Did Malaysians vote Harapan for UMNO to rule again?

December 15, 2018

Did Malaysians vote Harapan for UMNO to rule again?

by  Charles Santiago  @ www. malaysiakini.com


MP SPEAKS | Party-hopping by Malaysian politicians isn’t anything new. But it raises the question as to whether it’s ethical to do so, as defections are a violation of the people’s mandate.

Having said that, I do understand that using the legislation to curb switching sides may take a whack at a person’s right to freedom of association.

But what’s happening over the last few days in Sabah and further rumoured party-hopping by UMNO politicians to Bersatu are definitely not due to a loss of confidence in its leadership or irreconcilable differences.

It’s out of fear and the need to ensure one doesn’t get nabbed by the anti-graft commission for corruption and abuse of power.

The back-door deals to remain relevant in politics and to stay out of prison are unacceptable and makes a fool of Malaysians who voted in Pakatan Harapan, believing our governance would be transparent and accountable.

We are muddying our administration by receiving tainted and corrupt politicians, who are desperately abandoning a sinking ship for vested interests.

It’s unthinkable that we refuse to use our discretion to swat them away like flies.

The Malaysia Baru or New Malaysia cannot be about wheeling and dealing; it cannot be about strategising for political longevity or dynasty; it cannot be about emboldening one’s political party and it certainly cannot be about favouritism and positioning who sits on the throne next.

We cannot afford to be arrogant just because we won handsomely at the last general election. We are not the kingmakers. The people are.

If we care to listen to the ground, we will hear deafening opposition to receiving UMNO politicians into the Pakatan Harapan fold.

We hear, once too often, that politics is littered with broken relationships and strange bedfellows. As an activist, I always knew that many politicians find manipulative ways to ply their political trade.

But I was hoping that these belonged with the former UMNO-led BN government.

It’s not too late, however, as Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad can still say no to party defections by politicians who believe they can switch from sinners to saints.


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8 thoughts on “Did Malaysians vote Harapan for UMNO to rule again?

  1. Those UMNO members and BN component parties members who are suspected of committing crimes such as corruption, embezzlement, abuse of powers, etc. when they were in the government before must be sent for trial first and not be allowed to join the ruling party or ruling partners from PH component parties. They could be considered for memberships only after they are found to be not guilty. The final decision, however, to let them join BERSATU or other PH parties lie on the party chiefs and the majority of the members.

  2. Tainted and polluted politician shld be restrained and not accepted to the fold of PH Government by all means and reason which may causes all the unbearable problem in the future.

    All those Malaysian POLITICAL FROGS from BN/UMNO should be segregated into three categories as follows:- (1) The Clean and lean (2) Unwilling Accomplice of Crime (3) Tainted and Dirty Mongrel.

    The No. 1 should be accepted after a cooling down period and the No. 2 should be clearing themselves whilst in cooling period and the third category should be ” LEFT UNTOUCHED” and let the Law take the tolls on their previous sin. Least ” NEW MALAYSIA” will means nothing at all either, should there are no vetting and rejection of those tainted individual who are deeply immersed in Crime against the Nation.

    • Thank you Lian. By the way, what is happening now, i.e. MPs jumping ship in such large numbers, is something that most voters, us simple people, did not expect to happen. We only wanted a change of government, get rid of all those corrupt leaders and hope things improve.

  3. There are some very good and decent leaders in UNMO.

    You cannot deny that UMNO, including MCA & MIC, played a very important role to build the new country at the early stage of independent until the 80s.

    Now the future generations will have to bear the burden of current generation’s greed and excesses, rampant corruption and gross mismanagement eg. 1 trillion debt and million of unproductive ‘ entitled ‘ citizens to play their proper role to contribute to the economy to generate revenue to fund budget programs.

  4. All the hoppers, pledge loyalty to Mahathir who has only 16 more months to go as PM. If they truly repent, they should be forced to join any other party but Bersatu, in particular Amanah. It is Amanah and PKR that need to be strengthened more than any other party.

    The future of PH is supposed to be PKR- and Amanah- led not Bersatu.

  5. The beauty or biggest joke about all this is what some of these “frogs” said, (or what their Party leaders said on their behalf), about PH and Mahathir during the 14th GE campaign?

    E.g., Mahathir is not even a Malay?

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