Friends in High Places

February 25, 2011

Friends in High Places

Gani Patail and Vincent Lye go back a long way to their Sabah days where they even shared the same GROs at the Strawberry Club in Kota Kinabalu. With Gani’s help and through various corporate manoeuvres, Vincent Lye managed to take control of Ho Hup and drove Dato’ Low Tuck Choy (Dato’ TC) to be just a minority shareholder.


Snappy Fingers in A-G's Chambers



by Deep Throat A-G Chambers

When the Attorney-General (AG) exercises his prosecution powers on criminal matters under Article 145(3) of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, he does so as the Public Prosecutor (PP). This means he acts as the public guardian to maintain law and order, which also means he acts in the public interest.

A-G not acting in the Public Interest

However, in the case of A-G Gani Patail, more often than not, his considerations are not in the public interest, rather it is for his own interests. That is why you have illogical and inconsistent decisions coming from this AG.

MAS did not suffer any loss and Tajuddin is an Angel, say Spinners

It is already public knowledge that MAS had suffered massive losses and was almost bankrupted by Tajuddin Ramli. Yet, when the Director of CCID recommended that Tajuddin should be charged, A-G Gani Patail did not do that. Instead, he charged the Director!

When Malaysia Today produced the Tabung Haji documents which showed AG Gani Patail with Tajudin’s proxy, Shahidan Shafie, taking the Lord For A Ride in doing the Haj together, they said that Malaysia Today is telling a lie.

Haj Trip remains unexplained

Until today, there is no satisfactory explanation from A-G Gani Patail. He wants people to believe that the Haj trip and of him sharing a room with Shahidan was just a coincidence. Shahidan was a former police inspector, OC Secret Societies Johor Bahru, who was charged for corruption. And today he is bosom buddies with A-G Gani Patail. Gani Patail can be so blatant in consorting with crooks and criminals because he thinks he is invincible from the process of the law.

Like the MAS Scandal, AG Gani Patail quite openly uses his position as PP to take sides in corporate disputes. He takes sides and uses his powers as PP to fix and charge real corporate figures with all kinds of funny offences so that his dubious and shady friends can take control of big corporations.

Ho Hup Bhd Case

Let me just show you one example. Ho Hup Bhd was an ailing company which had a huge land bank. Ho Hup was then owned by Dato’ Low Tuck Choy (Dato’ TC). Dato’ Vincent Lye Ek Seang, who is A-G Gani Patail’s good friend, had eyed Ho Hup’s land bank for quite sometime.

Gani Patail and Vincent Lye go back a long way to their Sabah days where they even shared the same GROs(socialites) at the Strawberry Club in Kota Kinabalu. With Gani’s help and through various corporate manoeuvres, Vincent Lye managed to take control of Ho Hup and drove Dato’ TC to be just a minority shareholder.

The moment Vincent Lye gained control of Ho Hup, he fleeced Ho Hup to the bones and sold off Ho Hup’s land bank. Seeing his company being ruined, Dato’ TC managed to rally the minority shareholders to come together to realise the damage caused by Vincent Lye.

After an audit, Dato’ TC and the other minority shareholders lodged several reports against Vincent for fraud, CBT, cheating and misappropriation of property. However, nothing happened. Dato’ TC then called for an EGM and, together with the other minority shareholders, they took steps to force Vincent Lye to leave the company.

That was when Dato’ TC found himself being harassed by AG Gani Patail. Firstly, Gani Patail directed the Registrar of Companies (ROC) to take action to injunct Dato’ TC’s shares in Ho Hup. Eventually, the ROC had to withdraw that action as there was no basis for it from the very beginning. In any event, the minority shareholders have already decided to oust Vincent Lye and his forty thieves.

To show his influence and to demonstrate that the show has not ended, Vincent Lye asked A-G Gani to come on parade with him in the offices of Ho Hup. A-G Gani Patail then strutted around the office to show that he will use his powers against anyone who dared to fight his buddy, Vincent Lye.

Dato’ TC charged

On 15 January 2011, the mainstream media reported that Dato’ TC had instead been charged. A-G Gani Patail and Vincent Lye go back a long way to their Sabah days where they even shared the same GROs at the Strawberry Club in Kota Kinabalu. With Gani’s help and through various corporate manoeuvres, Vincent Lye managed to take control of Ho Hup and drove Dato’ TC to be just a minority shareholder.

A-G Gani Patail and his Buddy Vincent Lye

In case you doubt this story, just look at the picture (above) of A-G Gani Patail and  his buddy Vincent Lye at the Ho Hup Office. Now, is that a show of power or what?

The MAS and Robert Phang Story continues

February 11, 2011

The MAS and Robert Phang Story continues: Charge the KSU for not reporting a bribery attempt

by Din Merican

The MAS scandal is like a fiery comet flying across the sky. It has brought a trail of other scandals into light. The anonymous blogs are now saying that the losses which MAS suffered during Tajuddin Ramli’s time was not true. That it was just a just a fiction. That MAS was never heading towards bankruptcy and the Widespread Asset Unbundling (WAU) exercise was a scam. Who created the fiction and the scam?

Former MAS Managing Director must answer

The best person to answer this question is Dato’ Seri Idris Jala. He was once MAS Managing Director, now entrusted by Prime Minister Najib to implement the country’s Economic Transformation Plan (ETP). It was during Idris’ time that MAS pursued criminal and civil avenues to hold Tajuddin liable for MAS’ losses. So let Idris answer if the losses were just fiction. If it was fiction, then we have a lot to worry in leaving the whole country’s economic fortunes in the hands of Idris Jala.

New Conspiracy Theory

A new conspiracy theory is now being spun by Tajuddin’s supporters that he was booted out by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Economic Planning Unit) Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop. So, Tajuddin’s henchman and proxy, Shahidan Shafie, with his wide tentacles in every law enforcement agency, including being A-G Gani Patail’s close friend, is now hunting those connected to Nor Mohamed. Shahidan is now exacting revenge for Tajuddin.

Only yesterday, the MACC charged Nor Mohamed Yakcop’s former political secretary, Hasbie Satar, for money-laundering. Hasbie, 37, from Sarawak (Idris Jala’s home state) appeared alone and unrepresented when he was charged under Section 4 (1) of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act 2001. This offence carries a fine of RM5million or jail term of five years.

Targetting the High Performer Azman Mokhtar,  Khazanah Nasional CEO

Now Tajuddin and Shahidan are targeting the founders of the consultancy firm, Bina Fikir, which was responsible for WAU. Using the blogs, they have linked Nor Mohamed to Bina Fikir’s founders, Rashdan and Cambridge educated Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar who is now heading Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the nation’s investment arm. There are whispers within Khazanah that MACC has been busy visiting Khazanah on uncorroborated allegations. It seems that high performer Azman Mokhtar is being harassed using the MACC. It seems nobody is safe from the wrath of Tajuddin Ramli.

Bribery Allegation Against Robert Phang

Earlier on, using the same anonymous blogs they made an allegation that Tan Sri Robert Phang had attempted to bribe a Secretary-General or Ketua Setiausaha (KSU) of a ministry. To seek vindication and to be cleared early of these allegations, Tan Sri Robert Phang has resigned from the MACC Panel to facilitate the investigations. Since then, the MACC has gone quiet. Instead of hastening their investigation to clear Robert Phang, the MACC seems to be doing nothing. Or is something being planned so that the KSU in question will co-operate with the agenda?

What do we know about the bribery allegation? The allegation is that sometime before Hari Raya of 2010, the KSU of a Ministry which was awarding a contract worth RM 900 million had had chased Tan Sri Robert Phang out of his office because Phang tried to bribe him. What is so difficult to investigate this allegation?

Just interview the KSU concerned. If the KSU says that story is a lie,that’s the end of it. The MACC should announce that finding openly and then clear Robert Phang so that he can qualify for an extension when the MACC Panel’s term is renewed after February 24. Why is the MACC dragging its feet? Is there any reason in delaying the investigation? Is it to disqualify Phang from seeking re-appointment. Clearly public opinion is behind Phang to be re-appointed in that Panel because  Phang is the lone voice who has refused to be a rubberstamp.

On the other hand, if the KSU confirms the bribery allegation, then further investigations must be conducted. The KSU must be asked if he had reported that incident to his immediate boss, the Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN). If he did, what did the KSN advise him to do? Did the KSN direct him to lodge a report with the MACC? If neither of them reported to the MACC, then both of the KSN and the KSU should be  hauled up and charged for failing to report a bribery. That is an offence under s. 25 of the MACC Act which provides as follows:

S. 25  Duty to report bribery transactions

(1)     Any person to whom any gratification is given, promised, or offered, in contravention of any provision of this Act shall report such gift, promise or offer together with the name, if known, of the person who gave, promised or offered such gratification to him to the nearest officer of the commission or police officer.

(2)    Any person who fails to comply with subsection (1) commits an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years or to both.

(3)     Any person from whom any gratification has been solicited or obtained, or an attempt has been made to obtain such gratification, in contravention of any provision of this Act shall at the earliest opportunity thereafter report such soliciting or obtaining of, or attempt to obtain, the gratification together with the full and true description and if known, the name of the person who solicited, or obtained, or attempted to obtain, the gratification from him to the nearest officer of the commission or police officer.

(4)    Any person who fails, without reasonable excuse, to comply with subsection (3) commits an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding ten thousand ringgit or to imprisonment.

That is how simple the investigation should be. That is how simple it is to ascertain if the KSU, the MACC and the A-G are trying to fix Robert Phang for speaking out about A-G Gani Patail’s connections to Shahidan Shafie and Tajuddin Ramli. Let the KSU be forewarned that he can be fined RM100,000 and imprisoned for 10 years if now tries to fix Phang by admitting there was such a bribery attempt .

If the KSU tries to play ball now, whereas he did not report that bribery attempt in September of 2010, then I have no hesitation to say that the public have every right to demand that MACC charge the KSU for not reporting the bribery attempt!

Jatuhnya Komunisme, munculnya Mahathir dan Malaysia Incorporated.

December 1, 2009

oleh Faisal Mustaffa (

Jatuhnya komunisme, munculnya Mahathir Mohamad dan Malaysia Incorporated.

Jangkamasa 20 tahun banyak peristiwa berlaku namun kita tetap mengulangnya. Kita gagal untuk mempelajari dari masalah dan kesilapan.

Semasa aku berada di negeri Jerman dua minggu lalu (dari November 2 hingga November 20), aku dapat menyaksikan bagaimana rakyat di situ begitu menghargai peristiwa bersejarah yang berlaku pada November 9, 1989.

Rakyat Jerman pada tahun 2009 ini berpesta dan melaung-laung memperingati robohnya Tembok Berlin dua dekad yang lampau. Sungguhpun tembok tersebut sudahpun menjadi sejarah, orang Jerman tidak memerapkannya di dalam muzium.Bagi upacara simboliknya, negeri Jerman telah mengadakan satu acara gilang-gemilang di mana replika tembok tersebut disusun seperti domino dan kemudiannya ditumbangkan satu persatu.

Secara sengaja, pihak penganjur hanya membiarkan satu bahagian sahaja tembok tidak dijatuhkan. Ia mungkin isyarat tersirat yang ingin dinyatakan bahawa terdapat lagi kuasa-kuasa besar yang masih ego dengan kedudukan mereka yang enggan menyatukan masyarakat dunia.

Robohnya Tembok Berlin pada tahun 1989 pula telah menandakan penyatuan semula negera Jerman yang dipisahkan selepas Perang Dua Kedua kepada pemerintahan berdemokrasi di satu pihak dan komunisme di pihak yang lain.

Menyaksikan mereka meraikan ulangtahun ke-20 tumbangnya Tembok Berlin yang sejurus kemudian diiringi kejatuhan fahaman komunisme, aku teringat apakah signifikannya. Sungguh malang bagi kita, sejarah hanya menjadi matapelajaran untuk lulus peperiksaan. Kajian akademik menjadi bahan ilmiah dan bukannya menjadi rujukan umum.

Mungkin keruntuhan komunisme tidak memberi kesan secara langsung kepada warga negara ini. Akan tetapi, jika dibandingkan dalam dekad 80an itu juga, idealisme sosialisme banyak terhakis di tanahair kita.

Luahan hati melalui lukisan

Pada Disember 28, 2007, aku dijemput untuk memberi syarahan dalam satu pameran lukisan ‘Human Rights and Arts’ dan mengambil contoh graffiti yang dilukis rakyat Jerman Timur dan Barat tentang jeleknya pemisahan kuasa yang berlaku hanya kerana perbezaan ideologi politik.

Tembok Berlin telah memisahkan Eropah Barat dengan Blok Timur. Mengikut catatan Wikipedia, sebelum binanya tembok sepanjang 155km ini, seramai kira-kira 3.5 juta orang telah mengabaikan halangan dan sekatan Blok Timur dengan melepasi sempadan timur Berlin dan menuju ke arah barat.

Dari situ, mereka senang untuk merantau dan menyelamatkan diri ke Jerman Barat ataupun ke negara-negara Eropah Barat. Sepanjang teguhnya tembok juga membawa kes sekurang-kurangnya lima ribu orang telah mencuba melangkaui sempadan tersebut; seramai 100-200 orang mati akibat daripada gagal melepasi tembok berkenaan.

Pada hari pengumuman membenarkan rakyat Jerman Timur melepasi sempadan Berlin, orang ramai memanjat tembok itu, memecah-mecahkannya dan ada yang menyimpan batu-batannya sebagai bahan peringatan.

Sepanjang era Iron Curtain (Tirai Besi) naungan Soviet ataupun cengkaman komunisme di Eropah Timur, ramai penduduk yang disekat kebebasan mereka untuk bergerak dan berniaga umpamanya.

Forum ‘Human Rights and Arts’ yang aku menjadi kurator itu menyentuh mengenai kebebasan bersuara melalui kesenian. Ianya diadakan di Galeri Innovasi dan Reka Cipta dan dikelolakan oleh Pusat Seni, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Selain itu, contoh-contoh lain yang aku pernah bentangkan banyak melibatkan artis seperti Wong Hoy Chong dan pameran ‘Tangisan Dalam Derita’ yang dianjurkan oleh RA Gallery tidak berapa lama dahulu.

Tembok Berlin menjadi bahan pembentangan aku dalam menunjukkan bagaimana tembok itu menjadi lapangan bagi golongan artis menyatakan rasa benci mereka terhadap pemerintahan pada waktu itu – melalui lukisan!

Projek kroni dan pemegang saham

Khalayak umum tidak menyangka bahawa perubahan sistem politik dapat meruntuhkan Tembok Berlin. Jadi tidak hairanlah jika pada 1989, orang ramai bersorak sambil melihat jatuhnya tembok yang telah berdiri sekian lama sebagai rekod visual sejarah (kerana dilukis cantik dengan graffiti oleh setiap lapisan rakyat).

Aku juga berfikir-fikir apakah yang berlaku di negara aku ketika Jerman gagal mengambil kata sepakat. Sebenarnya, dalam era memuncaknya Mahathirisme itu, penyalahgunaan prinsip kapitalisme paling menular di dalam diri pemerintah Malaysia.

Sebelum Operasi Lalang (1987) berjaya menyempal mulut dan suara akhbar, Bapa Kemerdekaan Tunku Abdul Rahman telah menulis di dalam akhbar The Star mengkritik hebat pemimpin parti politik yang menyalahgunakan kuasa mereka dalam mengumpul kekayaan dalam projek berkepentingan rakyat.

Apabila kerajaan mengumumkan penswastaan Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan kepada UEM – sebuah syarikat kroni UMNO – yang antara pengurus (trustee) dan pemegang saham utamanya adalah orang kanan UMNO, maka tauke-tauke baru inilah yang kuat untung.

1Malaysia versi awal: Rakyat dibelakangkan

Seterusnya pada tahun 1988, Malaysia dilandai gelombang kemelesetan dengan pertumbuhan ekonomi yang lemah sebanyak dua peratus sahaja. Kadar pengangguran mencanak sehingga 9.4%. Seperti adat, PETRONAS dijadikan tabung cepu emas bagi menyelamatkan situasi pada ketika itu.

Pada waktu itulah kita dapat saksikan kontroversi Daim Zainuddin dan Fleet Group (yang merupakan salah satu lagi usaha UMNO) serta penghuluran bantuan kewangan kepada (bailout) syarikat-syarikat kroni dan bumiputera.

Presiden Aliran P. Ramakrishnan menulis dalam makalah bulanan organisasi sukarelawan tersebut [Aliran Monthly Vol 25 (2005): Issue 11] bahawa pembelian melibatkan MISC dan MAS agak menarik jika dijadikan contoh.

Ramakrishnan berkata, “MISC iaitu syarikat perkapalan milik Petronas telah tampil ke hadapan untuk pada 1998 untuk menyelamatkan syarikat perkapalan milik Mirzan Mahahtir yang menemui masalah dan dibebani hutang besar.”“Manakala Kementerian Kewangan pula diarah membantu Tajudin Ramli dan MAS dengan membeli saham MAS pada harga RM8 sa-saham walauhal ketika harga pasaran hanya RM3.62 (pada Disember 22, 2000). MAS kemudiannya mencatatkan bagi empat tahun berturut-turut selepas itu dan berhutang sehingga RM9 bilion,” sambung Ramakrishnan lagi.Kebanyakan kemelut ekonomi dekad rakus Mahathirisme itu (untuk butir-butir terperinci skandal-skandal kewangan lain kerajaan, sila baca laporan khas ini yang diserahkan kepada misi badan antarabangsa bergelar Inter Parliamentary Union) berpunca dari pemerintahan satu parti yang berlaku. UMNO-BN nampak akan kekuasaannya seolah-olah tidak ada yang lain mampu menandingi mereka.

Barangkali aku masih kecil pada waktu itu untuk memikirkan ini semua. Namun, sayang sekali para pemerintah kita, yang seharusnya lebih matang dan luas pemikiran serta jauh pandangan mereka, jarang juga melihat kepada sejarah dunia dalam membentuk negara sendiri.