Bishop Dr. Paul: Use the Power of the Vote

August 6, 2011

Bishop Dr. Paul : Use the Power of the Vote

by Terence Netto@

Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing said today he was not surprised that “hard upon accusations by Jais of Christians proselytising Muslims comes unsubstantiated print media stories seemingly validating those claims.”

“Need we be surprised?” asked the head of the Catholic Church in the Melaka-Johor diocese, who is concurrently President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia.

“It’s depressing – this continuing trial of Malaysian Christians by innuendo and insinuation,” sighed the Jesuit-trained prelate in comments to Malaysiakini on the stories in today’s editions of the Berita Harian and Harian Metro that quote a couple of Muslims claiming that they have been targeted by Christian groups as potential converts.

“I’m not surprised the stories in those papers do not have anything more than hearsay to back them,” said the bishop.

NONE“Those papers are owned by the powers-that-be who only recently elected to establish diplomatic ties with the Vatican.

“I don’t know whether to laugh out in scorn or cry out in pain at their duplicity and the naivety of those who help them think that publicly expressed good intentions are a sufficient proof of sincerity.”

Use the power of your vote

The prelate advised Christians to press for proof by JAIS (Selangor Islamic Affairs Department) that Christians are targeting Muslims for conversion, and that if such proof is not proffered soon, to act on what that implied at the next general election.

“Only through the ballot box can we bring this continuing vilification of Christians in Malaysians to a shuddering halt. Christians should press for proof and, if and when, it is unavailable, express clearly their disgust at the next general election,” said Bishop Paul Tan.

“The days of Christians in Malaysia being supine objects of the machinations of duplicitous politicians are over,” he thundered.

16 thoughts on “Bishop Dr. Paul: Use the Power of the Vote

  1. Jais:

    How’s about Najib being converted by the Pope in Rome? He has now got a secret name, Rosario Najibcon. If the head of the house is converted, in no time all the members in the house will also be Catholics. Then Jais will be irrelevant. Go after Rosario Najibcon, you idiots.

  2. Goodness gracious, Christians were supine all this time?
    And i always thought they were prone.. How times have changed!
    As for proof, i wouldn’t hold my breath. Sure to asphyxiate – suicide not Godly.

    After all the Malay MSM journalists can’t seem to get a handle on the actual meaning of priests, monks, nuns, pastors (senior, associates, assistant), deacons, elders, presbyters, choir boys/girls, ushers and all those wonderful mind-boggling ranks of church bureaucracy. Much less distinguish between the Catholics, Orthodox, Mainline Protestants, Evangelicals, Charismatics and what not. Spiting out the Eucharist is the least of problems facing Christians. It’s pure, unadulterated Ignorance that borders on Magical thinking.

    Irresponsible journalism rears it ugly head, but then the hoopla was not meant for Christian consumption. It’s a tactic to play to the paranoia of the Malays and force them to view the ‘Otherness’ as a threat to Godliness.

  3. either those small time churches run by pop and mum rise up togather with other bigger churches to stand up ..organise their members to vote against persecution. fabrications …they must not think this is only for big churches to raise consciousness !

  4. Huh?.. yeah, forgot about the Baptists and Jehovah Witnesses (not that they read blogs, nor vote). Apologies. Are there any Mormons out there? Btw, the Sikhs are watching this thing unfold with great trepidation too. What happened to the recently ‘acted’ chief of Polis K.L., who was so ardent in getting Bersih 2.0 traumatized?

  5. don’t we have other problems that ought to be addressed?

    CLF don’t give JAIS new ideas. they might decide that Jehovans Witnesses, mormons and stonemasons are secretly undermining the poor malays. it sounds like witch-hunt season. it#s a pity the pope only reads german newspaper. who knows he might be reading this blog at this moment.

  6. JAIS is over reacted….and somebody will have to be the scapegoat…and the power monitoring man will be at loose…nowadays it seem that rakyat do not cherish others freedom of religions and irresponsible politicians are in manipulating sensitive issues for their own political gain…in the end the rakyat will be dragged into racist turmoil….I was wondering why our No.1 man and Home Minister….not saying or remarks in the government medias….very pelik…..who is the really culprit behind…..hope our Sultan Selangor will action fairly for the sake of harmony in our majmuk nation…religious uproar….will not benefit us….

  7. Najib goes to Vatican to establish diplomatic relations. Christians especially the Catholics are ecstatic. Najib’s aim is also to win the Christian votes away from Pakatan.

    Some people in UMNO are not happy… especially the pro-Mahathir forces whose scheme is to destabilise Najib, and put Mukhriz and Muhyiddin up the UMNO hierarchy.

    So what’s the next chess-move? Get others to do the dirty job.

    1. Find a reason to anger the Christians AND the Muslims. What better time than the holy month of Ramadhan.

    Dinner in a Methodist Church compound organised by a charity NGO… some Malays/ Muslims attending.

    2. Where is the pro-UMNO-BN JAIS??? Send some info to these moral policemen and also get the pro-UMNO Bukit Aman attack dogs to RAID the dinner. Don’t talk to the organisers, just go into the dinner and pull up the Muslims in front of the other guests. Put up a show!!!

    This will get the Christians truly up their asses and noses disjointed.

    3.Not good enough…What about the Muslims? Get hold of the UMNO-owned newspaper, this time Berita Harian since Utusan Malaysia already used up their quota of vilification. Support by Metro.

    Push in some stories of some Muslims who were approached by Christians with an angle that they were being proselytized. If you cannot find one… use $$$$ if possible.

    The rest is history.

    The pro-Mahathir forces are running the mainstream media… see who is the head honcho of Malay Mail and others who are linked to Malay papers and who are Pro-Mahathir in UMNO and strong supporters of Mukhriz and Muhyiddin…

    NAJIB GOT TO REALLY WATCH HIS BACK… Rosmah can only watch his front.
    The intrigues in UMNO are mind boggling. The leaders have become so pre-occupied with the internal struggles that they are no longer focused on running the country. For Najib, it is his political survival against overwhelming odds–UMNO veterans and others with loads of money and talent behind them.–Din Merican

  8. Remember who first started to blog to say Christians want to make Malaysia a christian country just a few months ago? If you cannot remember, read here:

    The same BigDog who runs a blog called The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles….”

    you see in the photos in here:

    His name: ZAKHIR MOHAMAD… one of the pro Mahathir cabal in UMNO recruited to destabilise Najib’s leadership as he and Rocky Bru (now head honcho of Malay Mail) had done to bring down Pak Lah as PM.

    That scheme backfired.. and this Pro-Mahathir rabid canine blogger was discredited. He was not asked to concoct this one.


    Rosmah’s bomoh advisers have some work cut out for themselves if Rosmah wants to save Najib from the pro-Mahathir attack dogs in the mainstream media and the pro-Mahathir BLACK HANDS in the bureaucracy and police.

    Hasan Ali is already a well establised UMNO Mole in PAS whose future in PAS is already up in the air. He is betting his future, not with Najib but with the Mahathir forces in UMNO. Hasan Ali’s secret meetings with the pro-Mahathir bloggers are well known in the Malay blogosphere.

  9. Already Berita Harian coming out with stories of nearly “converted” muslims. The best part is that BH said these people are so poor that they have to ask for the aid of the Christians. They must have thought they are doing a good job demonizing the Christians, I say they are being dumb. In a way they just published how the government and Jakim have failed to help poor muslims that those people have to seek aid from people of other religions.

    What a waste of money sending Najib to the Vatican. It’s not even a month yet since he met with the Pope.

  10. There must be Fredom of Religion & Freedom from Religion.
    I believe in God; but I don’t believe in religion.

    Religions must NEVER pass laws to force people into a religion.
    No brain washing children by religious leaders.

    Let the children grow up peacefully, get educated and matured’ let them read about all the religions they want’ let them decide what religion they want to join.
    If they do NOT want to join any religion, they should be allowed to be Free Thinkers.

    Why are there grave yards for Muslims, christians, Buddhists etc AND no grave yards for Free Thinkers, Atheists, Agnostics ???

    The govt must be FAIR to ALL.
    It is NOT a CRIME not to belong to a religion.

    I believe in God; but I don’t believe in religion.

  11. Najib is likely to be succeeded by Ibrahim Ali,Hasan Ali would be as the DPM.
    Brother Sham would the the adviser.Big brother Moo would definitely the
    Education minister.There will no more Non Muslims in truly Asia.
    God Forbid. Extreme scenario, Lee.–Din Merican

  12. “ grave yards for Free Thinkers, Atheists, Agnostics ???”
    No need. Hangus method faster way for recycling.

    And Frank, the Vatican-Castel Gandolfo tour did nothing to change the Christian perceptions vis-a-vis the Feds. I wouldn’t put it beyond FLOM2 to hatch this one up, but yeah, he was out of the loop. Selangor is his main obsession, is it not?

  13. The intrigues in UMNO are mind boggling. The leaders have become so pre-occupied with the internal struggles that they are no longer focused on running the country.- Dato Din

    Dato Din,

    UMNO STOPPED running the country after March 2008. The country can go to the dogs, for all they care… the fight for power in the UMNO hierarchy is more important since whoever becomes President and Deputy President UMNO become PM and DPM.

    Non UMNO Malays and other non Malays are IRRELEVANT in UMNO’s calculation when they go for election.

    Only Chinese lapdogs in MCA and the murukku beggars in MIC still think UMNO is running the country and looking after the poor kampung Malays and the Chinese and Indians.

    UMNO is feeding the Chinese lap dogs in MCA with contract -crumbs and feeding the MIC Indian murukku beggars with stale curry.

    We still have idiotic Malaysians especially those pariah Malays who still believe UMNO is a saviour for the poor and the marginalised Malays.

    You think Zakhir Mohamad aka Bigdog is concerned about the fate of the Malays? He is more concerned of maintaining HIS share of contracts on the lap for his business ventures and maintaining his current obscene lifestyle milliion dollar house in the Klang valley. Rocky bru cannot afford pto have UMNO fall otherwise he loses his job with the NST group. These are the vultures who live off the insecurity of the Malays for their own selfish ends.

  14. Those UMNO chaps who sincerely believe in the good of the country are caught in a bind.. between two hard rocks.

    If Najib calls for election, he will have to lead UMNO in the fight for Putrajaya.

    If Najib wins big, then Mukhriz and Muhyiddin will be sidelined or left to pasture. This is NOT the scenario the proMahathir forces in UMNO wanted.

    The desired scenario for the pro Mahathir cabal in UMNO is this:

    (1) UMNO-BN wins but with a lesser majority or more states fall to Pakatan. The exact fate that befell of Badawi. Najib will be removed and Muhyiddin moves up as PM. UMNO election will have Mukhriz as one of the Vice Presidents and win the UMNO Youth seat. Best scenario

    (2) Worst case scenario: UMNO-BN falls … Pakatan takes Putrajaya. Najib is finished totally, so is Khairy and Hishamuddin.

    The Pro Mahathir forces realign itself, and move to take control of UMNO..the likelihood of Mukhriz moving up as Deputy President increases.

    Under scenario 2, Pakatan Govt MUST immediately neutralise and marginalised the PUBLIC service and those pro-UMNO bureaucrats, Send to retirement the Ketua Pengarahs and SUKs, clear out the judiciary and replace new ones…. Revamp the whole Police force and the MACC.

    More important, Pakatan Govt MUST remove ISA and the 4 Emergency legislations, and abolish the Printing Act and do away the yearly licensing of newspapers. Better still. Allow freedom of the press as in Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

    NAJIB and his supporters have one choice

    EITHER WIN BIG against Pakatan or LOSE BIG to Pakatan to take the pro-Mahathir attack dogs off his back for good.

    Loyalty in UMNO is based on self-interest, Najib must learn this fast.

  15. What a waste of money sending Najib to the Vatican. It’s not even a month yet since he met with the Pope.- didi

    The fight out in the open is the Pro-Mahathir cabal in UMNO vs Najib and his cousin.

    At this point, either Najib is deaf and blind or he is hopelessly spineless and totally out of sorts when the forces against him in UMNO (including his own very ambitious and unreliable Deputy) are about to strangle him out of office.

    The game plan is to put Najib into a situation of ” DAMN IF YOU DO, DAMN IF YOU DON’T”. The race issue went through its paces but had little effect. Now the Pro-Mahathir cabal in UMNO is pushing the Islam vs Christianity division to put Najib and his cousin on the spot. It is a 2 in 1 fight. The religious controversy is a tactic against both PAS and Najib in one blow, with a bonus to rally further the more conservative Pro-UMNO camp in PAS .

    The pro-Mahathir cabal in UMNO is upping the ante as the next GE is due to be called. Any adverse action against UMNO is a negative for NAJIB.

    The pro-Mahathir cabal wants Najib to win SMALL, less than 2008 and more states to fall so that their man, ie Muhyiddin and Mukhriz can seize power in UMNO and run the country.

    PAS and PKR should work harder now in the rural Malay heartland… it is for Pakatan to lose this election as the pro-Mahathir cabal zeroes in on Najib and his cousin.

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