Biro Tata Negara–The Ethnic Hate Machine

December 14, 2012

Biro Tata Negara–The Ethnic Hate Machine

by J Bellamy (12-13-12)@


COMMENT: I was once a member of a group of government servants forced to attend a Biro Tatanegara (BTN, or National Civics Bureau) “nationhood” course.

This Orwellian department began life as a ‘Youth Research Unit’ in 1974, under the Youth Ministry. It was re-invented as the BTN in the Prime Minister’s Department, under Dr Mahathir Mohamad,Prime Minister at the time.

Prime Minister Najib Adul Razak’s overfed, flabby department bestowed the BTN with RM74 million of public money in 2009.

BTN1BTN has repaid taxpayers with racial slurs. Hamim Husin (left), a deputy director of the Federal Territory office of the BTN, called the Chinese ‘si sepet’ (slanted-eye) and the Indians ‘si botol’ (alcoholics) at an UMNO meeting in September 2010. Hamim managed to alienate more than 30 percent of the nation’s population in one breath.

Half a year earlier, in February 2010, Nasir Safar, a “special assistant” to Najib, was forced to resign after expressing his contempt for the non-Malay ‘pendatang’ or immigrants.

At a 1Malaysia event, Nasir called Malaysian Indians “beggars” and Malaysian Chinese “prostitutes”. His half-crazed speech was blamed on brainwashing by the BTN. BTN officers must have been drinking too much of their own distillate of ethnic hatred.

The BTN took a hammering in the press for its crude attempts at indoctrination. There were calls from the MCA , MIC and NGOs for the BTN to be dismantled, and to be packed away in the same musty drawers as the ‘psy-ops’ experts of China’s Cultural Revolution or Stalin’s Gulag Archipelago.

Since 2010, the BTN has improved somewhat: the widely reported insults against non-Malays as immigrants or ‘pendatang’ have been toned down. Non-Malays are no longer instructed to publicly announce they are ‘pendatang’. Instead, they are invited to state, during group discussions, their dialect group and their ancestral homes in China or India, as a kind of confession of their ‘pendatang’ status.

BERSIH’ is dirty

The previously routine racist attacks in BTN have largely been replaced by the tepidBersih platitudes of 1Malaysia. But the BTN has not given up its staple diet of championing Malay supremacy, of lauding UMNO, and of attacking PAS, PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim and the DAP.

The BTN continues to emphasise the so-called “unchangeable” articles in the Federal Constitution that protect the “special position” of the Malays (Article 153), the Malay Rulers, Islam as the religion of the nation and Malay as the national language.

Copies of the constitution are handed out, and BTN participants are warned repeatedly never to question these supposedly sacrosanct articles.

We were reminded several times about the constitutional latitude afforded to the government of the day to impose constraints on individual liberties, such as freedom of speech and expression, in the name of “sedition” and “public order and morality”.

‘BERSIH’ is a dirty word. We were educated that the meaning of democracy was regular elections, not street rallies. Public demonstrations are clearly seen as a threat to Umno’s monopoly on national power.

Psy ops, BTN style

One evening, we were softened up initially by a lighthearted contest, performing patriotic songs. After the camaraderie and laughter of the competition, we were brought back to earth by a role-playing game, designed to remind us of the evils of colonialism.

We were given strict instructions to remain silent, while being set a seemingly impossible task, trying to match up stones of different sizes.

During the task, BTN facilitators pulled out several participants, apparently at random. These “detainees” had masking tape placed over their lips and strings tied loosely around their wrists, to mimic the senseless injustice of colonial rule. After 20 minutes, a few selected participants were allowed to speak, and then to release the “detainees” on the sidelines.

After this pantomime liberation, we were told to gather in a crowd around one young man and shoulder him aloft, carrying a giant Malaysian flag while singing a happy patriotic song.

Finally, we were treated to a video – essentially a snuff film – aimed at traumatising participants, so that we would feel that Muslims and Malays are victims and therefore Malays must unite against the larger world.

There was a slide show of stomach-turning violence, depicting Iraqi and Palestinian children and women buried alive, bleeding from facial wounds, and butchered by American or Israeli soldiers. One photograph focussed on an American soldier’s T-shirt, bearing the slogan ‘Born to Kill’.

A repulsive video was then played, showing religious violence among Muslim and Christian Malays in Ambon, including a scene of an attacker hacking a defenceless man with a machete, until a piece of his skull was partly detached, while Policemen looked on.

These horrific scenes were interspersed with images of unidentified Malay protesters throwing stones and BERSIH demonstrators picking up and hurling tear gas canisters. The final message of Malay unity was driven home using a tearful speech by former Prime Minister Mahathir, reminding us tremulously that the Malay “struggle” is not over. Several of us were in tears by this stage.

53 thoughts on “Biro Tata Negara–The Ethnic Hate Machine

  1. Those who speak with forked tongues and try to fool the people are best rebutted with their own words and deeds.

    Just what more proof do we need to debunk Najib’s “strategically ambiguous” “1Malaysia” propaganda than the milliuons wasted on the Biro Tatanegara?

    Their poster boy Hamim Husin illustrates the fruits of what that huge chunk of the rakyat’smoney has borne.

    [If I recall correctly, when the heat went up, the swaggering Hamim was accompanied to the Sentul police station by an gang of loud suppoprters led by the even more swaggering Armand Azha, then Ketua Wira Perkasa who has since hopped into Petaling Jaya Utara Umno Youth as their Information Chief.]

    Why would any right thinking Malaysian want to vote for those who lie and misuse public funds to advance a divide-and-rule agenda?

  2. Seems that the writer was subjected to some real brain washing and BN propaganda.
    I would like to ask the writer these questions, if I may, 1) what did you do when you were subjected to these things? 2) did you make any protests? 3) did you make your dis-satisfaction known? 4) 5) you were a willing participant, right? 5) why now, after so many years’, do you make this public now?
    I am NOT asking this as a form of criticism, just out of curiosity.
    These things are expected from an insecure Government anyway, worse things have happened elsewhere in this country, indeed worse racist statements and actions have been said, and done, in full view of the public and the regulating authorities too, and they don’t have to be subtle at all.
    To be fair, one must also attend the meetings of some chinese guilds & associations, some meetings of indian associations, etc., if for nothing else, just for comparison, One should listen to the racial things being said, and discussed, the racial slurs, the racial stereo typing, etc., believe me, it will make these BTN meetings’ look and sound like child’s play.
    It’s just that the BTN do it, because they can get away with it. They control the regulating authorities anyway.
    Our Malaysian minds have been conditioned to think that, when a group of malays gather, even if they are ordinary men/women having a conversation about anything else, other than racial thoughts, then they must be condemning the chinese and the indians, or at least conniving how to get rid of the chinese and indians from this country, how to alienate the chinese and indians further, how to take more of the country’s wealth for themselves, etc. That is already implanted in our Malaysian chinese and indian minds, whether justified or not, it is there.
    Who and what are responsible for this then?
    Why is this so? That is up to an individual’s interpretation, and exposure to being with, and knowing the malays, as a race, not just as individuals.
    When a group of malays say and talk about, “ketuanan melayu”, he is referred to as a racist, and worse still a radical muslim, however, when a group of indians shout about hindu/indian rights, or are maintaining a “little India in Malaysia” they are just interested in the preservation of their religion and race, and when a chinese businessman gives 90% of his business to the chinese, that is ok too, they are just being good businessmen. How does one regulate a chinese who only gives his business to only the chinese? But when a malay does the same, gives his business to the malays, he is labelled a racist.
    The Hindu Rights Action Force, is an example. The name implies and army, an army set up for war, against whom may I ask? One needs a name like that, to “fight” for indian rights?
    And the PM wants to meet them, just to get the indian votes? Pathetic isn’t it? One PM declares them illegal, and the present PM wants to sit down and have tea/coffee and biscuits with them.
    What if the malay’s set up an association called, “Muslims Right Action Force, and the chinese, the “Chinese Action Force”?
    Where would be heading?
    All I am saying is this, BTN is bad, very bad for national integration, and makes a mockery and a contradiction of Najib’s 1 Malaysia. At the same time, please be aware of what goes on in the chinese and indian organisations too.
    If I had a choice, I would make it illegal to have any organisation with chinese, indian, or malay with it, starting with the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Malay Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, etc. as they are not organisations meant to intregate Malaysians.
    It is this that bothers me, when an indian to want to be more indian, or a chinese to be more chinese, that is 100% ok, they are called heros’ to their race, feted and some make quite a good living out of it as well, BUT when a malay wants to be more malay, he is a racist.
    Wither Malaysia, Najib, or Mahathir couldn’t be bothered about the country, just themselves and their kind.

  3. While there is much that is true of what you have written above Earnest, there is one point you have neglected: BTN is a Formalized Institution of the Government.
    Institutionalized Racism is Fascism, and has no place in this modern age. There is little difference in ideology, propaganda and brainwashing techniques used by the Nazis and other genocidal entities. Tribalism is an innate and primal instinct, easy to manipulate.

    The whole purpose of BTN, Perkasa and their ilk etc is to plant false ‘superiority’, hatred and to impress ‘Otherness’ to all that are not within the cohort. The result of the alienation (with followup terms like Pendatangs, etc) results in dehumanizing others. This is the very basis of the divisive politics that has bedeviled our beloved country since it’s Independence.

    As a result of such actions, the ‘Pendatangs’ naturally react with increasing opposition, stridency and chauvinism – in a manner that further drives the wedge of Divisiveness. The whole process resounds as a precursor to a ‘Failed Nation’ status.

    As a child, growing up in the City, there were no dehumanizing barriers and all religious and cultural festivities were equally celebrated by my neighbors of all ‘races’, creeds and economic status. Nowadays, even the ‘open house traditions’ are institutionalized. All the spontaneity of genuine joy in sharing has given way to apprehensive, forced and false gaiety. That is called ‘Fronting’. Perhaps, it is the Barisan Nasional Front that causes this.

    I believe there is no way out of this conundrum, unless there is a change in the education policies and a massive bottom up revolution of the national psyche. For a start, all racially based political parties must be banned or forced to open their doors to the ‘Other’.

    The top-down approach only serves the predatory creatures ‘On-Top’. And we are not even mentioning the ‘doggie’ or other positions that get Malaysians screwed so bad into blind, deaf and dumb submission.

  4. I’d like for my b’day present to have those running the BTN under me for a week,they will never know injustice, cruelty and torture like what I will introduce them,don’t forget,I was trained by them ( not BTN ), I’ll make Guantanamo like a walk in the park and I’m Malay,I know in Islam,we are supposed to forgive them for their faults,but I’m sure Allah SWT understand my intention of reminding them that hell do exist on earth,especially for those BTN ,Perkasa,Perkuda or whatchamacallit…Oouch!!!

  5. C.L. Familiaris,
    Your point is well taken Sir, thank you, indeed I agree.
    What I am driving at is this: when a malay talks about “keturunan melayu” and wants to see his race succeed, he is being a racist. When indians from HINDRAF, or the chinese from these chinese guilds, etc., talk of wanting to help their race, they are not labelled as racists’, but as people wanting to do good for their race.
    When a malay grows a beard, he is called a Taliban, and a muslim fanatic, and having fanatical tendencies, worse if he is wearing the white robe.
    However, the chinese and indians are not judged in the same manner.
    That isn’t right.
    I have had malays, who have stood beside me, hand in hand, and defended me against other malays, putting their reputations and jobs at stake, and when I see these people being stereotyped, and linked with this that and the other, in a negative manner, or being stopped at airports, just because they have a ‘bin’ to their name, or are carrying a Malaysian passports, I feel ashamed, and sometimes helpless.
    Sure, some of them are like that, but that doesn’t mean, the chinese and indians are less racist.
    If one has engaged with the likes of people from HINDRAF, and some chinese guilds and associations, or the punjabi ones’, as I have, one will know what I mean. It frightens me that these people are living amongst us, andthey talk of the malays being racists, but seem oblivious of their own racial thoughts, words and actions. These people will make Ibrahim Ali, look like an angel, trust me.
    The only difference is Ibrahim Ali, does it in the open, knowing full well that the law will not take it’s course against him, whereas the chinese, indian, punjabi, etc., outfits, do it behind closed doors, but the point is, it does happen, in worse extents, and it makes me want to throw up.
    I can give more actual examples of these racial prejudices and stereotyping, one we all have ourselves experienced, but it’s best to keep quiet, as this is Malaysia, and I do not want to land in court.

  6. Salam semua, I’m new reader, saya telah mnjalani BTN di Meru pd tahun 2005 ketika Form 4, agak awal saya rasa utk remaja umur mcm saya utk sertai program itu tp pihak btn telah ubah suai program itu agar ia boleh disesuai kn dgn kami, majoriti slot yg kami ada ialah motivasi, pengurusn masa ect.. Tp tidak terlepas dari slot kenegeraan (xingt nama slot sebenar) ketika slot itu mmg faci nye mmg bentangkn ketuanan melayu, ect, termasuk ancaman yahudi yg akn menyerang negara yg berbentuk tanduk kerbau ( bentuk negara malaysia jika digabungkn east n west malaysia) n juga kononnya fatwa pas berpakat dgn umno haram, berpeluk dgn DAP xpe, secara peribadi kami agak terjekut sbb isu politik mereka lecture kami begitu sje. Tp mungkin sbb kami mmg sume laki n sume melayu islam. Kami bdk SBP. Saya juga telah terpilih utk PLKN di mersing, pd pndpt saya, jika dibndingkn plkn dgn btn, PLKN jauh lebih elok, mmg tiada isu perkauman timbul, kami didik bersatu seperti mana tema plkn n lagu mereka. Mmg rmai kata bazir duit kerajaan tp ia platfom baik utk menghasilkn bangsa Malaysia mellui PLKN berbanding BTN.

  7. Quite a revelation by Ernest Mason, we are simply dumbfounded, and for a moment i can’t believe it, never could believe it….impossible i thought.
    Well, if that is TRUE what you say and allege Ernest, then i think that the Malays like BTN, Perkasa & others are deliberately doing it FLAGRANTLY & openly due to fear in their own Weakneses, chiefly the Economic sector.

    Now you say Chinese & Indians are doing it SILENTLY behind closed doors, but very daringly without compunction, it looks like they are doing this fully aware of their own Strength ( but pretending that they have been ill treated or discriminated against )….
    Dont we realise that we are creating our own ‘ time bomb ‘ , and we truly shudder & dread the Day, God forbid, when we might suddenly see an open conflagration, depicting the worst of time in the dark days of May 1969 ? HOW SHALL WE ACCOST THIS, Ernest, its getting to be scarry dont you think ?
    Since you have exposed it, perhaps not only the Authorities but everyone of us have got to bring this up in the Open, lest the Ugliest of things might happen, and Doomsday may change to another Malaysian date in our ‘ Ma(l)yan calender ? Wow dreadfull ! !

  8. There is nothing new or profound in what Earnest said, Abnizar.
    We are a nation of intolerant racists. Fortunately, some of us are in jobs, occupations and professions that force accommodation and inclusiveness of ‘the Other’. The civil service, law-enforcement, military and judiciary are almost monochromatic, is it not? The GLC’s are occupied by sycophants of the regime and much of the economy is based on rent-seeking behaviour, cronyism and nepotism.

    This scourge has been around and increasing in severity ever since my good friend Octo the Great, started his specialist practice in the mid-seventies and early eighties.

    Either we accept it as it is, or change for the better. Inclusitivity, like honesty and integrity needs to be taught at the toddler stage, like many of us old ducks loafing around here.

    Racism like most self defeating hubris, is an addiction. As Neil Young says: ‘..every junkie is a setting sun’. Here’s from us old ducks, to the BTN’ized drakes:

  9. I think Biro Tata Negara or BTN should be given a make-over and re-named Biro Teloq Najib. That sums up everything I have to say about the matter. Click on my name to see more.

  10. “Malays …. being stereotyped, and linked with this that and the other, in a negative manner, or being stopped at airports, just because they have a ‘bin’ to their name … Mason

    I haven’t a bean to my name. Poor as a church mouse.

  11. proaskick.

    Hey, tulisan kau susah nak baca. Blog ini bukan SMS dalam handphone. Kalau malas nak tulis secara terang dengan ejaan penuh and sempurna, baik jangan tulis langsung pun.

    Sudah orang lain kata orang Melayu malas, kau ni datang dalam blog Dato seolah-olahnya seorang pemalas melayu pula.

    Harap tulis semula karangan kau itu supaya kami dapat baca apakah fikiran kau mengenai isu BTN ini.
    Saya setuju dengan pendapat Sdr Frank. Tulis dengan bahasa yang terang dan tulus. Bukan kah itu bukti bahawa fikiran kita jelas dan berqualiti.BTN bernait jahat dan patut dimansuhkan.–Din Merican

  12. In Malaysia, people become racist because of the scourge of religion. You see, Malay = Muslim. Non-Malay= Non Muslim.

    If you take out religion, then racism will not be so violent as we have now.

    Religion is a weapon racists use to kill others.

  13. Really?

    After all these years of BTN and thousands of ‘graduates’, how come not a single other person come forward to corroborate this story. Surely there must be some out of these thousands who have the guts to step forward now … or maybe Malaysians are just plain cowards!

  14. Gentlemen

    The Biro Tata Negara’s brainwashing of Malays and Civil Servants is nothing new, all non bumiputras were aware of such psychological manipulation of Malays which we silently watched since 1972. It seems that the untimely departure of Tun Dr Ismail had let the UMNO ultraputras out of their gates and there was no boundary or limitation of what bumiputras can do in their own kingdom.

    Saudara Anwar himself then and many leaders of PKR were aware of the evil being perpetuated but chose silence so as not to rock their Malay constituents on their high of Malayness. Saudara Anwar then was far too concerned about the plight of Malay peasants than the integration of the country.

    During that time, we the minorities were simply bewildered as to what was happening, and in the dark, yet some of our close Malay friends were quietly telling us, leave if you can, this is no longer your country, the government is focused on having Malaysia owned by Malays, and no one else. And many of us, with only skills as our assets, walked out of the country. And it was just not the minorities, we SUSPECT that a small number of highly qualified Malays, and those not inclined towards being controlled by over zealous religious extremes, (in my mind MR. BEAN is one of the them), walked out of the country or chose not to come back.

    We were even told that Ghazali Shafie was shocked to the core as to the indoctrination of Malays against non muslims, not just the chinese. We had heard rumors that Musa Hitam, himself had thought the indoctrination was going to far.

    The entire Malay community has been indoctrinated. It will take a few generations of Malaysians to reverse what has been done. And the only way out for us, really, is to remove the classification of race and religion from our identity cards and birth certificates, the inclusion of all Malaysians as bumiputras. There is truly no other way out. And it will not come until the day a true Malaysian leader emerges to be our PM. Malaysia was blessed then Jaafar Onn and Tuanku Abdul Rahman both who saw the need for inclusiveness and integration of the races, and we need these kind of leaders today more than ever.

    Earnest Mason has written something that really touches the core of Malay perception of chinese business practices and the racist inability to assimilate local cultures and the idea that the chinese have somehow a hatred of the Malays. This is something I truly disagrees with because he does not understand what is happening to the chinese minorities. As far as I know, the chinese will gladly accept a Malay or anyone into their circle but there are barriers – it is the religion that separates us, nothing else. Islam only provides for conversion into, so there is no flexibility for a Malay to truly come and integrate into the chinese, whilst there is a number of chinese, albeit small that have converted to muslim and are now immersed in the bumiputra community, some are even in Mr. Bean’s extended family, courtesy of Tuanku Abdul Rahman’s first wife. Kuli and Ghazali Shafie also had chinese spouses, but you cannot tell that from their names, only from their family trees. Curiously, they are less prone to the immense dislike of most Malays against their minorities and see the true need for integration. If Malays were christians, then we would not have the difficulty of assimilation and integration.

    As for chinese providing businesses to chinese, I think this is the greatest misunderstanding of the Malays. First, most chinese firms operate on credit terms, so there is difficult barrier for Malays to overcome. Secondly, the chinese contracts with those that perform. In the early days of Malay ventures into commerce, this was a huge barrier to overcome. Thirdly, the chinese operates based on their knowledge of the enterprise expertise, another barrier. This are barriers true to any business in any economy, whether it is in New York, Kuala Lumpur or Kota Baru. The only way to overcome them is to gain the financial ability to operate on credit, to gain the expertise in the business and to gain the reputation. It takes time, time that the government did not have in its pursuit to improve the economy status of Malays, and the Malays did not have because they wanted to be rich. This is not peculiar to Malaysia. The same was true for the local Thais, the Indonesians, and Filipinos in competing against the overseas chinese.

    Even the Malays in the upper hierarchy knows I am saying the truth. Look at the Shah Alam Mosque. Who was the main contractor ? A bumi firm. But who really build it? The Chinese. I know, because I walked that place before you people even had the chance to pray in it. Every contractor was chinese. I even asked the Malay architect then, how would you explain this to the Malays and the Muslims? His answer, THEY DONT CARE, IT IS ALL A SHAM.

  15. I think we have to look into Earnest’s comments in a more holistic sense, James. It’s not only business and commercial activities/competence/expertise, that divides. The whole social and cultural fabric of all ‘races’ has been changed, by cynical stereotyping and divisive propaganda over the years.

    The ethnocentric practices and philosophy today, are the result of expediencies and ‘divide to rule’ policies of the ruling political parties. The NEP started out as a well-meaning economic affirmative policy, which morphed into a humongous social engineering fantasy – with negative connotations of apartheid (fascism), beggar thy neighbour, rent seeking, cronyism and perpetuated Otherness.

    Within the Chinese business community, there are subtle differences and nuances within the clans (ancestral province/village, dialects, surnames, marriage alliances) and the inherent inscrutable ‘triad’ behaviour of many of these. Family orientated businesses are run on clannish lines, which brook no extraneous influences, except by invitation. Generational wisdom and expertise is handed down. Such business network models (and even credit) are run in accordance to strict patriarchal lines, that are not obvious to outsiders. The success of overseas Chinese entrepreneurship are based on a spider web of such links. The basis of which is loyalty, trust, competence and honesty within a community against the vagaries of the environment. Customary Inheritance also helped stability. However, this model is slowly being transformed by increasing sophistication and modern business practices.

    When the NEP was rolled out – it soon became an institutional crutch, without understanding what ‘commerce’ really entailed – Networking, Excellence and Honesty. Generations of failed businesses, propped up by untold billions of public funds. You can educate, legislate or even dictate – but you can not equate emotional self delusion to hard work, patience, prudence, perseverance and prescience.

    So much for the over-hyped Blue Ocean Strategy. I prefer ‘The Starfish and the Spider’ Analogy, but that will cause noend of ‘political’ turmoil.. See here:

  16. James Chua,

    Your comment is clear evidence of the biased attitude of the chinese, businessmen or otherwise.

    You based your arguments on such words like, “we were even told, & we heard rumours”, and from what you ” we were told, and the rumours we heard”, you have made up your mind that the malays are racists, and want this country for themselves. Then, you take what “you were told and the rumours that you heard”, and pass it on to your sons and daughters, and you also pass it on to your chinese business associates/ friends, and they then form a negative perception of the malays, based on what, “you were even told and the rumours you heard”, and this has continued from one generatiion of chinese, to the next, NOT based on facts, but on what “you were even told and rumours you heard”, and you even quote this in your arguments in defence of the chinese mentality, and business practices.

    It is perhaps a deliberate cunning, devious, “system of thinking”, that the chinese have formulated to justify giving/doing their business to/with their own kind.

    It’s as simple as that Sir.

    I could tell, even without seeing your name, that you are a chinese, your choice of words, and your arguments are obvious enough.

    Your observations of malay businessmen are typical of the chinese, your assertion that the malays are not credit worthy, is just an excuse for the prejudice that the chinese have of the malays, and maintained that way, from one chinese generation, to the next, so that your prejudices can, ndeed are, perpetually continued. It’s, I think, a conscious chinese effort.

    Sir, do you really want me to give you evidence of how many chinese companies/businesses have requested their friends to deliberately liquidate their companies, so that their friend, who is a friendly party, will seem to have control of their company, but in actual fact, the chinese owners still operate like normal? This, they do, after deliberately obtaining huge loans, and having substantial creditors, running into tens of millions of Ringgit, and never did have any intention to pay. And some of whom they owe money to, are chinese businessmen too.

    Do you want me to give you evidence of how chinese businessmen, obtain loans from banks, based on ‘cooked up’ Management Accounts, then asking the chinese suppliers to hike up the cost of the machinery, pocketing the difference of several million Ringgit, then declaring themselves and the company bankrupt, with a few million Ringgit of the difference, in the names of their wives, children, etc.?
    This they did on purpose, and had no intention of paying, from the start. It was devised to cheat, nothing more, and nothing less.

    Lots of good companies have gone bust, because of these devious chinese businessmen, and some of these companies that have gone gone bust, as a result of these actions, are chinese buninesses too.

    So, in your mind, it’s ok for the chinese to have discussions, though privately, and tell the other chinese to ensure that they keep their businesses amongst themselves, because this is what, “I have even heard, and I have heard rumours”.

    Abnizar above in his comment, is shocked that these private discussions amongst the chinese and indians take place, but !) he fails to realise that if I know these, then the Govt knows a million times more, and 2) he is just not observant enough.

    The malays, I believe, will agree, as you suggested, “to reverse what has been done. And the only way out for us, really, is to remove the classification of race and religion from our identity cards and birth certificates, the inclusion of all Malaysians as bumiputras”. Then, the chinese and indians must be willing to behave, do business, act, think, etc., the truly “Malaysian way”, and shed the chinese’ness and indian’ness, inherent in them.
    BUT, will the chinese and indian populatiion accept this? Really, and consciously accept?
    Then we won’t require the existence of the malay, indian and chinese chambers of commerce and industry, just the Malaysian chambers of commerce and industry. As a start in assimilation, and to prove their sincerity, ask the indian and chinese chambers of commerce to dissolve themselves?
    Would a chinese and indian, want to to be referred to as, “Malaysians”, and forget the chinese’ness and indian’ness in them? Or would they want to be still known as, “Malaysian chinese” and “Malaysian indian”?

    Would you be able, or want to start gathering the chinese and the indians, a substantial majority of them I mean, and making a representation to the Malaysian Govt, to say, this is what the majority of the chinese and indians want, to be called, as “Malaysians”.

    Do not just say, we must be called Malaysians, and that, “to reverse what has been done. And the only way out for us, really, is to remove the classification of race and religion from our identity cards and birth certificates, the inclusion of all Malaysians as bumiputras”


    One can argue, that the malay, is ensuring for the continued survival of his own race, because of the attitude of the chinese, in wanting to maintain their businesses amongst the chinese only, and if he doesn’t act, then there is every possibility that the malay businesses will go extinct.

    Since you Sir, opened up the cans of worms, let me ask you this: go into any chinese grocery store, or chinese goldsmith, where there are a mixture of chinese, indian and malay patrons. You will find that the chinese owners’, will, 75% of the time, serve the chinese patrons, first, even if he/she arrived later, then serve the others’.

    Jaafar Onn, and Tunku Abdul Rahman could exist in their time, and generation, mainly, though not entirely, because the chinese, then, are not like the chinese, now. If they both were alive now, are you absolutely certain they will both still maintain the same views, now, as they had, then?
    Are you positive, given the events that have happened since their existence, they will not want to change their opinions?

    What prompted me to write this, are your views and observations on your comments here. I submit, is absolutely racist, and one sided, based on what you “were told, and the rumours you heard”. That is a grossly prejudicial view.

    I believe, that, I am not being racist in anyway, just stating my observations, thoughts and “putting you in your place” so to speak. It is of course not my job to put you in your place, but neither could I, as a Malaysian, ignore your racist comment. Rebut my thoughts, etc., if you must, and perhaps, to begin with, you could answer some questions that I have raised.

    I have travelled all over the world, and have seen worse racism in other countries, the UK included. Once I saw an advertisement in a house wanting to rent a room, the notice read, “Dogs and Asians are not allowed on these premises”. Then the British Govt enacted the Anti Racist Laws.

    Please don’t suggest that that Malaysia should have such laws too, as then the chinese companies cannot advertise for vacancies in their companies, and say, “chinese preferred”, in their adverts. If the Malaysian Govt starts to persecute these companies, you can guess what the chinese companies would shout.
    Of course, the malays are not allowed to advertise as, “bumiputra preferred”, or else you, and the likes of you, will shout “RACISTS”.
    it is strange how one can only see one set of facts, ignoring the truth around them.

    One way out of myopic life and views, for you Sir, is to have friends of all races, as friends, and see them as Malaysians, and definetely NOT be influenced by, what “were told, and the rumours you heard”.

    Please read what Ibrahim Ali said here, then tell me where you disagree with him.

    Read it, as a Malaysian, not a chinese, set other Malaysians an example to follow, show us Malaysians, what you, as a Malaysian, having made the views on your comment, is capable of.

    I am not saying I agree with Ibrahim Ali, just want you to rebut him, take it as an exercise if you like, so that, as I said above, we can see how Malaysian you really are.

    Finally, I would like to say, Dato Din, I do apologise to you, if this sounds racial, I am NOT a racist, am just rebutting and countering some racist and prejudicial views. I mean, after all, I am aware, that you, as the owner of this blog, are responsible for what I write and post. If you think Dato, that my comment sounds racial, please feel free to delete them.
    There are some of us, me NOT included, that want to be called Malaysians, but I submit that they have not thought these out properly, and just saying it, simply because it sounds nice and a right thing to say, in an argument at least, but this is the last thing they really want.

  17. My comment to you Dato, when I say “me NOT included” means that I am ready to be called a Malaysian, as I have thought everything through.

  18. Tell me, Earnest, what does being ‘Malaysian’ truly mean? Is it a whole new ‘creature’, a figment of imagination or an evolutionary throwback before the NEP hubris?

    Btw, i would agree with most of your comments wrt to hidden or obscured racism present in all ethnic cupboards. The most important thing for a start, is to recognize our own folly. You see, most of us have genocidal tendencies due to upbringing, enforced role playing and environmental conditioning. Alienation of the Other or Tribalism, like religion, may be hard-wired in our psyche. That’s why evolutionary psychology is perpetually in teetering on the abyss.

    No one really practices the Golden Rule, me included. Do you?

    Before we take a leap of faith into the realm of true inclusiveness and egalitarianism, we first need to go beyond tolerance into acceptance and only then to embrace. It will take a long, long time, my friend. I think no culture on earth has ever managed that. Homo sapien malaysianensis may emerge, long after we have ridden the into the big camp-fire in the sky. And that’s a big maybe. The best we can hope for, is to do away with institutionalized folly and addictions.

  19. My, how i learn a lot from the postings here by James Chua, Ernest Mason and C.L. Familiaris………well-written, and makes me reflect and review. Thanks for the honest writing…….. it helps me explain things to my circle of students…..

  20. I disagreed. We humans to a certain extent are racists. The social fabric of the entire human beings are such. The entire world is such. If one say they are not than one is a hypocrite. One can be ignorance but right down in one’s heart one is still a racist.

    Having said the above. What we should seriously consider is the extent of extremism. There must be equilibrium in a social or chaos is expected. Our polices must never support any kind of extremism. One should be identified by one birth place and not be identified by one creed, colour, race etc. Words that would segregate must never be used. Media should avoid such words as Chinese, Malay, Christian, Muslim, Cantonese, Hokkien, Mandarin, Bahasa etc, etc, not even Sabahan, Sarawakian, West Malaysian, East Malaysian, Iban and whatnot. It must be avoided to prevent the leaning of one mindset to the right or left.

    As such education play an extremely important role. Education must be structured to prevent such. But first do we really understand what the study of Civic contained. What is Civic? The studying of civic is to benefit all not the privilege ones. Our BTN is a propaganda machine similar to those of the Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich which brings so much suffering in Europe.

    Our education policies must structure the study of Civic to make all a Responsible Citizen and nothing else.

    It is the responsibility of every Malaysian to prevent extremism. It can only happen when we support it. And we have been doing so for the past 55 years. So, now what? Pointing fingers, play the blaming game! No, we must make changes as Responsible Citizen. We must use our votes to make the changes that turn Malaysia around away from BTN to Responsible Citizen.

    The damaged we have done for the past 55 years can never be solved by PK alone. We never know PK will turn things around because they are infested with former UMNO and BN leaders. Our concerned for PAS is another form of extremism – religion, not all are but there is some die-hard members within the party wishes for Islamisation of Malaysian. DAP is deem Chinese which is extremism.

    We don’t seem to have many options. Do we give up? No, there are credible and committed leaders that deserve a chance to lead this country. And as Responsible Citizen it is our duty identify and vote them in. It is also the Responsible Citizen to remove tinted leaders. We can start with PK, PAS and DAP, even BN. By doing so we are actually bringing reformation to our political policies. Replacing the bad leaders with the good ones and hopefully they come together to form a governing body which Responsible Citizen deserved.

  21. Perhaps Earnest has not had the experience of a kid (not yet 3 years old) pointing at you and going “Hindu keling, hindu keling, hindu keling…” and the parents frantically trying to stop him saying it… How earnestly (pun intended) does he go about saying we spent our time in our homes plotting and thinking racist thoughts, like it was not the rumour he accuses others of. Hai, susah nak dibetulkan. Earnest is part of a movement now going around challenging the non malay, non muslims, to adhere to a “Malaysia” code, a sort of “malayness” that they seek. The code itself actually, is vague, (just like 1Malaysia, haha!), but it is thought that just by challenging us to forgo our ethnicity, they’d put us in a spot. But unlike other countries of the world, where the society tries to assimilate the ethnicity into itself, this group cannot understand why we don’t want to be malay! Err, actually more malay. We already speak the language. Actually we are forced to. We do well in malay language exams, up to university levels. Although we (the chinese and the indians) have already altered our ethnicity in a broad sense, for instance, my indian forebears wouldn’t understand my liking for “masak lomak cili api” or my habit of shaking hands with everybody when meeting in a group, these folks are looking for more, much more.

    The thing is they don’t understand that we don’t represent india or china. We are not representatives of those nations. We are uniquely malaysian. What the BTN actually teaches is not to be proud to be a malaysian, but to reject this uniqueness of each ethnicity. I posit that BTN has no idea what kind of society in wants in future, but its main purpose is to keep the fires of hatred burning in the minds of the malays. The 1Malaysia group, e.g. Earnest, are also vague in the future they envision for us, but are so damn sure that being malay (muslim) or more malay (muslim) will solve all the problems of the world. Sorry, but that is delusion.

  22. Ibrahim Ali’s most trusted friends and business associates are Chinese, that is a fact! So, what does that make of what he says?

  23. C.L. Familiaris, being a Malaysian, to me, it means that I do not think of another Malaysian, as a malay, chinese, sikh or indian, but as a Malaysian, I consider him/her, a Malaysian, their ethnicity should mean nothing to me. I shall stand alongside another Malaysian, because we have the same vision, ideals, etc., and I would ‘fight’ for Malaysians, as a whole, and not for a particular ethnic community/origin, simply because I happen to be of the same colour, and am from the same community/origin.

    If I can stand alongside another chinese or malay, and oppose an indian, because he/she is opposed to our ideals, vision, if I can fight for Malaysians, as a whole, then I am a Malaysian.

    It was possible before, in Govt service, where the senior Govt servants also included indians/Sri Lankans, and the malays and chinese had no problems taking instructions from these persons.

    Then the racial riots happened, and all changed.

    That is as simple as I can put it.

    Whether, I am able to do that, is entirely a different matter.

    You say, “we first need to go beyond tolerance into acceptance and only then to embrace” if you read my comment, that is precisely my point, well, one of them anyway.

    I dare say, that I have never been prejudiced against another Malaysian, purely based on his colour, or ethnicity, or religion.

    Vic and raksaksa, please, pleeease read carefully to what I have commented. I shall make it simple. I am simply saying this. BTN, etc,. etc,. are all, by definition, racists, but they are NOT the only ones’ that are racist, there are chinese and indian racists too, the only difference is, the malays perhaps do it openly, because nothing will happen to them.

    But why hide/deny the fact that there are chinese and indian racists too, and in my submission, some of the chinese and indians are worse than the malay racist. I should know, I have heard them, and I have dealt with them, and I have argued with them.

    The malay so called racist are vocal, and they act openly, so we read about them, however, the chinese and indian racist are not publicly vocal, so we don’t read about it, that is the only difference. But the chinese and indian racists do exist.

    Do you think that in the MCA’s Presidential Council meetings, they are going to say, “hey look, there are 5000 malays and indians unemployed, let us get them jobs”. Or in MIC CWC meetings, they are going to say, “hey look, there are 5000 chinese and malays jobless, let us get them jobs”, or “we should train these people”.

    Obviously not.

    They are community based political parties, so they should discuss issues pertaining to their own communities, and offer assistance, you would say, then why shouldn’t UMNO do the same? You would say that, the malays do it at the expense of other races/communities, and I would ask, haven’t the chinese and indians done the same, even though in lesser degrees?

    raksaksa, you have only heard of “hindu keling”, but haven’t you heard of, “Melayu malas, melayu semua dapat free” or “cina babi” “or “cina kuay”. Then you must really be living in shell.

    If a kid is not yet 3 years’ old and is saying such things, why would the parents stop that kid, because at that age, the only people where he could have learnt it from, are the parents anyway. Are you sure you are providing a good example, or you just guessing and shooting in the dark?

    Rumours you say? Then your powers of observation are zero, or you know about it, but prefer to deny it’s existence.

    Look all around you, there are chinese and indian racists, just as there are malay racists too. Being subtle, doesn’t excuse them, they are still racists. or are you saying, it’s ok to be a subtly racist, but not a vocal one?

    You say, “But unlike other countries of the world, where the society tries to assimilate the ethnicity into itself”, I would say, you haven’t travelled enough, or exposed enough, to argue this one at all.

    Do go to the UK, and see if the asians are allowed to be assimilated into british society, or the asians in other European countries, see if they are are assimilated in the societies that they have chosen?

    Is everyone commenting here trying to impress the readers with their bombastic english, what’s happened to good old simple english?

    • “..being a Malaysian, to me, it means that I do not think of another Malaysian, as a malay, chinese, sikh or indian, but as a Malaysian… -I consider him/her, a Malaysian, their ethnicity should mean nothing to me Ernest Mason

      Who are you trying to kid here? Perhaps you were born last week or just arrived by plane at KLIA yesterday.

      Your body is on the ground but your head is in fairy-land. Since 1957, the pariah UMNO-BN had been brainwashing Malaysians to think as Malays, Chinese, Celup-Europeans and what have you.

      If you are trying tell us here you NEVER see other Malaysians in their ethnicity, go to Afghanistan, the marines are there. They might listen and try to believe you.

      What a truckload of nonsensical verbiage you have just tried to convince the oldtimers here. I have heard your kind who comes around with this facade of put-on naïvetivity about racial issues in Malaysia once too often.

      A bit more like this, I will puke.

  24. Actually Greenbug, all the UMNO ministers, warlords and big-wigs have Chinapek backers. So do the PR chaps. Nothing new when it comes to the hoary Chinapeks ability for serpentine wheeling and dealing. You can bet your bottom dollar the tycoons ‘service’ both sides of the equation, with the incumbents receiving more for special favors.

    As for the suggestion from several commentators, i believe there are steps being taken by NRD and other agencies to do away with the ‘race’ column in official documents. But that’s only a superficial eye-wash, as the typical Malaysian Name will give away the race and creed. Perhaps, you guys might wanna consider changing your given name to something like my Latin moniker.

    This announcement will depend very much on whether Jibs, PMO, HM and Pemandu are able to enlarge their cojones to suitable girth, or just let them shrivel away into thin air, as has happened any times since Jibs took power. ‘Gostanism’, is seems to be the way forward for these political eunuchs.

  25. Greenbug i see some light there; It is exactly that situation which in reality had been subtlely ‘ adopted ‘ in the Mahathirism ” Cronyism ” structure which had created the Ten Malaysian Billionaires, and like ” feudalism” , layers upon layers of UMNO Cronies have benifitted, to the EXCLUSION of the general masses.

    So, your Imputation is crystal clear : The Leaders in the political game AND the Business Leaders, ARE INDEED DOUBLE CROSSING their own masses on both sides of the Socio-Political Divide….and creating the tricky or dangerous situations described by Ernest Mason.

    The Larger Segments of the Malaysian Society, irrespective of racial or ethinic denominations, must work to DIFFUSE and dismantle this ” cunning ” Conspiracy to enrich the Few, whilst depriving the Majority on both sides of the Divide….who are at loggerheads with one another ?

  26. Earnest,

    Think about what CLF said earlier, “BTN is a Formalized Institution of the Government. Institutionalized Racism is Fascism.”

    I would like to add that what the minority racists in every racial grouping in the street, say or do should be rightly condemned.

    Racists exist all over the world, including in the UK. The man on the street may be prejudiced BUT the UK government is not allowed to racially discriminate.

    Unfortunately, one cannot say the same for Malaysia.

  27. Frank,
    Keep your puke to yourself, for you sound, and probably, smell like puke too, your language and choice of words, certainly are proof where you come from, the gutters. Speak for yourself, you and your inherent racism, does even allow you to, imagine a Malaysian, let alone be one.
    If you are living in Malaysia, then, you should seriously be ashamed of yourself, if you are capable of feeling shame, which I doubt anyway. If you are overseas, do stay there.

    In public forums like these, you read someone’s comment, think and apply your mind, and rebut if you must, but do choose your words carefully. Perhaps, your inferior intellect, is unsuitable for a public forum, such as this, it’s more suited in the streets of Chow Kit, or go home and fornicate with cows, you might be more useful that way, indeed, that is ideal for you.

    I can’t even begin to rebut your arguments, for there are none, just words and language, meant for the garbage.

    • Ernest Mason,

      Celup-european ass lickers,if that is what you are, I have seen many times before. Coming in here with high and mighty statements like “their ethnicity means nothing to me” and to pretend to have higher moral standards, is just a load crap. You think we all are some idiots who believe that kind of bullsh*t. Who the sh*t cares what happens in UK. Go tell to some other of your ilk your verbal diarrhea on your ” their ethnicity means nothing to me”. What a joke. Perhaps the marines might believe you.

  28. Dear Earnesr Mason,

    Please come down from your high horse. This country was founded on the principle of a multi cultural, multi ethnic, and multi religious society. This is enshrined in the constitutionn. You ask why the nons did not speak up. We had elected representative who did not speak up because they got what they and their children wanted. The only way Joe The Citizen can speak up is in the manner in which the man-on-the-street in Egypt did so recently. That is why we elect governments so that they run the country in accordance with the constitution and in a manner in which will prevent Joe The Citizen from taking to the streets.

    Then again you say that the chinese and the Indians are doing it. Well they are not the ones running this country. They are partners, yes, but the majority is firmly in the drivers seat. That is the meaning of leadership by example. And if you abuse your power then the majority must lead the way to correct the mistake. While we are on the issue of correting the mistake, our main problem is that we are very good at finding mistakes but unfortunately we are unable to do anything about it. Whose fault is that? Government Hospitals take two to three weeks to give you an appointment to see a specialist while in private hospital you get the appointment on the the same day or the next. Is the government spending 21 times less than what it cost a private hospitals for one patient? You will not understand this until you are faced with this problem.

    If what is said in this blog posting is correct then the BTN has acted ultra virus to the constitution. You cannot expect Civil Servants to correct it. The politians who are in the driver’s seat have to do that in good time.

  29. This celup-european, Ernest Mason.. I have NO problems he giving his views on the racial debate in the country. In fact on some points I agree with him.

    But when he starts flashing his silly moral credentials, and his high and mighty trumpeting of , “their ethnicity means nothing to me.” and all the other crap, simply to justify his ” I am morally superior than you” stature, that really makes me puke.

    Boy, I do puke… when suddenly this celup-european moral standards fell flat with his next comments like “.. go home and fornicate with cows,.” What a hypocrite!

  30. Hey Frank, this one’s for you:

    Someone once said: Returning to Innocence, is like a leper who has lost his bell and is wandering around, thinking that he means no harm.

  31. C.L. Familiaris

    Thanks. I need to time to digest that quote.

    Ever since that celup-european, Ernest Mason, unload his “I am morally superior than you” nonsensical verbiage in the last few days, my head at the moment is pretty dense as a result, and my neurons keep on misfiring .

    Especially when this “morally superior” celup-european, Ernest Mason, suggested I go and “fornicate with cows”. I wonder why ONLY cows??. I got to check with Shahrijat Jalil whether her husband’s cows in the Bungsar Condos are still available or have gone onto the dinner table as steak.

  32. C.L. Familiaris

    One question… that video clip you posted for me is about HORSES.!!

    That “I am more morally superier than you” celup-european, Ernest Mason, was suggesting I go and fornicate with COWS!!

  33. I think we shouldn’t get too personal about this, buddy. Couldn’t find one showing cows..

    Anyway, the quote is an addendum to reveal, that underneath the veneer of ‘civilized’ inclusiveness and innocence, there are dangerous consequences to who we superficially think we are. That outburst was certainly uncalled for, and goes to show the beastiality – that is within – when ‘pride’ is affected.

    The idea of egalitarianism (thus, equality), is an ideal we can never fully reach – no matter how much we try to kid ourselves. Such ideas come out of pre-industrial ancient hunter-gatherer cultures, where sharing is survival.

    It is always better to see differences as augmenting our humanity and civilization, rather than the BTN version of Social Darwinism, Malgenics (their version of Eugenics) or Mahatir-o-nomics (pseudoscientific racism couched in economic terms). We have to come to accommodation as a nation – not by insistence on superiority, or in the case of Perkasa, inferiority complexes, but a genuine acceptance of the Other. Before that can happen, we need to emphasize the danger of outward racism and come to terms with our own internal hubris.

  34. Frank,
    You seem at a lost for intelligent words, you are indeed lost in your own arguments, they neither have a head or tail, and you just seem to be raving and ranting, like a mad man, and getting personal.
    I have no idea what the dickens you are on about, you have no decorum, and have no etiquette, and your demeanor is not suited on a public forum, one that requires a certain amount of intelligence anyway.
    Nothing you said, has anything to do with what I said. Please get someone to explain these to you.
    Gosh, I think you have gone bonkers.
    Ooowwhh, if you also prefer to fornicate with the apes, pigs, orang utans, bulls, as well, do go ahead, I see the similarity between you and them, mentally at least.
    If you want to have an intelligent discussion, then we shall continue, however, if you continue to rave and rant, then I suggest, shift to a farm, you will be more familiar there, and the inhabitants there are more suited to you.

    • Celup-european Ernest Mason,

      There are three things on YOUR mind, despite your pretentious “I am morally superior than you” bullshit on this blog, one is your pre-occupation with fornication, (well, feel free to use the word “f**ing, ) bestiality, asking others to go and f**k cows, pigs etc and of course, your expertise in asslicking.

      You trying to show your intellectual capacity here, with your bullshit moral standards. I don’t have to prove that on this blog at all.

      Celup-european asslickers like you, if that is what you want to appear to be here, who come in here wearing that “their ethnicity means nothing to me” and then telling me to go and fornicate with cows, don’t deserve any respect, decorum, or even an intelligent response from me. People like you ought to be expose for what you are… a moral hypocrite who thinks we are a bunch of idiots and who thinks just because he articulate well in english can come and lecture about your high and mighty moral bullshit, ” their ethnicity means nothing to me”.

      I will be on the lookout for your postingss all the time, anyway, and you will get the kind of response you deserve from me . You keep on posting… I will be there with you all the time. Believe me.

      Celup-european hypocrites like you need to be put out into the sunlight for what you are… a bestial-minded moral celup-european hypocrite.

  35. C.L. Familiaris

    I am looking forward to read that celup-european Ernest Mason’s postings on his moral lecturing bullshit to all of us. You see, we don’t have that high moral standards as that celup-european. He cannot see ethnicity in Malays, Chinese and Indians, but WE do. So in his eyes, something is seriously wrong with all of us, ordinary Malaysians.

    I will be waiting to read more of this celup-european’s intellectual bullshit. and more about his moral lecture on fornication with cows, apes, orang utans and bulls….. boy, am I excited!!

  36. In reality, the only way to go beyond our ‘false selves’ and ‘surface identities’ is to retreat or abandon the world and go live in a cave, far from the myths of inferiority, superiority, racism, nationalism and ontological (state of being) differences. Being cut off from current fads allows the hermit to see through all our pompous and trifling masks, that hide the callousness, hypocrisy, cruelty and most of all – fear.

    Frank, you and i – in fact 99.999% of humanity can’t do that. So we live in a broken world and try to make sense of it, the best way we can. Otherwise, our delusions overwhelm and we hallucinate. That’s why about 10% of the population, at any given time suffer from schizophrenia or some form of psychoses. Another 20-30% become neurotics.

  37. What pissed me off with this celup-european Ernest Mason is that he comes in crapping about “others’ ethnicity means nothing to me”‘ which is a bundle of bullshit.. And not only that, he lectures to us about his personal high and mighty moral standards on racism insinuating we are scumbags for seeing ethnicity in others. Not that we wanted to, but we were screwed since 1957 by these race-based BN parties, supported by the BTN garbage , to divide and rule based on race. No problem if the celup-european is sharing his thoughts on how we or the next generation can work our way out of this, instead of coming here to pontificate and flash his silly moral credentials. Then, next thing you know he shares his bestial pornographic mindset – about fornicating with cows. Can’t think of a better label than a “celup-european moral hypocrite”. I hope he reads this.

  38. Frank,
    There you again go an blabbering with the same old things, again, and again. Don’t you ever get tired, or even ashamed of your behaviour? You should be…you sound like a man possessed, and you are too much into your own self, and believe me, you are a nothing, a zilch.
    You have nothing to offer anyone here, except hatred and an intellect of an imbecile.
    I made a few observations, and asked some questions, and this is how you responded:

    “..being a Malaysian, to me, it means that I do not think of another Malaysian, as a malay, chinese, sikh or indian, but as a Malaysian… -I consider him/her, a Malaysian, their ethnicity should mean nothing to me Ernest Mason

    Who are you trying to kid here? Perhaps you were born last week or just arrived by plane at KLIA yesterday.

    Your body is on the ground but your head is in fairy-land. Since 1957, the pariah UMNO-BN had been brainwashing Malaysians to think as Malays, Chinese, Celup-Europeans and what have you.

    If you are trying tell us here you NEVER see other Malaysians in their ethnicity, go to Afghanistan, the marines are there. They might listen and try to believe you.

    What a truckload of nonsensical verbiage you have just tried to convince the oldtimers here. I have heard your kind who comes around with this facade of put-on naïvetivity about racial issues in Malaysia once too often.

    A bit more like this, I will puke.

    Rebut and disagree with me, as some have done, and they have done it quite acceptably, but you had to make it personal, like this, “(Celup-european ass lickers,if that is what you are)”, make insulting statements, and behaving like a spoilt brat, who has had his lolly pop confiscated.

    You are obviously not of a quality, that is ready for taking part in public forum, such as these, you lack the capability to be civilised, you don’t have the intellect to articulate yourself, you are indeed an embarrassment to the blog host.

    Believe it or not, there is a world of a zillion opinions, beyond your stupidity, and, the reasonable person would understand, and respect that, however much he disagrees, but you have proven that you are a person incapable of an intellectual discourse with those that have different opinions, compared to your puny mind. That is your fault, perhaps it’s your intellectually deprived childhood/upbringing, or your own sense of inferiority, or your lack of exposure, or a 100 other things, I don’t care, but do not blame others’. for your deprived mentality.

    So you want to hound me, you don’t have what it takes to do that, all you can do is use ungentlemanly language, make a nuisance of yourself, and bring shame upon yourself. If you can understand that, then, that would be good start.

    Surely you must have noticed, that, NONE had agreed with you, or responded to your ramblings. Know why? Well. because it’s almost impossible to agree or disagree with a guy that has nothing to offer, except perhaps gutter language.

    Sheesh, listen yourself you child, stop throwing tantrums with those that you disagree with you, please polish your manners, or rather the lack of it.

    Once again, do not embarrass the blog host, he has gone to a lot of trouble, effort, and spends his valuable time, and money, maintaining this blog, so behave appropiately, respect his blog, maintain decorum at all times, and watch your choice of words. I am sure the blog owner would prefer that too. Let us allow him that much respect.

    Or you could have your own blog, and churn out as much stupidity and hatred as you want, let us see how many readers you will have.

  39. Celup-European Ernest Mason,

    Moral hypocrites like you who come with a bestial pornographic mindset and telling others to fornicate cows have no standing to tell me not to get personal. I WILL get personal with YOU.

    Now you are trying to tell the bloghost how to manage his own blog.

    I am not here to get others to agree with me…They have disagreed with me more than they have agreed with me in all my time on this blog. And They all know me long enough and much longer than you do.

    I make no apologies for my abhorrent attitude on this blog to idiots like you who think he can get away with comments like “fornicating with cows”.

    Celup-european hypocrites like you bullshitting “others’ ethnicity means nothing to me”and telling me not to get personal with your “fornicating with cows” response don’t get away that easily.

    I have all the time for you here, celup-european Ernest Mason. All the time.

  40. Celup-european Ernest Mason,

    In case you don’t know, moral hypocrites like you makes my day, and makes me very excited on a lookout what other moral bullshit you will display for all of us here and your pornographic comments you will be posting on this blog.

    If you think you can raise the level of personal insults and pornographic comments to frighten the shit out of me, try again. Can’t wait to read more your intellectual bullshit on this blog. Need to bring hypocrites like you into the sunlight.

  41. Celup-European Ernest Mason,

    Get your chronology of comments correct. Your “fornicating with cows” response was the trigger for me to call you an asslicker, for which YOU ARE, based on all your earlier postings on this thread. In fact , on second thoughts, ” asslicker” was a bit too polite a word for moral scumbags like you. I have withheld my language on you ( at least at this time) out of respect for the bloghost.

    Read what YOUR response first to my initial comments with your “fornicating with cows” response , before you tell me not to be more personal to moral scumbags like you.

    You have just confirm what I thought of you, a stinking moral scumbag who forgot what he wrote initially.. ( I am keeping some other adjectives for later use.)

  42. Frank,
    Go ahead and show your stupidity all to see, you will, from now on, be ignored, as others have, and thrown into the gutters, where you and you behavior belongs.

    You are not even man enough to admit that your response was nincompoop’ish.

    And continue to fornicate with the cows, and the dogs, and the horses….that is all you are fit for.

    Whoever said that stupidity has it’s limits, hadn’t met you, a zero trying to be a hero, and I feel sorry for you really.

  43. “Fornicating cows” minded celup-european Ernest Mason,

    Don’t feel sorry for me… from now on, feel sorry for yourself because I am not going any where as long as you are around.

    Moral scumbags like you it’s fun to have around, and to have the pleasure of responding to your intellectual bullshit, otherwise I get bored pretty fast. Can’t wait to read and respond to your bullshit postings. As I said, moral scumbags like you need to be brought out to the sunlight.

  44. “Fornicating cows” minded celup-european Ernest Mason,

    My responses to you, all of them, stand as it is, and I meant every word I said about you and what you wrote on this blog, and I said them with all due considerations of the facts before me. kapish?

  45. Imagine 1/2 of population of China is populated by Indian and Indonesian citizen brought by British as their coolies in the 40s.

    DO you think the Chinese would allow the Indian and Indonesian as their citizen so easily ?

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