Weed out ‘clowns, comic characters’—A Kadir Jasin

March 11, 2019

Weed out ‘clowns, comic characters’—A Kadir Jasin


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As Pakatan Harapan’s first anniversary in power approaches, it is time for the coalition to weed out “clowns and comic characters” within its fold, said veteran newsperson A Kadir Jasin.

In a blog post today, Kadir said this is to restore the people’s declining trust in the coalition, as perceived from its losses in the past two by-elections in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih respectively.

“As the one-year milestone approaches, Harapan will be subjected to greater scrutiny by the people, the press and investors.

“To pass this public relations and confidence test, Harapan must improve its storytelling. It may even have to consider re-arranging or firing some cast members.

“The plot and narrative must be understood and believed by the people and the cast must be respected. There is no role for clowns and comic characters,” said Kadir, who is also the media adviser to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

According to Kadir, cabinet ministers, menteris besar and chief ministers must engage in self-examination and self-criticism where necessary.

The press and the people must not be blamed if the government is perceived to be “inept, arrogant, and aloof,” he added.

“Moving ahead, Harapan must work hard and smart to fulfil the aspirations of the people and to prove to them that it is not a one-term government, and it is here to stay.”

May 9 will mark Harapan’s first year in power after it won last year’s general election.

Kadir opined the coalition had made “pretty good progress” for itself and the country, since then.

The government would not be wrong in backtracking in promises made in the manifesto, if they are unrealistic and the actions taken thereafter cause hardship to the people and put the country at the risk of default, he stressed.

Delay in Najib’s cases

The veteran journalist further claimed that the people are getting impatient with the delay in the cases involving former premier Najib Abdul Razak, who is facing multiple charges of corruption, abuse and power and money laundering.

“The longer Najib (above) is allowed the freedom to make a mockery of the law, the greater is the risk of the people seeing justice as favouring the rich and the powerful. Or worse still, that he is not guilty,” said Kadir.

He called Najib’s new ‘Bossku’ persona as “nothing more than the last meal of a death row convict.”

“Najib knows his time is running out and he has to make the best use of it.

“In fact, with each passing day that he is allowed to make a mockery of the people, the worse it becomes for UMNO and the BN,” Kadir said.

12 thoughts on “Weed out ‘clowns, comic characters’—A Kadir Jasin

  1. So many have said exactly the same thing. Now even the media adviser is advising the same.

    Maybe the picture above should be titled ” Clowns in Black “.

  2. Kadir Jasin is totally biased.

    Ringmaster Mahathir selected all his clowns like the Finance Minister of 1Trillions lies, the Black shoes Education Minister who has a penchant for plum Vice Chancellor posting.

    These clowns in turn select even stupider stooges like Tony Pua and Tian Chau (Heavenly Snake) and minions.

    Cascading stupidity is Malaysia’s status of political imbroglio that no amount of white washing is going to clean the innards of a rotting carcass.

    Mahathir loves to shoot first and then get the compliant Attorney General, Tommy 2 guns Thomas to recreate the incriminating evidence.

  3. I have been reading Dato’ Kadir’s writings for the past 10 years and I really admire his professionalism as a seasoned journalist. Well, I have first learnt the meaning of the the word “Dedak” from his blog, ha, ha.

    Anyway, comes back to the core issue in this piece of writing, I believe Semenyih’s defeat has finally poured a cold bucket of ice on the head of our PM and his party’s senior members. He has finally voiced his discontent on some of his cabinet members openly. I believe he has to carry out a major revamp on his cabinet as soon as possible before the huge damage is done, particularly to his own Bersatu party.

    The increase of support of Malay voters also means that the so called “marriage” of UMNO and PAS has gained an upper hand compared to his Bersatu party. This is indeed humiliating and a strong blow to our PM’s ego.

    With the exterior economic and political environment’s headwinds looming, coupled with the slow down of the domestic economy, our smart PM should realise that “Drastic Period of time needs Drastic Measures and affirmative actions of reform”.

    The New Malaysia Slogan based on the supreme Federal Constitution must be carved in stone together with the Rukun Negara as the new direction for all policies and reforms, which is “of the people, by the people, for the people and so forth”.

    Our PM needs capable people in the cabinet to carry out the reform and not the mediocre ministers who behave like clowns.

    Talking about the The Rule Of Law, the people are getting very impatient. We want to get rid of the bad apples of the judiciary (include those who retired), and all the corrupt figures including the lawyers and put them behind bars as soon as possible.

    New Law for Racial and Religion Harmony for a New Malaysia must be enacted asap and Mandatory Jail Sentences must be imposed on those who violate the law, including all the NGOs (whether fake news or hate speech are spread in the suraus, mosques, temples, or through social media or what app and etc).

    The new PH government really needs a calm environment in the country to carry out the reform.

    The first reform should be the Education sector. Get people like TanSri Rafidah Aziz to take charge of the reform in Education. I suggest we revive the old British school system on the primary and secondary national schools and revamp the whole curriculum. English will be the most important language side by side with BM. Science, Mathematics, History, Geography must be taught in BM and English. All the religious subjects will be combined into one wholistic subject only. If the parents want their children to study religion, then please send them to Tahfiz schools registered with the government.

    This is the first major step of reform. Believe me, this will cause a euphoria in the New Malaysia context. On ly the PM can do it, no one else. Do it now or it will be too late. Now or never.

    The PM must be very well versed with the Sun zi’s Art of War.

    Now, it is the right time to take drastic actions, or else mayhem will be the future consequences. And it is coming faster than we anticipate.
    Good comment.

    Is our PM interested in reform? Not likely. It means undoing what his life’s work as PM (1981- 2003)–Din Merican.

  4. Kadir Jasin worked with clowns most of his career, he did not say much. Most of the clowns are in Bersatu at least Mahathir’s choice. He better off telling Mahathir why blame it everyone?

  5. On education, it may be worth our time to have a look at Brunei DS, particularly with regard to medium of instruction.,

  6. The thieves are shouting / calling out thieves !

    A convenient and effective narrative to BLAME others,( even with the public for not giving more time to show results ), for their own past and current grave mistakes/ wrong doings which largely had gone unpunished or uncorrected. (Umnob/Bn included)

    When the PM chose to focus on strengthening his party over urgent reforms by appointing totally inexperienced, immatured, fresh graduate from university to become sports minister; Education Shoe Minister, a fake degree Deputy Foreign Minister with a supposedly quality Finance Minister who could not comprehend the whole purpose of introduction of RGPT and went on to tax the long term investors owners who sell the land after holding it even for more than 5 years is something the people could not accept, taking together, it is not done in the interest of the people. It is totally illogical and incompetent .It defeats the general principal purpose of the RGPT.
    IF the above comical appointments and incompetent policy are not quickly addressed, Rantau will be the obvious casualty for PH.

    And that is the beginning of the demise of PH government.
    Let’s wait and see* !

    *note: most of the writer comments and articles presented over past 40 years had eventually had come true or near to it. Listening or not is at the own risk of PH and its leaders. Good luck.

  7. “The opposition is now asking questions that should have been tables when they were in government.”

    They did. They “tabled” them in American English and now pushing for them in British English. It’s a magic table! LOL

  8. Now the voters have choices in the next GE…….The return of the thieves OR send in the clowns again to run the country.

  9. Mahathir should breakdown the iron curtain. The next time he reforms the cabinet, he should co-opt a technocrat or professional to enhance the quality and mix of his ministers.

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