WELL Done, Jim, you have earned your Badge of COURAGE FOR CNN

November 9, 2018

WELL Done, Jim, you have earned your Badge of COURAGE FOR CNN

To the Editor:

Re “Trump Bars CNN’s Acosta From the White House” (Election 2018 section, Nov. 8):

The revocation of Jim Acosta’s press credentials by the White House is the act of a banana republic dictatorship. To deny press credentials to a well-known, legitimate reporter for no other reason than that the President doesn’t like his questions is unprecedented in the United States and reveals the autocratic intentions of President Donald J Trump.

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This action must not pass unnoticed in the chaotic swirl of events unleashed by President Trump. Members of Congress, the rest of the press and the American people themselves must stand up against this abuse of executive power.

Tim Shaw
Cambridge, Mass.

To the Editor:

This attack on an independent press needs to be answered not just by condemnation but also by collective action. The Times and other mainstream media should all turn in their White House press credentials and refuse to enter the White House until Jim Acosta’s credentials are restored. Starved of the attention he constantly seeks, President Trump will likely retreat. In any case, losing White House access is preferable to allowing an authoritarian president to decide who gets to cover him.

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Stephen Hart

5 thoughts on “WELL Done, Jim, you have earned your Badge of COURAGE FOR CNN

  1. Oh yeah, not only America is watching but the whole world is watching how the Donald Trump White House has quickly descended into full-on chaos following Democratic victories in the midterms, how the president of the United States completely melted down during an exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta at a press conference, and how the administration is refusing to let the reporter back into the White House.

    And just when you thought the White House couldn’t stoop any lower, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused the CNN reporter of “placing his hands on a young woman” during Trump’s press conference. Security cameras are everywhere and they are using a doctored video as proof.


    What the security cameras are showing was a huffing and puffing man standing behind the podium with the presidential seal plastered on it. In the specific sparring match with the CNN reporter, when the reporter calmly addresses the president, Trump completely imploded, calling Acosta a “rude, terrible person.”

  2. I just don’t understand these Trump supporters. I get that if he did things that benefited your tribe you could look the other way when it came to his toxicity. But he does not do anything for your tribe. Non white Trump supporters are the worse. There I said it.

    Even with all the nonsense that the GOP got up to before Trump, as a conservative I could make a reasonable defense of the party and its politics. Differentiating between state politics and politics on the federal level for example.

    But this charlatan and the suckers he’s conned. I mean really, if you play a part in exposing his lies, his corruption or just doing your job in doing such, there are supporters who look to your conduct instead of his as some sort of defense against president ManBaby.


  3. The Internet Age has opened the doors for the views of an individual to be published or sent on live TV immediately without vetting. It is, therefore. Incumbent on all of us who use these tools to resist the temptation to insert our opinion as the views of others.
    My country right or wrong is slowly creeping into the news media.

  4. I saw the short video when CNN Costa posted a question to President Trump a question during the press conference. Trump didn’t like it and the reporter insisted to have his question to be answered. Trump’s character has some similarity to Najib’s political style….”hire and fire”

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