Semenyih result sends a message to Harapan, says DPM–What Massage, Madam Deputy Prime Minister? Honey moon is over. Voters want results.

March3, 2019

Semenyih result sends a message to Harapan, says DPM–What Massage, Madam Deputy Prime Minister? Honeymoon is over. Voters want results.

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The result of the Semenyih by-election is a message for Pakatan Harapan to study issues deeply, Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said today.

Wan Azizah, the Harapan president, said the coalition has to know what is needed to win in a by-election or a general election.

“We have a democratic system, we have a choice and we want the people to know that we are doing our best for them,” she told reporters after the 2019 Chinese New Year open house for Port Dickson.

She said this when commenting on the result of yesterday’s by-election, which saw BN candidate Zakaria Hanafi winning the four-cornered contest a majority of 1,914 votes.

Zakaria defeated Harapan candidate Muhammad Aiman Zainali, who polled 17,866 votes, PSM’ Nik Aziz Afiq Abdul (847 votes) and independent Kuan Chee Heng (725 votes).

‘Sentiments reflected’

Meanwhile, PKR Ppresident Anwar Ibrahim said the results of the Semenyih polls reflected the feelings of the people, especially those of the Malay community.

“We must take (the sentiments) into account, but we must continue with our tasks.

“I am confident that with a little time, the people will understand why we take necessary measures in implementing our programmes.

“We must also remember that the nature of the constituents is important for us to study.”

Anwar said that in the democratic process, the government respected the decision made by the people.

“The Selangor government is still strong under Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari and the federal government under Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“It is my opinion that Malaysia must continue with the spirit of the (Federal) Constitution, which promises to preserve the position of Islam and the Malays, but the government must also be firm in preserving racial harmony.

“Harapan must represent the sentiments and needs and aspirations of all races,” he said.

Asked whether Mahathir’s aura had disappeared following the two straight by-election defeats, Anwar said it was inappropriate to make such an interpretation.

“Because Cameron Highlands is not a seat held by Harapan, we accept it.

“The Semenyih by-election gave a picture that there are several problems that we have yet to resolve,” he stressed.

Earlier the Port Dickson MP said the government under the leadership of Mahathir was endeavouring to bring changes to the people, but it was not possible to see the outcome within a period of several months.

“People ask me what is the biggest success achieved by Harapan under Mahathir.

“I say that the biggest success was that we managed to save the country from a government that was committing major robberies of the national income – not a minor robbery, not stealing chicken, but stealing national wealth.”

‘People’s right and voice’

Harapan Deputy President Lim Guan Eng, meanwhile, said that the coalition accepts its candidate’s failure to defend the state seat.

Lim described the result as the right and voice of the people in selecting their representative in the area.

“I accept the result from the people. This is the people’s right and voice.

“The expectation is that BN will fulfil their promises and statements made in the by-election.

“For Harapan, we will continue to unite the people,” he told reporters after an event in George Town.


6 thoughts on “Semenyih result sends a message to Harapan, says DPM–What Massage, Madam Deputy Prime Minister? Honey moon is over. Voters want results.

  1. Granted voters are not happy that PH has not delivered on quite a few of their promises. BUT the evidence of Najib and UMNO wrong is a litany and they were on their way to bankrupt the country. How is it no more Semenyih voters became convinced of UMNO/BN kleptocracy when they did not before ? THIS even as PAS is also proven to be corrupt and liars influenced by UMNO?

    Its not so simple. The problem here is deep. the Semenyih voters, the UKM students who took selfies with Najib, they are just wrong..

  2. No more blame game and no more excuses. Stand and deliver on your election manifesto, thats what the rakyat voted you in for. To change Malaysia for the better rule with a strong hand but fairly, no need to seek consensus. Once the country is back on track then make the transition.
    Remember it is easier to be forgiven than to seek permission. Malaysia is so varied and so split on what is fair. No need to be nice guy, nice guy fall by the wayside. Many countries thrive when ruled by tough guys but become basket case when element of democracy are introduced e.g. Iraq, Libya, Iran.

  3. I am surprised that the nons didn’t shrug in Semenyih. Else, we will see a bigger loss. I am glad to see DPM spoke strongly on data based. If subsequent reports didn’t lie, PAS voters who leaned on UMNO is the answer as to why UMNo won. This means Harapan lacks representation on vision for a future based strongly on the Malays’ faith. DSAi is not truthful that the spirit of the Federal Constitution is the Constitution itself. It is Reid Commission that is the spirit. But, Tub Dr says the colonialist coerced the Melayu into accepting it. When the Harapan components players are disingenuous, it is easy to see why good Melayu don’t trust Harapan. Soon, we will see the nons not trusting Harapan leaders also. @CLF mentioned dhimmi state. If that is indeed what the text calls for, why not? Why not, in all honesty? Where is the voice of Amanah? How does Amanah read their own text? I typed too much in this blog as an outsider. But, often it is DAP who is speaking too little in public that is confusing the Melayu. As for DSAI and Tun Dr, both of theirs are too cunningly beating around the bush that it is easy for average Melayu to loose hope. As of now, as how orang Melayu worded it, Melayu has become slave to a patronage system as a Melayu can only live on handouts alone. It saddened me to see the brightest nons of my generation have been coerced into living on handouts also. When there is no more trace of colonialists to blame, seduction of handouts become the only system to feed the elites based on an unsustainable system of patronage. As for a few who has a choice, like the daughter of DSAI and DPM, she chose to shrug like the rest of the nons.

  4. There are many things written and said about PH in the various media. There are comments and analyses on the topic of PH’s failure to fulfill some of the promises it made, as well as other comments and analyses about PH’s inability to deliver on the public’s high expectations and hopes, and to add insult to injury, still many other comments and analyses in the media about its by-election losses in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih.

    Reading them, I can’t help but wonder, “Could there be a possible relationship between political and administrative prowess (or the lack of it) such that, when a political body/machinery could not perform on the political battlefront, this could then be taken to mean that it probably would not be able to perform on the administrative battlefront as well?” Could we surmise that there is a positive correlation between the ability to perform as a political body/machinery on the political battlefront and the ability to perform as an administrative body on the administrative battlefront? Assuming that the answer is in the positive, we now have a theory upon which to determine the choices that we could make whenever contending political bodies engage us for our vote and support.

    But theory aside, this means that the study which Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah said would need to be undertaken could potentially end up being a very exhaustive one (as it would then have to cover two battlefronts i.e. politics and administration) if the inherent strengths and weaknesses of PH as machineries of politics and as administrative bodies are to be uncovered. Yet, one would be left wondering if (predicated upon this theory) taking a chance on UMNO-BN-PAS come next election would compensate for and justifies the attendant potential risks?

    Just a thought.

  5. why not conduct a post mortem? ph go down to semenyih n get feedback from the folks why they choose bn?that could ans the fall of ph.
    A sheer waste of time. they already know why they lost.-Din.

  6. I believe that area has a lot of Indonesia migrants eg. Minangkabau and Melayu.

    Umno & Pas, in desperation for power, as usual irresponsibly played the race and religion to win at all cost.

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