Full term for Dr M? Talk to our partners first, say Bersatu leaders

December 29, 2018

Full term for Dr M? Talk to our partners first, say Bersatu leaders

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BERSATU AGM | Suggestions by Bersatu grassroots for Dr Mahathir Mohamad to serve a full term as Prime Minister should be discussed at the Pakatan Harapan presidential council, say senior party leaders.

Bersatu Youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said such proposals were not new and this was what the grassroots wanted.

However, he said Mahathir’s opinions on the matter should also be taken into consideration.

“Bersatu Youth will fully support Mahathir and his wishes. We will listen to him and support him,” he said when met at the sidelines of the Bersatu annual general assembly in Putrajaya today.

Mahathir has repeatedly stated that he will honour the agreement to hand over reins of the country and the Harapan coalition to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim mid-term.

‘Ask Harapan partners’

Negeri Sembilan Bersatu leader Rais Yatim, meanwhile, said that while there is merit in the proposal for Mahathir to serve as prime minister until the 15th general election, the party has to consider the feelings of its Harapan partners.

“Accepting Mahathir (as prime minister) has basis… But what was said (by the delegates) may not go down well with other component parties.

“How Anwar, his wife and their supporters feel about this should be assessed as well,” he said.

A similar sentiment was expressed by Bersatu deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir, who said that the decision would be up to the Harapan presidential council, despite personally supporting the proposal.

“Personally, I think it is a good proposal because we have inherited a government that is in bad condition.

“Trying to revive it is not easy,” he said.

When asked if any of the Bersatu delegates tabled motions during the debates to prevent Anwar from being Prime Minister, Mukhriz replied in the negative.



16 thoughts on “Full term for Dr M? Talk to our partners first, say Bersatu leaders

  1. PPBM is only one party in PH and matters of common interest should be decided by the Presidential council, without fear or favour.

  2. Saudara Anwar is not PM in Waiting but PM in Training. He needs to be retrained after 20 years absence from government. 20 years is a long long time and things have changed, technology and even the political scene has changed. Even in PKR he is slowly losing his grip so he has to put extra effort to train himself for the task ahead. Mahathir is a sly one, his silence has allowed him to survey the pulse of the electorates as well as the support of PH members not just Bersatu. He may one day come out and say that the people wants him to stay on and he cannot walk away from the peoples desire.

    • I think Octo will be honorable at his age and will hand over to Brader when the time comes, buddy. Otherwise, PH will explode. As it is, they seem to be operating very close to the threshold of an error catastrophe.

      Anwar just has to be patient and supportive. Old Man has a soft spot for him regardless of the past. The pace for the premiership is very taxing and it’s getting harder and harder for Tun to continue. His job is to clear out the debris and deadwood by the Kleptos, but that’s easier said than done.

      The inter-ethnic and religious relations are still pretty dismal but slowly improving. It’s just that there’s still too much politicizing going on (just listen to the Tokongs and the Azminites..). There seems to be a bottleneck when it comes to long-term strategic policies and that’s where KleptoKing’s trolling remains relevant…

      As for Anwar, it’s not whether he is capable of catching up – but the self interests of the handlers surrounding him. He should be able to rein in the bucking Azmin faction.

      A deal will be made and the DPM will be from PPBM (most likely Muhyi, if he’s still able) – with Mukhriz taking the HM’s post.

    • Sounds like the UMNO/PAS combine playing on the Tokongs and the effective well supported faction of PKR. Can the Centurian handle the rent seekers?

    • PTPTN donating RM1 million to the Kedah Zakat Fund and Harun Din’s public demand for Government Contracts to fund warlords reminds us of the worms crawling into PPBM from the UMNO rot and CLF is still taliking of Tokongs and what not as a smokescreen to cover the tracks of these ulats

    • I hope so CLF. Octo is a man of many surprises and famous for cakap tak serupa bikin. Never a straight answer, always a reason for his action or reaction. Remember 1998 Octo and Brader were hugging each other and pledging 110% loyalty and next day Brader was sacked and arrested by a bunch of balaclava clad policemen like a dangerous criminal.
      Brader should concentrate on strengthening PKR and also consolidate his position both in PKR and in PH. Octo have sent out veiled message about bringing back the Thamby CM to assess how Brader and Tokong would react. Lots of play by Octo and strange signals issued by Kadir Jasin.

      Octo also recently publicly rate his Ministers saying he’s not happy with their performance but will keep them on.whats the message there?

      Anyway just one more day to 2019. Hope the new year will be a better one for Malaysia

  3. bigjoe99 – reading your comment reminds me of a saying, “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick” [please note that I am not calling anyone a dog, a serious offensive derogatory for the overly sensitive group of people especially those who embrace the ketuanan melayu concept as proposed by Dollah Kok Nanas and we can ask Anwar Ibrahim of his experience consequent to him calling former IGP Rahim Noor a dog?]. That stated, I wonder if and when the the old mindset is going to change among the Malays especially in this time and era of rapid global technological advancement.

    Is there too much politicking in Malaysia now at the expense of working for the country’s betterment or we Malaysians, are still struggling to find the ethos to adopt for collective ethical foundation in nation building efforts. Anything goes?

  4. It is good that Tun Dr has shared his intention thru his party. But it is sad for the Melayu. It is sad because there is lack of vision on how this nation of Melayu would go forward. It is sad because Harapan broke down in communication. It is sad because there is lack of substance as to why a 93 yo should not retire, suggesting something more sinister that is taking place. I don’t know what is Tuhan’s will. But, any responsible minister would understand that the fate of a nation should not fall solely on the shoulder of 1 93 yo alone. Adik Saddiq has really used up all of his good credit for no reason. Hopefully, he gets to be rewarded handsomely, retire young and wealthy for this effort.

  5. It appears from the Bersatu AGM that BERSATU is the Government like UMNO and the set up is similar to UMNO with red baju so that they don’t have to change the color ( leopard doesn’t change its colour) except a small logo to display they are an inch different from UMNO. Would you expect any changes in their thinking from that UMNO?

  6. Parts of Mahathir comments are often not right. For example, saying Bersatu delegates have a right to demand Mahathir stay the full 5 years. They actually do not because the other PH parties did not agree nor want it and its from the mentality of old UMNO desire to dominate and dictate that led to the kleptocracy.

    The other comment not right is Bersatu was the key to winning the GE. Bersatu was the last marginal difference, King maker but does not make the king. The King should be the one who is king and that is the rest of PH. King makers are unhealthy should go away, be eliminated eventually.

    • I am considering a Malaysian Communities Party so the we can do away with all these rent seeker and run a truly people orientated Government.

  7. Mahathir is notorious, not” famous “, as claimed, for choosing (appointing) and removing 4 DPMs , promoting 2 DPMs and removing 2 PMs, leaving behind the country without quality leaderships over the last 35 years (continuously directly for 22 years + + …and 13 years indirectly), which together with the Umno’s scandalous culture of MACCP he largely intitiated and expanded by Najib, had brought the country to this dire state of affairs,( despite developments , but at a over-sized costs n expense to the Rakyat.)

    This means that Mahathir had been making wrong major decisions ( bad judgements) repeatedly and got away with only a tap on the hand—– a Malay sieged and spoiled mentality ( NEP, Ketuanan Melayu, over extended bumi rights, etc,…. which now engulfed most of Malay minds)

    The very senior leaders, like Mahathir, Anwar, Muhyddin , LKS and several others should be Reminded that they are there for a very short transient period , ( or shouldn’t be there at all , if situations permit ) .

    Their duties are to run (reform , not politicise ” blame”) the country in best interests of the people( all Malaysians regardless of race, religion, personal and political beliefs) , while cooperatively and collectively train and pass on their VALUABLE experience and knowledge to the younger generations of leaders, to stand on their on feet, MINUS the rogue culture of MACCP , so that they can” Start Running the Country on a Clean Slate” with ACGT ( Accountability, Competency, Governance and Transparency).

    The present Seniors should be Competing Sincerely and Consciously to Serve the Needs of the people and Encourage them to Work Hard to Achieve what they Want, Rather than fighting for their personal agendas and interests , as what we have seen been played out since May 9.

    GE 15 is near- by . It will bear witness to PH performance.

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