Singapore: Understand History and Lee Kuan Yew

July 5, 2015

Singapore: Understand History and Lee Kuan Yew

SingaporeLee Kuan Yew’s Legacy

Given what is happening in Malaysia, it is refreshing to learn that not far from our shores is an island state called Singapore. It will be constant reminder for  all  of what it would take to build a modern nation state with first class infrastructure and a united nation. It took  leadership, true grit,  a talented team, and honest government. That leader was the late Mr. Lee  Kuan Yew who had a team of loyal and dedicated lieutenants and their successors. So let history be the judge of their achievements.–Din Merican

11 thoughts on “Singapore: Understand History and Lee Kuan Yew

  1. Lee Kuan Yew understood the psychological needs of his people. People who left their homeland and tried to build a new home. Ready to sacrifice human freedom for a benevolent dictatorship with good government and a sense of security and protection. Singapore also gave them a stable economy and peaceful environment. For the next generation, these things may be taken for granted. The young Singaporeans may want more Lee’s paradigm may no longer be appropriate.

  2. History will remember him as a great leader with a mission and a vision. Such people are rare and often envied by mediocre leaders.

  3. The main difference between LKY and Najib is that all his life, LKY fight corruptions, racialism and avoid religious divide whilst Najib do the exact opposite of them. Now he is trying to achieve the greatest liar of all times award….. “I can swear to God with a holy koran in the mosque that I did not steal the money or know her”

  4. History would bear witness to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, a bigger and greater man than when was alive, Universally respected and appreciated for his Grand Visionary Benevolent Pragmatism for the welfare of people resonates in a small country, but applicable to all nations, worldwide, in maintaining peace and security, wealth and prosperity.

    That could be the living irony but it is an undeniable truth.

  5. There’s an excellent book called “Lee’s Lieutenants”.
    A small group of initially left-wing Fabian socialist intellectuals (the most prominent being LKY, Goh Keng Swee, Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye) founded the PAP and created modern Singapore.

    The book also includes a chapter on one of the losers (not actually a Lee Lieutenant) in the battle i.e.
    Lim Chin Siong and his alternative vision of a Communist Singapore.

    Note that Goh Keng Swee and Toh Chin Chye were born in Malaya.

    I think the smartest moves the PAP leaders did were to follow the advice of Dutch economist Albert Winsemius and pursue a path of export-oriented industrialisation through encouraging foreign investment, and by getting workers to go up the skills ladder over time (i.e not just remain stuck in unskilled or low level assembly line work and serving as cheap labour to be exploited by the foreign investors). There was also state-sponsored growth various industries e.g. the IT industry through the effort of the National Computer Board. Other smart moves included improving the education system (technical education), and the HDB housing programme. The housing programme deserves greater recognition as a major factor in the improvement of the health of the people of Singapore.

    The undeniable success, at least in terms of economics, of PAP’s “Malaysian Malaysia” programme (when Singapore was part of Malaysia) is
    correspondingly a great indictment of the failure of UMNO’s
    “Ketuanan Melayu” ideology and programmes.

  6. I think there is hope for Malaysia yet.

    If we can get rid of this UMNO Baru-BN parasite regime and have a new government, we can forge a stronger economic partnership with Singapore
    i.e. form an economic union. We will be able to get rid of economically inefficient border controls which hamper trade. Just think of the needless traffic jams at the Causeway! The free flow of labour and capital through the formation of an economic union will benefit both countries. Malaysia will benefit when the large number of Overseas Malaysians and ex-Malaysians in Singapore return home to work and invest their capital.

    The main question is when (or if ever) we will be able to get rid of this
    parasite UMNO Baru-BN political class and its regime that is running the country into the ground, even as Singapore continues to improve by leaps and bounds.

  7. Ricky,
    How can you compare that spoilt brat Jibby with LKY? You might as compare that imbecile Conrad with Henry Kissinger. Lee Hsien Loong may be the appropriate person but then heck Hsien Loong is way behind Najib’s league. Even then some singaporeans complained about nepotism.
    Stick to issues and don’t get personal. If you ignore my advice, I will use my privilege.–Din Merican

  8. To govern a mudflat of an island with no resources and hinterland but with a potentially explosive mix of a mainly immigrant multi racial and multi religious immigrant population, LKY knew what NOT to resort to. To top it all there was the largely Chinese-speaking population whose ideological inspiration was the recently-triumphant Mao Tse Dong. LKY’s was also a people he couldn’t reach, at least initially, until he mastered the Chinese language, he being mainly schooled in the English language. There was also massive unemployment and loss of 20% of GDP to contend with when the British pulled out their armed forces.
    It was through sheer grit and brilliant leadership aided by a cohort of equally dedicated co-leaders that LKY succeeded. A true miracle in nation building that should serve as an excellent model to emulate. But underlying all the hard work and brilliant but pragmatic policies are also the tenacious adherence to universal values like integrity, honesty and the desire to put the people’s interest ahead of one’s selfish interest. This is where many lesser leaders fail.

  9. To bring down his oxley rise house master stroke . unlike our ketuanans and their luury palaces etc etc, their legacy to exbit corrupt wealth shalessley

    Me thinks LKYs best legacy was the brilliance of that young gutsy lad AMOS YEE
    It will be good if any of you could send me the link. Education, creativity and raw guts. well done Amos..

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