People are not born lazy

November 29, 2018

People are not born lazy



COMMENT | If you are poor, does it automatically make you lazy? If you do not have a good education, which doesn’t allow you to hold a good job, does it mean you deserve to be labelled as lazy?

If you work fewer hours and rest more, does that categorise you as lazy? How do we decide who is lazy and who isn’t? I’ll tell you what lazy means to me – it simply means inefficient.

I believe lazy people are not intrinsically lazy but are lazy because they have not found what they are looking for. And in some cases, people become lazy when their effort does not give them a good return.

A paralysed individual who sees no development despite his daily physiotherapy sessions, could eventually give up and become lazy.

A farmer or a fisherman who isn’t able to provide a good living for his family despite juggling jobs and working hard could eventually become lazy.

A student who fails in every examination and who never receives proper support or guidance, could eventually become lazy and give up on education altogether.

A jobless fresh graduate who ends up a nasi lemak seller could eventually become lazy in finding a suitable employment matching his university qualification.

People are not born lazy. However, when they are not inspired, motivated, supported or in worse cases when they are mocked, criticised and often reminded of their inability to succeed – people can eventually lose their self-confidence and become comfortably lazy.

Laziness is how people sabotage themselves in order to deal with fear and hopelessness.

A couple of days ago, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad called Malaysians lazy, saying that countries like Vietnam would soon overtake Malaysia in economic rankings because its people were more hardworking than Malaysians.

He claimed lazy Malaysians were very selective of jobs and dependent on financial handouts than working hard. This is not the first time our 93-year-old Prime Mminister has slammed Malaysians as lazy.

Part of the problem

Back in 2002, he said it is the Malay culture to be lazy, blaming them for not working as hard as others, not taking responsibilities seriously, handing over their jobs to others and lacking the knowledge to make good decisions.

In 2014, he said they were not capable of feeling ashamed of their failures. And earlier this year he condemned the Malays once again – calling them less committed to work, not hardworking and not trustworthy.

I believe this certainly will not be the last time he mocks Malaysians for being lazy.However, while Mahathir continues to condemn Malaysians as lazy, I do wonder why has he not put any effort into getting Malaysians out of their lazy habits?

Complaining throughout the years and calling Malays lazy isn’t going to change anything if Mahathir himself continues to fight for their special privileges. It only makes him look like a hypocrite.

On second thoughts, perhaps the PM and the other leaders of Malaysia are part of the problem which makes Malaysians lazy?

Should it not be the prime minister’s responsibility to come up with plans and strategies to produce superior Malays who will become professionals, academicians, entrepreneurs and successful individuals?

Instead of doing that, why does the new government continue to spoonfeed the Malays with quotas, aid and subsidies which have all been proven to fail over the past six decades insofar as turning them into champions is concerned?

You can also look at Mahathir’s own inefficient cabinet. Look at how inefficient the ministers are in improving our education system and look at how easy the ministers wash their hands of important matters such as child marriage.

Look at the lazy folks in Pakatan Harapan who made up their manifesto from a bunch of wild stuff without carefully putting in the hard work to draft a viable manifesto for the sake of the people whose trust they were trying to win.

With such lazy people in the government, no wonder there are no solid attempts made to come up with a strategy to assist Malaysians out of their lazy ways.

Look at Mahathir’s own work – his own protégé turned out to be the biggest crook our country has ever seen. While we are at it, if Mahathir believed Malaysians should work harder to build a nation of diligent people, why did he keep his lips sealed over the years when foreign labour flooded our country?

What Malaysians need

Truth be told, poverty, the lack of education and a lack of willpower to achieve greater things in life do not make us lazy. In fact, it makes us survivors.Not being born into a privileged family, to be sent to study abroad with good career prospects waiting upon returning to Malaysia only makes us unfortunate, not lazy.

What Malaysians need today is not a lecture about how lazy and unworthy we are; what we need are leaders who will inspire us to be better and support us along the way.

We need leaders who can introduce policies and strategies to push Malaysians out of their comfort zones even if those policies and strategies are resisted by those who are not capable of understanding the objectives.

We need leaders to change the lazy mentality and culture of Malaysians by not being lazy themselves in fulfilling their own responsibilities towards the people of this country.

If you ask me, I think it is the responsibility of a government to do whatever it is in the best interest of the people, even if the people themselves do not agree with it in the short term.

Pussyfooting about and mocking them without putting in any solid effort to turn Malaysians into a hardworking nation only makes seasonal politicians lazy leaders.

FA ABDUL is a passionate storyteller, a growing media trainer, an aspiring playwright, a regular director, a struggling producer, a self-acclaimed photographer, an expert Facebooker, a lazy blogger, a part-time queen and a full-time vainpot.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily. represent the views of Malaysiakini.

8 thoughts on “People are not born lazy

  1. //if you ask me, I think it is the responsibility of a government to do whatever it is in the best interest of the people, even if the people themselves do not agree with it in the short term.
    If you ask me, it is people (esp the second caste) who are lazy in either not running for office or pressuring their MPs to start representing them as equals amongst the first.

  2. Apa Nama Mahathir is back to his old tricks and mischief saying he does not know about the wedding of the King because he has not been officially informed.
    The King needs to inform the PM when he wants to leave the country so the Deputy King will be appointed in his absence. The King functions upon the advise of the PM and surely the Malaysian Ambassador to Russia is keeping the PM informed of every move of the King including the planned wedding. If Mahathir claims he was not informed I wonder how will the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Home Minister handle the Visa issuance of the new Queen, oh I forgot Visa Free entrance.
    How did the King fly to Russia? By commercial airline or by Government Executive Jet? Who gave the OK to fly the Government Executive Jet?

    With such rumors flying around the PM should take it upon himself to investigate the rumors or is he too lazy to do that.

  3. The fall of the Eastern European Empire is living testimony for socialism and welfare state. When they began in 1945 all was great. Then with the pie not growing with population growth citizens got less and less from the state.
    YAB PM is fully aware that our population could reach 60 million by 2050. What can you do to double GDP in 15 to 20 years. Every citizen must contribute his share.
    He must be having sleepless nights trying to work out matrix. Take what he says and do not say that man does not live on GDP alone.

  4. ‘ People are not born lazy ‘.

    Totally agree……as the PM said in relation to terrorism and Palestine, you got to go to the root cause.

    Decades of Malay/Muslim political indoctrination and propaganda in govt. schools and higher education had brought enormous damage to millions of students who have to find real jobs and income to contribute to the economy……some of these people are now in government and making crucial decisions affecting the future of the country.

  5. So what happen to the issue of under age marriage? Thought the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Women Welfare promised to study and action to be taken.
    Guess too lazy to pursue since news and issues have now subsided. Guess its what the Malays say Batuk Tepi Tangga.
    As a woman the DPM and Ministry for Women Welfare should be at the forefront on the underage marriage issue. Perhaps if it happens to one of their daughter or sister, then we will see the fire and fury. Otherwise its not a burning issue huh.

  6. I agree 50%.

    Burnout is a real thing. But also exist are people who just plain lazy and inconsiderate. For example, a person who ride a bike, wearing helmet, will mess with his hair. Instead of using own bike mirror, or mirror in a restroom, or lower their body to other people bike mirror – will decide to just move around OTHER people bike mirror to fix their hair and leaving it that way. Just like the grasshopper in the grasshopper and ant story – some people are just lazy.

    But yes, there are limit I guess to someone working hard but not getting return while others getting opportunity due to political clout. Just read about burnout – our energy is not limitless.

    Our brain drain rate is twice the normal, what happens to those who doesn’t have the opportunity to brain drain. Brain waste?

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