A New Course for Economic Liberalism

July 17, 2017 A New Course for Economic Liberalism by Sebastian Buckup Sebastian Buckup is Head of Programming at the World Economic Forum. How policymakers can manage the opposing forces of economic diffusion and concentration. The New Man in France–President Emmanuel Macron Since the Agrarian Revolution, technological progress has always fueled opposing forces of diffusion … Continue reading

Trump’s rosy attitude toward Russia and President Vladimir Putin

July 16, 2017 Trump’s rosy attitude toward Russia and President Vladimir Putin by Dr. Fareed Zakaria https://www.washingtonpost.com The latest revelations about Russia and President Trump’s campaign are useful because they might help unravel the mystery that has always been at the center of this story. Why has Trump had such a rosy attitude toward Russia … Continue reading

Prime Minister Najib Razak makes a mockery of 1Malaysia

July 16, 2017 Prime Minister Najib Razak makes a mockery of 1Malaysia http://www.malaysiakini.com Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto. It would be hypocritical for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to champion moderation while at the same time endorsing the National Civics Bureau (BTN) which is perceived to be promoting racism, said Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto. … Continue reading

Lessons from the Brexit Debacle — All very British Bulldog

July 16, 2017 Lessons from the Brexit Debacle– All very British Bulldog by Dr. Munir Majid@www.thestar.com.my FORMER British Prime Minister David Cameron went for the Brexit referendum to strengthen his position in the Conservative party and end the warring among the Tories over the European Union, thinking the Brexiteers would lose. His complacent and cavalier … Continue reading

Singapore–Smart City Smart State

July 15, 2017 Singapore –Smart City Smart State I am in the process of completing my read of Kent E. Calder’s excellent book, Singapore, Smart City Smart State. I must admit upfront that I am an admirer of Singapore and the city state’s leadership going back to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and his team of … Continue reading

Trump and China: Implications for Southeast Asia

July 15, 2017 Trump and China: Implications for Southeast Asia by Robert Sutter@www.eastasiaforum.org Before his inauguration, Chinese specialists judged that Trump, as a pragmatic businessman, could be ‘shaped’ to align with Chinese interests and would ultimately be easier to deal with than Clinton. President-elect Trump soon upended these sanguine expectations with a few gestures, comments … Continue reading