The Philosopher Redefining Equality


January 4, 2019

Annals of Thought

The Philosopher Redefining Equality

Elizabeth Anderson thinks we’ve misunderstood the basis of a free and fair society.

4 thoughts on “The Philosopher Redefining Equality

  1. //“Dewey argued that the primary problems for ethics in the modern world concerned the ways society ought to be organized, rather than personal decisions of the individual,”
    Enlightening. Here, I am imagine one possible academic OKM who set out to work in Malaysia and be a politician, and finally became a minister, and not speak a single word on the anti-ICERD his party and Prime Minister stood .. I forgot one thing I read from this article. Empirically speaking, I am wrong. I am thinking of being ought to.. but forgetting the lovely side of being Malay. It is lovely to be a Malay with a place call home which truly loves you, even though there is nothing to suggest the world ought to love you.

    I forgot OKM love “dogs”, not realizing I have left home too long to understand how lovely “dogs” are. No pun intended on the quote of dogs. Just reflection from the article parting words.

  2. Even in the context of the Male Group there is no equality. No one person, given his DNA, can be equal to another within his or her gender group.

    What is more important is Gender Fairness and equal opportunity. What we should aim for is to iron and minimise the inherent inequalities that exist within Gender Groups and between groups to the extent that decisions affecting life can be made with minimum opportunity cost.

  3. In America, in the recent century, there is always a thought the blue collar and those who are poorer would get a better deal from a Republican President than a Democrat President. The rich out get a better deal in an opposite situation. I did notice there were many more non government funded non Melayu students in America during the 1PM days than today. Perhaps, it is equitable for the nons. Some Tuan Tuan Tun, and Datuk Seri do feel guilty and pay out more generously to hush hush the community. Emperical Equity? I guess it is time for such harsh reality politicking.
    In any case, we do deserve to layu in this life, in my religion. That is grace when it is not the case.

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