Message to Harapan Government– NIP Wahhabism in the Bud

November 18, 2018

Message to Harapan Government— NIP Wahhabism the Bud

By Fathol Zaman Bukhari

Professor Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid of Universiti Sains Malaysia’s damning statement that Muslims in Malaysia are “slowly but surely becoming radicalised” should not be taken lightly. I knew this was coming as ominous signs are so plentiful and obvious that even the most cynical can no longer dismiss them as inconsequential.

The Islamic scholar implored that the new Pakatan Harapan Government take precautionary measures to arrest the spread before things get out of hand.

“Before the situation becomes untenable like what is happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it’s better to nip the problem in the bud. We need to do whatever possible to see it done. Revamping the school curriculum is one possible way to correct the situation,” he said.

Islam preaches compassion, love and tolerance but what we see in the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan is something else. All of those benign virtues associated with Islam are being systematically destroyed by people who use religion for their very own selfish ends. I concur with the academician that religious extremism has no place in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Malaysia.

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The radicalisation of Islam in Malaysia, incidentally, did not happen in a few short years. It is like an underground fire that is fueled by methane gas. You don’t see the flame but the burning continues and the heat permeates through the vents. It becomes volatile and deadly once the flames reach the surface and start to engulf the surrounding. This is the scenario I can think of.

According to Fauzi, Islamic theology taught in government schools in the early 1990s has shifted from traditional to one derived from the Middle East, especially from Saudi Arabia. The views are one-sided, sidestepping the norms while embracing a more radical form of mind-set, one of exclusivity, supremacist, with diminishing respect for the practitioners of other religions. Thus minorities and those with differing views are considered “aliens” or “non-conformists.”

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The term “liberalism” is often bandied about. If being a Muslim and you don’t conform you are a “liberal” and is regarded an outcast destined to burn in hell. The naivety is simply mind-blowing. The only similarity I can allude to is the Inquisition in 12th century France which later spread to Spain and Portugal. The objective of the Inquisitors was to “combat dissent and public heresy committed by baptised Christians.” And the targeted groups were mainly converts who were erroneously labelled as suspects due to the “assumption that they had secretly reverted to their former religions.

Incidentally, the last public execution of the Inquisition was in Spain in 1826 when a school teacher was garrotted (strangled) for being a disbeliever and attempting to spread his belief to his students.

Things were definitely different, pre- and post Merdeka in 1957. And being someone from that era I can safely vouch for it. In 1979, following the Iranian Revolution that helped catapult Ayatollah Khomeini into power, the equation changed dramatically. The revolution sparked interest in Islam all over the world.

Iran is a proponent of the Shia form of Islam which is strongly opposed by the Sunnis in other parts of the Muslim world led by Saudi Arabia. The oil-rich Saudi government, in wanting to counter the spread of Shia teachings, took advantage of this change offering scholarships and money to institutions and charities in the developing Muslim world. Malaysia was one of the many beneficiaries.


This, the Saudis believe, would help impose their brand of conservative Islam popularly referred to as Wahhabism or Salafism within their area of influence, including Malaysia.

In the 1980s and 1990s many Malaysians, especially Malay Muslims, went overseas for higher education. Due to the interest in Islam, many headed to the Middle East especially Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt to pursue religious studies. This was made possible by the generous scholarships offered by the Saudi Arabian government. Over there they were exposed to the Wahhabi/Salafist way of thinking and practices.

When these students returned they got into the mainstream education system and becoming the ideal source for the Wahhabi/Salafist way of thinking which preaches intolerance, extremism and exclusivity. Some gained entry into the civil service, becoming influential bureaucrats, lawyers, academicians and politicians. These people are now in positions of power thus allowing them to make decisions for the good and bad of all of us. That explains why the thinking of these “misfits” are so skewed

Wahhabism was started by Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab (1703-1792) who was dismayed by what he saw in Istanbul. The Ottoman Turks’ way of life, he reasoned, was revolting. He then decided to propagate his version of “a pure and unadulterated Islam.”

The “Arabisation” of Malay Muslims has accelerated over the years. Today “uncovered” women are a rarity. And if you do meet them they are among the few who dare to be different. To the diehard believers, this phenomenon is the result of the proliferation liberalism that corrodes their way of life. The traditional yet alluring kebaya modern, the choice dress of my mother and aunties in the 1950s right to 1970s, had given way to the drab and soulless “tudung” and “telekung” which are designed to conceal the female figure.

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Why no skull cap for Anwar Ibrahim?

Male members are more adept at sporting a goatee and wearing a skullcap, as this is deemed appropriate and in sync with the dress code of Wahhabis. The more Arab one looks and talks, help to improve one’s religious credentials. It is about being as close as what was witnessed in 6th century Mecca and Madinah.

So “selamat pagi” becomes “assalamualaikum” and “akhirat” becomes “jannah”. It is definitely chic to lace one’s speech with some Arab-sounding words although they may mean little or nothing to both speakers and listeners. The absurdity is getting a little out of hand, I dare say. But to the adherents this is God-sent.

The troubled interfaith relations prevalent today are the result of this exclusivist Wahhabi/Salafist thinking which has crept into the education curriculum and mind-set. Renowned Muslim scholars are labelled “secular” and “liberal” to keep the Muslim masses from hearing them out. Those who do not toe the line are banned from speaking out. Fatwas (religious edicts) issued are seldom explained. Questioning a fatwa is considered blasphemous.

Notwithstanding the brouhaha surrounding the controversial Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM), no solutions are yet forthcoming. Funding for the department’s many questionable activities has never been accounted for.

Where will all this lead us to? Your guess is as good as mine. With the emergence of Malaysia Baru (New Malaysia) this inadequacy will be addressed in due course. But looking at what’s been happening, I have my doubts.

Hopefully, I will be proven wrong.

9 thoughts on “Message to Harapan Government– NIP Wahhabism in the Bud

    • I am a Christian because I know I have fallen short from His glory, that I couldn’t even agree with myself that I am right before my brethren and cousin-in-faith. Thus, religion began within me. That is how I grew to came to know why there are differences.

    • I am going to be visiting this rakaji in Kyushu this winter built in 642.
      One question will definitely pop up in my mind is why? Why build such a place of worship in such remote place and then handcraft a way for others to reach a place where one has found find peace individually away from others. This religious experience must be both personal and collective for one to fully appreciate the beauty. Jeffrey, I hope there would be an answer to your question. Your question is good. It is basis for all faith and faithless.

    • Does one look smarter in a suit and tie, with glasses? Each attire represented a message. The word Confucianism (儒)refers to the robes wore by the religious class in the dynasty before Kung-fu-tze’s time.
      The decision for deputy PM and her daughters to bertudung is a conscious decision. DSAI’s decision to keep his goatee with no skull cap also portray a message. I have attended a Sunday service with a message about if Christians too should cover their head. My wife kind of agreed with the pastor. I have objected to ever step foot in that church, not because I think I am closer to God, but because I am too ashamed to stood up as a Christian and too lazy to clean up with a kippa. The traditional reason in my book to cover our head is to outwardly express our humility before God collectively. I think the sad part is we have all stopped listening to each other on our choices of attire.

  1. Mahathir and Anwar are both responsible for the basis of which religo-politics in this country has now become. Mahathir and Anwar ought to be confronted with the responsibility to at least attempt to fix it while they are still around to be able to do it.

    The UMNO-PAS merger is definitive. The union will divide this country with deeper schism than before if its not fundamentally addressed. In comparison to Kleptocracy that Mahathir was really responsible for the basis, religo-politics in this country will burn us all down if its not tackled while Mahathir and Anwar is still around.

  2. UMNO Baru-PAS alliance — a Malaysian version of clerico-fascism in the making.

    Time for moderate Islamists and those who believe in some kind of Islamic Welfare State to leave PAS and join AMANAH. Work together with the social democrats/liberals of the DAP and the moderates of PKR together with moderate Malay nationalists of PBBM to create a Welfare State where rule of rule/free press/inter-ethnic cooperation controls kleptocracy and keeps the nation on the path of progress.

    Leave the UMNO Baru-PAS guys to their backward and divisive politics of children-of-Indon-immigrants-and-Indian-Muslim-masquerading-as-Malays-to-gain-benefits, and Medievalism.

  3. I don’t ” have my doubt.” by not .”……looking at what , … Malaysia Baru is doing “, but whether they would have, and apply, the political will and financial backing to change it, (the Wahhsbism) or dissolves its extremist influence and propagations, for better, something which is more inherent to our multi-religious, culture society.

    It will take a decade(s) to see results. It will be done. After all, unlike God- Allah ,religion is man made,and man behind the power can re-model(like encouraging scarf- less, for what a honest decent women look ,rather than hiding dishonesty behind the veils) for moderation, peace and stability.

    The coupling religion from politics by decrees or voluntary can help a lot to appreciate the values of all religions, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or otherwise.

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