To the Brave People of Japan

March 12, 2011

Message of Condolences from Dr. Kamsiah, Bloggers and Friends of this Blog and Din Merican

To the People of Japan, we feel your sorrow and pain today. You have been hit by a vicious earthquake and a punishing tsunami (8.9 on the Richter Scale), more devastating than the tragedy of Kobe years ago. You recovered from Kobe and we, your friends on this blog, know that you have the courage and tenacity to recover from this disaster of epic proportions and rebuild your country.

We express our most heartfelt condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives. To these families and to you, we dedicate two songs, To The Morning and Believe in Me (by Dan Fogelberg) which were posted in the comments section of this blog by friends .


[You Brave People of Japan, we are saddened by your tragedy, but we know that with the support of the international community and your own courage, tenacity and energy you will begin to rebuild your great country. To the families of those who lost their lives we express our most heart felt condolences. Stay strong and we know you will meet this challenge to rebuild your country. With ingenuity and technical competence, you will beat the test of the elements of nature.]

We care and pray for the safety of all of you as the tsunami releases its fury on your shores.

Thank You, Dan and May God Bless You