Kadir Jasin: People will be happier with Harapan if Najib is in jail soon

January 29, 2019

Kadir Jasin: People will be happier with Harapan if Najib is in jail soon

Pakatan Harapan’s performance thus far has fallen short of even realistic expectations of its supporters, said veteran journalist A Kadir Jasin.

In particular, Kadir said people had expected to see the former prime minister (Najib Abdul Razak) in jail, “months ago”.

Kadir wrote on his blog today: “They were upset seeing him behaving as if he is still the prime minister.

“His supporters are regaining their confidence and are urging him on – the latest being with the ‘malu apa bossku‘ campaign.

“Without depriving him and his co-conspirators of justice, the people will be happier if they are assigned to prison for their offences as soon as possible.”

Kadir said this while commenting on Harapan’s defeat in the Cameron Highlands by-election last Saturday.

Najib has been implicated in the 1MDB scandal, among others, and is facing 38 criminal charges for abuse of power, corruption and money laundering.

The first set of charges were brought against him last September, but the trial has yet to begin.

Najib has denied the allegations against him.

Meanwhile, Kadir – who is also Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s media advisor – said the Harapan government was also underperforming in various other matters.

Time to reshuffle The Cabinet

Image result for gobind singh deo

“I am forced to give poor marks to ministers responsible for food production, supplies, transportation, pricing, monitoring and enforcement. Affordable food is becoming an issue. Old people had been reported dead fighting for free food!

“Ministers responsible for national unity, rural development, education and tourism, too, must roll up their sleeves or continue to face calls for their removal,” he said.

Kadir said people no longer want to hear the government say that it will study matters, or blame the previous BN government.

He added that Harapan leaders must also be more people friendly.

He cited how he saw ministers and their deputies only crowding around VIP tables in Cameron Highlands, instead of mixing with the people.

“The people who took the risk voting for Harapan during the last general election deserve better than what is currently being offered.

“As I put it in my Facebook post on January 27, the Cameron Highlands results suggest that there is a clear and present danger for Harapan. So be forewarned.

“If the people could vote Harapan in, they can also vote Harapan out,” Kadir said.


10 thoughts on “Kadir Jasin: People will be happier with Harapan if Najib is in jail soon

    • Indeed. Lest we forget. The beginning of kleptocracy is from the white haired man. The amount of wealth accumulated from the people of West Borneo flowed into him and family pockets is colossal. He being a “buddy” with the power that be is not targeted (not that I am a fan of NTR aka Former MO1).

  1. look i know that old men squandered a lot, but he did good for the people & nation but that doesn’t mean his given a pass. relatively even when Tun is out of office the state couldn’t find any charges against him…Do you think the state can do better now?

  2. Kadir Jasin is Mahathir sounding board. Mahathir will use Kadir to test the water on issues that needs reaction either positive or negative. Kadir on his own will not dare to make such statement. Sometimes Kadir is used as the ‘leak’ to leak out sensitive issues. Notice the grading of Ministers, he echos Mahathir statement or report card on Ministers but Kadir takes it a step further by identifying the Ministries.

  3. DSNR should be charged with corruption and economic treason against King and Country for selling out Malaysia to the Chinese and there appears to be evidence gathered bt WSJ and SR and various interested parties. Consider this :
    1. The country will have a billion dollars headache running and maintaining ECRL;
    2. Who are the regular users of the ECRL;
    3. The former Chinese ambassador justifying the cost with the “viaduct portion of the work”.
    Abort the ECRL and do onlt the KL link to Kuantan and then double track the existing railway system with the straightening of certain stretches and elevate the rails at flood prone areas Let us have the glory of the Golden Blowpipe back.

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