US Foreign Policy: Misjudging Kim Jong-un

March 16, 2018 US Foreign Policy: Misjudging Kim Jong-un by John C Hulsman* If US President Donald Trump and his advisers continue to assume that traditional deterrence does not apply to North Korea, they are likely to lose the latest geopolitical chess match. History shows that those who mistake their political or military adversaries … Continue reading

Fighting Piracy on the ASEAN Seas

March 16, 2018 Fighting Piracy on the ASEAN Seas by Tai Wei Lim Almost half of the world’s pirate attacks happen in Southeast Asia. Among the most common locations for attacks is the Strait of Malacca, where tankers carry oil from the Gulf region to China, Japan, and South Korea, and via Singapore’s refineries. … Continue reading

Voodoonomics: How successive governments impoverished Malaysians

March 15, 2018 Voodoonomics: How successive governments impoverished Malaysians by P. A QUESTION OF BUSINESS | At least two ways – both very wrong in the longer term – were used to support the export sector in Malaysia in believing that growth through exports was the right thing for a developing country like Malaysia. … Continue reading

Extolling China, demonising Chinese

March 15, 2018 Extolling China, demonising Chinese by  Ambassador (rtd) Dennis Ignatius Extolling China, demonising Chinese Last week, the Interdisciplinary Research and International Strategy Institute launched its latest publication, Pen’China’an Malaysia: Tergadaikah Tanah Kedaulatan Bangsa? [The Sinicisation of Malaysia: Is Malay sovereignty being mortgaged?, according to one translation]. It turned out to be yet another Malay supremacist … Continue reading

ASEAN’s renewed centrality

March 14, 2018 ASEAN’s renewed centrality Author: Editorial Board, East Asia Forum US President Trump fired the first shots in what could become a global trade war this week with the imposition of 25 per cent tariffs on imports of steel and 10 per cent tariffs on aluminium. The action, taken under the national … Continue reading

Malaysia: 1MDB– A Major GE-14 Issue

March 14, 2018 Malaysia: 1MDB– A Major GE-14 Issue by P. QUESTION TIME | They say rural Malays and other deprived Malaysians don’t care about 1MDB and that their major concern is only with the higher cost of living. I say, utter rubbish. I refuse to believe that any Malaysian, rural or urban, is … Continue reading