Daim: What’s wrong in owning bank in Tanzania?

April 24, 2014

Daim: What’s wrong in owning bank in Tanzania?

by Malaysiakini

Former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin has asked just what the problem is in owning a bank in Tanzania.

This is in response to Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who recently in the Keadilan Daily, claimed that he has evidence of Daim allegedly swindling money from Malaysia and keeping the money there.

Daim served as Malaysia's finance minister on two occasions, from 1984 to 1991, and from 1999 to 2001.

Daim served as Malaysia’s Finance Minister on two occasions, from 1984 to 1991, and from 1999 to 2001.

Daim dismissed Anwar as a “kaki goreng” (someone who makes things up), adding that if Anwar has any evidence on his alleged misconduct then he should make a detailed report to the authorities, he was quoted as saying in Utusan Malaysia today.

“Anwar  when meeting with the Tanzania President in an investment session there asked about my assets. The President replied that I have a bank in Tanzania, so what is the problem?” Daim asked.

Daim Shrugs Off Anwar’s Claims, Says He Was Cleared In Probes.

Daim shrugs Off Anwar’s Claims and says he was cleared in probes.

“Anwar, after he was expelled from UMNO, everything is described as improper. So what was he doing in the party?” he added.

Anwar has met the President, Finance minister and Bank governor of Tanzania

“The Governor said Daim has a bank in Tanzania and I asked him where did the money come from. Certainly it is from Malaysia and kept there,” said the Opposition leader.

He added there was evidence of Daim had abusing his power, when the person responsible in managing the bank was arrested in London.

“I brought this to the attention of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission but there has been no action,” the Permatang Pauh MP has said.

Daim revealed that Anwar has lodged various reports against him asking for an investigation. “The call for investigation is based on letters I sent to him. However, he blanked my name and claimed he obtained the letters on his own. Twice the authorities have investigated me on my assets. At that time Anwar was finance minister and also chair for corruption, why did he not take action?

“Only after he was expelled from UMNO that he start raising this,” Daim asserted. He added that Anwar had previously claimed to hold boxes of documents of alleged abuse of power by Malaysian politicians but till today, has not exposed anything.



27 thoughts on “Daim: What’s wrong in owning bank in Tanzania?

  1. What is wrong? EVEN as former Finance Minister, where did he get the money to even own a bank even in Tanzania? Daim may be one of the most solid technically as a Finance Minister but even he loses the big picture if pushed hard enough..

  2. Hmmm……An interesting question would be how Daim can amass big wealth in owning a bank. I heard that Tanzania is a socialist country. Well, Peter Godber is not that lucky.

  3. Not only in Tazania, His money is every where including south Africa and most of the 3rd world country. Not only bank in other country, He also got many Land bank in malaysia under all the proxies name.

    The sad thing is, he doesn’t employ Malay to work for him.

  4. Those who are or were paid by the public purse must declare their wealth. Just asking what is wrong with owning Gold Bars in Swiss Bank when that ownership is exposed just does not wash. If you want to become a developed country the country must be rich with quality education system and quality health services coupled with the wealth spread to the Middle Class who should make up at least 80% of the population. There is nothing wrong with anyone owning property overseas. But that should not stand in the way of our quest to become a developed country by 2020.

  5. Ahaaa…. the big time thief telling the public….what’s wrong with me having big houses and many cars…
    That sense of shame, embarrassment or guilt is no where presence in Daim anymore…the result of consuming so much food from his ill gotten gain.

  6. Whilst Daim still sits pretty along with Kutty , Pak Lah and Najib ( still untroubled by his alleged trysts with Altantuya) for all their shenanigans, poor Anwar is being hounded for something relatively trivial as the alleged SODOMY 11, (even if true a consensual act ) which stinks of conspiracy to high heavens from day one !!!

  7. Obama’s visit to Malaysia this weekend.
    Questions for the audience to ask at the “townhall meeting” at
    Universiti Malaya:

    1. Mr President, why are you not meeting with Anwar Ibrahim when he won 51% of the votes in the General Election of May 2013 ?

    2. Mr President, do you realize that here is Malaysia, we have a system of institutionalised racism and discrimination? In other words, we have a semi-apartheid system here.

    3. Mr President, do you realize that our Prime Minister will never agree to sign the TPPA because free competition will hurt his political base i.e. the crony capitalist companies linked to the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO)?

    4. Mr President, why do you not listen to the Malaysia experts at your State Department and to former US Ambassador John Malott? Why do you choose to alienate the people of Malaysia by appearing to endorse Prime Minister Najib and his kleptocratic regime ?
    Good questions for the President of the US. Obama is just one big talker. That makes him a superb politician, but not a great President.John Kerry and the State Department should take note. Obama will praise Najib because it suits him to have a weak leader in Malaysia.–Din Merican

  8. Daim is a successful businessman who became a Finance Minister. He made his fortune as a developer of Maluri. He was also a prudent investor in the KLSE. Let us acknowledge this. Anwar is one big talker with cronies and proxies when he was in UMNO.

  9. Malaysia boleh.

    Someone called a robber a successful business man. What a joke? Where and how he got these lands from Bandar Perdana,Kedah and Tebrau at JB.

  10. The real story is this – Do anyone believe that Mahathir would let Daim be richer than him? As wealthy as you think Daim is, Mahathir is MUCH richer – all on the backs of the people..Crony Capitalism is but a Regressive tax and we now have some idea of by how much thanks to Piketty. If the Malays don’t like GST and inflation, its not logical for them to tolerate Crony capitalism.

  11. The Third World should legitimizing undue rewards. The US loves the Third World for this. The more corrupted Third World more they love them because it is easy to do business based on their 10% legitimized commission. But they may be in for a shock because the cost of doing that kind of business has gone up because of the US$ 3-4 Trillion injected into the US economy since 2000 Quantitative Easing.

  12. Sorry that you talk of Taman Maluri, not knowing that it was Dato’ Harun Idris (former MB of Selangor ) who propped him up and got it out of its doldrum. Then he went into the salt factory thing in Malacca which he burnt his hands into, but the turn around of Maluri that cleared him, and further TRI helped him with the Banks problem, so TRI catapulted into the Wings of E-MAS……( which up to present day is making ” Losses” – these Losses are by design….) –
    Imagine the weight of a powerful Politician as MB, added with the fact that the Harun-Musa Hitam team was Tun Razak’s choice to be the PM-Material, it did not bring fame & glory, BUT JEALOUSY in the culture, and Harun Idris was ‘ back-stabbed ‘……,
    It was simply rotten ungrateful scums in Politics that virtually ‘ destroyed ‘ such Great man as YB Dato’ Harun Idris…..no use lamenting and no point regretting, hopefully he rests with Blessings of his Maker in a blissful and everlasting Life…….- Amen

  13. Susan Rice to meet Anwar Ibrahim, Obama to meet leaders of Bersih etc.

    This is NOT good enough.
    If the top US official to visit Myanmar/Burma met with Aung San Suu Kyi, then the top US official to visit Malaysia, President Barack Obama, should meet with Anwar Ibrahim (whose political coalition won 51% of the vote versus Najib Razak’s 47%).

    Anwar Ibrahim is the equivalent of Nelson Mandela in Malaysia – a person who strives to UNITE the diverse peoples of Malaysia. Not a divider (i.e. unethically playing divisive ethnic and religious politics) in the mode of Najib’s Malay supremacist United Malays National Organisation.

  14. Abnizar.
    You are 100% on Datuk Harun.He save Daim from bankrupt.
    Datin Salmah,Dato Harun wife told me,when Dato Harun in prison,she went to see Mahani,Daim wife and wanted to buy a shop house in Taman Maluri.
    Mahani told her ,she will give 5% discount for the shophouse? What a shame.

    Abdul Hakim,inthink you know nut about Daim and Anwar.
    Who is Anwar cronies that make a lot of money when he was finance minister.
    Datuk Nazri,Kadir Jasin,Tong,Murad.

    Compare to Daim cronies,Halim Saad,Ahmad sebi,Wan Azmi,Razaligh Rahman,Amin Shah,Doris ,Robert Tan etc etc.

    Mahathir cronies,
    Ananda Khrisnan,Vincent Tan,YTL,Arumugam etc cte.
    Ananda become the riches man in the country.In 1981 when Mahathir become PM,he is only an Oil broker.

  15. BigJoe,
    What so big deal about the US President meet up with Anwar? Oh come on la, ANWAR IBRAHIM. Don’t be a crybaby la. Frankly I am very aghast over what Terence Netto said about Karpal Singh. Something about Karpal Singh has been very divisive when he’s alive. Perhaps, Anwar Ibrahim should do Malaysia a favour by going to JAIL instead. Let more calibre folks to take over the leadership

  16. This “dam” sorry daim fellow always reminds me of a mouse whenever I used to and still do see his pictures.The mousy personality managed to get him into deep holes underground do do his mousy things. After that he will appear on land and pretend to be eating scrum like all mice do.Did you hear the story that when he was in the govt he always writes with a pencil: why? Cos easy to rub off mah after action has been taken and no evidence left on his mousy decisions!That was and is a mousy “successful” bizman.My ass!

  17. Mike,
    Well! What more I can say man.

    I thought Kadir Jasin is Madhater’s numero uno supporter. Hisham Rais says one.

    Please don’t insult Nelson Mandela by equating Nelson with Anwar. Just like I disagree to equate Karpal with Gandhi. Karpal Singh at times are like David Marshall (Singapore first Jew chief minister) & at times are like lee kuan yew of singapore (in terms of law & constitution).

    Guys & Gals,
    Again what you expect Obama to do. Kim Huat can tell you very clearly. Of course, I admire Bill Clinton for snubbing Madhater. He sent Al Gore to say this in APEC summit dinner. That’s a fact. Don’t believe me ask Badawi.


    “Democracy confers a stamp of legitimacy that reforms must have in order to be effective. And so, among nations suffering economic crises, we continue to hear calls for democracy, calls for reform in many languages – people’s power, doi moi, reformasi. We hear them today, right here, right now, among the brave people of Malaysia.”

  18. MACC will clear ministers and ex ministers of any amount of corruption as they are scared to be labelled as ‘naughty naughty’ as what Taib Mahmud did to them. So there is nothing for Daim to gloat about if he was cleared of corruption by the Umno government or their compliant authorities. And did Daim really expect Anwar to take action against him under the PMship of Mahathir ? Can Daim label himself as clean under Mahathir’s and Umno’s controlled investigation ? Whom is he trying to kid ?

  19. /// Abdul Hakim April 25, 2014 at 7:46 am
    Daim is a successful businessman who became a Finance Minister. He made his fortune as a developer of Maluri. He was also a prudent investor in the KLSE. Let us acknowledge this. Anwar is one big talker with cronies and proxies when he was in UMNO. ///

    Successful businessman? Just like the Mahathir sons? What happened to his genuine salt business?

    If you are given free land, or free/cheap shares, how not to be successful? If you siphon off massive amount of cash, how not to be successful?

  20. Anwar was beaten almost to death while in prison.
    Mandela was untouched.

    Anwar never advocated any form of violence while Mandela
    supported Umkhonto we Sizwe.

    Mandela defended allies such as Colonel Khadafy just because the latter
    supported the ANC

    Both are great individuals in their own ways.

    Anwar and his family have suffered a lot for the sake of us ordinary Malaysians. He and his family could easily have gone over to the other corrupt side and be richly rewarded for it. The least we can do is to show him and his family our gratitude and support.

  21. Phua,
    So does Karpal Singh. And I aghast over what Terence Netto said that Karpal was not much of a unifying force during his lifetime. Pure BS!

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