What Nurul Izzah’s resignation says about the New Malaysia

December 18, 2018

What Nurul Izzah’s resignation says about the New Malaysia

by  TK Chua


She is a political prima donna with a chip on her shoulders

A novice like me has finally come to terms with Malaysian politics: it is a system based on elitism, and has nothing much to do with altruism or egalitarianism.


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“Malaysian politics is a system based on elitism, and has nothing much to do with altruism or egalitarianism”–TK Chua.

It is about politicians trying their best to get into power and then dissect among themselves how to share the spoils. The welfare of the people and the interest of the nation are at most secondary, if not incidental.

They talk and behave very differently before attaining power. They also talk and behave very differently after losing power. But when in power, the intoxication of it overrides everything.

I don’t know the real reason Nurul Izzah Anwar resigned from her party positions. I don’t know for sure why she decided to opt out of federal government duties. But whatever the reason, I think it is a wake-up call.

It is a reminder that Pakatan Harapan, not just PKR politicians, have lost their ideals and zeal for reform. She must be peeved by the same old politics of baloney now seeping into the centrum of PH. Everyone is staying quiet like the three wise monkeys – see, hear and speak no evil of the baloney that happens in our midst every day. I suggest we stop condemning UMNO-Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians for doing the same in the past.

I apologise if I wrongly diagnose Nurul Izzah’s reasons for resigning. After all, I am just an ordinary citizen trying to make sense of the events unfolding each day.

Do you know what the favourite term of PH ministers and politicians is now? It is “next quarter”, “next year”, “next five years” and “in 10, 20 years”. From foreign workers, toll renegotiation, PTPTN loans, education reforms, Teoh Beng Hock, Lynas, Taman Rimba, internet tariffs, Altantuya and Indira Gandhi’s case to Pastor Raymond Koh – everything is under perpetual study and consideration.

In terms of the “New Malaysia”, I think we have yet to take even one genuine step forward. Instead, we are regressing and are beset with pipe dreams to be realised perhaps in “10 to 20 years”, not unlike the TN50 hawked by UMNO-BN before this.

Instead of focusing on national issues, PH is now preoccupied with horse trading. Its leaders want to form committees to vet opposition politicians, MPs and assemblymen who wish to join the coalition. But do they really have the means and intention of knowing who committed the crimes, abuse of power and corruption? Have PH component parties become MACC or the police? To me, all this is just a farce.

Why can’t PH component parties grow by recruiting ordinary citizens? Why can’t they allow those who have slogged for years to play a greater role in the party?

To me, it is obvious that they want to get more horses in their stable by enticing opposition MPs and representatives to join them. They want to lay claim to the seats occupied by these individuals when the next general election comes along.

We shouldn’t ignore the obvious. It is hypocritical and deceitful of us if we do.

TK Chua is an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the author and do not nec

11 thoughts on “What Nurul Izzah’s resignation says about the New Malaysia

    • Ordinary rakyat should be blamed also. Don’t be so lazy to tell who you elected to do their job. If LGE can’t do his job, ask your MP to take over his place lar. I heard there is one DAP MP who represented the most Malaysians. What are all of those second caste doing?

  1. What’s with the angst?
    And katasayang’s terminology of ‘second caste’ is truly an oxymoronic statement caused by ignorance of what caste system means. Time to get a better ‘education’..

    This is my contribution to NI’s cause – whatever it is. It comes from Reginald K. Dwight’s 1989 album ‘Sleeping with the Past’:

    • Tun Dr coined the term bangsa Malaysia. Many of the more open minded welcomed that idea. Yet, if there is a few would forever be more privileged, how else should one address those who are not amongst the first in this bangsa Malaysia. Second caste is best I could come up with. I must apologize that I copied from the notion of second sex. Pardon my ignorance, CLF. LGE and DAP with many who are educated could definitely come up with better names. My ancestors tell me to call ourselves pendatang (Hakka). But, I dare not extend that name for others who may not like it. For myself, I am used to that, even living in a progressive San Francisco.00

    • When I first read about the term second sex, I found it repugnant, especially when a few would talk about attempting to pee standing like men to make their point of self worth. I find the term second caste repugnant. But, such is the reality I see facing the class beyond the first, as Tun Dr has decided that Malaysians were never to read for themselves the full content of Reid and Cobbald Commission. I find LGE and DAP leadership most repugnant for ignoring this. Fake first caste is all I can figure how to call this class of second class.

  2. Well the idea of second ‘sex’ didn’t enter my mind at all, katasayang.

    Caste by itself has serious connotations to tradition, customs and beliefs. It also bears relationships to ritual and divine liturgy. I’m sure that despite the horrific, downright disgusting epithets and ‘Arabised’ theological insults cast upon us Nons by raghead ‘officials’ there is a significant proportion of Malays who reject this ‘Casting of Stones’..

    The advent of religio-racist fascism began even before WW2 and had been quietly encouraged by the ruling Colonialist – who subsequently lent their names to the Commissions that you so blithely repeat ad infinitum. They couldn’t afford another ‘Indian Partition’ experiment gone terribly wrong in this benighted country. Of course, no one wants to admit it. Like all Commissions it was and is nonbinding – all it has to do is to sound ‘Nice’, Enlightened and Just. Like the subsequent MA63 Agreement which is as useful as a piece of toilet paper..

    You have to learn to see patterns and recognize background motives, before you go yodeling about ‘fixed ideas’ and historical distortions.

    Be as it may, this Chinese-Hakka-Christian-Migrant-Important Ancestor Thingy should never be a chip on your shoulder. I advise caution whenever or whatever ‘Label’ you pin on yourself to the Wall, because that stifles your Existence. You may use it as self depreciating jokes though.

    We are not Second Caste. We are Second to Infinite Class in this Octo Universe. Okay? Now to assuage your wounds and mine, let us be reminded (it also happens to be one of Kak Pidah’s favorite Christmas songs):

    • While some talk about their adat, I must say we all have our tradition. Just hope this generation of Non would not give up their rights. It is equality then. It is equality now. It is equality for the Non. It is equality for the Malays. I dare not look down upon my cousin in faith that they too know what is equality. Perhaps, after Tun Dr, there could still be hope.

    • Let see wether your children and grandchildren will keep to your traditions in San Francisco.I bet my bottom dollar they wont and you would accept it willingly while you provoke the people in Malaysia to remain divided.I am sure you have experienced the second caste treatments in San Francisco like all of us who had studied abroad in western countries but somehow you can only recall about what happens in Malaysia.

    • @aj yes. Many in San Francisco Bay Area do worry that Muslims are being discriminated against, albeit there are no constitutional law to discriminate against anyone. There are conscious action to welcome Muslims with tudung into the mainstream. I am thankful for the Sultans who have provided so many of my kinds a roof and full stomach. As such, I do feel sorry for the many Malays who would be continued to look down upon by the world because of her own unwillingness to grow up, and the missed potential to develop 25% of her population, so that all could do much better. I am thankful that you share concerns for the American Chinese. Nonetheless, there is little worry about the lost of culture. I realized many White Americans speak much Chinese and understand my culture better than most pendatang Hakka with whom I grew up.
      Mostly, I do worry about Malaysia. I do support Malaysia’s commitment to emphasize the need for treasure and cultivate the Malay culture and language. But, this could only be done by embracing the world and treat all in the land fairly. Tun Dr could do that. But, he chose not to. After Tun Dr, I don’t see that possibility. I could only do what I can to share my gratefulness. Melayu could do what no other could do to gel 3 major cultural forces in the world without losing her identity. I want to be proud of the Malays.

  3. I think she did the right thing to resign from the position in PH alliance. The PH alliance only exist based propaganda based on the kleptocrasy of the previous government. The alliance will be no longer relevant in the next general election. The failure of the PH administration and the incompetent PH leaders were the reason the Malaysians wish there will be a new general election soon rather than later as they now realize that they did a big mistake for voting for PH.

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