indeed

  11. Now the NAJIS is running away to London on 15th Sept leaving his trusted deputy to oversee the red shirts? Ever wondered why NAJIS is always accompanied with his deputy whenever he appears in public?.Scared shit that he will be cornered and have shit thrown at him? Interesting times ahead.God save Malaysia.

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