Najib apologies for past BN mistakes

March 4, 2012

Najib apologies for past BN mistakes

by Malaysian (02-03-12)

From Baling, Kedah Darul Aman

Datuk Seri Najib Razak apologised for Barisan Nasional’s (BN) past mistakes today that cost its two-thirds parliamentary majority and four states in 2008, recognising the groundswell against the ruling coalition remains ahead of a general election that must be held by next year.

The Prime Minister said the BN would rectify the mistakes and make up by serving the people as best as it can.

The voters’ rejection of the BN, like in Kedah, was in a way due to the mistakes made by the coalition, Najib said during a day-long visit to the state.

“I believe that we should not be arrogant. In a parliamentary democracy, we have to subject ourselves to the power of the people. We must have made mistakes for the people to have rejected us.

“We apologise for our past mistakes. The victors apologise, as do the losers,” he said at a meet-the-people session at the Kuala Ketil public field near here, according to a Bernama Online report.The BN chairman said the ruling coalition will learn from the mistakes and rise again.

The Malaysian Insider understands that the latest UMNO surveys show that there could be a repeat of the Election 2008 results but with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) getting at least 87 federal seats, five more than in 2008.

Among the issues blighting BN’s efforts to garner more support include a civil service pay revamp that has gone awry, the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal involving a minister’s family and the Lynas Corp rare earth refinery operations which has seen growing opposition to its plan to keep radioactive wastes in the country.

BN won 140 seats in the 222-seat Dewan Rakyat with the remainder going to PR but a series of defections have seen the opposition now having 76 seats. It also lost Perak to BN in 2009 after three PR lawmakers quit to be independents supporting the federal government.

PR now holds Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor but a brewing leadership crisis in Kedah could tilt the rice-bowl state back to BN in the next election.

Najib has yet to indicate when he will dissolve parliament for federal elections but he indicated his confidence today to win back Kedah.

“From the ruins of the BN in Kedah, we will rise and build a strong and sturdy ‘palace’. That’s our resolve. We resolve that we have learnt from our mistakes. We give the people an undertaking, that we will serve them to our best. Let the past remain just that. We promise a transformation for the people of Malaysia, and Kedah. The journey has begun,” he said.

Najib said that only the BN can provide the people with a good future.“Our plans are clear. We have a well-organised agenda, we have a roadmap, we have facts and figures. Sufficient statistics to drive change, to take the nation towards realisation of a progressive high-income country. This is unlike the Buku Jingga,” he said, referring to PR’s roadmap for implementation if they captured Putrajaya.

He said the government wanted to send the signal and provide a clear picture that it is close to bringing about a transformation that will give great benefits to the people.


25 thoughts on “Najib apologies for past BN mistakes

  1. Apologize is fine and dandy but he must also fix the problem. No use apologizing and then continue the abuse. First fix the way UMNO/BN does business then the damn corruption and gangsterism. Send a few of your Ministers to Sg Buloh and then the voters will be convinced.

  2. Thats good. We accpet your apology but we wont forget what you have done and not done in order toa void doign the same.

    However once Govenrment changes there will be consequences of mishandling of monies of the people. Due process and the Rule of Law shall be upheld.

  3. “Would rectify the mistakes”? When?? They lost in 2008 and he only realize it now? After 4 years? When the General Election is coming? Can’t Najib be sincere for once?

  4. What is the PM apologising for :
    1. His insincere 1Malaysia slogan?
    2. His “soak the kris in Chinese blood ” incident?
    3. His submarine leakages?
    4. His or his deputy’s Cowgate incident?
    5. His manipulation of the instruments of State such as judiciary, PDRM, MACC, AG Chambers?
    6. His use of the Attorney General to harass anyone opposed to BN while not taking action where there is clear evidence of wrong doing?
    7. His cover up of Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini death cases in the hands of MACC?
    8. The police cover up of the Kugan and other deaths in the hands of the police?
    9. His condoning of the daylight robbery perpetuated by an East Malaysian CM?
    10. His failure to pay petroleum royalties to the States?
    11. Selling State assets to built up his own fortune or election fund?
    There are only parts of the list. Please be specific instead of exibiting and perpetuating the hypocracy and insincerity
    You are going down the road of conning Malaysians.

  5. maapkan kami…maapkan kami…maaapkan kami? brp byk mau maap la..
    already more than 50…! kami maapkan jika kamu undur diri n ternak itu lumbu dlm kondo la dulu yek! apa-apa pun ABU!

  6. Apology ? Me too want to apologise !
    That I cant accept you as the leader and head the goverment with your cabinet and your BN. You just have too much baggages.
    I apologise that me, my family and my relatives wont vote for your BN this coming GE !

  7. A few words of apology and then you get keep the money you have stole from the rakyat? NO WAY!

    We, the rakyat, do not need apologies. That’s cheap! We want, independent investigation (and yes, truly independent) into all the plundering and corruption in your government. All perpetrators MUST be prosecuted and the ill-gotten wealth recovered for Malaysia.

    That’s what we want, Najib! Now do you have the guts to do that?

  8. What an idiot?! Doesn’t even know what true Apology means! Hollow man.

    To seek forgiveness requires admission of specific ‘Sins’ of Commission and/or Omission. Since ‘Sins’ is defined very broadly as “missing the mark”, we can assume that UMNO and its lackeys, have missed completely good and responsible Governance. Their Sins are uncountable. ‘Democracy’ also means we can choose someone we hope is more competent.

    Repentance does not require emotional appeal nor cynical manipulation of human sensibilities. It seeks to correct and re-calibrate it’s Action not Intention. Yet they remain obstinate, arrogant and recalcitrant – manipulating the Law, instead of pursuing Justice thus continuously breaching our trust and stealing every which way and how. Start by apologizing to the family of Altantunya, TBH, Kugan, Aminulrashid (and all who have died in custody), DSAI and the ‘compensated’ Chief Justices, No?

    Then saying Sorry, is the last word on hypocritical desperation and the saddest word. No thanks. Keep it to yourself.

  9. Repentance does not require emotional appeal nor cynical manipulation of human sensibilities. It seeks to correct and re-calibrate it’s Action not Intention CLF

    And so apology accepted butall criminal actions will be investigated!

  10. Investigate what, Kathy? Did you miss Muhyiddin’s statement today when he said there’s not need to bring up BN’s past mistakes? They are in the past. In other words, let bygones be bygones. Cow lady will be really happy.

  11. Just resolve the Lynas without delay or gameplay, show us,the common folks your sincererity, show us , you meant what you said. Please stop the double talk.
    You can do something about LYN. Please get on with it as a decent human being. Would you allow anyone to pee on you lawn cos’ urine is a good source of nutrient for the plant ? Now we are willing to accept toxic waste on our motherland???
    Past is done,now and tomorrow will dictate the future of our motherland!!

  12. How about this huge Lynas mistake, a looming and entirely preventable health and environmental disaster in the making, Mr PM ??

  13. would you apologise for the 55 years of misrule?

    next comes the crocodile tears. after the erection he’ll say we have no cause to apology; apologise…for whaaat? you must be joking!
    this is a tactical manouevre.
    after the election ‘business as usual’

    dear malaysians you have been had again!!!

    p.s., didi, cow lady? when did she become a lady?

    cowhag will be more appropriate
    or witch or b……!
    poor cow

  14. Kat and didi,
    A couple of threads back, i posted something to the effect of looking forward to rebuilding our country and perhaps plea bargaining for past ‘Sins’ of UMNO and Octo. I have no rancor and am happy to let bygones be bygones, if repatriation is forthcoming – although many others prefer to draw blood and snuff out breath. Suddenly, further comments were closed by the bloghost, which has never happened before unless the topic has become over-hyped, bloated or irrelevant. Then this ‘Apology’ appears ex-nihilo and without prompting, albeit in another vein.

    Obviously, something i said has touched a raw nerve. I know that some powerful forces are monitoring this blog, but pseudo-intellectual, moronic pip-squeaks like me, are least of their problems. Otoh, i’m just paranoid. What do you gals think?

    See here:

  15. CLF no rancor is one thing and let bygones be bygones are words said between friends but Governance? Isnt there a higher accountability?

    Yes I did notice the further comments closed bit and have been wondering since.

  16. The truth behind Najib’s apology is this. He apologised because Obama apologised. Ridculous? If you have been observent, you would notice the trend earlier. Over here, Obama has been lambasted for apologizing. But Obama apologised to save lives of U.S. soldiers. Najib is ‘apologizing’ to save his party and his own skin. And if UMNO-BN were to lose yet more seats and perhaps the election, with the statement issued by his own deputy, it is clear on whose shoulders the blame will lie.

  17. Having said that Najib’s apology is apparently directed at the core supporters of UMNO who once put their trust in the party but feel that the party and the nation could do better with a different crop of leaders less self interested and less corrupt. These core supporters may be looking for an alternative to UMNO-BN but found none that would make feel secure.

  18. Push to Cliff Edge … no Escape Option…will Fight to the End!

    Is this Apology from Najib, a small step towards “feeling out” an escape solution to the Catch 22 of not fighting to the end now that push to Cliff Edge?

    There seems to be a “Global” trend to mitigate these Catch 22
    01. Latest is BP making Billion Dollars Deals to settle out of court with victims of Gulf Oil Spills!
    02.Billions Dollars Compensation by the Big USA Banks to US Govt. to minimize Prosecution for Financial Meltdown.
    03.Closer Home is Chinese Tycoon “retiring” from active business and donating Hundreds of Millions to Charity Foundation without seemingly being pressured to do so.

    There perhaps are other examples but just “speculate” if the trend continues and only if half of illicit funds are brought back to Malaysia as “Apology Compensation” then 500 Billions is a damn goodwill foundation to find ways to heal the Corruption Catch 22!…or as Bean will impute… to initiate the Plea Bargaining!

    Hidup Malaysia!

  19. If DS Nakib could only walk the talk, then apologies won’t be necessary.
    A man is judged by his sincere actions to help the rakyat irrespective of race and religion, not just by slogans that are just full of hot air
    Mr. PM, you must walk the talk, not just talk the walk..

  20. Been there, done that. He not only talked the walk but has walked the talk. But who says he has to go forward?

  21. Sorry, I may sound very unforgiving. It is long overdue. Forgiveness must accompanied with consequences, accountabilities and transparency, which UMNO/BN will never submit too. It is easy to say sorry when you are desperate for votes and there are hidden agendas within.
    The PM will never be able to walk the talk with so much skeletons in his own closet. He has no leadership quality and many examples have been set. Just look at the persecution rate of the wrong doers. It’s hardly justifiable.
    The only solution to put things right is to give another worthy party a chance. And mind you, not one term but at lease two.
    UMNO/BN is not willing to expose the wrong doing of their own fellow colleague. It rotten from top down. Only a new administration be able to rid the shit laid for more than 50 years. I would rather elect PAS if that is the only worthy devil between the two. I am very sure PAS with it religion may bring morality to the administration. If not after 2 terms we can kick them out.
    All Malaysian must have a say in those they elect to govern them. We can’t continue living in CORRUPTION. We the voters are financing these corrupted leaders. And it UMNO/BN is voted back than I will never comment in any blog. My mouth will be sealed. Though I might be living but my soul is dead, killed by all who vote for UMNO/BN.

  22. Enough of Mahathir with his crocodile tears…we don’t need Najib’s apologies. He shouldn’t try to pull wool over our eyes like he did with his ex wife..emphatically profusely apologising to her when she got wind of his dalliance with FATMAMA-Ros… After that what did he do? He shack up with fatmama and left a gentle lady heart broken and distraught…SHAME on you Najib! A lousy weak husband can only become a lousy weak leader…. We should never trust him cos he will betray our trust too!

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