5 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim On Zakir Naik

  1. Stop dancing lah brader, answer the questions instead of dancing around and linking the issue with the previous government and saying that you need evidence etc etc while maintaining that Malaysia is totally against terrorism.

    Ever wonder why your government can’t get Jho Low? Same excuse given by the other countries, provide evidence of Jho Low guilt, tit for tat.

  2. Zakir Naik is a foreign evangelist – which by defintion, he is a foreigner messing around with our religious affairs – by default should have been disqualified from PR. Instead because its Islam, he gets it. Not only are we inviting foreign influence in sensitive area in Malaysia, we are getting involved with other country’s own messes. Its a bad idea.

  3. I don’t mean to be a prude, but doesn’t ZN’s very name sound vulgar? Replace the ‘i’ with an ‘a’ and lo behold.. that’s his highness!
    For those who don’t speak Malay – just go to the dictionary okay:
    + https://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/the-meaning-of/malay-word-9bff3d0665fe42fdefe62f50cca47570b7d517a8.html

    Brader’s just waffling, something which he’s an expert of. I don’t think he bothers that much. That question is sort of a trap – especially when posed by vested interests.
    Otoh, Octo’s using that bloke as a decoy duck to rein in the kampong Salafis. I don’t think PH should try to out-compete PAS or UMNOb in this field of diminishing returns of Monad (a term meaning “unit” used by philosophers to signify a variety of entities from a genus to God). And just today he says that Malusia is disunited.. Howda..?
    Zakar in malay means penis. if we admire zakar, we like the Chief Mufti of Perlis respect The P-word.–Din

  4. ” Stop dancing lah brader … ” – Orang Malaya

    Exactly. Be a leader lah and set a good example for all .

    Kalau fikir ra’ayat bodoh, tunggulah sehingga pilehan raya – akan kena tendang seperti UMNO di tendang.

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