When a Muslim scholar parades his irrelevance as the nation mourns–Sheer Hypocrisy

December 20, 2018

When a Muslim scholar parades his irrelevance as the nation mourns–Sheer Hypocrisy

“The Adib episode, like the three years of the 1MDB saga before the May9, 2018 election, is proof that those in charge of guiding the Muslims are the ones who  need to be guided first” .–Abdar Rahman Koya

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by AR Koya

For more than seven months now, Pakatan Harapan (PH) has been after its political enemies in the name of fighting corruption, the promise which propelled it to power. This has met with some success, with many Malaysians hoping for some sort of closure to what has been a tragic era of mismanagement of the country’s wealth and potential.

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Immediately after taking over the government, PH set up its high-powered committee for reforms under the Council of Eminent Persons, which has since been disbanded.

While Malaysians still wait for some form of meaningful structural reforms, some things have gone from bad to worse.

The country’s Islamic institutions, for example, continue to be the playground of individuals who still find it easy to get away with acts that if committed by the common man would have seen him thrown in jail.

A recent example is the vibes coming out of people who are referred to as ulama and muftis in the wake of the death of Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

Adib’s death is mourned by a great many Malaysians, quite a number of whom are angry over the needless tragedy. If it’s any comfort at all, the young fireman has not died unsung after getting himself burnt every now then on a monthly salary of a little over RM2,000.

It is to the credit of the vast majority of people in this country that things have remained calm despite the small but noisy pack of social media users who have tried to push a racial narrative on the tragedy.

A leader in the early years of Malaysia’s formation once remarked that if a fight between a Malay and a Chinese in a coffee shop does not spill out to the streets and descend into racial riots, then Malaysians will have matured and racial harmony will have been realised.

Adib, a Malay and a Muslim, may have succumbed to injuries he sustained at the hands of people who are not Malay and not Muslims. Decades ago, this was enough for a full-blown racial riot.

Thankfully, key leaders from both the government and the opposition have been quick to show maturity by asking for justice through civilised laws.

But do we see such a display of maturity among the so-called religious people, the very people Muslims are supposed to look up to for guidance, and from whom they can get clarification on the dos and don’ts of being a good Muslim?

The answer is a pathetic no if we are to consider the silence of some Muslim leaders, or to go by their posts on the social media written in the hope of rousing the vengeance of Muslims.

One of them has invoked the eye-for-an-eye principle as the correct Islamic response to Adib’s death.

Despite warnings by police against provocations, these ulama are still free. Any other mortal would have been warned, hunted down and investigated.

The other irony is that some of these same Muslim scholars were tasked with advising the government on reforming Islamic institutions in the country.

It was only recently that we heard yet another Arabic phrase uttered to showcase the positive role that Islamic principles can play in a multiracial country.

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That phrase is “rahmatan lil alamin”, or mercy to the worlds, and its key proponent is Mujahid Yusof Rawa, the minister in charge of Islamic affairs.

But it is abundantly clear that the beauty of Islam is the last thing one would find among the salaried religious elites of this country, whose robes sweep the polished marble floors of their offices.

The Adib episode, like the three years of the 1MDB saga before the May election, is proof that those in charge of guiding the Muslims are the ones that need to be guided first.

It also spells the start of the Islamic bureaucracy’s move towards irrelevance when it comes to portraying Islam as mercy to the worlds.

Abdar Rahman Koya is editor-in-chief of FMT.

8 thoughts on “When a Muslim scholar parades his irrelevance as the nation mourns–Sheer Hypocrisy

  1. Orang Malaya, Tok Cik, Isa Manteqi.. How gullible and stupid are the Malays. Throw in a few Phrases in Arabic, better still if they sound more Quranic.He becomes an Islamic scholar. like the corrupt Najib. Then the Malay will allow the Ulama to marry his sister and underwrite the wedding expenses .– Din Merican.

    • All the Malay Ulamas need to be reeducated especially with regards to Surah Al Kafirun which ended with Lakum dinukum waliyadin. The Malay Muslims are not under any threats like those experienced by the early Muslims in Mecca. There are no large scale efforts to torture and annihilate Muslims in Malaysia like the Qurraish in Mecca. Also Malaysia or Malay Muslims are not at war with other nations so why invoke such brutal rulings. The Quran have 2 parts, one sent down during the Mecca era and the other during the Madinah era. JAKIM for all the money spent needs to do a better job in spreading the teachings of Islam and Sunnah Wal Jammah and not getting dragged into the ISIS mode of world dominance.

  2. Despite lots of talk about downside for perpetrator of using religion before Adib’s death, the religo-political opportunist cannot help themselves but still jump at it, confidant they have no downside. There is almost no recognition that religo-political capital can be as bad as money politics.

    No one remember that PAS was losing ground year after year before Nik Aziz took PAS into Pakatan Rakyat. Religo political capital does run out of steam just like money politics albeit less quickly and more persistent to remain. What happened to UMNO will eventually happen to PAS too so long as PH deliver sustainably for a long time.

  3. It’s exasperating, isn’t it? Just when you thought we are returning to civilization the old mindset comes bearing on you again. The euphoria of a new government has subsided because of promises unfulfilled. Corrupt leaders whom we hated, yes, hated and put in much effort in disposing of are now warmly welcome back into the arms of the new government. And those elected, instead of returning the nation to its glory days are spending precious time backstabbing one another and playing dirty politics again. Sigh….

  4. Is it something wrong in the teachings of Islam in our country for muslims to behave in the manner detrimental to our way of life to progress? We read all kinds of happenings amongst the muslims day by day but matters seem to be getting worse.

    All religions teach the good but there is something different from certain Islamic clerics the impossibilities they preach to the masses. Sometimes when I tune on to the radio to listen some of their fantasies of expressions to make believe as if God has sent the preacher to represent to interpret the the God’s message on this planet, I have no words to express. How could a young decide what is right and what is wrong when ulamas go on air to change the thinking of the children?

    Today, Mahathir has come to realize that too much of religious teaching in schools and our national schools have become religious schools and he wanted MOF to change the curriculum to be useful for the future of our children by implementing more time for useful subjects. Most will definitely welcome this news but how effective is going to be the implementation is yet to be seen with the fanatics in school management. To change to achieve what Tun wants, there must be a complete overhaul of our Education system in the country.

  5. Years back the late Lee Kuan Yew took issue with Madrasahs. He said teaching of Islam only in madrasahs may leave the children unemployable. He told them to change to include national curriculum as well so that they could follow the main stream and enhance job prospects for them as others do.

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