Malaysia: From Harapan ( Hope)-(No Harapan), If UMNO-Centric Politics Only

December 28, 2018

Malaysia: From Harapan ( Hope)- ( No Harapan), If UMNO-Centric Politics  Only

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INTERVIEW by Geraldine Tong | Bersatu Youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said the government needs to focus on the rakyat’s well-being so that Malaysia does not follow the US in swinging to the other side in the next election.

He said this in response to a question on whether Bersatu would consider opening full membership to non-bumiputera.

“The most important thing now is for us to fight for the future of Malaysia and on issues close to the rakyat’s heart such as the cost of living, housing and others and to give them confidence that… we will defend the constitution.

“We do not want to become like the US, where they elected Barack Obama as President and in the next election, the pendulum swung the other way and they got Donald Trump (as their president),” Syed Saddiq said in a press interview at the Youth and Sports Ministry in Putrajaya.

Now that Pakatan Harapan has become the government, it is time for them to think like a government, he added, though he stressed they must still work hard like an opposition.

They still need to go down to the ground, he said, such as visiting food stalls, having dialogue sessions and having townhall sessions like they used to when they were the opposition.

That is why, he said, Bersatu Youth holds programmes every day, as he believes this is the best way to become closer to the rakyat.

“We cannot, now that we are the government, just go to official events, cut ribbons and hold meetings in our own office and call it a day.

“We have to ensure that we are working like the opposition,” Syed Saddiq said.

Integrity and trustworthy

The Youth and Sports Minister stressed that the Harapan government is dedicated to defending and upholding the Federal Constitution.

At the same time, they want to ensure that their leadership has integrity and is trustworthy, he said.

“We need to ensure that our leadership, which always defends the constitution, will not misuse their position and power when given them.

“It is no use for us to shout about defending the Federal Constitution but our hand is behind our backs stealing money (or) shouting ‘long live the Malays’ but our right hand is stealing money from Felda or Tabung Haji.

“I think what the rakyat wants, what the Malays want, is a line-up of Malay leaders who are trustworthy and have integrity, who can move towards Malaysia’s future together,” he said.

Bersatu, he said, needs to live up to these expectations, especially in the wake of the rally to protest the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd).

Though Syed Saddiq dismissed the anti-Icerd rhetoric as a sign that the opposition has no other issues to bring up, he said it is still important for Bersatu to play its role in deflecting such negative perception.

“Bersatu needs to play the essential role in deflecting this negative perception and prove that the new Malaysian government will continue to uphold the Federal Constitution.

“(We need to focus on) core issues.

“Even there are pressures from UMNO and PAS to go to the extreme right, we should not go to the extreme right. We should not go to the extreme left. We must always be in the centre,” he said.

The three-day Bersatu general assembly will kick off tomorrow at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.




7 thoughts on “Malaysia: From Harapan ( Hope)-(No Harapan), If UMNO-Centric Politics Only

  1. “He said this in response to a question on whether Bersatu would consider opening full membership to non-bumiputera.”
    Well, i did not see an answer.
    I see a deflection, avoidance of the question!
    Even the question of the frogs from UMNO remains unanswered what more the above.
    Please, you cannot have the cake and eat it!

  2. This young chicco Minister needs to brush up on the US Election system. Saying that US voters vote in Barack Obama one term and Donald Trump next term is misleaing. Obama served 2 terms and US laws limit individuals to 2 term as President.

  3. This Minister was given a straight forwArd question .. but he answers from a text book chapter .. Is he capable of listening to the question first .. I hope our young minister learn to listen better and be a sales man lesser ..

  4. Clive Kessler’s recent take on this was a good one.

    Well, let Bersatu assume the mantle of Malay champion; after all it’s just one of the many competing voices, along with DAP for the Chinese (“for all Malaysians, what!”….no, please spare us), and PKR’s multiculturalism (when they’re not too busy flinging chairs at each other a la the MIC.)

    That’s democracy, so let the chips fall where they may.

    That’s democracy, the competing voices.

    Though if 70% of the Malays didn’t vote for PH, I guess the Chinese and multiculturalists can comfort themselves on going down in a one-term blaze of glory, though PH’s achievements by 2023 will be pretty minimal at this rate.

    More of a damp squib than a blaze of glory, then.

    Either way, the panicked, hysterical shrieking inevitably triggered by the words “Malay” or “Islam” is quite a waste of breath.

    Maybe, because all Malaysians are so inherently racist, the BN model is the only one that really works for us. So Besatu can champion the Malays, the DAP the Chinese, PKR can break chairs in honour of the MIC, and the East Malaysians can switch sides constantly while their long-suffering states get left even further behind.

    The model worked for 60-plus years, and seems to be the only workable one.

    Yes, Malaysia, blame yourselves.

    You did this.

  5. The PH government should stop following BN famous 1Malaysia giveaway such as BR1M, and all that nonsense. Even with a name change, how long can you afford it.

    Instead the PH government should begin to devise plans to reduce the cost of living, increase the tax base without undue hardship for the rakyat. Do away with petrol subsidies, instead reduce the price of gasoline products in line with oil prices.

    Do away with the Stamp Duty for all low cost houses or for first time buyers. Let the stamp duty stay for luxury houses.

    Ramp up productivity in the agricultural sector, fisheries and dairy and meat production so that cost to consumers could be lowered through economies of scale. Go back to the concept of FAMA, FIMA, MARDI, Padi Beras Negara and Majuikan to cut out the middleman if they are identified as the source of cost increase. Watch out for NFC Condo Lembu types.

    The savings from the handouts can be utilised to increase production and reduce cost of living. I am not an economist but I am sure there are many brilliant economist that can figure this out.

  6. Adik Saddiq will remember that he is one term minister, and never again a politician because he stood for inequality for the sake for his own comfort. What a compromised argument. Malaysia has no future with such cold heartless political calculation.
    Layu layu. Malaysians deserve to layu for her adoration of such garbage.

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