To Chicken Najib: 1MDB Loan Exposure can no longer be taken lightly

July 2, 2015

To Chicken Najib: 1MDB Loan Exposure can no longer be taken lightly

by P.

Latest developments at self-styled strategic development company1MDB indicate yet again that it is not fully forthcoming on the problems that are affecting it, in this case a loan and guarantee arrangement between1MDB and Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) and its subsidiaryAabar InvestmentsPJS involving US$4.5 billion (RM17 billion).MP Tony Pua first highlighted this referring to a London Stock Exchange (LSE) statement by IPIC on changes to its debt settlement arrangements with 1MDB. Presumably, since IPIC is an international borrower whose debts are listed on the LSE, it had to make those disclosures to the exchange.

That IPIC statement clearly sets out obligations under the debt settlement agreement. Essentially, the terms covered were as follows:

  • On June 4, 2015, IPIC provided US$1 billion to 1MDB for it to immediately settle some liabilities. On the same day IPIC assumed obligations to pay (on an interim basis) all interest due under two IPIC guaranteed 1MDB financings amounting to US$3.5 billion.
  • By June 30, 2016, about a year from now, IPIC is to have received a transfer of assets representing the RM1 billion cash payment, the US$3.5 billion debt and any debt forgiveness.
  • Upon the completion of the transfer of assets, IPIC will directly assume liability for all payment obligations under the US$3.5 billion debt and forgive certain financial obligations of the 1MDB Group to the IPIC Group.
  • Finally, 1MDB and the Finance Ministry have agreed to perform the obligations in the binding term sheet and to indemnify IPIC and Aabar for any non-performance, and vice versa. IPIC has met the US1 billion cash payment and will meet the interim interest payments under the US$3.5 billion debt from existing liquidity available.

From the fourth condition, it emerged clearly that the MOF now also assumes liability together with 1MDB  for transferring the necessary assets to IPIC.

Pua in his statement pointed out that the Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah (photo above), had said that “1MDB has entered into a binding agreement withIPIC and its subsidiaryAabar Investments (Aabar) wherebyIPIC will make a ‘payment’ of US$1 billion (US$3.75 billion), on June 4, 2015. This US$1 billion payment will be used to repay a US$975 million loan, in advance of its due date, to a syndicate of international bank lenders.“What the Minister failed to disclose however, is the fact that the binding agreement isn’t just between IPIC, Aabar and 1MDB.  Instead, the government of Malaysia is also an integral party to the agreement,” he said.

Including an interest payment of US$210 million, which IPIC also assumes, Pua has arrived at a total figure of US$4.71 billion (RM17.8 billion) involved.

Stripping out the semantics

Meantime 1MDB’s statement  that neither the Finance Ministry nor the government of Malaysia have provided guarantees for the transactions looks hollow when we strip the argument about semantics out.

The term sheet clearly states that the ministry and 1MDB are responsible for fulfilling the conditions of the deal, basically that the two must deposit assets equivalent to the amount that IPIC has spent in the exercise which is US$4.71 billion or RM17.8 billion at current exchange rates.

Whether the indemnity applies both ways or not is immaterial – effectively 1MDB or the ministry must give IPIC US$4.71 billion (RM17.8 billion) in assets.

One other thing that emerges as a result of this transaction is that if1MDB’s loan obligations reduce, it will be only because 1MDB or the government pays off theIPIC loan a year from now.The upshot from Pua’s media statement and the reference to the LSE disclosure is that it is clear that 1MDB’s effective debt is not immediately reducing but continues to be at the same level unless these are paid off by 1MDB or the government.

Also, because of the stated undertaking, letter of support, or guarantee or anything else you may want to call it, by no less than the ministry, the series of transactions in the deal basically results in the ministry assuming responsibility for all debt obligations. Effectively, the guarantee that IPIC had previously provided for the US$3.5 billion debts has now moved to the Finance Ministry.

Let’s finally reproduce 1MDB’s statement in response to Pua’s earlier one with our responses below:

IMDB: “As such, it is irresponsible of YB Tony Pua to suggest that the recent binding term sheet between 1MDB and IPIC, a commercial transaction, has resulted in further guarantee obligations by the Government of Malaysia. It is public information that the government has only issued a “letter of support”, and this was for a different US$3.0 billion (approximately RM11.35 billion) bond issued by 1MDB.

“In total, the government has only provided explicit guarantees for RM5.8 billion of 1MDB debt.”

Our response: As outlined above, the guarantee for US$3.5 billion has in effect passed from IPIC to 1MDB – it has resulted in further obligations to the government.

1MDB: “YB Tony Pua has deliberately misled the public by failing to mention the crucial ‘and vice versa’ clause in relation to the ‘indemnity’, i.e. the indemnity applies both ways – to IPIC as well as 1MDB – in relation to performance of obligations by the parties. Such a two-way indemnity is a standard clause in commercial transactions to ensure neither party is ‘out of pocket’ for non-performance by the other.

“1MDB confirms that it fully intends to perform its obligations under the binding term sheet.”

‘Two-way indemnity is immaterial’

Our response: It is 1MDB which has misled the public by failing to disclose that the Ministry has an obligation to transfer assets totaling US$4.71 billion. That means the ministry is effectively undertaking to fulfill the obligation, not just 1MDB. Why was such an important point not disclosed? Two-way indemnity is immaterial, what counts is what happens at the end of the transaction.

1MDB: “The binding term sheet executed with IPIC is a key component of the 1MDB rationalisation plan as announced by the Finance Ministry on May 29, 2015. The success of this approach has been evidenced by the recent repayment of a RM3.6 billion loan by 1MDB.

“Commercial negotiations are ongoing between 1MDB and IPIC to reach a definitive agreement, which will ultimately result in a reduction of approximately RM16 billion of 1MDB debt.  1MDB fully intends to share further information once a final agreement is reached between the parties.”

Our response: Basically, 1MDB borrowed money (US$1 billion) from IPIC to repay the RM3.6 billion loan with an effective guarantee from MOF. And it bought itself one year of time to repay that through assets. Why is that such a big deal? And what definitive agreement is 1MDB going to do to retire its debts with IPIC? Inject assets? Is that a big deal?

I owe you so much of money and I return it through an equivalent amount of assets. And what is the rationalisation plan for 1MDB? Why have details not been disclosed?

On all accounts, Pua is right and 1MDB is wrong – it is 1MDB which is misleading the people, not Pua, who is doing what he is supposed to do as a representative of the public in this instance. Shame on you 1MDB!

P GUNASEGARAM is founding editor of KINIBIZ which produces an online business news portal and a fortnightly print magazine.

Najib, UMNO Baru and 1MDB keep lying

June 30, 2015

Najib, UMNO Baru and 1MDB keep lying till the end of time

by Mariam

Ismail Sabri Yaakob warned that anyone who slanders Najib Abdul Razak and the government over 1MDB would be punished. This demonstrates two things: that Umno Baru promotes ministers to their level of incompetence, and that spending taxpayers’ money is easy, because it does not appear to belong to anyone in particular.

The irony is that it took former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, with his severely blemished past, to show that the only way UMNO Baru politicians assuage temptation (spending public funds) is by yielding.

Ismail, who is UMNO Baru supreme council member, reminded the rakyat to be wary of unsubstantiated sources such as Sarawak Report and The Edge, with their evil agendas. He said that those who discussed Najib’s involvement in the 1MDB scandal could be relying upon inaccurate information about the dealings between 1MDB and PetroSaudi.

Warning that stern action would be taken against Sarawak Report and The Edge for harming national interests, he said, “When the 1MDB issue erupted, many people believed in The Edge, which frequently reported biased news and was criticised for sabotaging the economy.”

Ismail, who is also the Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister, pleaded with Malaysians to have faith in the government, and said, “We should trust the government and the minister’s explanation…”. He urged the rakyat to ignore information garnered from social media or from bloggers and refer instead to the authorities for verification.

Asking the authorities to verify information is an impossibility and shows how naïve Ismail is to think he can fool the rakyat. Najib has dodged answering questions about 1MDB and helped extend the 1MDB scandal.

Integrity flies out the window, where party politics are concerned. Everyone has a price and Najib knows that UMNO Baru divisional heads are demanding, and expensive. Would Ismail like to verify the allegations about UMNO Baru heads receiving substantial contracts and fiscal rewards for showing their loyalty to Najib?

Veteran UMNO Baru politician Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said, “These days UMNO Baru divisional leaders as well as parliamentary members earn up to RM50,000 a month, some even earn hundreds of thousands”.

He said that on March 8, over 160 UMNO Baru divisional leaders, including those who support Mahathir, had attended a meeting with Najib to show their allegiance to him.

‘No lah. Everything is above board!’

The typical response from the authorities, on whether this meeting took place, or that loyalty is accompanied by a price tag is this; “No! UMNO Baru politicians are clean and law-abiding. No one is above the law. We love Najib.”

The opposition MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, Tony Pua, claimed that the purchase of property by Mara in Melbourne is a covert attempt to save 1MDB. Do similar property purchases, by government-linked companies (GLCs), both in Malaysia and abroad, constitute a form of illegal kickback for corrupt officials?

We can predict the response; “No lah. Everything is above board! Mara is not corrupt.” Ahmad Maslan, the UMNO Baru Information Chief, announced that his party’s elections would be postponed till after the 14th general election (GE14), to strengthen the party and focus on the needs of the people. UMNO Baru secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor admitted that the postponement was because of an internal political crisis.

Critics claim otherwise and say that the delay is due to Najib needing more time to resolve the 1MDB crisis. Additionally, UMNO Baru has to resolve its in-fighting, and more importantly, Dr Mahathir’s relentless attacks on Najib. The authorities’ verification? “No. The postponement has nothing to do with 1MDB or Mahathir’s criticisms.”

PAS’ Pokok Sena MP, Mahfuz Omar wants Muslims to reject Najib’s ploy, to use RM20 million from Yayasan 1MDB to pay for the redevelopment of a mosque in Kampung Baru and turn it into a “national landmark”. Mahfuz accused Najib of using Muslims to “forgive 1MDB”, and that Najib wanted to “sanitise” 1MDB’s controversies by giving money to build mosques and helping to fund the pilgrimages of religious scholars to Mecca.

We can predict the response of the authorities to Mahfuz’s assertions, “No. It is not true that 1MDB’s funding for mosques is used to appeal to the Muslims. UMNO Baru is merely helping to protect Islam and promote the Malays.”

Ismail knows, and his knowledge is confirmed by the preceding examples, that trying to verify any facts with the authorities is a pointless exercise.

He may be interested to know that the rakyat’s list of queries is much longer and includes questions on who killed Altantuya Shaariibuu, the purchase of the Scorpene submarines, the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), the cargo manifest of MH370, the RM24 million ring, the jailing of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on trumped-up charges, human trafficking, Taib Mahmud, Batang Kali, Memali, Kampung Medan, Mahathir and May 13.

UMNO Baru treats information, in one of the following ways – denial, pay-out, violence, threats of jail, lawsuits and silence. UMNO Baru politicians have spun so many webs of deceit, that they now believe their own lies. Naturally, they think that Najib and UMNO Baru can do no wrong.

The PSI Whistleblower does not exonerate 1MDB and Prime Minister Najib Razak

June 25, 2015


The PSI Whistleblower does not exonerate 1MDB and Prime Minister Najib Razak

by Dato’Ariff Sabri aka Sakmongkol AK47

Mohd-Ariff-SabriThe 1MDB people and their mindless trolls and mental gnomes, who are perhaps on the payroll of Najib’s people are celebrating. The arrest of a Swiss citizen in Thailand, one Mr Justo is the source of the euphoric premature smirk and merrymaking.

They claim that Sarawak Report, The Edge and those public spirited individuals have been feasting on tampered documents after all. They have been spinning untruths. Dr Mahathir lied. They have removed his banner at Putra World Trade Center, the UMNO Headquarters, reflective of their desperation.

We must be careful here- what did Mr Justo blackmail Petro Saudi International (PSI) on?- one can only blackmail if the party affected has actually done something wrong. secondly, what is the nature of the temperance? did the temperance go to the root of the matter and therefore destroy the integrity of the information?; and did Sarawak report base its investigation on adulterated material?

The arrest of Mr Justo is irrelevant to the fact that 1MDB is a bloody financial scam to steal money from Malaysia. We must not be sidetracked by this episode which may be sponsored by PSI anyway. And Ahmad Maslan, Chief Propagandist of UMNO, is quick off the mark, exhorting UMNO members not to believe the social media now that it is a known fact, that the social media has been publishing from adulterated sources.  But UMNO members Herr Maslan, read only Utusan Malaysia where spinning stories and circulating fabricating news is their raison d’etre. As to his spirited suggestion  that the social media derives information from the now known fact we must say, not so Herr Maslan- that has not been established.

The social media didn’t know of the existence of this individual until PSI alerted the Thai Police to arrest him. For all you know, PSI did a rat on this poor fellow asking him to rest and recreate in Thailand and alerting the Police to arrest him. That single clutch of straw was enough to send the Najib fan club into a state of frenzy. Out  beloved Prime Minister  has been speaking the truth.

The problem is- the substance of the leaked documents were also accepted by and corroborated by the various accounting and auditing firms employed by 1MDB at one point or another. Many of them saw, got scared and left.The material from the audited reports gave life to the social media, not one Mr Justo.

So 1MDB and PSI can crow  what they want, the arrest of that individual, on whatever grounds yet to be established,does not destroy the heart of the matter which is, PSI defrauded Malaysians through 1MDB and plunged the nation into a debt of RM42 billion or more.

Najib and 1MDB

It is pathetic to see the 1MDB people rushing to use the arrest of an individual to clear itself from the 1MDB scandal. Nothing is cleared yet. Najib has still to give a full and honest account of 1MDB finance. The arrest of an individual who is of Swiss national has done nothing to exonerate anyone. The illegal things that this individual was alleged to have committed were reported by a private investigation team. This team will be questioned in court to explain how they arrived at the conclusion that this Swiss citizen had blackmailed PSI and was discovered to have passed on tampered information to others regarding 1MDB.

This whole incident looks like a contrived effort to dig up some dirt, any dirt, on anybody, maybe even from a ‘plant’ just to discredit the facts on 1MDB. The ‘plant’ then, when arrested will sing like a canary using scripted lines.

I hope we are not over excited about the arrest of an individual by the Thai authorities who is cited as the source who gave tampered but not incorrect information on 1MDB. The thieving Arabs were quick to welcome the arrest of Justo and that it would fully co-operate with Thai authorities. “We are considering further legal action in other jurisdictions.” Please don’t just consider, but do so through the courts so that much more will be revealed. Just don’t bring the legal action in Malaysian courts. The complexities of the fraud may be too overwhelming on our courts.

“We are relieved that Mr Justo will now face justice through the courts. To face justice for what? For blackmailing and tampering with documents? “We have been the victims of a regrettable crime that has unfortunately been politicised in Malaysia,” a PSI spokesperson said.

Wrong the victims are  Malaysians. PSI has cheated Malaysians into getting itself sucked into a debt whirlpool of RM42 billion. And it was all started by PSI when it conspired to channel more than USD1 billion into an account of one of its conspirators. Don’t try to act saintly and innocent.

The chap may have done some illegal things which may have nothing to do with the expose on what Petrosaudi  did to 1MDB.

The material reported by the accounting firms was also the same. Which part was tampered? This temperance is not yet verified and ascertained by an independent body. It’s just a suggestion given by a paid investigation team out to discredit the person but will not be able to disturb the substance of the scandal on 1MDB.

Loud Mouth Zahid HamidiThe Man from Pornorogo

So why is the Home Minister rushing ahead and warning the Edge against spinning tampered documents? How sure is he that the alleged temperance has destroyed the credibility of the vile things done by 1MDB? Or is his outburst just a reflection of his wishful thinking that this nightmare called 1MDB will just go away.

Does the Home Minister understand the complex issues of 1MDB or is he just flexing his home minister’s muscles?  Zahid may be the Home minister but all of us in parliament knows he has no substance and that deficiency is hidden by a show of bravado.

When he gets irritated and when he cannot answer, his body language is that of a delinquent asking you to fight. His eyes will be blinking uncontrollably when he is overcome by his emotions. He will shift from facing you frontally to position himself in a profile-like manner as though preparing to go airborne and do a Bruce Lee flying kick, but let’s not get over the top about Zahid Hamidi.

Please don’t intimidate The Edge or any public spirited individuals in Malaysia. The Edge and others have a duty to publish and make public whatever material they have and obtained in good faith and the matter regarding IMDB is of public interest.

The 1MDB people appear to have anticipated the arrest and gave out exuberant statements alluding that all this while, this chap gave doctored documents only to discredit our beloved pirate-DNAed Prime Minister.

On that point, I hope those politicians harbouring the fanciful idea that lets allow Najib to lead BN at the next elections because he is so weak that he can easily be defeated will get real.

Well, this is an example of what he can do. He has control over the media complex, has huge war chest, has resources and can easily come out with a creative solution to throw a spanner in the works. Just this arrest, has caused confusion and doubts and encouraged the village idiots to come out and clean up Najib’s tarnished image.

1MDB is still the agent that has caused us to incur a debt of RM42 billion or even more. We don’t know the integrity of this fellow arrested by the Thai authorities. The Thais have said nothing about 1MDB being asked to cooperate.

And I see the cyber trolls have congregated at some portals and gave mindless comments befitting the mental retards. Every one of them says now the people defending 1MDB were telling the truth.

The response by the critics of 1MDB. When you stop telling lies, we will have no reason to tell the truth.

The Nation wide Roadshow: Spreading the 1MDB Bull

June 21, 2015

KidsWhat kids think of the UMNO Roadshow

Tthis  is a brilliant idea  coming from the high 3.85 CPGA Deputy Minister of Finance Ahmad Maslan.  By all means spread the bull to the rural heartland. I am sure the response will be great since participants will be treated to good food and drinks and may be given wang ehsan courtesy Arul Kanda Kandasamy of the infamous 1MDB. The cost of the road shows will be miniscule compared the amount  for funding the 2013 General Election (read .

WSJ Powering ElectionsIf I may suggest to the Deputy Minister, please bring along Mr. Transformation Blues Minister Dato’ Seri Idris Jala  and his guitar to  dazzle the audience his PowerPoint presentation slides and gadgetry, and also provide some entertainment. 

Mr. Jala’s time will be better spent here than being with  people at Oxford, Harvard (at the John F Kennedy School of Government) and in Moscow. Our rural folks can be very impressed with our country’s transformation under  Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.–Din Merican

Nation wide Roadshow: Spreading the 1MDB Bull


The state-level Premier Information Dissemination Roadshows (MPPs) will be held during the second week of Syawal, said Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan. He said the roadshows are aimed at explaining current issues including on the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP), Goods and Services Tax (GST) and 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

“The roadshows will not be held in state capitals but in strategic and suitable locations within the 14 states,” he told reporters after attending an iftar (breaking of fast) at the Mara Junior Science College in Parit, Perak today (June 20).

maslan-robin-hood-superimposedThe UMNO Hood

Furthermore, he said the upcoming roadshows would also include exhibitions on the GST by the Royal Malaysian Customs and price control on goods by the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry. Earlier, Ahmad had a closed-door meeting with about 150 Parit UMNO leaders and village chiefs.

Malaysia’s Long Road to Change

June 21, 2015

Malaysia’s Long Road to Change

by Asia Sentinel Editors

Taken in the current context, it is remarkable that Prime Minister Najib Razak remains in power. In an actual democracy – instead of the kind of purpose-built one-party state in Malaysia – he would presumably be long gone and perhaps in the dock.–The Asia Sentinel Editors.

Adam AdliAdam Adli- A  Rebel with Causes

The headline issues behind Malaysia’s current political crisis often puzzle outside observers, not just for the specific and sometimes bizarre details but for what they reveal about a system designed to maintain the status quo at all costs. Taken in the current context, it is remarkable that Prime Minister Najib Razak remains in power. In an actual democracy – instead of the kind of purpose-built one-party state in Malaysia – he would presumably be long gone and perhaps in the dock.

Najib's ScandalsThe 1Malaysia Development Berhad debacle, with its overtones of greed, political favoritism and inside deals is exactly the kind of sleaze that should and does bring down governments worldwide. Add to that the lingering issue of the 2006 murder of the misbegotten Mongolian party girl Altantuya Shaariibuu by bodyguards linked to Najib, the shamelessly cooked-up jailing of long-suffering opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, the poisonous stew of bitter racial politics manipulated by the ruling elite and the widespread disgust with the acquisitive ways of Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, and it is a wonder that anyone can keep a straight face while claiming Malaysia’s system is anything but a thinly disguised playpen for the Barisan National and its cronies.

Still, and finally, we may be witnessing the endgame in the country’s painful transition from the 20th century politics and governance that started with the transition from British colonialism to rule by the Barisan Nasional, the race-based coalition of political parties led by the United Malays National Organization. In power since 1957, the Barisan is the world’s longest-ruling parliamentary coalition.

Malaysia, a much richer and more sophisticated country now than it was when the kampungs could so easily be fooled by the elite, may finally have no choice but to adapt to the demands of the 21st century and the digital era.

Finding its own way

If it happens it won’t be anything like the Arab Spring, the sudden downfall of Indonesia’s Suharto or the tumultuous and joyous chaos favored by the Philippines when its people and elites overthrow governments. Instead it will be the result of a long, frustrating process that began with Anwar’s premature and frustrated effort to supplant then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad in 1998 during the chaos of the Asian Financial Crisis.

anwar_ibrahim2Curiously, 17 years after those first attempts at reformasi, it almost looks as if the country is back where it started. Mahathir is lashing out, only this time at the sitting Prime Minister; Anwar is back in prison on trumped-up charges; the PM is again facing a financial scandal.

But in those days, Anwar’s movement had virtually no media voice. His supporters dreamed to no avail of a radio station that might take up the cudgels. But in keeping with the digital age, today’s political drama is being played out on the Internet by contending blogs and social media chatter that even has the royalty getting in on the act, such as the Johor Crown Prince’s recent weighing in via Facebook. Malaysians are also skewering Najib and Rosmah with vicious spoofs on YouTube.

It remains for the system to catch up with the popular mood and realize that Malaysia will stand still or go in reverse if racial gerrymandering and rank corruption prevail over change. Perhaps the real significance of the recent tantalizing news that Najib’s powerful banker brother, Nazir Razak, is poised to lead an NGO that will seek to build a unity government is that big business may finally be putting the nation’s best interests ahead of the payoffs and perks handed out by UMNO

Indeed, if UMNO chooses to align itself with the medieval minds of PAS in imposing sharia law and hudud amputations in parts of the country as a cynical way of clinging to power, an admirably modern business sector that has accomplished much could see itself mortally damaged.

The long race

Here is one way to look at this marathon drama. 1998 marked the year when Malaysians first threw off the shackles of fear by protesting in the streets. They marched, they had no fear of being arrested, they began speaking out. Later, Internet sites like Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and Malaysian Insider kept the flames of free thought alive at a time when the mainstream media were all owned by the ruling political parties.

In 2008, a decade later, this manifested itself in the electoral field. The ruling coalition lost its two-thirds majority in parliament to the Anwar-led opposition; the then-PM was shown the door by his party colleagues led by Mahathir; and Najib took over. But in the 2013 election, the BN did even worse. It’s taken 17 years to get to this point, but the once-unthinkable question is finally being asked by more and people: is Malaysia’s single-party-rule system finally in its death throes?

Unlike more obvious dictatorships such as those that once existed in the Philippines and Indonesia, Malaysia’s collective party-certified dictators could hide under the guise of legality. That curtain is falling away and the only system most Malaysians have ever known seems as close as it has ever been to real change.

That such change carries with it risks and unease is certainly the case. The alternative – a seemingly crooked and ossified elite clinging to power through corruption, court manipulation and racism – seems far worse. Just as other countries have found a way forward without their once-entrenched despots, we are certain Malaysia will find its path.

The case of Rosli Dahlan: The MACC On Trial

June 18, 2015

The case of Rosli Dahlan: The MACC On Trial

by Din Merican

Rosli Dahlan

Today 18 June 2015, Muslims in Malaysia start the Ramadan Fast. Ramadan has a special but sad significance for my young friend, Lawyer Rosli Dahlan.

It was 8 Ramadans ago that the MACC conspired with then Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail to fix up Rosli – brutally arresting him before his staff at his office, threw him into their underground dungeon, refusing to give him medical treatment for the injuries he suffered and then hastily charging him in the most humiliating way just one day before Hari Raya of 2007.

 Musa Gani and Abu Kassim

Musa Hassan, Gani Patail, Abu Kassim

Gani Patail, as the Public Prosecutor, then delayed Rosli’s criminal trial until 2010. When Rosli was acquitted, Gani kept up the false facade of an appeal until 2012 because Gani wanted to use it as a bargaining chip to force Rosli to withdraw his civil suits against Gani, the MACC Chief Commisioner Abu Kassim, Musa and a few other MACC officers including the lying faggot Kevin Morais.

Kevin MoraisKevin Morais

They then delayed all of his civil suits after all the mainstream media have either apologized or were held liable for defaming Rosli :

 Meantime, the KL High court had also delivered a damning judgment against the MACC and NST for defamation against Rosli and ordered them to pay RM300,000 :

 This was a first in Malaysian legal history and the annals of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). Already, since it’s formation the MACC had topped the charts as the law enforcement agency where people die in custody as in the deaths of Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini. But, no one from the MACC were charged for these deaths because all theMACC officers said they didn’t know what happened.

 Teoh Beng Hock

Ahmad SarbaniTeoh Beng Hock (pic-top) and Ahmad Sarbani

Finally, after 8 long years of waiting, Rosli’s civil suit goes to trial, read here:

When the MACC’s witnesses came to testify before the tough High Judge, Malaysians were exposed to alarming revelations of the contradictions in their evidence. It became more shocking when the MACC top officers brazenly switched their answers from “Tak tahu” (Don’t know) to “Tak Ingat” (Don’t remember) to “Tak Kisah” (Don’t care). So, that is  how TeohBeng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini died while in custody because the MACC just did not care:

But more than the case itself, the trial unearthed so many sheenanigans of rogues in government, resurrecting the story of Anwar Ibrahim’s Black Eye incident, the MAS  Tajuddin Ramli case, the cover up of the Along loans shark syndicate and the suspicious Haj Trip of A-G Gani Patail with that shadycharacter Shahidan Shafie, read:

Rosli had repeatedly and publicly called Musa Hassan and Gani Patail liars for fixing him up. These are defamatory words, yet Musa has not sued Rosli and neither has A-G Gani charged him for criminal defamation:

Rosli’s case tells a chilling story of what can happen to an innocent private citizen if the institutions of government are turned against you. The case raises the question- Is the MACC really an independent commission out to eradicate corruption in Malaysia? Or is it just a tool of oppression to orchestrate conspiracies against the opposition and those perceived to be anti-establishment?

Anwar Ibrahim has filed an application to review Sodomy II, read:

We also ask why was the MACC Chief Abu Kassim in Doha on promotional roadshows to improve the MACC’s image overseas and using that as an excuse to not attend the trial? This sounds very much like Prime Minister Najib being in Saudi Arabia when Sabah was mourning the earthquake deaths:

We sincerely ask what has become of the MACC’s lofty slogans about investigating corruption without fear of favor?

If Ramli was investigated based on false allegations of living beyond his means, why is the MACC not investigating Rosmah’s open and defiant display of full range of the Hermes Birkin handbags, one pink one even said to cost RM820,000? Is that within the means of a Prime Minister’s wife? Where did the Prime Minister and his wife get all that wealth? Certainly not from Najib’s father, Tun Abdul Razak, who was known to be a frugal, upright and honest man. Is Abu Kassim so deaf that he cannot hear that the Razak brothers (Johari, Nizam, Nazim and Nazir) have already denied that they inherited huge wealth from their father?


Rakyat Bayar GST

If Rosli was just a witness who can be brutally arrested, how come Abu Kassim has not even brought in any of the 1MDB board members for questioning? Dr Mahathir says Arul Kanda Kandasamy lied about the US1 billion in Singapore, yet Abu Kassim has done nothing about it.

The Sarawak Report and The Edge have already marked the missing money trail, did the MACC bother to do anything about it? Or was Abu Kassim’s trip to Doha also to meet Jho Low’s Arab’s friends to see how they can cover this big hole in 1MDB’s unexplained RM42 billion?

This case is no longer about Rosli. This is case is much bigger than that. It is about a rogue government. It is about the rogue government of Prime Minister Najib blatantly abusing its powers and betraying the people’s trust. It is about this rogue government spinning falsehood to the people and the MACC with all its lofty slogans doing absolutely nothing.

This case puts  the MACC on trial. No one, not even the Prime Minister is above the law and nobody should be allowed to act with impunity. Corruption and abuses of power will lead to the eventual collapse of our wonderful country.