Call me racist but Malays are in decline and it’s our fault – Dr M

December 29, 2018

Call me racist but Malays are in decline and it’s our fault – Dr. M


ERSATU AGM | Bersatu chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s policy speech at the party’s general assembly tonight was full of introspection on the fate of the Malays and their need to be uplifted.

Mahathir said Malays were lagging behind economically but that this was their own fault.

“Yes, I will be accused as a racist for exposing the fate of the Malays and bumiputera. But for 70 years I have seen the decline happening to my people.


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This Jamal Fella is a parasite

Malaysian Taxpayer-funded New Economic Policy( NEP ) was introduced in 1970. Now it is 2019. When will it end? We are running  out of excuses. And soon we will be out of oil revenues too.

“It is okay if they tarnish my name as long as my race realises the ill fate which will befall them in the future. Realise that this is our own fault. Don’t find fault in others,” Mahathir said in his closing remarks.

He said the Malays must reject their old culture and create a new culture to save themselves. This includes not relying on a tongkat (walking aid), his decades-old term for affirmative action.

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Bersatu’s positioning as a Malay party has often been criticised by Pakatan Harapan supporters who want the party to be a multiracial one, similar to their allies.

However, the prime minister said in his speech that it was neither racist nor wrong to fight for the Malays who are separated from the other races by a wealth gap.

He said this was because economic disparity with a racial context was a dangerous combination which must be avoided.

“Race can’t be changed but the gap between the poor and the rich can be narrowed if not eliminated.

“It would be irresponsible of us if we do not try to avert racial riots (due to economic inequality) by at least narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor,” he said.

Standing tall

Earlier in his speech, however, Mahathir said the tongkat can’t be used for the long term. “For the week, a tongkat can help. But aid such as this can’t be maintained. When strength has returned the tongkat must be dropped.

“The idea that the tongkat is a sign of honour is wrong. Maintaining it for self-honour is unfounded,” he said.

Instead, the 93-year-old said those who had honour were those who stood tall on their own.

Bersatu, he said, would act as guardians of the Malays but only temporarily as the Malays must learn to be their own guardians.

This he added, could be achieved if they were no longer poor and successful economically, not politically.

“(We join politics) not to become prime minister, minister, menteri besar, or chief minister. We join politics so that one day we will no longer need to rely on politics.

“We join politics to save and free ourselves and achieve success as a race that is capable of competing with anyone with each and every one of us is capable of standing without a tongkat,” he said.

The three-day Bersatu annual general assembly will end tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “Call me racist but Malays are in decline and it’s our fault – Dr M

  1. The late Tun razak was the PM who was the originator of the NEP which strove to create a Malay entreprenuer class to enslave and immobilise the Malay masses by propagating the feudal system. To progress, our Malay Brothers ans Sister have to reject the feudal system in total and free themselves from the economic oppression. There is no clutch but economic oppression. The whole system starting with education is working doubly hard to maintain the feudal state.

    • The Malay Dilemma basically points to which pathway to take to catch up and overtake others economically and nothing more.

    • How to catch up when the oppression is by those from the same race, religion and supposedly culture using the feudal/warlord relationship of primitive society.

  2. I look the rows of many young people and women in Bersatu and to me they are in politics as a career, not a service. All Bersatu is to many is a means to be another UMNO but this time just less corrupt..There should not be that many young people and women without a strong self-career so interested in serving so much – its just unnatural.

  3. The Malay Dilemma, as seen by others perhaps, is actually one that is questioning the the time and space to be devoted to Islam relative to all other pursuits. There seems to be an overdose of this rapture among the Muslims compared to others.

  4. “Bersatu’s positioning as a Malay party has often been criticised …
    the prime minister said in his speech that it was neither racist nor wrong to fight for the Malays who’re separated from the other races by a wealth gap”

    Mahathir conflates the existence of a communal party with the neccessity to “fight” for the Malays in order to close the alleged “wealth gap” with other races. I suppose the MIC also thinks this way. Isn’t this a classic example of what Bertrand Russell termed as “the poverty of the imagination” – that, thus, by definition, multiracial parties cannot fight for ALL Malaysians, irrespective of race, to ensure a more egalitarian distribution of wealth? Is there any other multi-ethnic country in the world that shares such a simple-minded (to put it very, very, mildly) belief?

    Do we see in Britain a United Anglo-Saxon National Organisation, a British Celtic Association, or an Asian-British Party that could presumably fight for economic or any other kind of equality for the new minorities? Also, other than the Democratic and Republican parties in the US, should citizens of that country set up a Hispanic Union party, or an Afro-American party to “fight” for those minorities’ inferior economic status?

    Whatever one can say of the United States, there’s no doubt that the blacks’ socio-economic status today is much better than it was during the 1960s. And white Americans, despite being the major ethnic group in the US, have seen to it that any discriminatory act to any citizen, whether social, economic, or political, is by law subject to prosecution. That is why their civil service isn’t a whites-only affair, and why university presidents are selected on the basis of merit, not race. Heck, recently the US even had a black man as president, unlike in Malaysia where a lowly (relatively speaking) Mentri Besar has to be a Malay. Colin Powell, another Afro-American, also served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest position in the US Department of Defense. All that, without the need for the establishment of any party based on race.

  5. Racist is a racist to the world for failing to sign the Icerd. You don’t have to be sarcastic with that statement after telling at UN Assembly that Malaysia will follow signing but you have failed to sign the declaration for fears of losing your political influence at home after pressure from the Malay Groups. We expect a leader to be firm to win the respect of the masses.

    • Mahathir is neither a statesman nor a leader. He has no class to be a statesman, and he is crass. He issues statements from a soapbox. He’s not a real leader, but is led by his followers.

    • The musical chair is going another round and the blame game is in full bloom. the poor Malays are asked to lift themselves up from their poverty and misery. How? By the straps of their boots. Sorry there is no boot as the booty had been wollaped by the warloards. Only way, bring the billion of dollars saled away illegally back home. Where have all the wealth gone? As TDM said “disappeared into thin air”

  6. Malay in a dilemma looking at some Malays abusing power and authority to become rich and plundering Govt’s coffers while other Malays in denial and blindly being loyal followers. A making of hit Hollywood drama series.

    • The whole spectrum of Malay/Islamic Politicians had more than 60 years of unhindered power and authority to improve the lots of our Malay/Muslim brothers. Unfortunately, they choose the lord/serf relationship so that they can continue to have a handle on their poor Malay/Islam brothers.

    • Except for Tunku perhaps who had a bit of self wealth and a big heart, the rest were simply looters riding on the bandwagon of Malay interests and supremacy. How obscenely rich are Razak’s and Mahathir’s children compared to Tunku’s? Answer that and one can find answer for everything else.

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