Why I am very disillusioned with PKR

November 7, 2018

Why I am very disillusioned with PKR




by Francis Paul Siah@www.malaysiakini.com

–“The majority of Malaysians are not interested in your internal party problems. They are fed up”.–Francis Paul Siah

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COMMENT | I didn’t mince my words when I sent this message to a very dear friend who is a key leader in Sarawak PKR the day he and his party comrades lodged a report at the Kuching MACC over alleged ambiguities in the Julau PKR division. “Do you know that all of you look like clowns in the media requesting the MACC to go after one of your own MPs?

“What nonsense is this? You cannot even resolve a simple problem within a small division in your party and you expect us to believe that you can run the country!

“Again, I say ‘paloi’ to all those fighting one another in PKR. Sorry, my friend. The majority of Malaysians are not interested in your internal party problems. They are fed up”.

My friend attempted this feeble response: “So what do you expect us clowns to do? Keep quiet and let them destroy our party? It’s quite obvious that party members often do not see what is wrong within their own organisation and it takes an outsider to awaken them with the truth.

So let the truth be told.

Replying to my friend, I said that no one is destroying PKR from outside. It is PKR leaders themselves, due to their greed and lust for power, who are destroying the party. When they have power, they cannot handle it.

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I’ve just viewed the video of the fracas in Keningau in which PKR Deputy presidential candidate Rafizi Ramli was allegedly assaulted. It should have been a typical BN vs Pakatan Harapan scene during an election. Now, it’s a PKR vs PKR brawl. How sickening is that?

Many of us are probably aware that a top PKR leader is a notable schemer. He has been scheming throughout his long political career. At times, one wonders whether his political enemies only exist in his imagination. Such a leader who frequently indulges in shadow boxing is unfit to lead any organisation, let alone the nation.

Whether my friends in Sarawak PKR trust my words or not, this was my sincere message to them:  “You guys in Sarawak PKR deserve better. I do not see any problem in Sarawak PKR. You are all decent and responsible folks. Why get entangled in nonsense imported from Malaya?”

“And why do you need the whole Sarawak PKR committee to be present to lodge a report against a member who only joined the party five months ago? You are all giving (PKR Julau MP) Larry Sng too much ‘face’ when he doesn’t deserve it? Wrong move!”

“The problem with PKR leaders now is that when there is no enemy to fight, they fight among themselves. No different from those UMNO parasites whom Malaysians had just said good riddance to. Very disappointing and sad indeed!”

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I ended with this poser to my friend: “So what if (deputy president) Azmin (Ali) wins? So what if Rafizi wins? What do Sarawak or Sarawakians benefit? Only some of you in the party will probably gain from the spoils of war if your ‘ayam sabong‘ (fighting cock) is victorious. Is this what the PKR election is all about – just for the benefit of a few in the party?”

Internal strife, bigger problems

What is happening in PKR today has greatly disappointed Malaysians. PKR emerged as the biggest party in the Harapan coalition after GE-14 because of the support of Malaysians who wanted change. All the Harapan candidates who contested under the PKR symbol (except in Sarawak and Sabah) had greatly helped the party gained prominence too. PKR leaders should do well to bear that in mind.

A few months later, PKR turned out to be one big mess, a party which has lost the respect of many, mine certainly. The ongoing party polls are getting messier and dirtier with the police and MACC now involved. This makes the UMNO elections, with the alleged involvement of money politics, pale into a fight among kindergarten kids.

No one, perhaps not even the PKR leadership, expected the party elections to turn out this way – one gigantic mess which could split the party right down the middle.

And we were told earlier that a party election is normal and part of the democratic process and that this would be a friendly contest within the family. Haven’t we heard enough of such crap from politicians?

I’ have posed this before in a previous article, so let me repeat it to the warring factions in PKR: Are you all happy to see either Azmin or Rafizi destroyed politically or would you be happier to see them working together and contributing positively for the betterment of the nation and people? At this stage of the game, I predict a victory for Azmin. I also foresee more internal strife and bigger problems for PKR in the weeks and months down the road.

And one more thing – I also think it’s okay for Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to renege on his promises by saying, “Oh, when I said it, I didn’t know we were going to win the elections”. So PKR, don’t say you have not been warned. The people are watching.

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH heads the Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS) and can be reached at sirsiah@gmail.com

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.

10 thoughts on “Why I am very disillusioned with PKR

  1. ANWAR is definitely NOT FIT to run the country after Tun are my STRONGEST intuitions ever since he was released from prison. I believe Paul Siah is in no way wrong in his opinion. More drama in PKR could surface after this.

  2. //Are you all happy to see either Azmin or Rafizi destroyed politically or would you be happier to see them working together and contributing positively for the betterment of the nation and people?

    I would be happier to see them fighting against each other. At least, in that case, one of them would come to their senses to work on the second caste issue. Second caste is already one third of the population. Another quarter already sees the grave issue facing the nation for the harm of perpetual second caste created in a post 1969 world. Another quarter follows wherever the money goes. That is a two third majority. Also, politicians coerce. That is a fact of life. The only time politicians would stop doing so is when they fight because of personal greed to get the voters’ support. Statesmen, like Gandhi is an abnormality. Malaysia never had one. Neither does the world. Every nation in the world, except for a few, is ruled by one who rules with a personality cult. Malaysians should be glad PKR is transparent in their fight. This is how democracy works.

  3. Three elections ago I warned that PKR was a “rojak” outfit and not what our country needed… now the result is being played out…just sit back and watch the show friends…

  4. PKR could use better management and leadership no doubt and the issue with PH is that after Mahathir step down, the management and leadership could also be worst.

    BUT on tackling issues, PH has some success. Financial Management is definitely one, legal and institutional improvement is another BUT what is really a good sign is EDUCATION is now highly discussed and debated, real ideas, plans and issue coming out compared to previously where it was overly political.The Malays have a real awakening of the need for real education rather than to be victims of politicians and religo-politicians.

  5. I was hoping that politics would have toned down after the election. Focus would be on improving the economic and social aspects. But unfortunately the new MPs with no experience in governance seem to always make the wrong moves and hence taken advantage by UMNO cybertroopers to criticise them. The law Minister should look into many laws that defy the natural justice, The Education Minister by now should in stages has already identified the problems of our education system, whether it is still relevant with the large dropouts from form 4 – South Korea & Japan have transformed their education system 40 years ago to suit with technology, Europe did it after the WW2- or we will be left further behind in the education. The Housing & Well being Minister is still dealing with outdated policies on local governments that do not serve the public as expected in the 21 century. All councilors should be elected in order that the districts will be well managed and be competitive. Affordable housing is another important aspect that requires urgent solutions. She should look into a single entity housing board similar to Singapore and Hong Kong model. The Economic Minister should look into not only the policy on monopoly but his own conscious to ask himself on why the states that produce oil & gas are among the poorest states in the country. If I were to make more comments on other ministries , there is no end to my comment, I hope the other Ministers will get the clues from the above comments and start the the walk to talk.

  6. PKR has overcomed many crisis in the part. The present one would be no different. Only soothsayers.a want to see PKR down and out. Good luck!

    Too many ambitious Chiefs, too few Indians. Don’t worry. PKR will self destruct. –Din Merican

  7. PKR office bearer election seems to overshadow the General Election 14 with all the drama and accusation of money politics, gerrymandering and other undesireable elements including ghost voters. It’s in their UMNO dna I guess. Its becoming more entertaining that a Hindu movie or MIC election.

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