Integrity: Where art thou in BolehLand?

My favorite modern philosopher Ayn Rand, well known for her novels,The Fountainhead (1943 ) and Atlas Shrugged (1957), describes INTEGRITY as “loyality to one’s convictions and values; it is the policy of acting in accordance with one’s values, of expressing, upholding and translating them into practical reality.” ( see, Ayn Rand, The Ethics of Emergencies ).

She adds that one must “never sacrifice one’s convictions to the opinions or wishes of others.” (see Ayn Rand, The Objectivist Ethics ). Integrity, in essence, is “loyalty to rational principles” (based on facts and reality). It is then “the policy of practising what one preaches regardless of emotional or social pressure. It is the policy of not allowing any consideration whatever to overwhelm the conclusions of one’s mind, neither one’s own feelings nor those of others” (Leonard Peikoff, Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, 1991).

Read this piece in and then decide what integrity means in BolehLand, where political “correctness”, or political expediency is the norm. I am of the view that Bodekism is the “morality” in BolehLand. The developments in recent weeks, it has reached crisis proportions. It leads me to ask rhetorical question: Integrity, where are thou in Bolehland—Din Merican

Hospital: It wasn’t sodomy-related
Andrew Ong & Tarani Palani

July 30, 08 4:05pm

Hospital Pusrawi said today that its medical officer Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid did not conduct a sodomy-related examination on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.


The hospital revealed that Mohamed Osman, a Burmese national, is not a specialist but only a general practitioner stationed at the Emergency Unit.

hospital pusrawi saiful bukhari sodomy allegations pc 300708 01In a five-paragraph statement distributed to reporters, the hospital’s general manager Wan Mahmood Wan Yaacob also said that it has not released any official reports pertaining to the case.

Also present was hospital’s medical director Kamaruddin Ahmad.

After examining Saiful, Wan Mahmood said, the doctor advised the patient to undergo an examination by a specialist at a government hospital.

“There were no further examinations carried out (on Saiful at Pusrawi) in relation to the sodomy complaint,” he added.

Kamaruddin said the doctor who examined Saiful was not a specialist.

Hospital Pusrawi 280708.jpg“He is not qualified to make any conclusions on sodomy,” he said.

Wan Mahmood added that the examination was related to Saiful’s complaint of having pain in the anus when passing motion.

According to the leaked medical report, Saiful has apparently told the doctor he was allegedly assaulted with a piece of plastic being inserted into his anus.

Hospital Pusrawi was thrust into the limelight following media reports on the findings of the doctor who examined Saiful on June 28, hours before he filed a police report accusing opposition stalwart Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising him.

In his report, the doctor allegedly found no evidence of sodomy.

Looks same, content same too

Quizzed on the authenticity of the report leaked to the media, Wan Mahmud replied: “(It) looks the same, contents are the same.”

puswari hospital pc 300708 kamaruddin“It looks genuine,” added Kamaruddin.

Kamaruddin also said that efforts to contact Mohamed has failed as he was on leave and was expected to be back next Monday.

He revealed that he last spoke to Mohamed two weeks ago. He also added that they had discussed about the the police questioning Mohamed.

“He was not detained by the police and the police were nice to him,” he stressed.

puswari hospital pc 300708 kamaruddin (white) wan mahmud (black)Both Wan Mahmood (photo, right) and Kamaruddin (photo, left) had no doubts on Mohamed’s credibility as a doctor, and added that he was a “good” doctor.

Below are excerpts from the question-and-answer session with Wan Mahmood and Kamaruddin:

Q : Are the reports circulating in the net false?

Doctor (Mohamed Osman) did not conduct a thorough check-up (for sodomy) – that’s under house rules. We have yet to verify the contents of the medical report. We have established an internal investigation group to verify if the contents of the original report are similar with the one that has been circulating around. We deny that Pusrawi has issued the report to any party.

Where is Dr Mohamed Osman now? Are you in contact with him?

Dr Mohamed Osman, he is on leave. No, not at the moment. We don’t know where he is.

Do you know why he went on leave? When did he go on leave?

On Friday.

As your press release states that the doctor did not perform a check-up for sodomy, what check up did he conduct? Did the doctor have a look at Saiful’s anus?

Saiful complained of anus pains so we did what is standard procedure.

(Did Saiful complain of) tummy ache or anus pain?

First, he complaint of tummy ache then he said that he had some pain in his anus.

In the report, it is stated that Saiful had not experienced any bleeding in his stool.

I am not sure of that.

How was the circulating report leaked? What actions will be taken?

saiful bukhari azlan medical report pusrawi sodomyThat is what we are investigating now. God willing, we will find out how the report was leaked. Appropriate action will be taken. We will consult with our legal team on the next course of action.

The investigation is set up first to see if the leaked report is the same as the original and secondly, we would investigate who possibly could have leaked it.

If you have not been in contact with the doctor, how do you know that the doctor did not conduct a medical check-up for sodomy?

We based our decision on the medical report he wrote.

So are there two different reports? Are they (the report that is circulating) the same (as the original)?

It is the same report.

You do have the original report, so is it (the copy that is circulating) the genuine report?

I cannot say if it is the genuine unless someone confirms, the committee. Maybe, maybe not. It looks the same but it is not the original copy, that is with me.

Looks the same but it is not the same because we have the original copy.

So the report that was leaked is not from Pusrawi? Even if the letterhead is the same?

Yes, we deny that (leaking it). Not officially from us.

Are the contents the same? It is the original copy from Pusrawi?


Did you talk to the doctor before he went on leave? When was the last time you spoke to him? What did you speak to him about?

I can’t remember, maybe two weeks ago. We just spoke about what happened about the Saiful’s case. The police questioning him (Dr Mohamed Osman).The police were nice to him.

Did Dr Mohamed Osman check Saiful?

The doctor’s name is on the report.

When will you get the results of the (internal) investigation?

I think in about a week.

Is there a more detailed report than the one that is circulating?

None, I don’t think so.

But there were no signs of sodomy.

The doctor advised the patient to go to a government hospital, HKL.

TRO sodomy’ was written in the medical report’s in bracket, does that mean sodomy had occurred?

I am not sure what is written in the bracket.

Can you tell us a little about the doctor? His credentials?

He is qualified. He has been in Malaysia for 10 years. He has been with us since January.

He (Saiful) was not examined for sodomy, but (how come) the doctor said that there was no signs of sodomy.

He came complaining of pain in the anus, so that’s a part of the routine, you look for pus, bleeding.

How is this different from an actual sodomy check-up?

He came complaining of anus pain not complaining of sodomy. So the doctor performed a check-up for anus pain not sodomy.

What led the doctor TRO (to rule out) sodomy? Why?

Because Saiful mentioned that he was sodomised. Sodomy check-up has to be done by a specialist not a medical officer. You need a gut specialist. We don’t have one in Pusrawi.

Does that mean that Dr Mohamed Osman is not qualified to make any conclusions?

He is not qualified to make any statements, any conclusions (with regards to sodomy).

Does the hospital stand by the medical report signed by Dr Mohamed?

I have not seen the report anyway.

You have spoken to Dr Mohamed who has confirmed that he examined Saiful and confirmed that he has signed this medical report, why is the hospital still not convinced that it is the genuine medical report? Why is it taking so long to match the copy with the original copy?

We just realised this. When? Two days ago. It is just like VK Lingam said, “It looks like me, sounds like me but it is not me”.

Have you been in contact with him?


How is the medical check-up for sodomy issued? Is it just an external check-up or an internal check-up?

I can’t answer that, I am not an expert on that division. We usually advice these police cases to go to general hospitals.

You are not disputing whether the medical report is real. You are disputing if Dr Mohamed has the qualifications to ascertain that (sodomy had occurred). Basically you are discrediting your own medical staff?

No, but not when concerning this case. Is he suspended? No, he is on leave.

When is he expected to come back?

He is to return to work on Monday. He joined us in January 2008. We have tried but we cannot reach him, he is not contactable.

Do you think he’ll be back?

He is a good doctor but his examination is not conducive on sodomy.

If the contents of the reports are the same are you acknowledging that the report could have been from Pusrawi?

It could have been. It is the same.

There are two different writing on the medical report.

Yes, there are two different. The patient arrived to see a doctor, and he meet with a female doctor first. After he complained of his anus pain, than he was passed on to a male doctor (Dr Mohamed).

Was that person who leaked (the report) paid?

Anything is possible.

Is this the first time Saiful has seek medical check-up at Pusrawi?

Yes, it was his first time according to our reports.

Is Pusrawi’s ethics been compromised?

We can give assurance that our ethics are protected but this is a high-profile case.

Watch a 3-min video of Pusrawi’s press conference

61 thoughts on “Integrity: Where art thou in BolehLand?

  1. Hi,

    PUSRAWI GM Wan Mahmood, taking evasive action. I love the part where he equates the report with Lingam’s Video…looks genuine but not genuine. He thinks all this is a joke!
    Anyway I haven’t seen the report, he says.Heh Heh Liar!!

    Correct, correct. And the hospital branded itself a Muslim Hospital!!My god! the Muslim religion has done a good job of turning their brethrens into liars.

  2. The Medical Officer is just trying to say that he is not qualified to say anything in favour of Anwar, to safeguard his position. Typical sympathiser!

  3. Dear Joe,

    The Deputy IGP simply made some mistake in choosing the right words. It happens during interviews, everybody experience it.

    Why are you so concern about body language, is there anything wrong here ? Can anybody tell me.

    I remembered when Abdullah tells the entire world that he won’t dissolve the parliament the next day, his body language does not suggest that he was lying. Does it mean that he was telling the truth. Or when Najib says he has never met Saiful in the earlier interview, nothing can be seen that suggested he lied. Or even if you remembered during Mahathir’s time, he tells the press there is no conflict between him and Anwar, and the very next day he kick Anwar’s ass from UMNO.

    Don’t be obsess with unnecessary thing. I see nothing wrong in his body language.

  4. Uncle Joe, what is pitiful sight of a top ranking officer. His entire demeanour gives him away. There is no factual basis for them to charge Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy.

    The public is convinced that the PKR de facto leader is innocent, and the sooner the government realises that the whole affair is a charade the better it is for all of us.

    The Deputy IGP does not look very bright in the first place, reflecting the quality of people who occupy the top echelon of the Force. They can have countless “Integrity” badges all over their bodies, but that won’t change anything. The reality is that the government and its institutions are dysfunctional.

  5. Din,
    This shows how deep is the rot among people occupying responsible positions in this country.
    Is there such a term as “sodomy-related examination” or a sodomy specialist.

    At a time when good men should stand up to defeat the evil in the system we hear this MD of Pusrawi discrediting one of his doctors when in fact he should be defending his integrity.

    Why should he insult this good doctor just because he is not a specialist? Isn’t an experience of 20 years insufficient to examine this government-backed patient? Or has he attained Royal status that he need be examined by a specialist?

    Call is by any name but it cannot be denied that an anus examination was conducted and findings are in the report.
    Is the GM’s arm being twisted by the health ministry? Or is Pusrawi trying to wriggle out of this controversy since it is being threatened by the government for leaking the report.
    Will Dr Osman please come forward or is he being hounded?

  6. Yeap, Dude Cerosky is right, yet again! Just like Najis and the Deputy IGP, they were not lying through their teeth, but just ‘made some mistakes choosing the right words’. And yes, Anwar is guilty as hell, and nothing is going to change that fact! NOTHING! We are just ‘obsessed with unnecessary things’, we foolish Malaysians who should know better than to trust our own stupid judgment.

    Pak Din Merican,
    You should really, chime in and help me out here. What we have here, inhouse, is an ‘expert of truth’ ever-ready to teach us poor fools how to think and not let logic and good judgment stand in our way.

  7. Agree with Mr. Smith that by whatever name you call the medical examination conducted by Dr Osman, the body part examined was still the anus. the finding was no tear. no ulcer, no bleeding etc. This finding by Dr Osman cannot be changed now no matter what the state of Saiful’s anus tht KL govt hospital found 4 or 5 hours later.

  8. Once people’s perception that our judiciary is corrupted and lost confidence in it, that will be the end of story as people has no elsewhere to seek remedy.

    Judiciary is the last line of so called ‘defence’ to us. Take for example, if all other part of a country’s system are corrupted (which include police, hospital, AG office, administrator and so on), but judiciary is still clean and independence, then we people have the ‘last avenue’ to seek justice in the court of laws.

    The situation of Malaysia is, I would say, ‘very near’ to such kind of scenario that I depicted above. That is the reason why I commented before that if the authority wants to go ahead with sodomy charge against Anwar, then ideally, this case should be tried by ‘Privy Council’, a reknown independent institution that legal circle seek precedences in litigation.

    If this suggestion of mine is not accepted by virtue of ‘face saving’ or other reason, then the case should be tried by ‘Syariah Court’, which I think is proper since both parties claimed that they are more Muslim than the other as what we seen in willingness in swearing under ‘Quran’.

    I am sceptical over the whole episode the investigation is conducted. Just hope that those involve in this case still have conscience with them. Truth will prevail, ultimately.

  9. Kah kah kah kah! I can’t believe this. The Pusrawi Dr simply contradicted himself on every answer. So I can’t get what he says at all. Basically, the answer he gives to one question is nullified by the response to the next question. So, what do I make of that? I think we need to take these things to the court and definately it will be knocked out (barring Lingam judges) who come to the court room with their already written judgements or expunge evidence and bring new diversion ala Paul the petty. I have no doubt that the answers given are of no value because in a court of law, it is not admissable. I.e, there is no specific response here, basically contradictions. Let’s wait for Dr Osman and his day in court.

  10. Din, This country is run by a host of unpricipled, money grubbing and power crazy poor excuses of the human race. As some one had mentioned, the administration is ROTTEN TO THE CORE!
    The entire interview in Pusrawi is a charade. The Cops are there to hammer in the fact that DSAI is guilty and we better not question them. As for the 2 spokesmen for Pusrawi, their sick grin and slinky faceial expressions tell me that they are having serious discomfort sitting before the press and having to spin the answers but then they had to because they both know that they are being sodomised by the authorities. Give the wrong answers and you will lose your license to operate the hospital or worse, the Gormen will send their investigators to find any and every thing wrong with your operations – probably create a few cases of them braking the law – then they may end up being neighbours with DSAI in Sg Buloh.
    Let us not kid ourselves, the BN / UMNO kingpins will not rest until they remove DSAI permanently – they have too much to lose!!!
    As I previously observed, 1998 was a Kangaroo Court, Altantuya’s case is a Kangaroo Court to protect the real Killer and This time around, unless there is Divine Intervention, DSAI will face another Kangaroo Court.
    The fact of the matter, Brother Din, is that in the eyes of UMNO, there is no place in their world for such values as Honesty, Integrity, Ethics, Responsibility, Truth, Transparency and FEAR OF THE ALMIGHTY.
    The sad fact of the matter is that there is still a section of the population including obviously the rabble of spineless civil servants and members of the “inner circle’ of cronies who continue to do the bidding of these Malaysian Version of Robert Mugabe, just so that they can continue growing fat with the spoils that is dropped off the High Table of their masters.
    It is time we Malaysians stand up and make a concerted effort to ensure that these scum of our country are ttotally removed.

  11. This is all ‘anal’ nonsence!

    Why should the GM and the Medical Officer be giving a press conference when it is the doctor who examined the victim be giving it??

  12. All being said, lets evaluate a totally different scenarios.

    1. On September 16, or earlier or much later(even only PRU13,14 …), which ever comes first, the BN government falls and Pakatan Rakyat, be it Anwar or someone else becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    2. However on the other hand, should Anwar is found guilty … !!!

    Well he goes to jail (tak jadi YB…tak boleh jadi PM, minyak pun tak turun 50 sen).

    Pity his supporter, grand celebration to those who dislike and hates him. Very unfortunate to his love one (malulah). People’s opinion will continue, tu anak Anwar, isteri dia, kawan dia …. eee

    Now … What will happen???

    Scenario 1.
    Whatever right, however just imagine all this people who now has loss their power to rule, no more PM, DPM, Minister, Deputy Minister post, no more Chairmanship, Directorship, no more perks, no more this and no more that, no Mercs (oops .. no Perdana V6)… and so on.

    Now if this happen (really happen) HOW???

    Look at Kedah, Penang, Perak (Tajol Rosli .. masih angan2 nak offer MB post to MB Nizar … kemaruk sangat dah) and Selangor (Khir Toyo dah offer dah, ada harapan ke), Kelantan … lama dah melepas.

    As for the top CIVIL SERVICE/PUBLIC SERVANT(please … not Government Servant), you get a new BOSS, a new policy, you gotta do your job right… ?

    As for scenario 2, probably a set back, need to explain, deny, do not accept … it is still a conspiracy … Life goes on, one person integrity, his family, his friends and supporters … betrayed …

    The question is …

    Who’s gonna loose more, and therefore who is going to go all out to prove what ???

    The answer is as clear as can be …

    PRU 12 shows that as much as any opinion matters, Malaysian wants changes, be it Anwar and PKR, PAS and Haji Hadi or Nik Aziz, or DAP and Lim Kit Siang, or who ever.

    The fact will remain, you can cheat some people some of the time, BUT you can never cheat ALL the people ALL the time.

    After 50 years, we can do with a different governing mechanism as long as the one who leads have the people and the country at heart. Unfortunately … I for one cannot see it coming from UMNO/BN lead goverment.

    So who will finally be the loser ???

  13. This whole interview is not only puzzling but downright garbage! It’s obvious Hospital Pusrawi’s Wan & Co were trying to avoid offending the powers that be. This is not the time for ‘ampu bodek-ing’, let the truth be out.

    Bring out the doctor/s – Dr Mohamed Osman and the woman doctor who were both responsible for Hospital Pusrawi Medical Report on Saiful Bukhari, and let the people/civil society hear what they have to say.

  14. Whether the accuser was sodomized is a fact that will have to be determined by the judge acting as both the tribunal of law and fact.

    So why this frenzy to know the truth now? The accused has not even been charged with anything!


    In the U.S. sodomy is not a crime. It is not even associated primarily with and confined to homosexuals. Every few seconds somebody is being sodomized and you do not need to be a medical doctor to conclude if sodomy has in fact occurred.

    If our experience in sodomizing our partners is our expertise in the physical symptoms of sodomy (which is not a crime anywhere else except in countries like Malaysia), then we are all experts.

    Shrek and I would offer our services (for a fee of course since we all need to survive) to return to Malaysia and serve as an expert witness. In the U.S. everyone is an expert.

    You do not need the services of someone who charges US$ 250k for his ‘expert’ opinion in a matter like sodomy. But that would be the fee charged by an expert for giving his expert opinion in court today.

  15. Jong,

    If that were to happen over here in the U.S. people would be wondering why someone who did not examine the patient would be calling a press conference to answer questions.

    It is all scripted!

  16. Friends,
    What do you think would have happened if Saiful had made a similar allegation of sodomy against Najib?
    Would the police done an investigation with this same gusto?
    Would Saiful attain Royal status and given protection or would he and Uncle Pet have gone missing into cyberspace?
    Would the media have gone on a mad frenzy against Najib?
    Would the sleepyhead blame the Opposition for framing him?
    Would the ulamaks demand a Syariah trial and ask Saiful to bring 4 witnesses?
    Would Puswari not praise Dr Osman and his defend his credibility?

    How smugly they tell the world that we have Rule of Law.

    How I wonder will this charade bring about Malay unity?
    Lest we forget, all the protagonists in the devilish design are Malays!!!!

  17. Mr Bean
    Shrek suggest that Dr Wan come to San Francisco to get first hand experience. He can then be Board Certified to do shit hole examination. Upon completion he can then have a FRCP (SH) Hons.

    Every MD can do the examination. No speciality required. Just look for signs of entry, tear, expansion, bleeding. How difficult is that? Even on CSI the examination is done by a Pathologist who is an MD. I guess only in Malaysia do we need a Shit Hole Specialist.

    Shrek boroscope specialist 10-4

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  19. Sodomy is not a crime in all parts of the world,except of course Muslim nations;hence it should be abolished to avoid further allegations of this nature which is very embarrassing to the public & nation!

  20. We just realised this. When? Two days ago. It is just like VK Lingam said, “It looks like me, sounds like me but it is not me”-Kamaruddin

    A brillant answer. Quoting a crook whose hand was caught in the cookie jar. A stupid moron who thinks the rakyat is stupid. How about a simple yes or no? If it has no bearing whatsoever in the case, why not show what you’ve got – the original? Takes more than two days to change the report issit?

    Barry, ignore the Dude Fler lah, its a waste of time and he’s obviously writing illogical stuff to push people’s button as demosntrated by his posts with the same repeatitive boring twists. Just like a kid dying for a little attention.

  21. dr hsu, a know gerakan member and practising doctor with more than 3 decades of experience, has confirmed in his blog that there is no need for a specialist to conduct such anal checks. Even in rural areas, MAs are good enough to check on rape cases. he also confirmed that as long as osamn is a registered doctor, the notes arising from the check-up are adequate in the courts of law.
    I am not suprsied that the hospital reacted the way it did. Just like the police force, the AG office, the judiciary, even teh hospitals are now being manipulated. Goodness, where are the good men who dared to stand up for truth?

  22. Dear Mr Bean,

    You said:

    [ If that were to happen over here in the U.S. people would be wondering why someone who did not examine the patient would be calling a press conference to answer questions.

    It is all scripted ]

    So now everything is a conspiracy or scripted.
    The doctor is simply on leave, how can a doctor who is on leave gives press statement.
    So tell me, is it wrong for MD and GM to give press statement. It can also be a hospitals policy that press statement must only be given by MD and GM. I don’t think in US they differ, you’re telling me , when there is such a case, a MO will call a press conference. Don’t give us bull***.

    On the other hand, if the press does meet MO, or set an interview at his own private time, then it is possible.

  23. mr smith

    this pus something hospital is real special. helmed by novice liars, the hospitals will be enlarging its operations with the recruitment of a few sodomy specialists and that with the full financial support of the government. given to understand that one of the criteria candidate must have preference for analingus coz nothing beats the real thing.

  24. Dear Mr Din Merican, I’ve read your favorite modern philosopher Ayn Rand’s books as quoted by you “The Fountainhead “(1943 ) and “Atlas Shrugged ” (1957). Thought-provoking writings alright.

    True Islam practitioners will live and speak the truth and practise justice, not the twisting of facts, lies and oppression for the sake of power and control.
    P/s tell the government, the police, the hospitals, the judiciary, lawyers, witnesses, the policitians and the public the following:-

    (1) “Before an offence is proved, the accused ought to be considered innocent. Thus during investigation he should not be treated with excess. To consider him guilty at this stage is against the Islamic Code. In Surah ‘An-Noor’ there is a tale about a woman during the time of Rasoole. It is said that some evil-monger brought about a false accusation against a virtuous woman and gave it publicity. The Quran took strong notice of it and said: Evil-mongers had given publicity to a false accusaion but what had happened to you that you accepted it as true, without any investigation When you had heard about it, you ought to have a favourable opinion about her and your first reaction ought to have been (24:12) “It is an obvious lie”; (This is an obvious lie) and (24:16)”This is most serious slander”. From this the principle is deduced that unless a crime is proved against a person, he should not be considered guilty.”

    “Do not conceal testimony; (2:283) “And do not intermix truth with falsehood in your evidence”.(2:42) “Nor present untrue (false) testimony”. The singularity of the believers has thus been stated: (25:71) “They never present false (untrue) testimony.”

    2. “For a system of justice the Quran has ordained: (4:58) “And when you decide between man and man, you must do so with justice.”

    Even when you make peace between parties, do so with justice (49:9) In Surah Al-Hujuraat it is ordained that if two factions of Muslims develop a dispute (and wage war against each other) “Sort out their mutual conflict with justice”.

    3. “Even enmity with a nation should not incline you to act unjustly. (5:8) ”

    “Let not the enmity of others make you swerve from justice; be just, that is only nearer to (Taqwa) piety.”

    4. “Not only the cases of Muslims, but the cases of non-Muslims also should be decided with justice. The Rasoole was ordained: “Even if the non-Muslims come to you for the judgement of their cases: (5:42) “Judge between them with equity”.

    5. “The Rasool was told: “We have sent this Book to you with the truth”: (5:48) “So judge between them as Allah Almighty has revealed and follow not their vain desires.”

    The Quran, the sacred scripture of Islam, considers justice to be a supreme virtue. It is a basic objective of Islam to the degree that it stands next in order of priority to belief in God’s exclusive right to worship (Tawheed) and the truth of Muhammad’s prophethood. God declares in the Quran:

    “God commands justice and fair dealing…” (Quran 16:90)

    And in another passage:

    “O you who believe, be upright for God, and (be) bearers of witness with justice!…” (Quran 5:8)

    Therefore, one may conclude that justice is an obligation of Islam and injustice is forbidden. The centrality of justice to the Quranic value system is displayed by the following verse:

    “We sent Our Messengers with clear signs and sent down with them the Book and the Measure in order to establish justice among the people…” (Quran 57:25)

    “Equality in Justice
    The Quranic standards of justice transcend considerations of race, religion, color, and creed, as Muslims are commanded to be just to their friends and foes alike, and to be just at all levels, as the Quran puts it:

    “O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even if it be against yourselves, your parents, and your relatives, or whether it is against the rich or the poor…” (Quran 4:135)

    According to another Quranic passage:

    “Let not the hatred of a people swerve you away from justice. Be just, for this is closest to righteousness…” (Quran 5:8)

    With regards to relations with non-Muslims, the Quran further states:

    “God does not forbid you from doing good and being just to those who have neither fought you over your faith nor evicted you from your homes…” (Quran 60:8)

    The scholars of the Quran have concluded that these rulings apply to all nations, followers of all faiths, as a matter of fact to all humanity.[2] In the view of the Quran, justice is an obligation. That is why the Prophet was told:

    “…If you judge, judge between them with justice…” (Quran 5:42)

    “We have revealed to you the scripture with the truth that you may judge between people by what God has taught you.” (Quran 4:105)

    Furthermore, the Prophet was sent as a judge between peoples, and told:

    “…Say: I believe in the Scripture, which God has sent down, and I am commanded to judge justly between you…” (Quran 42:15)”

    The carnal mind is enminty against the Law of God/Allah. When any religion/faith whether they are trinitarian christian, hadithic islam or judaism
    corrupt or aborogate the Law of God/Allah, injustice is the result.

    Justice for Anwar should be upheld.

    God is
    Righteous(Ezra 9:15)
    Perfect(Mat. 5:48)
    Holy(Lev. 19:2)
    Good(Ps. 34:8)
    Truth(Deut. 32:4)

    God’s Law is
    Perfect(Ps. 19:7)
    Holy(Rom. 7:12)
    Good(Rom. 7:12)
    Truth(Ps. 119:142)

    The prophet to the Arabs told his people to consult the “People of the Book” if they were in doubt. The Law of God has NOT been transformed away contrary to the trinitarian christianity, or lost as advocated by hadithic islam or as corrupted by those vain traditions of judaism.The “people of the Book” are still here and will show the light.
    Anyone who speaks against the Law and Testimony of God he or she simply has no light.

  25. Dear Barry,

    I had never said or claim that Anwar is guilty, please stop saying that. Who knows, may there could be someone who gonna claim that i’m also part of the conspiracy, since there’s so many conspiracy theory now. I honestly don’t believe Anwar is guilty. That’s what my heart tells me.

    What i’m trying to do is filtering facts from fiction. And telling people to do a better analysis of the whole scenario. Look at it from a different angle , may be we can spot something. If you let your imagination/emotion get’s in your way, you could miss out on something really important. That’s all.

    I think i’ve been fair in my judgement.

  26. He is a good doctor but his examination is not conducive on sodomy.


    I say Din!

    Is that “conducive” or “conclusive“?

    Written out on long hand it could be both!

    As it is, “conducive”, this speaker will not pass a lie-detector test!

  27. It’s about time PUSRAWI change its name to something else, just drop the Islam. Or if they still insist on retaining Islam, do add Hadhari as in Islam Hadhari anything goes.

  28. Hahaha! 6 years in medical school and a medical officer is not ‘qualified’ to check an anus? Joke of the century, that’s why I said, downright GARBAGE!
    This Wan is insulting the intelligence of Malaysians!

  29. QC Bean,

    I agree with you, it’s all a silly coverup.
    Maybe they are being threatened. It’s possible!

    This Wan – General Manager and Dr Kamaruddin Ahmad – Medical Director of Hospital Pusrawi were trying to do some patchwork and the more they try, the more they fumble!

  30. Dear Din

    I can’t believe it. In 98, the judiciary, AG, the police, the media & the politicians got together to frame up an innocent man.

    Now, they’ve roped in the medical profession too! All these professions are supposed to be symbols of honor & justice….but my oh my! How crooked they’ve been made into under the hands of the UMNO regime.

    What are we gonna get next? 10 years from now, another video recording of doctors talking of how they are involved in this “set-up”?

    May God have mercy on the perpetrators…

  31. soon we will have a ‘intorduction to anus examination’ subject in the local university and oh, this subject is a must to those who want to be a qualified or specialist in sodomy. Do they have in KLGH?

  32. The SH’T keeps oozing out of Malaysia and mahathir(the first pariah in Malaysian governance) will live long to smell it and abdullah( the second pariah in Malaysian governance) does not know how to clean up. Maybe they are 8 tahils or half a kati as in the 7th day of the 7th moon of the chinese calender.

  33. Bro. Din, this time they are ‘caught by the balls’ in their own game. Whatever the rational or justification given by the poker face GM and Dr Kamaruddin jelas melihatkan ‘cerita2 rekaan’ semata2. Anybody can read from their faces.

    Cuma yang saya agak terkilan ialah mereka2 ini mewakili Pusat Rawatan Islam yang konon2 mendukong nilai2 Islam . Tetapi selepas fiasco ini kita sudah dapat menilai akan pendirian mereka yang sebenarnya. Munafik !!!

  34. it may cost the future of their children and grandchildren. they just don’t see it now.

    poor souls can’t take a little pain…

  35. “Sodomy is not a crime in all parts of the world,except of course Muslim nations;hence it” Jerry

    That would be true if you classify Britain, Singapore and India and the other Commonwealth countries as Muslim countries.

    Singapore abolished the offending part of Sec 377 of their Penal Code in 2007 but retains the remaining

    “Section 377A (“Outrages on decency”) states that:

    “Any male person who, in public or private, commits, or abets the commission of, or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any male person of, any act of gross indecency with another male person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years.”

    Singapore, India and Malaysia (we got our Penal Code from India which was introduced by the Brits. The Brits do not have anything like a Penal Code) shared the same Penal Code. Singapore has decided to move on and to de-criminalize sodomy except when it involves male partners. Obviously they don’t think lesbians are capable of sodomizing each other.

  36. Oh God !! i thought the judiciary in the sink so wee our Pdrm, i dint expect this from Professionals like the Pushrawi Board .

    Integrity down the drain , these two so called Leaders of Pusrawi should throw their degrees and work as volunteers for the Devil. Do they really have Integrity ????
    here at the PC the docs say Dr Osman was interview d by the police (plus who asked the idiot whether the police wer nice ???)— and the Deputy IG says he was never taken in ——–what a give away —- Malaysia Boleh with the Corrupt Institutions we have —-Pak lah i hope your sleep well !! with so much of SIN in your hands!!!!!!!!!—

    so much to blow out of my heart Din about these imbeciles …… Most of all i cannot believe they are good Muslims they claim —- what a ransom to this great religion.

  37. Dude says,

    “So now everything is a conspiracy or scripted.”

    We are in search of the truth here. What’s wrong with conspiracy so long as it is not an attempt to subvert the course of justice. In any case I never used the word “conspiracy”. Instead I used the word “scripted”. It is no fault of anybody but yours if you are unable to read and understand what readers write here. The fact that two individuals speaking on behalf of the hospital feels the need to make ‘political correct’ statements does not mean there is a conspiracy.

    “The doctor is simply on leave, how can a doctor who is on leave gives press statement.” Duke

    Asked and answered!

    So why have a press conference without the doctor who did the examination and who is reporting back for work Friday?

    “So tell me, is it wrong for MD and GM to give press statement. It can also be a hospitals policy that press statement must only be given by MD and GM. I don’t think in US they differ, you’re telling me , when there is such a case, a MO will call a press conference. Don’t give us bull***. “

    “Don’t give us the bullshit”? You may want to ask the others here first whether they’d be happy to have you speak on their behalf.

    This discussion is better served if you address your mind to the issues and not use this forum to go on an ego trip!

    I tell you what would happen here in the U.S. The doctor who examined the patient would be present at the press conference to answer questions.. He does not have to be the one to call for it. He does not even have to be the spokesman for the hospital – just the doctor who did the examination of his patient.

    The media in the U.S. is not interested in what others have to say over a matter in which they have no personal knowledge. This is about a crime said to have been committed by someone who could be the country’s Prime Minister before the year is out! They are also not interested in hospital policies. They are interested in reporting and getting to the truth.

  38. Had work in the medical field for 20 years; but never heard of such speciality in sodomy.

    Can some qualified doctor clarify please?

  39. And yes, we ALL need Dude here to help us see the facts from fiction, because we are too stupid and cannot think for ourselves. We need Dude to point us the way. And of course, Anwar is guilty as hell, ain’t it plain to see?

  40. Mr Bean,

    Sadly, while you are away from our beloved motherland, the years of indoctrination have taken hold of the thinking of us poor bastards who stayed behind. The MSM never fails to impress upon us that the monkeys are doing a fine job, that we should be oh-so-lucky we are not like Burma, Zambia or so some God-forsaken countries, nevermind that Singapore, South Korea and even Thailand (!!!!) have frog-leapt over us, a country filled with God’s gift of natural resources and talents (people like you, Shrek etc). Many of my friends and relatives have chosen to leave this country mainly for their children’s future, especially for those of us who were born with the wrong skin colour and wrong religion (born with or had chosen out of free will).

  41. Barry
    How true. Remember the Ant and Grasshopper story?
    Old Version
    An Ant worked hard all summer building its nest and stocking up supplies for the winter.
    The Grasshopper spent summer enjoying life, laughing, singing and dancing away.
    Come winter the ant was warm, comfortable and had food on his table.
    The Grasshopper had no home, no stored food and couldn’t find anything to eat because of the snow and finally died.
    New Version
    An Ant worked hard in Summer building its nest and stocking up food for winter.
    The Grasshopper spent its days enjoying life, laughing, singing, dancing.
    Come Winter the Grasshopper called a Press Conference and demanded the Ant to share his home and food.
    TV1, TV2 and TV3 repeatedly showed pictures of the Grasshopper shivering and starving alongside pictures of the Ant in his warm home with plenty of fodd on the table.
    Parliamentarisna wanted to know how to help the Grasshopper.
    KJ staged a demonstration of the Ant’s nest.
    Nazri went on a hunger strike with the other Grasshopper.
    Kerismuddin yelled “More Special Privilege for Grasshoppers.”
    The PM passed a law and fined the Ant for failing to share 30% of his food with the Grasshopper and said no Ant should question that.

    So this Ant migrated to the US. This Ant children attended Ivy League Universities because they didn’t have SPM and cannot enter Grasshopper University.
    Grasshoppers are still dancing, laughing and singing in Bolehland. End of story. 10-4

  42. I think that what the Pusrawi doctor did is called ‘establishing a baseline’ – the examination against which all other examinations should be based.

    Any qualified doctor should be able to look at the anus and determine if it was hurt or ‘abnormal’ in any way. Some abnormality should have presented, given that the accuser says he was sodomised 8 times. If the doctor could detect nothing, there must have been nothing there to detect. I doubt the doctor would have made a cursory examination – given that the boy said he’d been sodomised.

  43. Shrek, that’s a good one!

    Even if the Prime Minister and his UMNO goons read this, they’ll be too thick skinned to know the difference.

    That’s “ketuanan Melayu” for them! The rural folks will be told “don’t worry when you stick with UMNO, you will never stop laughing!”.

  44. “Many of my friends and relatives have chosen to leave this country mainly for their children’s future…” Barry

    It is perfectly understandable that they should want to do so. But for the above 40s and 50s it is rather late to be making a fresh start in a foreign country.

    Otherwise I still feel Malaysia is a good place to live in. Here in the U.S. people work two or three times harder just to get by. They enjoy life just as hard as they work.

    You don’t get the government telling you what to do, how to think, what to believe in and what not to believe in. This intrusion by the government into my private life is sufficient for me to want to leave the country of my birth. But Malaysia will always be home for me.

    Shrek may not share the same sentiment to the same degree. He once pointed to the lyrics of this song by D’Lloyd as being reflective of his feelings today.

    Me?? I will be happy just to be able to ‘goyang’ without the likes of PAS and UMNO telling me that it is wrong, immoral or lewd.

  45. Mr Bean
    It’s 30 years since Shrek left Malaysia. Things have not changed for the better since. Shrek tried working in Malaysia between 1996 and 2003 as an expat. The experience leaves much to be desired.

    Shrek had a few Mat Sallehs under Shrek but when we go to meetings the Mat Sallehs were seated in special comfy chairs while Shrek had to settle for second row seats. The embarrasing thing is when the meeting started the Mat Salleh handed Shrek my briefcase and told the meeting that Shrek is his boss. Malunya semua.

    It is still who you know not what you know. Shrek classmates for the Masters Degree are Engineers that built the space shuttle. Classes were held at Rockwell, yet Shrek’s degree not recognized by Malaysian Government.

    Ever try to meet the Ministers? How about RM 10k just to get a foot in the door. Exception was Anwar. Shrek was fortunate that the former DPM office was open to all.

    But as the song says Tak Mungkin – notice mungkin. Perhaps when things change for the better. It’s always nice to return to Malaysia tanah tumpahnya darahku.

    Shrek getting misty 10-4

  46. Bean and Jong
    Shrek’s life story is dull. Furthermore Shrek not good story writer. Perhaps Shrek’s children might write the story.
    Shrek shy. 10-4

  47. What is the definition of an “expert”?

    An “ex” is a has-been, and a “spirt” is a drop under pressure.

    You still want to engage a sodomy expert?

  48. I agree with “Unqualified Bomoh” that Hospital Pusrawi after all that had happened, should change its name to Hospital Hadhari – sounds more like it should be, that it’s capable of. 😀

  49. Wong,

    The doctor who examines Anwar is enough of an ‘expert’ in this case. Aren’t all doctors are – experts in their field? Otherwise how would you explain the admission of opinion evidence in a court of law?

  50. “I doubt the doctor would have made a cursory examination – given that the boy said he’d been sodomised.” Patricia

    A cursory examination lasting a few minutes to me as a layman should be enough to determine if a further examination is needed to confirm his findings.

    The first doctor in fact ruled out sodomy but it would appear that he merely suggested that the alleged victim have a further examination at a government hospital in view of the alleged crime.

  51. “Perhaps Shrek’s children might write the story.
    Shrek shy. 10-4” Shrek


    Nothing like a first hand account. It might turn out to be a New York best seller 🙂

  52. Mr Bean
    True to the Mr Bean character. You make me laugh this Friday morning. New York bestseller ha ha That’ll be the day.
    Looking forward to DJ Din music choice for the weekend. 10-4

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