Rafizi Ramli: I conceded defeat for the greater good

November 17, 2018

Rafizi Ramli: I conceded defeat for the greater good

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PKR POLLS | Rafizi Ramli said he conceded defeat to Mohamed Azmin Ali in the PKR Deputy Presidency race, despite having reasons to appeal, for the greater good of the party.

Rafizi Ramli: Be honest with yourself and admit you lost to Economics Minister Azmin Ali. Learn to accept the choice of PKR members and fall in line.–Din Merican

In a lengthy statement this evening, Rafizi said he would not have suffered the same impact as Azmin had the latter lost the race.

“He is a senior minister, a two-term incumbent and former Menteri Besar. Losing to an unemployed person will force him to disappear from the political arena,” said Rafizi. In view of this, Rafizi said it was unlikely that Azmin’s supporters would have taken defeat easily.

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Economics Minister Dato Seri Azmin Ali  defeats Rafizi Ramli

Throughout the statement, Rafizi mentioned four times that Azmin’s winning margin was only two percent of the total votes cast.

“The election result is very clear. Azmin’s popular vote is only 51 percent – that’s a two percent margin over mine. It reflects the (diametric) directions (in the party) which are equally strong and important.

“The message being sent by the members, which allowed Azmin – a senior minister, incumbent of eight years and former Menteri Besar – to win with less than two percent (margin), is a message which he has to reflect upon,” said Rafizi.

Given that the winning margin was so small, Rafizi said that the many irregularities he had raised in the past – unfair handling of the elections, missing votes, “data wiping” in Julau and the disruption of Internet connections, among others – were reasons to hold a fresh election, but he didn’t pursue it.

“I have a strong case to insist on fresh elections … However, I am aware that the interest of the party and our struggle was above all. “We offer ourselves (as candidates) to serve the public … If the party is embroiled in a protracted feud, then it contradicts our purpose, which is to serve,” he said.

He said that, for example, had he pursued fresh elections for the Julau division and won, which he was confident that individuals such as Sarawak PKR information chief Vernon Albert Kedit would have lodged a report with the Registrar of Societies and brought the matter to court.

During the election on November 10, the unofficial results indicated that some 1,600 members from the Julau division had voted in favour of Rafizi over Azmin, who received about 240 votes.

Rafizi had claimed that the tablets used for the e-voting system were compromised and demanded fresh elections. The elections committee (JPP) head Rashid Din said that this was not true and instead accused Rafizi of having a case of sour grapes after failing to mobilise members to vote.

Had the dispute over the party elections continued this weekend, when the party was holding its national congress, it would only bring the new PKR President and Prime Minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim into disrepute, said Rafizi.

Looking ahead, Rafizi said his next mission was to meet PKR grassroots in order to help them organise themselves. He also pledged to set up a co-operative to help PKR members who “did not benefit from this struggle”.

He also thanked supporters from across the country who helped him campaign for free. “I do not have any (government) positions and I am not wealthy enough to pay you all, but you all served as volunteers,” he said.

Rafizi will speak as the outgoing PKR Vice-President during the party’s national congress in Shah Alam, Selangor on Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Rafizi Ramli: I conceded defeat for the greater good

  1. Its no so simple what this looks like. Sure Rafizi Ramli was just as scheming as anyone but the other side was not in the first place? Lets not be naive in that we really have angels leading us at the top already in this country..Go ask real angels among them.

    Between two devil, I rather have the one that is most accountable – the one who build his political capital from the ground up, not the feudal way of patronage.

  2. Politics is all about perceptions. My perception (perhaps I am wrong) is that
    certain politicians seems to be power hungry.

    Judge politicians by what they do, not what they say.

  3. Most ridiculed type of party elections of PKR was just over. From the voices of people of PKR, it appears to have condoned to UMNO style of leaders like women leaders trumpeting for woman PM after Anwar from PKR. WHO? Nurul Izzah? This is the typical type of UMNO rule once this most troubled PKR to take the lead in PH. Do they have respect for the voices of people of Malaysia comprising of 31 million?

    A mere 200K membership of PKR trying issue statements like UMNO. It is the same voice that ruled with 3 million members selecting their leader to lead the country as PM and Deputy PM for generations. These stupid donkeys from PKR are also voicing the same in this 21st century. Though may not materialise even Anwar taking the helms as PM 8 after Tun but isn’t it disgusting to read such statements as if Malaysia belongs to their grandfather.

    Some even suggesting another Kajang and PD move in replacing Dr.Seteram after the recently concluded court case in Neger9. What is wrong with the former who was denied of his right by blocking him at the entry to the registration center? From all these, we can conclude PKR is the worst link in the PH coalition. To add further, the recent concluded party elections were the worst of their kind by all sorts of news which made one to suspect if they were carried out to satisfy the leader towards leader’s favorite group to win. There was no proper accountability from the beginning. Mockery of democracy!

  4. Rafizi don’t despair. Just do the right thing for now. An unemployed who has sacrificed so much for the party and nation cannot be ” buried “, just for losing in this race to be Deputy President of the party.

    Its quite apparent that there are plans afoot, by the powers that be , to deny Anwar Ibrahim the Prime Minister’s position. And to accomplish this , its seems like Azmin Ali has swallowed the bait offered to him by the current Prime Minister.

    Be that has it may, things are still quite fluid and there is always a way to overcome obstacles thrown in your way by the powers that be. Just cool down, lick your wounds – if there is any – and wait for the opportunity to offer itself . It will come.

    In the mean time , you should keep your distance from Anwar Ibrahim. He maybe the reason for your defeat.

  5. He has displayed political acumen. Failures are the pillars of success provided you do not have too many pillars. I wonder who said that.

  6. @rafizi remember there need not be a second caste in Malaysia and you will find the means to kick out the rent seekers within Keadilan. The world would pay to have a working nation that involves cultures that span across 75% of the world’s population.

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