The deafening silence of PH leaders after defeat in Cameron Highlands


February 4, 2019

The deafening silence of PH leaders after defeat in Cameron Highlands


Malaysia must continue to speak up on issues such as moderation, good governance, people’s livelihood, sound policies and progressiveness.

But Pakatan Harapan’s victory has now given us another problem.

PH politicians who used to champion moderation, economic wellbeing, good governance and the environment have become silent.

Umno, as an opposition, does not even know how to advocate these issues and continues to harp on Malay supremacy and privileges to stay relevant.

Similarly for PAS. Their preoccupation with religiosity and obsession with Muslim leadership regardless of competency and integrity.

It would have been more tolerable and palatable if UMNO and PAS, despite their racial and religious orientation, have fought more for “livelihood issues” by articulating better policies and economic management.

But it is not to be. They have essentially used race and religion as conduits to power rather than to build a better Malaysia.

As for PH, they have largely forgotten where they came from.

The smarter ones among PH have become frontbenchers. Hence, they don’t provide checks and balances anymore. In fact, they are even afraid of being criticised now.

The back benchers among PH, except for a few, have also become silent or disinterested. I have got an inkling that many of them are just trying to be nice guys – you know, don’t rock the boat and wait for their turn.

Who then is fighting for Malaysia today? Who has pointed out the drastic increase in vehicle insurance premiums lately?

Image result for Defeat in Cameron Highlands

Who is studying whether the proposed increases in water tariff is justified? Who is following up on whether the current toll rates and electricity tariffs are “overpriced”? Who is looking at Lynas now? Who is concerned with continued environmental degradation and encroachment of our forests and catchment areas?

Who is monitoring the many construction mishaps and accidents in the country? Who is tracking inflation, cost of living, unemployment and wages?

Who is taking an interest in death in custody and unjustified use of certain draconian laws? Who is highlighting and criticising some of the ill-conceived policies being proposed and implemented by PH?

When BN was in power, we had no shortage of criticisms of government’s shortcomings and misdeeds. We justifiably highlighted many malfeasance and bad policies. Today, how many politicians do the same? Former Prime Minister Najib Razak has pointed out a few shortcomings here and there but he lacks credibility.

Image result for foreign minister saifuddin abdullah

The Quiet Foreign Minister of Malaysia has  gone cold when our voice on pressing global issues needs to be clearly articulated.

As I see it, many of the present politicians don’t even want to take an interest to know what is going on, much less to evaluate and criticize.

Image result for mat sabu in RMAF In K uantan

Malaysia’s Defense Minister Mat Sabu takes to the skies.

Many said May 9 was a watershed for genuine change and a new Malaysia.

Unfortunately, many are now telling me May 9 was not a watershed for change but an indication that we, as a nation, cannot really , or unwilling to, change. It is as if we are a handicapped country forever caught in the quagmire of political elitism, vested interest, cronyism, race and religion.

Food for thought, did Zimbabwe change after Robert Mugabe?

TK Chua is a FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.

6 thoughts on “The deafening silence of PH leaders after defeat in Cameron Highlands

  1. 1. Stick to the Principles
    PH should heed the voices of the mass instead of embarking on a crusade to capture as many corrupt UMNO warloads to make their figure swell. The people have voted in PH and there is enough PH talent to prosper the country.
    2. Purge the saboteurs
    The PH Government cannot go through the next 51 months before GE15 with saboteurs and fifth columnist in their midst. People are fed up of the antics of these UMNO left behinds in the Government;
    3. PH Manifesto
    PH has to come clean on what was promised for the masses and what are only benefiting a certain sector. A big ticket item is the abolition of Tolls. Yes, maybe tolls have gone too high to make MYR billions for the operator and these have to be adjusted but tolls are still necessary to avoid the trap of maintaining the highways based on the taxpayer’s money. Let the people who use the highway pay and not take the money meant for the B40 to pay for highway users convenience;
    4. Orang Asli
    There are huge tracts of Orang Asli land leased out. Are the Orang Asli benefitting or is it only the Batins or leaders?
    5. Report Card
    Can PH give a Report Card every 6 months to enlighten the electorate to their action benefiting the electorate; It is almost 9 months and no reform is seeen in the judiciary, the police, National Registration and other key departments that had been involved with activities which may be in the undesireable category

  2. The opposition is doing a good job of keeping PH in the news. OH have to keep their noses to the wheel and go about their task and deliver, deliver and deliver.

  3. I thought only BN politicians attend dubious Universities or diploma mills but it seems the practise is widespread and includes PH politicians including a Dy Min. This practice should stop. Stop buying degrees and diplomas from diploma mills. Take time and effort and attend a properly accredited college to earn your degree.

    • The Minister should not wait to be sacked. If he has any integrity and/or honesty and self respect he should resign. The PH Presidential Council should demand it failing which it would be seen to be unprincipled.

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