A Divided PKR House cannot stand

January 13, 2019

A Divided PKR House cannot stand

by FMT Reporters

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All the President’s men are against Azmin Ali

PETALING JAYA: PKR Vice-President Zuraida Kamaruddin today launched a veiled attack on party supremo Anwar Ibrahim in a lengthy article published by Utusan Malaysia, questioning party leaders and those whom she said undermined democracy by propping up the top line-up with their own men.


“In most established parties in Malaysia, the early stage of damage is now taking place among the grassroots. There are those in the party leadership who wantonly deny the voice of the grassroots.

“For instance, there are parties which appoint those who lost in the party elections by placing them in the same rank as those who won. This is a blatant betrayal of the grassroots’ wishes,” said the housing and local government minister, who was aligned with deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali in the recent party elections.

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Azmin and former Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli, who has branded himself an Anwar loyalist, were locked in a fierce contest for the deputy presidency. Azmin managed to retain the post by winning narrowly in several states.

8 thoughts on “A Divided PKR House cannot stand

  1. The two lessons here:

    a) Everyone is expendable in the Anwarverse. The wife has been kicked from pillar to post for years as the Chosen One’s agenda either changes or gets derailed. What do voters in Kajang or P. Pauh really think of being pawns? Plus, the Puteri Reformasi’s self-sacrificial act of walking, like Captain Oates, into a lonely political winter was purely because Rafizi needed her V-P seat. Though that does not explain the Chosen One’s bunch of Non-Threatening Anwarinas who were hand-picked for the other positions despite not shining in the PKR elections.

    b) If the Chosen One’s “management” of PKR is a movie trailer for his PM-ship, then we’re in for a bumpy ride. The full movie is going to be a horror story. So what should Malaysia do? Either dip Mahathir in some miracle elixir (rumour has it, he does that himself, wink wink) or wait for someone less drama queen than Anwar to take over? Maybe Azmin will play his cards right and wrangle it somehow…or maybe not. Sigh. Yes, we’re in for a bumpy ride all right.

  2. Ha ha!

    Well, Yoda attained the ripe old age of 900.

    Our local version may come closer to that mark than many of us will……

  3. Keadilan has always been a party established to seek a platform for Brader Anwar’s interest. However with the merger with Party Rakyat Malaysia and with the new identity as PKR the objectives and goals have shifted and so has the major players and leaders. While most have accorded Brader Anwar the respect to be its President the platform have shifted with the inclusion of new leaders with different views and aspirations. Secondly most of the old guard in Keadilan have departed and many like our blog host (in 2009) with disappointment.

    Look at the present line up in PKR, not all are 100% behind Anwar. Some leaders have openly aired their views and opposed Anwar’s decision. These are dangerous signs and Brader Anwar needs to address these as quickly as possible. Brader Anwar can no longer ignore this group and continue to bulldoze through like he did 20 years ago. He was lucky to have Kak Wan keep the peace in PKR but tempers are running thin.

    A split in PKR will cause major damage to the PH government and may even result in a change in the balance of power. What more with the jumping frogs of Malaysian politicians, Brader Anwar may find himself as the President of the smallest party in PH or even end up as opposition again.

  4. Why Zuraida does not ask why Anwar is given the discretion in the first place? What was the original thinking? Why is there no debate on whether the President should be given the discretion and should that discretion taken away? Is it because Azmin and their camp want that power when they get their turn?

    Also the statement, “against the wishes of the grassroot” is OVER-ENTITLED SELF-RIGHTEOUS..Its a spin that the election gave absolute right for their camp to decide for everything and for the entire grassroot?

    But in the end, Anwar is the one who created the problem. By the looks of it he has no answer or refuse to. Its pretty much confirms Anwar does not make hard choices unless he is pushed. That means he will fail to take on the toughest issue for the country – that of religo politics at the top of the list – neither will Azmin and his camp and those of Rafizi, Nurul do not have what it takes either..

    PKR has more problems than being divided. They simply do not have a path to the future for the Malays and this country..

    • Now she says it’s not about Anwar and PKR??? This is why Azmin and his camp cannot be trusted.. They are not accountable enough to the masses

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