Malaysia’s “First Couple” (Rosmah and Najib)’s Lavish Ways make news in Indonesia

April 21, 2015

Malaysia’s First Couple (Rosmah and Najib)’s Lavish Ways make news in Indonesia

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The lavish lifestyles of Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor were highlighted in an Indonesian magazine Tempo, just two days before the couple head to Indonesia for a formal engagement.

The article, containing excerpts of news pieces about the couple published in Malaysia and abroad, centred largely around the extravagant lifestyles the two led, ranging from Rosmah’s love of luxury handbags and jewellery to her trademark bouffant.

Also included in the piece was a more recent revelation by Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force (MyWatch) Chief R Sri Sanjeevan who uploaded onto Facebook, pictures of the couple’s favourite luxury watches, running into thousands of ringgit.

Tempo marveled at how the luxury watches owned by Rosmah were acquired by the couple despite her husband drawing a salary of only RM350,000 a year.

“Najib and his family’s lifestyle has courted the anger of Malaysians,” Malaysiakini quoted the article as saying. Also making it’s way into Tempo’s article was the unfortunate remark Rosmah once made prior to the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia where she talked about how her hairdo costs a whopping RM1,200.

Echoing the criticisms of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, the article also made a mention of the Hollywood-like lifestyle of Riza Aziz, the PM’s stepson who has snapped up property in New York and Beverly Hills, California worth millions.

The couple’s lifestyle has come under attack from politicians and the general public here in Malaysia and now it is becoming even more unfortunate that their reputation is preceding them as they make their way to Indonesia as well.

24 thoughts on “Malaysia’s “First Couple” (Rosmah and Najib)’s Lavish Ways make news in Indonesia

  1. Don’t worry; the money comes from our Prime Minister Najib’s inheritance. I am sure our Ambassador in Indonesia will be able to explain the couple’s lavish ways to readers of Tempo, one of Indonesia’s widely read magazines. Shouldn’t we be happy with the attention given to our couple ahead of their visit to the Republic? –Din Merican

  2. Great pre-departure PR for the high flying lowlife living off the fat of the land which unfortunately will cost taxpayers millions in consultants’ fees to undo.

  3. Not inheritance from Tun Razak, maybe inheritance from Tan Sri Noah.
    Didn’t know Mr Mansor was that wealthy to leave such a large inheritance to Mah Chot.
    The RMN personnel in Lumut was hauled up by MACC for living a lavish lifestyle beyond their means but not the Lu Tolong Wa, Wa Tolong Lu and Mah Chot.
    I guess it pays to be a politician in Malaysia (sic)

  4. How could the magazine be so disrespectful to our PM who is a direct descendant of an ancient Indonesian royalty?

    As our IGP would say or rather Twit, after examining it for 15 seconds, that this is clearly seditious.

  5. Er.., there was once a high end fashion show in Windsor Castle too.
    Only hoity-doities were invited. Don’t ask who paid..

    I tried to attend, but was booted out for being too ‘mangy’ and was not a poodle.
    No worries. The British royalty didn’t attend either since they didn’t know what, why or whom a ‘Minangkabau Princess’ was, much less meant.

    Tempo is just jealous and pandering to ‘perceptions’.

  6. That means our PM and the FIRST LADY should be accorded VVVVIP treatment when they visit Indonesia, e.g. new red carpet to walk on, USD100,000/night hotel, bath in fresh milk and honey, most expensive beef steak in the world from NFC …. Anything lesser than that will be an “insult” to Malaysia and its people and we should “lodge a strong protest” to Indonesia.

  7. Somebody with the right connections to Tempo must have supplied the information to embarrass our infamous first couple during their visit to Bandung for the Afro-Asian conference.

  8. Looks like our ambassador to Jakarta, Zahrain Hashim, the ex-PKR Chief of Penang, has failed his boss…. other than helping to secure an honorary award from the Minangkabau Clan in Sumatera for the FLOM, Zahrain has failed to “temper” the Indonesian media…. maybe he’s busy trying to look for supply of coal…. hahahaha

    p/s Puzzled Malay: sorrylah bro, you cannot blame Anwar Ibrahim, he’s in jail….

  9. Indonesians shouldn’t complain. Their president might have travelled by a commercial flight to see his kid in Singapore. But we Malaysians have a fleet of jets to take of the PM or his associates around then world. Our ‘first family’ also boasts of an expensive penthouse in New York and mansion in Hollywood.

  10. “Malaysia’s “First Couple” (Rosmah and Najib)’s Lavish Ways make news in Indonesia”


    You think the Indonesians forgot this…

    Dato’ & Orang Malaya,

    “…Didn’t know Mr Mansor was that wealthy to leave such a large inheritance to Mah Chot…”

    Just to share this…

    “Dato’ – …Don’t worry; the money comes from our Prime Minister Najib’s inheritance…”

    You be the judge.

  11. All Indonesians should reject this visit as it will influence their President Jokowi and his wife negatively. They might start mimicking Najis and Roastie.

  12. Will the 50 Umno morons who protested against the display of the cross at the Taman Medan church do the same in front of the Indonesian Embassy in KL? They should, as the article in Tempo is an affront to their mahaguru and tok president. Or they simply don’t have the “bola” to hurl abuses at the Indons for fear of being eaten alive.

  13. Tok Cik…. Malaysian embassy is “open” in Jakarta with Jl Kapten Tendean on one side, Jl Gatot Subroto on the other, Jl Rasuna Said as the third side…. protestors can literally surround the place and have the Dubes for lunch….

  14. Didn’t the Indonesians protest about the origin of Popiah, and also about the treatment of their citizens while working in Malaysia? Dubes was too scared to even meet with the group that wanted to hand over a petition.

  15. Din et al,
    This is a gem. Aaaagh! I do cherish my british education. I told one Yank that I can vote in UK even though I am not british citizen, merely citizen of commonwealth countries and he told me………..What a liberal country……
    The point I am trying to make on this video clip is that……….Even now, Even in UK whether scotland or england, we are treated as one of them. It used to be that way in Malaysia but……………..

  16. The time has come for candidates all over the Third World standing for elections to public office to declare their wealth on the back of the ballot paper.

  17. “Malaysia’s “First Couple” (Rosmah and Najib)’s Lavish Ways make news in Indonesia”

    Dato’ & TL Man,

    How’s this for a starter…

    Surprise , surprise…

    How “Dumb” can one be to make such declaration…

    : Sosial ::

    1980 – kini – ……..

    Also to share this…

    Jul 21, 2013 – Ucapan Perasmian Daripada YBhg Datuk John Ambrose – Ketua UMNO Bahagian Penampang –

    Link below – Watch from 02:45 on…

    Apr 12, 2013 –

    You be the judge.

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